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VGHL AFTER DARK: Interview with Mc_Dreamyyyy

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1VGHL AFTER DARK: Interview with Mc_Dreamyyyy Empty VGHL AFTER DARK: Interview with Mc_Dreamyyyy on Tue Jun 24, 2014 3:16 am


VGHL AFTER DARK: Interview with Mc_Dreamyyyy After-Dark-player-interview

KFTD: So McDreamyyy, how does it feel being in first place after the first two games of opening week?

McDreamyyyy: Feels like a "Dream" come true. Who would've thought a 2 PPG scrub right wing would be in first?

KFTD: So what was your strategy to get there?

McDreamyyyy: Well, just doing what I had to do on the ice to win my on-ice bet and making smart decisions on Favorite Player Betting. Socca and Bunny both doubled my money on their games so that helped quite a bit. Completing the daily special bonuses on the ice played a huge factor as well.

KFTD: Socca made it in 3rd place so far without making one single bet. What do you have to say about his strategy?

McDreamyyyy: Well Socca is a great defensemen that knows the game well. If he can get his money by solely earning it from in-game bonuses, go right ahead. But he can easily be sitting in first right now if he did make some smart winning bets.

KFTD: Do you think your first place is going to hold up after Tuesday?

McDreamyyyy: Being in first place means nothing right now. There are many more weeks to come. Maintaining first will be alot harder when new players figure out the system and the vets gets back on track. It's going to get hard.

KFTD: If there is someone who can top your bankroll on Tuesday, who do you think that person will be?

McDreamyyyy: Fluri37. He's currently sitting in 7th. If he can make a smart Favorite Player Bet and do well on the ice, he will be golden. He's capable of accomplishing both.

KFTD: So what's it like working for After Dark?

McDreamyyyy: (Facepalm) You really have to ask that?

KFTD: Why not?

McDreamyyyy:  Being part of the staff is cool until Mr. Ron the 2nd likes to come in our chat and bosses us around. Everyone knows by now that i'm the real Ron in town.

KFTD: lol ok three more questions before you go.

McDreamyyyy: No

KFTD: Who's your favorite After Dark player?

McDreamyyyy: McDreamyyyy

KFTD: Ok, who's your biggest rival in After Dark?

McDreamyyyy: KFTD

KFTD: lol And finally, who are you going to bet on for this coming Team Play Tuesday and why?

McDreamyyyy: That's four questions.

KFTD: Just go with it.

McDreamyyyy: Ccpiper. He's a great forward that can score goals. And it looks like there is a couple of underrated players in his game that I think he will smash.

KFTD: Well thank you so much for your time and I hope you lose to me when we next meet on the ice.

McDreamyyyy: You're welcome. And that will never happen.

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