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Question about WC Rules

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1Question about WC Rules - Page 2 Empty Question about WC Rules on Wed Feb 27, 2013 3:32 pm


First topic message reminder :

First off, great job at setting this up the rules and format looks great. I only have a few questions in terms of the format of this tournament.

Games that end tied after three periods will be ended. Each team will be awarded one point. A ranked shootout mode will be played and the winner will get the extra point (2 total). Save the shootouts until all three games have been played.

I understand there's no overtime but my questions regarding the SHOOTOUT are:

I'm assuming the shootout is 1v1 and in shootout modes, not the whole team?

If so...

Who is playing in the shootout?

Does a captain or assistant need to do the shootout?

Does it have to be a player who played in the game or can it be the team's best shootout taker?

Are stats recorded for the shootout?

These are just the questions that I feel should be addressed or cleared up.

Common sense tells me that its 1v1, player has to have played in the game, and simply record shootout score. Then again, there's a lot of ways to go about this so I'm not sure.

Thank you!

26Question about WC Rules - Page 2 Empty Re: Question about WC Rules on Thu Feb 28, 2013 12:54 pm


DuffHouse12 wrote:
CastroGstar wrote:lol goalies touch should be the rules and i think it will be pretty clear if the player loses the Puck or skates backwards. Also, the goal light will confirm the goal.

i mean if you want to open the can of worms as to people reffing themselves during the tournament... ultimately thats a decision KJ and you will have to make.

but if you're gonna set up a shootout... might as well test out the trip method as well.

kjdadada wrote:Continuous OT is out of the question for round robin. I want 3 games a night and just don't want to chance a 4-5 OT game.

Doing the overtime shootout is a great idea. We all know this requires a great deal of sportsmanship which may not be possible when the competition heats up.

With that said. I have no problem trying it out. If I can get 11 other guys to show up and we can test it out to layout the rules.

The alternative if two teams cannot show sportsman ship would just make both teams forfeit the point, which could be unfair if we have one team causing the problems. But, given this is a league extra and, in my opinion, a great place to test things out, especially with it being the "round robin" portion of the tournament.

I think week 1 we will roll with it and leave week 2 open to ot rules.

there will be 1 full OT. Then if I can get 11 other guys to get into a game and we can do a few mock shootouts and layout the rules, I'd love to implement this.


27Question about WC Rules - Page 2 Empty Re: Question about WC Rules on Thu Feb 28, 2013 12:56 pm


"The alternative if two teams cannot show sportsman ship would just make both teams forfeit the point,"

Imagine you lose a point because the other captain says "no i didn't skate backwards" yada yada.

why invite that trouble?

28Question about WC Rules - Page 2 Empty Re: Question about WC Rules on Thu Feb 28, 2013 3:47 pm


I too worry about forward motion. There are times when I'm playing online shootouts where I swear the guy didn't continue his forward movement but the game says he actually did.

Not trying to shoot down the idea, just want to shed light on any hurdles that might arise BEFORE this rule is finalized. Easier to figure out a solution now than the middle of World's. The Hemmerplan is still the best idea IMO. I just don't see anyway to trip that many people.

Bottom line is, it's got to be tested. Message me on Skype or PSN if you need someone. I can also stream/record it.

29Question about WC Rules - Page 2 Empty Re: Question about WC Rules on Thu Feb 28, 2013 7:31 pm


2 ideas:
idea 1) games that end in a tie after OT give each team a point. At the end of the round robin games if any teams are tied in the standings they play a one game winner take all match.

idea 2) in pre-game lobby, captains post 3 names for a possible shootout, opposing captains can write them down. At the end of a tied game all players remain in the game lobby. each goalie creates a shootout game and one of the 3 named shooters on each side enters the shootout. after the shootout the goalie post in the game lobby "goal" or "no goal". the the process repeats for the remaining 2 shooters. If still tied, one of the two players who were not previously named for the shootout enter into a shootout created by the goalie. If still after 5 players the game is tied then each team lets ONE player continue the shootout style until the game is decided. So if after 5 shooters the game is still tied then each team can have its "best" player take the reminaing shootout turns until the game ends. Sounds like a lot but if each teams goalie simply creates the shootout at games end it should go fairly quick. Its not a perfect, just my idea.

Question about WC Rules - Page 2 Snake_12

30Question about WC Rules - Page 2 Empty Re: Question about WC Rules on Thu Feb 28, 2013 7:38 pm


is this testing happening tonight? if so I will be on after the leafs game, add me to skype RED-_-DEVIL420 , Will say my name and from kingsville, ontario.

Question about WC Rules - Page 2 Jonathan_Bernier_siggy_zps87627571

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