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Tournament Rules

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1Tournament Rules Empty Tournament Rules on Tue Aug 07, 2012 4:42 pm


I posted this as  a sticky and locked it so everyone could find them... this is your place to sound off.

This will not be as good as the VGHL rule book, but I will work on it.

1) Roster size will be strictly 11 players.  No more or no less.  

2) All teams will name 6 ECU's in addition to the 11 roster players.  So all teams will have 17 players total.

3) Each team will be required to play 11 players, at least one game, by game 4, just as the rule is in the VGHL Playoffs.  

4) Example:  After game 3, a team has only played 9 different guys.  In game 4 they need to play 2 of the other roster positions OR 2 ECUs that have not played yet.  Inactive rostered players need not play a game.  We want to avoid forfeits at all costs.  If a rostered player does not play a game in the round, they will be moved to the Junior team and a replacement ECU can be named.  There must be 11 different players with at least 1 game played for the series to end.

1) Before a round starts, team captains can use any of the 6 ECU's as ALTERNATES for any reason (includes VGHL playoffs, family vacation, whatever they want).

2) The player being replaced is not allowed to play in that round.  The Alternate will be on that teams roster for the whole round.

3) Please report the alternates within Midnight of the first night of games.

4) For each alternate you can name temporary ECU's to replace them in your ECU pool from the Juniors team.  Example:  Team A has 4 players in the VGHL playoffs and Team A uses 4 ECU's as Alternates.  Team A can then name 4 more ECU's from the Juniors club which can then be used throughout the round.

1) During the round, the 6 ECUs can be used in any of the games in the series.  

2) Players are only allowed to ECU for two games per round.

3) ECUs do not need to be reported as the game rosters will be reported and I can figure out who was ECUd.

1) Games will start at 9:30 eastern.  

2) Games can be played back-to-back, but game 2 has to start by 10:30 eastern.  

3) There is 15-minute grace period and ZERO reschedules.  Each team has 17 options every night, no-shows will not be tolerated.  If a team cannot field 6 skaters then they forfeit.  

1) Teams are responsible for reporting the final scores AND the rosters used to the forum in a timely manner.  

2) Pictures can be sent from a smart to me via text or email and I will input the scores for every game if you wish.  All six players from every team are encourage to do this to make sure we don't miss anything.

1) We will be using exactly the same disconnect rules as the VGHL.  If you don't know them feel free to ask someone.  You won't have to worry about taking stats but it would be nice to get the team lineups after a disconnect.

2) We will be using the same penalty procedures as the VGHL regarding disconnects.

1) Diving at the goalie is not allowed.  Just don't do it.  I've seen the top teams play and diving is a move I never see during normal play.  I'm not going to tolerate threads explaining what diving is ok and what is not.  Dont do it.

2) Rage Quitting will not be tolerated.  If you are not having fun then we ask you don't play.  Finish the game you are in and share your frustrations with me and let your captain know you are done.  There is no one here that can't be mature enough to finish a game out. (Ok, some of you can laugh at this one)

3) All other rules from the VGHL will apply.

Junior World Championship Rules

1) Roster sizes will vary based upon how many people want to play.

2) There will be no minimum games played due to roster size, however  anyone from your team who posts two or more nights of availability prior to the round starting on the forum will be REQUIRED to play at least 1 game.  It's on the player to post their availability so coaches can see it.  

3) If any team is found playing someone not on the registration page, they will forfeit those games.

4) World Championship ECU's can play on the Junior roster.

5) World Championship Alternates CANNOT play on the Junior roster.

There will be no such thing as ECUs or alternates.  These teams will be filled with the remaining registered players.  

I am going to lock this thread but if anyone has any questions or comments, please find the "Rules discussion" forum below this one.



Season 5: Charlotte Checkers Captain
Season 6: New Jersey Devils G/RD
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2Tournament Rules Empty Re: Tournament Rules on Tue Aug 07, 2012 4:47 pm


Is this going to be a single elimination tourney? how will seeding be handled?

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3Tournament Rules Empty Re: Tournament Rules on Tue Aug 07, 2012 4:59 pm


Angry__Giant wrote:Is this going to be a single elimination tourney? how will seeding be handled?

Great question. I need to post that in the sticky thread too..

There are two canada teams and two USA teams.

Round 1- August 19th-23rd.
Sun, Mon, Wed, Thur.
This is round one. Team Nine will play Team Ontario. Team States will play Team Colonies. Best of seven series.

Round 2- August 26th-31st
Sun, Mon, Wed, thur
This is round 2. The two winners will play a best of seven series for the Championship. The two losers will play for third place.

So all four teams will play two best-of-seven series.



Season 5: Charlotte Checkers Captain
Season 6: New Jersey Devils G/RD
World Championship Admin | AHL Admin | Yanick Dupre Memorial Award (S5)

Thanks to KingFromTheDot for the sigs!

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