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VGGM & GM Connected F.A.Q

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The League has set each round to represent 2 weeks of the full schedule, allowing for more or less playable games per round. Each round progresses Thursday and Monday at 2:00am EST. You are expected to play your games at your best availability according to the GMVG league rule G3. You do not have to play your game list in order, by using the right analog button on the main league screen on your ps3, you will be able to navigate thought your games and select the one you want to play now. Make sure you join the GMVG Playstation 3 text chat to see who is online at that moment.

How do I join the GMVG text chat?

On your playstation menu (“XBS” Xrossmediabar menu) where your friend list appears, you will see a tab called Chat Room (Text Only). Press x on your ps3 controller and you will enter the GMVG chat. If you want to leave the chat, you will have to go one step back, and except of pressing X you will press the triangle button. From there you will see a option to leave the chat.

How do I know who’s on the GMVG chat?

Once you’re in the GMVG text chat, you will notice two square images on the button of the chat. Use your directional buttons on your ps3 controller to highlight the Right square box (Participant list) and press X. You will now see who is in the chat at that moment.

How do I know who is the General Manager on a team?

Once you’re on the main league screen on your ps3, you can press the start button to be directed to the Game Menu. On the Game menu select the League Members tab, there you will see the list of every Gm in the league and his username.

What happens to the games that have not been played during my schedule period when the schedule period is advanced?

Any games that have not been played in the league will be simulated so that results can be populated for the league. This way, it can continue with everyone starting at the same point that the schedule has been advanced to. There is a higher risk though for players getting injured in simulated games.

The Front End is slow and laggy. What's going on?

This happens because information is being gathered from a server every time you enter a screen so that you get the latest information in the league. This allows you to stay up to date with the latest goings on around the league even if people are completing games as you are in the mode.

I have made a trade offer and I know it has been accepted by the other team but I have not received my players. How come?

A trade that has been accepted needs to be reviewed by the league commissioner which will either deny or accept the trade. If the trade is accepted, you will receive the players in the next schedule period.

Is there an App for my smart phone to follow the League?

Yes! You can download the App for your smart phone, you just need your EA Username and Password. You can interact with friends and rivals in the league and you can stay on top of schedules, trades, and league news.

VGGM & GM Connected F.A.Q Greek_Elite2

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