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Official VGHL News

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1Official VGHL News - Page 3 Empty Official VGHL News on Wed Jun 05, 2013 6:41 pm


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Elite Legend
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51Official VGHL News - Page 3 Empty Re: Official VGHL News on Sun Aug 03, 2014 3:15 pm



By:Lemieux Polamalu

Official VGHL News - Page 3 Confer10


Official VGHL News - Page 3 Njvtoh10

#6 New Jersey Devils  vs   #1 Toronto Maple Leafs
New Jersey comes into the Eastern Conference final having won  both round 1 and 2 series 4 games to 1.
In Round 1 , the Devils averaged four goals per game versus a defensively minded Capitals team. Two of the games verse the Capitals went to overtime, so they are capable of winning the close games. They also blew out the Caps in a 5-0 shut out, BIGYAN__ had a hat trick and IICheckmateII added two goals in that match with nick_x9710 getting the shutout in net. New Jersey dominated time on attack in Round 1.  
In round 2 the Devils lost time on attack in almost every game, especially game 2 a game they lost, but they still beat the Senators in the series 4-1. Round two was tightly contested, two games went to overtime vs Ottawa, and game four was decided by only one goal. Goalie nick_X9710 had his second playoff shutout in game one versus Ottawa and he is playing well. Splitting duties in net is bigLamb420, who is a perfect 6-0 these playoffs and an impressive 2.02 goals against playoff average. Both of the goalies are doing well for the Devils. BombermanUXO is their top defense-man and his 1.5 ppg is second in the league, only to his teammate DEADANT who has 1.6 points per game and whose +7 is top in the league. With BigGeorgeD and NEMISIS97 rotating in at LD with DEADANT, the Devils are deep defensively.  Up Front the Devils have veterans BigYan__ and IICheckmateII playing wing with  MAK-10TEN taking most of the snaps from center (they ECU'd Hare-Krishna- one game).  New Jersey Owner IIChEcKMaTeII has the boys ready to play. He finished the regular season fourth in points and he is fourth in playoff points as well entering the 3rd round. BigYan__  got the Big Game winning goal in  game 3 versus the Senators and is 7th in playoff points. They also have veteran stamptheseflames who is on injured reserve.  Captain MAK-10TEN is winning 57% of his face-offs and will be facing a tough Toronto Center.

Toronto comes in as the leagues under the radar number one seed. The Rookie laden team will be playing with a chip on their shoulders. Perception I picked up around the league is that no one wants to call the Maple Leafs, the team that has been #1 all season, any good. The same will be said again this week as, looking back,  the Leafs squeaked by in rounds 1 and 2 , needing 7 games to win each series. But don't take them lightly. VinnyNorthsyde is centering most games and his 62% face-off is tops in the league. ScrapingUrIce played one game at center.  Rich2k plays every game at RW with LaPlante94 and KryptKeepa sharing LW.  LaPlante94 is the more defensive of the two forwards with an impressive +6 plus minus while  KryptKeepa is more dangerous offensively averaging nearly 2.75 points per game. They play well as a team up front and can not be taken lightly. Chomper and Atreyu are their top defensive unit with pgtips and dydy being the second defensive pair. Chomper is #5 in the playoffs in +/- with +5 and atreyu's 9 points is 5th in playoff points for a defense-man. Every game, in Net for Toronto is DK_Kassicus. DK is number one in the league in wins, but that is by virtue of games played. His goals against average is 17th and his save percentage is 13th in the playoffs.

MAK-10TEN could struggle at faceoffs but if he can win some face-offs than New Jersey can win this series. This is a battle of veterans versus rookies and I give the vets the edge. Despite Rich and DK's chip on their shoulder the veteran fwds with Checkmate and Yan can pull this one out. New Jersey has more versatility, they can play a strike quick rush style, they can also cycle but they also play shutdown team defense. Toronto struggled with time of possession but beat a very tough Penguins team. If the Leafs lose time of possession versus the Devils though, Yan and Check will light up DK. If Toronto relies on the run and gun style they will see their playoff run end. For the Devils BigLamb420 and Nick have been impressive in net and will have to keep that up to win the series.  I think the Devils will win time of possession and have the edge on special teams. That being said,  Toronto is 3-2 vs the Devils this season. Rich2k, Vinny and DK_Kassicus and the rest of the Toronto maple Leafs have  a chance to prove critics wrong and play big in the series but I think the Devils come out of hell and melt the ice for victory.

Devils win in Seven Games
Eastern Playoff MVP: IICheckmateII


Official VGHL News - Page 3 Anadet10

#4 Anaheim Ducks  vs   #3 Detroit Red Wings
Red Wings stamped out the Flames in 7 games in a tight, low scoring round2 series. Detroit, for the most part was able to control the flow of the game vs thegdawg34 ,CASTROGSTAR and the rest of the Flames. Scores were tight with five of the games decided by one goal and the last two in overtime. Goaltender Nevernavok has good defense in front of him, helping him to reach #4 in goals allowed percent (.882) . He is sharing goalie duties with bigdogrex who pitched a shutout in game three. The defensive unit, led by Hardki, play good defensively consistently and got one shutout verse the Flames. While their defense is tight, the Red Wings are not tearing it up offensively, with one exception being game two where they scored five goals, while the versatile bigdogrex played RW. PEERLESS, ACEFIVE, MYLES7187 and Skillzy are great forwards but will have to step it up to reach the final. It is the Detroit team defense play carrying them so far. The team defense has been great all season, and their penalty killing is tops among remaining playoff teams.

