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VGHL AFTER DARK: Interview with ix-RaiN-iv

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1VGHL AFTER DARK: Interview with ix-RaiN-iv Empty VGHL AFTER DARK: Interview with ix-RaiN-iv on Mon Jun 30, 2014 4:20 am


VGHL AFTER DARK: Interview with ix-RaiN-iv After-Dark-player-interview

KFTD: So Rain, you ready to do this interview?

ix-RaiN-iv: Umm sure. Why not.

KFTD: Well first and foremost, congratulations on breaking the record for most money won in two games and ending your week at the top of the leaderboard. Would you say you played to play, maybe got lucky, or was this all a result of a calculated strategy?

ix-RaiN-iv: Just wanted to play! Hit Em Up Saturday was fun to try out my goon build, but overall just wanted to have fun and play the game with other VGHLers.

KFTD: Considering it's your first season, was there anything that you learned from the first week that maybe helped you out for your last two games?

ix-RaiN-iv: Don't bet on Piper? lol. I think I just mainly learnt to look at the games, line by line, and choose the player who I felt was most likely to pick off a win for their team.

KFTD: Fair enough. Now, by looking at the leaderboard, would you say that you are confident enough for your top spot to hold up after this coming Team Play Tuesday? Considering that you are not on any of the lineups since you already played your two.

ix-RaiN-iv: It could drop. Who knows? One bad night could impact my whole week thus far. But hopefully my play can keep me at top of the leaderboard.

KFTD: Very humble. Well here's one that's a little harder. Looking at the numbers, Jph_venom has a good chance of surpassing Nova and maybe even yourself on Tuesday, if he has a good night that is. Who would you rather face as your HRG's rival captain? Venom? Or Nova? And tell us why?

ix-RaiN-iv: Haha! You really going to make me answer this?

KFTD: Please indulge us.

ix-RaiN-iv: Well, probably Nova. Nova uses a bigger sized build. Statistically speaking, I've beaten Nova more times then he has beaten me. Whether it would be in the league games, or After Dark, or Club. So I feel my odds would be higher if I were to face my good buddy Nova.

KFTD: Two more questions before we wrap this up.

ix-RaiN-iv: Yea. No worries Ron.

KFTD: Have you by any chance discovered any talented players during the games you've played so far? Anyone that you've never met or played with before, but found respect for their skill in the game.

ix-RaiN-iv: I have yet to play with someone who I've never played with or against before. But I know there are many PHL players who played very well in their games. Probably even surprised many NHLers.

KFTD: I wasn't kidding when I said you are humble. Last question. Since you're not playing on this coming Team Play Tuesday, if you absolutely have to make a bet, who would you bet on?

ix-RaiN-iv: I would bet on GreekElite who will be playing in Tuesday's game 3. By the list of names, no offence to anyone, seems like a weaker game. Greek could probably excel in this game. So, my moneys on Greek!

KFTD: Well thank you very much for your time. And good luck in the HRG.

ix-RaiN-iv: Anytime! Cheers!

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