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October 2015

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Weekly Recap

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1Weekly Recap Empty Weekly Recap on Fri Apr 03, 2015 6:57 pm


Written by RubMyDuck27

Weekly Recap

    Hot Fire....Dont forget the SUPER!!!! .... is Trinec this week once again and lately. 62 pts overall with 30-8-2. This week's record tied with Linko better than anyone else at 6 wins 2 losses. Pretty competetive schedule this week and still racking up wins. Most importantly would be playing their division rival Blues twice and two wins. One win in overtime and the next a shutout. BaLaia has been a solid goalie for them and Nifttee and Xilo have an impressive combo on the forward spots. Blues are pretty steadily in 2nd place in this Konstantinov division but an average week going 4 wins 4 losses.

           Red Bull just barely holding onto the number one spot in the league with Trinec right behind by 1 point but they definetly dont have too much to worry about as far as a playoff spot in their Makarov Division. Pretty easy schedule but close games most of the week and they earned the wins.

             Kolner Haie next in line in this division and they have separated themselves from Freezers and Lakers after a pretty good week going 5wins 3 losses. Kolner having amazing effort from Hare-Krishna. Facing Red Bull he pulled off 4goals 1 assist in a blowout which proves they can be trouble for Red Bull in the playoffs. Freezers had a pretty good week going 5-3 as well but still a little too far behind.

  The federov division has been a tight race all season but Linko is first in line there and number 3 in the league at the moment. Linko with a superb week going 6wins 2 losses. The race was obtainable for Modo, Pinguines and HPK but HPK has slowed down this week and lately going 2wins 6losses. Modo maintains 2nd in the division and right in the middle 8th overall in the league but Pinguines are very close behind. Modo and Pinguines both going 4wins 4 losses this week doesnt build much separation. I still say this will be the division worth watching as far as the need for competetiveness because unlike other divisions (for the most part) the future isnt already decided.

            In the Larinov division Karlstad still number one with a solid week 5wins 3 losses. But only one point behind is Boleslav who have been pretty hot lately making a mid season turn around also going 5 wins 3 losses. Ilves falling pretty behind still in 3rd place in the division but not sure if anybody showed up to play this week with 8 straight losses. Still above Turku comfortably but thats pretty easy with Turku having only 7 wins the entire season.

             Its pretty easy to say (in order of likelyness to succeed) Red Bull, Trinec, Karlstad, Linko, Blues, and Boleslav are almost all guarenteed spots in the playoffs if they keep up the effort. Kolner Haie and Modo will have to battle hard the rest of the season to secure their playoff spots as they are still up for grabs.

    Untill next week, peace! As always feel free to comment on anything you like/hate/ or want to see in the future... and dont forget to rub your duck.

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Weekly Recap

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