The Wings are going to need to play their best defense of the year when they face off verses the mighty Ducks. Anaheim lost the first two games to St Louis and then won four straight to reach the Western conference final.  Xilo_Atomic and RiseoftheNinja are 3rd and 5th in points in the playoffs. Xilo's 3.3 scoring percentage is #1 among remaining playoff scorers. Owner Mcleve also plays up front and is dangerous.  Anaheim won time of possession 2:1 in three of the 6 games. They can cycle with the best of them and that proved to be too much for the Blues. Anaheim though also has an underrated defense. The Ducks Defense has allowed four less playoff goals overall than Detroit these playoffs. Djclouds, walllle919 SteelCityFan17 are playing well in front of Goalies LordAlex and HeroicSaunter.  DJCLOUDS +7 is number one in the league in plus minus. But though the Ducks are good defensively this is a team that cycles and wins with Offense.  

This round 3 Western Conference match-up is classic defense versus offense. We all know the old adage, offense wins games but Defense wins championships. While I do believe that football quote is true in football, I am not sure it applies to hockey. Detroit is 3-2 vs Anaheim on the season.  Anaheim knows how to play a two way game almost as well as Detroit does. Detroit simply lacks the fire power to keep up with the Ducks. Detroit will have to play amazing defense and  Nevernok and bigdog will have to steal the show for Detroit to Pull of the upset.  Look for the Rookie filled Ducks to play like Veterans and skate away from the pond with a victory. That being said the Ducks better be ready for the best defensive team they have faced so far in these playoffs.

Ducks win in Six Games
Western Playoff MVP: XILO_Atomic

S7-PHL-Portland Winterhawks-Captain
         -Brian Kilrea Finalist (Coach of the Year)
         -VGHL News Team
S8-AHL-OKC Barons-Captain
         -VGHL News Team
         -Yanick Dupre Finalist
WC3-USA WEST-Captain (4th Place)
S9-NHL-Columbus Blue Jackets-Captain
          -VGHL News Team

52Official VGHL News - Page 3 Empty Re: Official VGHL News on Sun Jul 27, 2014 6:22 pm



By:Lemieux Polamalu

Official VGHL News - Page 3 Rd2_1s10
#7 St. Louis Blues  vs.     #4 Anaheim Ducks
Anaheim enters the series as the Favorite, despite St. Louis sweep of the #2 seed.
There is a little duck on the Pond that people are starting to be aware of. This little duck was brought into the league by yours truly, onto PHL Drakkar in season7. I knew he was destined for the NHL as he was a high draft pick for me back then and got taken off my team as soon as he played his required games. This guy is good at D and FWD, but is currently playing RW for the Ducks. I am, of course, talking about XILO_ATOMIK.
Make him a Lady Byng Candidate, "player adjudged to have exhibited the best type of sportsmanship and gentlemanly conduct combined with a high standard of playing ability" Xilo Was the Round 1 MVP vs Phoenix and leads all NHL Scorers so far with 12 goals. This is problematic for opponents as on the other side of the ice is the Leagues unofficial Art Ross winner with league leading 212 regular season points, RiseoftheNinja. Ninja had 3 playoff points per game himself in the Round 1 series vs Phoenix. Anaheim Owner Mcleve is also dangerous. He takes most of the snaps from Center and had a solid 63% face-off last week vs the Coyotes and his point total was a modest 2 points per game. He sat out the final and deciding game  for Walllle919 who had a decent 59% face-off percent. Defensively SteelCityFan17is a stalwart on LD. SteelCityFan17 who had mistakenly thought I referred to his team as something secreted from a mallards hind end, said “my crap team will be playing in the Stanley cup in two weeks.” We corrected the misunderstanding, but he (off the record) predicted and is expecting on winning the whole shebang. The Ducks are playing with a boatload of confidence which can be scary for opponents or deadly if they underestimate the opponent. DJCLOUDZ shares RD with CRUSTYBOJANGLES and the grammatically incorrect King-Forrest.  They are defensively a very solid team and only allowed four goals the entire series versus the Coyotes. That 19-4 goals for and against stat is hard to overlook. They are deadly offensively but also tough to score on. Credit for some of that goes a to Heroic_Saunter in net. Saunter usually a Center, stepped in and stole the starting G job several weeks ago and has not looked back. Saunter allowed only 1.34 goals per game in round1. Lordalex is also solid in net and won his game 4-3.  Anaheim doubled time on attack against Phoenix in round 1, except in game 3 which was a 8-3 Duck win.

St Louis, like their mallard counterparts, swept their round 1 series. The Blues shocked everybody and swept the Number 2 seed, the Minnesota Wild. The games were closer overall than in the Ducks/Coyotes series with every game decided by one goal and two decided in overtime. Also each game was low scoring (2-1, 1-0. 4-3,1-0). Frezher posted on the forum that everyone doubted them and that is not entirely true, I knew they could get the job done with their skaters, but thought Goalie was a question mark. HITMAN1342 answered that question in a big way and is the number one goalie statistically coming into round 2. His .917% and .88 gpg is #1 amongst the final eight teams. Playing defense in front of him is owner GAYPHISH. GAYPHISH bought out the outspoken YAN mid-season and started to turn the team around slowly. GOODFELLA is the new assistant in town and also plays solid defense. They share defensive duties with JeremyCyr and Lasalleleprekah , who could start on any team, which shows you the depth the Blues have. Offensively they have top notch two way players.  Vegaridge and Frehzer are the core offense for the Blues. These two are deadly and can rack up points with the best of them.  Brewdawg32 , cody275 and MachOne rotate in at LW. One thing scary about this team is, while it is true during the regular season VEGA and FreHzer can put up killer numbers (271 on the season) they can play also play a tight defensive two way game. This team is built for the playoffs, and loves the role of the underdog.

