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Tournament Rules

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1Tournament Rules Empty Tournament Rules on Thu Jan 30, 2014 1:11 pm


Elite Legend
Elite Legend

1 captain, 2 assistants, and 5-7 players.
Teams will name themselves, but must be country related, or derogatory towards other country (clean).
Each country is on their own to form their teams.

We will accept all teams that adhere to these simple rules:

They are VGHL members and in good standing
Roster size (8-10)

All players have registered for the World Championship using this site

All players are from the same country

Tournament Format:

There will be two weeks of a round robin tournament.

There will be three games vs the same team on typical VGHL nights (but scattered not to interfere with camps).

Three points will be given to the winner of each game which is decided in regulation. None to the loser.

Games that end tied after three periods will play one sudden-death overtime period. If the game is tied after one overtime period, each team will be awarded one point. A ranked shootout mode will be played and the winner will get the extra point (2 total). Save the shootouts until all three games have been played.

The top teams from each country will play for a gold medal during week three by completing a seven game series.

The gold medal teams can add three additional players to their team from players that completed 8+ games during the round robin tournament.

The second place teams from each country will play for a bronze medal during week three by completing a seven game series.


Points, Head-to-Head, Wins, GA

Tournament Rules:

One player disconnects will be played through until completion.

Two player disconnect or goalie disconnect will follow VGHL rules.

Gameplay and code of conduct rules will apply from VGHL (diving).

There are zero reschedules. Games start between 9:00pm eastern and 9:30 eastern. No games will be allowed to start after 9:30. The team that fails to show up on time will forfeit all three games with scores of 4-0.

Every player must play one game per week (Includes playoffs). Teams must play a minimum of eight players.

Players that lose interest/quit will be banned from the next WC event.

During round robin teams may replace idle players or use ECUs from registered players not yet on a team.

Players may sign up for ECU only. They can play for each team five times during the round robin.

Tournament Stats:

We will be using full stat tracking, same as VGHL.

Stats not entered by 11:59am day after games will be automatic forfeits.

Stats not entered fully/correctly will be automatic forfeits.


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