The Ducks have there hands full. Xilo, Mcleve and Ninja are an amazing trio but don’t expect them to dance around the pond so easily vs St Louis's  VEGARIDGE , GAYPHISH and crew. Everyone is picking the Ducks but St Louis may fare better than expected, and will be a tougher challenge for Anaheim than Coyotes were.  The GAYPHISH owned team plays tight and he has slowly built up this playoff ready contender. Anaheim has been strong since game 1, but rookie owner Mcleve, made veteran moves and got stronger as the season went along. Both Centers from each team were 63% face-off in Round 1 so something has to give there. Both goalies, stepped in late in the year and have stepped up their play. If St. Louis can succeed at playing a tight defensive game against a high powered offense like the Ducks, then they do have a good chance to win. Expect a tightly contested series but with the Ducks quacking on all cylinders and playing with confidence, I expect they will not take the Blues lightly and use their webbed feet to waddle away from the pond with a victory.

Ducks win series 4-2 in six games.
Team MVP: RiseoftheNinja

Official VGHL News - Page 3 Rd2_de10
#8 Calgary Flames  vs  #3 Detroit Red Wings
Detroit enters round 2 after defeating the Chicago Blackhawks 4 games  to 2 in round one. Detroit is led by the experienced VG Veteran Owner PEERLESS and Captain Hardki88. Peerless is playing LW these days and Hardki, the right hand man  is his Right Defense-man. They spent most of round1 dishing out assists to MYLES7187 who played all six games as Center round1.  MYLES is flanked by ACEFIVE or Skillzy at RW both good right wingers and both are playing well in the playoffs so far.  Skillzy had 3 points per game average in his two games played  round 1 and ACEFIVE picked up 6 points in his four games. Five  of ACEFIVE's points came by way of goals, including a game winner scored in game 2. Owner PEERLESS played almost all the games at LW , but stood aside and let THEPAINTRAIN67 get some action. That decision paid off in a 5-4 game three win and THEPAINTRAIN67 netted the game winner in that one. On Defense captain Hardki88 shares LD with Illuminati_XIX, NATE2k4 (who is not listed as a Defenseman) and Killshort99 who played one game. Illuminati_XIX, who played briefly on my AHL team season 8,  is the best of the bunch and is a solid blue liner. Detroit scored 16 goals but allowed 15 so only end up +1 differential in round 1.  In net for the Wings, there is new dog in town, as bigdoxrex played every game in net. Nevernok is on IR.  Bigdog played well in round1. Despite the fact their next opponent is the Western Conference’s  8th seed , their competition will get tougher now in round 2.

Calgary, turned the VG world upside down in round 1. They shocked the VG-world by displacing the defending season eight champs Dallas Stars winning 4 games to 1. The Flames took the conventional plan and lit it on fire, losing time of possession in every game, yet somehow winning the series. They won the score differential 16-10, allowing 5 less goals than Detroit. They held the Stars to less than 2 goals in three of the five goals. And to spite, losing time on attack, the Flames out shot the Stars most of the way. Their strategy seems to be, play tight defensively, get good goal tending and throw shots at the net, look for dirty goals(rebounds and tip ins). The Flames also are deadly on the Power Play, scoring on every chance they got and leading the league in that category, 100% on PP.  Veteran Goalie penguins2013 played all the games in net for the Flames an came away with decent stats, allowing 2 points per game and stopping .801% of shots.   Rookie owner theDawg and his captain FOR3IGN_OBJ3KT play defense for the Flames.  DonkeyX played one game for the Flames at Defense but TheDawg and OBJ3KT are the main  defensive tandem finishing +9 and +7 after round1. TheDawgs +9 leads the league in plus minus stat after round1.  Next to him in that category is bulldog of a fwd J-IGINLA—12 who played most of the games at LW, with IIXOSHIE_74XII  getting one game. I went to scouting camps with this guy IGINLA and he was always one of the toughest players to defend against. He is a straight pain in the derriere for defenders. He had 10 points in round 1 and so did Center CASTROGSTAR, who centered every game for the Flames and netted 3 goals and 7 assists. ON RW for the Flames HAT_TRICK_LEGEND and Chaos_Rider, each played one game and then USERMIKE played the rest.  They are all good players, so pick your poison. Calgary  is not a team who will allow their Flame to be extinguished easily.

If MYLES face's CASTRO it could spell trouble for Detroit as MYLES only had 43% face-off in round one and CASTRO had an impressive 59& face-off win percentage. Detroit is at their best when they win Time of possession but will be tough to do losing face-offs all series. The Flames seem to be comfortable playing in their own end either way. This makes the series difficult to predict. Despite Calgary having a rookie owner in theDAWG they have plenty of veteran leadership with CASTRO and PENGUINS2013 on the roster and I really have to give them the edge in the series. Detroit also is solid defensively, as they have proven all season and they have some deadly forwards, but I think PengUINS2013 is the best goalie in the series and will steal the show. Detroit is a great team but Calgary's Cinderella season will continue to round 3, where they will lose to the Ducks.

Calgary wins in seven games 4-3
TEAM MVP: CastroGstar

Want to Comment on Round 2 and Beyond? Heres the Thread: https://vghl.canadian-forum.com/t20824-round-2-playoff-article-thread#158950

S7-PHL-Portland Winterhawks-Captain
         -Brian Kilrea Finalist (Coach of the Year)
         -VGHL News Team
S8-AHL-OKC Barons-Captain
         -VGHL News Team
         -Yanick Dupre Finalist
WC3-USA WEST-Captain (4th Place)
S9-NHL-Columbus Blue Jackets-Captain
          -VGHL News Team

53Official VGHL News - Page 3 Empty Re: Official VGHL News on Mon Jul 21, 2014 9:01 pm



By:Lemieux Polamalu

(#1)Dallas Stars vs (#8)Calgary Flames
The Dallas Stars finished the season with 314 goals scored and only allowed 183 in their own net. That is a differential of +131 and makes it easy to see how they earned the number one seed in the east. Calgary limped into the playoffs with a losing record, finishing 35-36-11. They won the eighth spot by 3 points knocking out the Oilers.  Team mates say that owner Danger_rally is fair to all his players, gives everyone a chance and is a good owner to play for. This pays off in wins for the Stars. As a goalie Danger finished top ten in nearly every category,  wins(5th), 2.04 goals allowed(7th) and .821 save percent(4th) on the year. On the other side, Calgary is owned by thedawg who play’s Defense for the Flames and he  finished a respectable  +7. Flames Captain FORIEGN_OBJECT is also a defense-man and he finished 7th in points for a defense-man. They represent a good ownership group and a good defensive pair and that has paid off in a playoff birth. Flames Goalie is well known, PENGUINS2013. Penguins2013 finished 7th in the league in wins and has a good reputation around the league. Flames defenders and goalie will have their hands full when they try and slow down the outspoken ReJecTz_ReaPeRz. Reject finished 3rd in goals and 3rd in points and is always tough to stop. Reaperz has GET_ON_UR_KNEES to pass to, who is 7th in points and Dasnipa who finished 13 in pts, so they are NOT a one man show. Offensivly for the Flames is CastroGstar, usermike4948 and J-IGINLA-12 and they are going to be tough for Dallas defense-man silverthorn, Zogood and mdr_84_play to stop for an entire series. That said, Dallas is 5-0 against Calgary in the regular season, but despite that this match-up could be closer than people think and Dallas should not take the 8th seed lightly.

Round 1 Prediction: Dallas 4 Calgary 2, Stars take the series in 6 games.

(#2)Minnesota Wild vs (#7)St Louis Blues
Minnesota was 3-1-1 vs the Blues during the regular season. The Wild scored 253 goals this regular season but St Louis actually scored more (271) as the Western Conference #2 and #7th seed will clash in playoff round one. A big difference comes when looking at goals allowed, Minnesota allowed only 165 goals while the Blues allowed one hundred more than that (266 allowed). Wild owner and goalie chrono526 had a good season, splitting time with TheBigSpoon, each finishing the season with an impressive .800 percentage and 2 goals against per game. The Wild's Dynasty1989 and Donut-doug are good on defense and the teams low goals against record show it. They will have to be on their 'A' game to slow down the likes of St Louis forwards Frezher and Vegaridge. On the back end, GoodFella146, HITMAN, and GAYPHISH make up the Blues defense core nad will be up against crafty Minnesota fwds ChitTownMenace, three_eleven07  and REPS_71. St Louis might be up to the task but St Louis has a serious goaltender issue. Only JeremyCyr and HITMAN have G listed as position and neither one has impressive stats.  If St Louis, had a good goalie situation they could upset the #2 Wild, but as it is St Louis will be singing the Blues after round 1.

Round 1 Prediction: Minnesota 4 St Louis 1,  Wild take the series in 5 games.
Predicted MVP: ChiTownMenace

(#3)Detroit Red Wings vs (#6)Chicago Blackhawks
Chicago’s -29 is the worst differential for any team currently in the playoffs.  The Blackhawks have scored 221 goals this regular season which is more than Detroit’s goal total of 205. Chicago has the edge this season playing six games versus the Wings winning 4 game to 2. This will certainly give the Blackhawks confidence going into the series. Overall, however, Detroit’s defensive play has been better than the Blackhawks. Hardki, Illuminati, NATEY2K4 and killshort99 make up the wings Defensive core and all have a  positive plus minus on the year. Hardki has 66 points on the year which is 6th amongst defenders. Two spots higher DO_THE_EVOLUTION is 4th in points, but the Chicago D man is also a – 16. xYUCKOx also is playing D these days for the hawks but is a disappointing -22.  Up front PEERLESS has ACEFIVE, bigdogrex , Skilzy, MYLES7187 and THEPAINTRAIN a solid group of forwards that will give Chicago a hard time. Chicago's FIRESTORM19, BARRYS_SNIPIN, Shystiee, HEMMERTIME have the potential to get it done vs the Wings, but will find the Detroit Defense difficult to penetrate. Nevernavok will get most of the games in goal for Detroit and he will be relying on that Detroit Team D we have seen all year. Owner Lers780 will share duties in net with WVU_Pens, who had a .812 save percentage on the year, which is a commendable 9th in the league. This is gonna be a tight battle and will come down to the wire. Chicago will have to dump and chase and cycle to win.

Round 1 Prediction: Chicago 4 Detroit 3, Blackhawks win in 7 Games
Predicted MVP:  WVU_Pens87

(#4)Anaheim Ducks vs (#5) Phoenix Coyotes
The Ducks finished the season quacking on all cylinders and waddled their way into the playoffs with a quickness. The Ducks 303 goals for is 2nd in the league overall but their Defense is also good, the +96 differential shows that nothing can ruffle the Ducks feathers. The Coyotes are hungry for a tasty treat and duck meat sure sounds good.  At 40-34-8 on the season the Phoenix Coyotes bring a winning record to the hunt. The teams are 2-2-2 against each other and we can expect the playoff series to be as tightly contested as a cup of melting ice water would be in an Arizona Desert. RiseOfTheNinja finished first overall in points and Mcleve 7th in points. Mcleve and RiseoftheNinja practice at the pond every day, add Xilo and walllle919 to the mix and Anaheim feasts on goals like real wild ducks feed on small mollusks. Irishfitz , Dancintank419 and Bubs0782 are amongst the Coyotes Defenseman and they will have a tough time in this series. Coyote Owner and Goalie PNCPark, who finished 8th in wins as goalie for, will have to be on his hind legs to stop goals in this one, as I think the Ducks will dance around the pond with ease. Defensively SteelCityFan17 and CRUSTYBOJANGLES guard the pond for the Ducks and they will be facing Coyote forwards like JoshuaDuhaime ,STOKEYOKES83 ,CADILLACSTS and Real_Deal18.  Also dangerous is Captain DynamicKarma who can play either fwd or defensive well. Guess whose coming for dinner as Ducks face off vs Coyotes? Which animal will heat up and melt the ice? Phoenix, put down the Nintendo – let the NHL14 'Duck Hunt' Begin!

Round 1 Prediction: Anaheim 4 Phoenix 3, Ducks Quack by in 7 games.
Predicted MVP: RiseoftheNinja

S7-PHL-Portland Winterhawks-Captain
         -Brian Kilrea Finalist (Coach of the Year)
         -VGHL News Team
S8-AHL-OKC Barons-Captain
         -VGHL News Team
         -Yanick Dupre Finalist
WC3-USA WEST-Captain (4th Place)
S9-NHL-Columbus Blue Jackets-Captain
          -VGHL News Team

54Official VGHL News - Page 3 Empty Re: Official VGHL News on Sun Jul 13, 2014 4:59 pm



By:Mesmerize and Lemieux_Polamalu


1. Toronto Maple Leafs - 1st Seed

With the last week of the season coming this week, The Maple Leafs stand on top in the east with the 1st seed. Also on top in the league with 111pts, They are going for the presidents trophy, Rich2k8, Vinnynorthsyde and Laplante94, Seem to be the go to forward line this week. They combined for 61pts between the three, Is this the playoff line for Toronto? The 8th seed looks like it could be Pittsburgh, They can be a tough team to play against when they have their starting line out there, I dont think any 8th seed matchup will be a easy one for Toronto.
Player to watch in the playoffs - DK_Kassicus

2. Philadelphia Flyers - 2nd Seed

Flyers are sitting in the 2nd seed right now, I think they will remain in the 2nd seed once the season ends, But you never know what can happen, They are only 4pts behind Toronto, Fluri and friends hope to get over that hump of a 1st round exit last season, I think Fluri will get passed the 1st round this season, They have the core from last season, They added a better Dman in Soccaplaya, It all depends if the rage comes into play early and the team starts doubting theirselfs.
Player to watch in the playoffs - Fluri37

3. Washington Capitals - 3rd Seed

Capitals are currently in the 3rd seed, Only 2 points infront of Tampa Bay who are trying to take over the division lead with a week left to go in the season, I dont think anyone expected Washington to do as well as they did this season, You would have looked at the roster and figured they would be at the bottom, Can they take this seasons success into the playoffs? They will need Murloc-Death to be good and try not to rage so hard, Washington plays the low scoring defensive style of hockey, They have pretty much been playing playoff hockey all season, So they should be ready come playoff time.
Player to watch in the playoffs - Laydownfool61

4. Tampa Bay Lightning - 4th Seed

Tampa Bay has been playing good as of late, Seems things are finally coming together at the right time for Tampa Bay, Vito is playing stellar in net, They added a much needed RD in LAKingsFaithFul, Adding him with Djones gives Tampa Bay a solid D-Pair, The offense has been picking it up and scoring some more goals, With Mesmerize, Jew and Strike upfront, PolynomC is a solid role player at forward, Tampa will try to get the division lead this last week, Otherwise we will probably see another TB vs NJD 1st round series.
Player to watch in the playoffs - Vito_Corleone

5. Ottawa Senators - 5th Seed

Ottawa has been adding on the wins lately, They are going to finish the season in a good spot, Either 5th or 6th seed, The playoff picture is tight in the East, I dont think this high powered offense will have trouble with most teams, XxDrSwaggerxX has been playing great in net lately, I think the only question on the team is how well will the D-men play coming into the playoffs?
Player to watch in the playoffs - Jay6219

6.  New Jersey Devils - 6th Seed

The Devils have a close race between a couple seeds, No telling where they will end up, This offense relies on Bigyan__ to score goals for them, They have a solid D-Pair with Nemisis and bomberman, They can put the puck in the net, But can they stop it from going in? The big question is how well will their goalie perform in the playoffs. Goalie has been the struggle of this team all season long, Can Bigyan keep his cool and not rage on the team? Will Checkmate have to carry? We will see come playoffs.
Player to watch in the playoffs - Bigyan__

7.  Florida Panthers - 7th Seed

Florida has probably been the hottest team in the east as of late. They added we gon rilly do this gucci, Hoping he will help on the backend, Nova and Coorsi have seem to got some chemistry going, With them both in the lineup they have been playing better, XDeadlyNastyx has been solid in net, I think Florida will be a sleeper team come playoff time, The higher seed will expect to just roll over them and it wont be that easy.
Player to watch in the playoffs - Coorsi88

8. Pittsburgh Penguins - 8th Seed

The Penguins are a really tough 8th seed team, With Piper and Jeff upfront, They got a solid D-Pair in Jezuz422 and Foxpresentation, The only weak spot on this team is the goaltending, Bmidg and Vlady can either be good or bad, They have to show up and play great if they want to help Pittsburgh go for any type of playoff run, Piper and Jeff are dangerous players to play against, I can see them upsetting the 1st seed in the 1st round.
Player to watch in the playoffs - CCPiper

9.  Boston Bruins - Out Of Playoffs

Boston finds themselfs in the 9th seed with a week left, It seems they still have a chance to make the playoffs, I dont see them winning all their games next week to make it into the 8th seed, A team people expected to be good just collapsed, They lose some games and everyone wants to rage, I guess all them wraparounds and forced passes worked out great for this team, Good luck next season.

10. Buffalo Sabres - Out Of Playoffs

Buffalo has had a rough season, Lots of egotistic players who think they are better then everyone else got BL, I give Postalmic props for not calling it quits, He has to rethink where he went wrong by trying to get everyones friends on one team, That usually doesnt end well, 2 straight season at the Bottom, Postal should probably think about stepping down as GM and just become a player. Good luck next season.

11. New York Islanders - Out Of Playoffs

The Islanders have failed to make the playoffs yet agan for the 2nd straight season, Im sure they will be glad to get next week over with so they can get ready for next season, If Pimpin comes back as GM hopefully he will have a better season then the last 2, Sometimes things just dont go the way you plan, Im sure some of us could have seen this coming before it happened, You keep half a roster of a team that didnt make the playoffs the season before, You get the same results. Good luck next season.

12. Winnipeg Jets - Out Of Playoffs

The Jets have about the same season as the last, Finishing dead last in the East, Kcrusher should have learned from his previous season, Taking players who you think are good over players who are actually proven to be good, Its been along season for Kcrusher, He can really only blame himself by his bad decisions early on, If he returns as GM, Maybe he will have better luck, 3rd time is a charm right? Good luck next season.


Official VGHL News - Page 3 Final_11

8-2 The Final ten, the Ducks paddled their way into first place in the West. Only 1 point separates the Ducks from the Stars for first place in the West. Anaheim Superstar and Owner Mcleve finished first in points in the west and third overall behind Ottawa's Jay and Mudd_Flapps. Rise of the Ninja, is not a  “puck hog dangler” as his +17 last week and 19 assists were number one in the league. djcloudz is playing solid Defense, along with King-Foresst and SteelCityFan making the Ducks quack well together in he defensive end. LordAlex jumped In net and was 3-0 last week but Heroic_saunter, only allowed 1.8 ppg, seems to have stolen the starting Goaltender job. Whoever meets them in the playoffs will be playing Nintendo's “duck hunt” in round two and not NHL 14. These mallards control their own destiny.
Predict – #1 Seed
Player to watch in the playoffs – XILO_ATOMIK

Dallas is first in their division but fourth in the West. Only one point behind Anaheim for first in the West, Dallas Can get it done. If the Ducks slip then the stars can get first place. It really doesn’t matter where they finish we all know the Stars are going to shine. Danger_rally is heating up only allowing 2 gpg last week and had an impressive .82% save percentage. With Reject_reaperz and DaSn1pa clicking and Altered_Beast, ZoGOOD and the mysterious silverthorn on defense they will be tough to beat, as they were last year. Everyone will be gunning for them as the Stars look to repeat their season 8 Stanley Cup winning success. Break out your telescopes as the Stars continue to shine.
Predict – #4 Seed
Player to watch in the playoffs – Reject_Reapers

Things are getting wild in Minnesota as chrono526 and the boys look to lock up the #2 seed. With only two points separating the Wild and first place. Although close to .500 lately, Minnesota has a chance to take the top spot. Anyone of the top three teams can take first place, but the Wild need to win and have the Ducks and Stars lose a little. Donut_Doug, CHIEFTROUT, and Dynasty1989 all share defensive duties and are a formidable defensive unit. ChiTownMenace always puts a tough team on the ice and his 17 points have opponents wild with fear. Chrono and Spoon are solid net-minders and the Wild are a playoff contender.
Predict – #2 Seed
Player to watch in the playoffs –  ChiTownMenace

Spreading their wings and soaring into the playoffs is fourth place Detroit. Although actually coasting around  .500 lately, they are still a virtual lock for the 3rd spot. Hardik and Illuminati have a chance to build up some chemistry the final week and will have to do so to advance to round2.  Owner PEERLESS- has players like ACEFIVE, THEPAINTRAIN67 and the talented Skillzy ready to play every week. Get back to their solid Defensive play from earlier in the season and the Red Wings can be a dangerous playoff team but their 182 goals for puts them 2nd to last in the west in goals scored so they will need to get a little better offensively to advance.
Predict – #3 Seed
Player to watch in the playoffs –  Skillzy

The Blackhawks proved this writer wrong and have developed into a formidable foe. One of the hottest teams in the Western Conference, Chicago is no longer a team an amateur VG-sports writer one can write off.    As soon as they signed a Pittsburgh Penguins fan things really turned around for them. They can thank WVU_Pens for all their success. With BARRYS_SNIPIN , the angry Hemmertime, Shystiee and Moja11 on the roster, how can you go wrong. Maybe owners Lers and Linde know what they are doing after all.   If they win all their games and Red Wings lose they can actually steeler the division as 8 points separate them from first with 12 points on the table. Many opponents have pondered, “What's a YuCKO?” When you lose to the Hawks and the clown is through with you, you will know what a xYuckox is.
Predict #5 Seed
Player to watch in the playoffs - Barry_Snipin

The Flames are more a flickering candle than a raging fire as they stumble into 7th place 4-3-3 in the last ten. They have a perfectly symmetrical 230 Goals for and 230  goals against on the season, which makes them difficult to predict. Depending on which version of the team shows up, they could be tough to beat. F0R3IGN_0BJ3KT  and DonkeyX Are great Defenseman and can use the final week to heat up their team chemistry.  J--IGINLA--12 is a very tough forward as is usermike4948 , CastroGSTAR, HAT_TRICK_LEGEND and IIXOSHIE_74XII chaos rider also round out the roster. With Penguins2013 always solid in net, all they need is the defense-man to click and the Flames can avoid a first round flame out.
Predict #6 Seed
Player to watch in the playoffs - DonkeyX

The Coyotes are backing their ass up into the playoffs sliding in the last ten. They hold a three point lead for 5th and are howling at the moon for wins. With a failing disappointed fan base Phoenix is changing their name to Arizona next season to help garner local interest. Other than the Coyotes who the heck plays ice hockey in the Arizona Desert? The team should move to Quebec. Don't pack the bags yet Real_Deal18 and DynamicKarma  are ones who will leave everything on the melting ice. PNCPark2k1 who is representing the burgh in net, needs a little defensive help, maybe they can hire Jim Rutherford and Mike Johnston before the playoffs start, to help turn things around.
Predict #7 Seed
Player to watch in the playoffs - Real_Deal18

Saint Louie playing well recently, has a four point lead on 8th place and control their own destiny. They lean on the St Louis arch too much as they go 23-13-2 at home and are 10-23-4 on the road. They have to be road dogs since they will not have home ice advantage at any point in the playoffs. We all know from last weeks thread that  FreHzeR is a player to watch. With Frehzer and Vegaridge on offense its no surprise their 248 goals for puts them third in the west in scoring. It is their goals against though weighing them down towards the bottom of the pack. HITMAN has to get better in net  but newly acquired Zener has potential to help out the team as Goalie. GoodFella146 and GAYPHIS are solid owners and defensive players but will have to step it up to solidify their playoff spot and advance in the rounds. If the St Louis Defenders and Goalies step up their play and get hot, St Louis has the firepower to take them all the way. Also play better away from The Arch.
Predict #8 Seed
Player to watch in the playoffs - VEGARIDGE

You_Mad_bro is furious as the Oilers Defense looks terrible season9. PUCKU33 and Dante Luc combine for 13.5 million of their salary and that has not payed off as their 275 goals allowed on the year rates near the bottom of the league. Perhaps they should have taken a chance on an AHL All Star/VG-sports writer who comes cheap(hint hint wink wink)? All joking aside, Edmonton is four points out of 8th place and can sneak into the playoffs with some wins and Saint Louis loses. They have good defenders and decent goalies in BALAIA_JR and dragonskull69. KyleJ83, NOWYODEAD, YoUU-MaDD_Br0o are dangerous forwards and they can be a dangerous team if able to sneak into the playoffs. Playing well lately, they have to step it up a little to Oil Slide their way up.
Predict #10 Seed
Player to watch in the playoffs -  KyleJ83 (if they can make it)

6 points out of the playoffs with 14 points to go(1 reschedule), Columbus is hoping to run the table the last week and get some Edmonton and St Louis losses and sneak into the playoffs. At least they can have something to play for. A hot team the last ten and with #8 and #9 around .500 lately they do have a legitimate shot at making the miracle happen. XxMadmax94xX is always a dangerous forward and with JSILVERS and KATO on Defense, they are a dangerous team. If the Goalies can step up they can keep the miracle dream alive.  
Predict #9 Seed
Player to watch in the playoffs -   XxMadmax94xX (If a miracle happens, watch out)

Rookie owner McDizzle9909 is glad the season is over as they fell short of expectations. Great first season in the NHL for McDizz, he survived a lot of ups and downs and ran the team well. smokey1010 jumped in as assistant when Rockie_Robbie season imploded. Some good decisions and some bad. They had superstar XILO ATOMIC on the roster, which was good, but questionable move when they went all in spending 10 million dollars on Defenseman who ended up sucking and Zamboni Driver is on pace to be the #1 worst goalie in VG history. They promised me they would bid on me but did not drop a dime, I think I would have helped them make the playoffs. That being said they have a lot of great players on the roster who showed up to play week in and week out. Exclamation is a good D man. Elyndil and MYLEFTNUTT are great players. They have a decent roster but fell short. McDizz will have a much better season next year but players beware his promises. Great Season KINGS.

Lumpy_Rutherford is a good owner and held the team together very admirably. Their -190 differential and 341 goals against makes them by far the worst defensive team in the league. They have great players on the roster at FWD like BONES955 , Magic and Mawson. Not sure what to say about their goaltenders. SinWin is a good defender but he needs some help. Maybe they should have taken a chance on the bargain bin with the much loved Lemieux_Polamalu? Good season Vancouver.

by - boychuck55

1(+1). San Antonio Rampage- It took them until the final week of the season, but the rampage finally passed the baby pens as the top team in the ahl. The rampage capped off a perfect week with a victory over the baby pens to secure the top spot and also broke the ahl point record (127pts S7 Checkers) with a week to go. The top seed looks like a lock for the rampage with their final weeks schedule, and fans will proudly don the #69 to support the team in the final week of the regular season.

2(-1). Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguins- Atop the ahl for the entire season, captain Rain sees another top seed lost in the waning moments of the season (also PHX S8). The baby pens faltered some week 11 and saw the top seed in the ahl be taken over by the rampage. The baby pens will try to make a run at it again, but it will take some help from another team in order for them to catch the rampage. Not only did the rampage break the VGAHL single season points record, but so did the penguins.

3(+1). Albany Devils- Once again, Sentinel has had a great season in Albany as the devils will look to make a run at a second straight calder cup appearance. Locked in at the #4 seed, the devils really have nothing to play for this week, and can take a breather this week and look to just refine their game and keep it going without any pressure of how they finish out the season. The devils play a preview of their 1st round opponent, the crunch, sunday night and can get a view of how they match up against them in preparation for that series.

4(-1). Norfolk Admirals- The admirals look to have the west wrapped up with 6 games left and an 8 point lead over abbotsford (ABB has a game in hand) and will look to lock up the top seed in the conference early in the week. The schedule is not friendly however, and they could see their run for the top seed go down to the wire the final night of the season against abbotsford.

5(--). Abbotsford Heat- The Calgary orgainzation will look to take home its 3rd straight top seed in the western conference (Lake Erie S7 & S8) put will need quite a bit of help from others to have a chance to pass Norfolk. Regardless, the heat still get their 3rd straight division title for their organization and sit in position to play a struggling griffins team in the 1st round if they can hold off the wolves for the #2 seed.

6(--). Chicago Wolves- The wolves have picked it up here at the end of the season and have themselves in a position for a legitimate shot at the #2 seed. After struggling to regain their game after the buyout of captain goodfella, the wolves finally look like a strong team going into the postseason when it matters most.

7(--). Texas Stars-  Captain Tman remains out with a broken thumb from a lethal clapper in practice from ryno, but the stars look solid in net with jetter and bree filling in. The stars have had an excellent finish to the season and look poised to make a strong run in the playoffs. Locked in at the 4 seed, the stars have nothing to play for but must stay focused on improving their game and readying themselves for the playoffs.

8(--). Syracuse Crunch-  The crunch are locked into the 5 seed and have a 1st round matchup preview sunday night against the devils to see what they are up against. The crunch seem to be on the right track to improving, but it will be a tough task to down the devils in the 1st round and they will need to be on the top of their game moving forward to make some noise in the playoffs.

9(+3). Rockford Ice Hogs- The Ice Hogs seem to be following last seasons recipe of adding top end talent late in the season and looking to make a long run. It looks like once again the ice hogs will grab a low seed and be a dangerous team to watch out for to all the top teams. The ice hogs can finish anywhere between the 5 and the 7 seed and will look to continue their late surge and nab a higher seed and continue their roll into the playoffs.

10(-1). Portland Pirates- The pirates have had an up and down season, but see themselves with a playoff spot locked up coming to the end of the season. Through much roster turnover, the pirates have continued to roll with a different group of guys throughout the season and will hope to have some chemistry going into the playoffs.

11(-1). Grand Rapid Griffins- The griffins have some question marks going into the postseason as after the recent buyouts of bree and runlikehell. Another team with a new look, the griffins will look to make their mark in the playoffs and will look to captain slapshot and star player myles to carry the load offensively.

12(+2) Binghamton Senators- The senators did a good job picking up talent from the phl and after a rough start to the season have done quite well as they sit with a slim lead in their division entering the last week of the season. The senators will look to finish the season strong and clinch their division to gain the 3 seed instead of a low seed. Although their points dont show it, the senators are a team to watch out for as they are much improved from their early season roster.

13(-2). Adirondack Phantoms- The phantoms have had a rough time since the loss of captain s7lentsn7per and have limped to the finish line. The phantoms have had trouble scoring and have must improve from their struggling ways if they hope to make it out of the 1st round of the playoffs. A strong finish to the season would help them alot, as they need to keep the 6 seed in order to avoid either the rampage or baby pens in the first round.

14(+2). Rochester Americans- The americans have had multiple turnovers in management this season and went through some major struggles, bit since arrowflinger took over as captain they have done well. The americans currently sit as the 7 seed in the east and must finish strong this week to make the playoffs.

15(-2). Bridgeport Sound Tigers- The sound tigers have been on a surge near the end of the season after a slow start and are teetering on the brink of the playoffs. The sound tigers sit in the 8 seed with only a 2 point lead and the bears hold 2 games in hand. The sound tigers will need to play their best hockey of the year in order to sneak into the playoffs.

16(-1). Iowa Wild-  The surging wild have closed in on the slipping falcons but still sit 4 points down with only 6 games remaining. The wild will need to continue the tear that they have been on and pray for some help from others taking down the falcons to have a shot of getting in. After a terrible start to the season, the wild look to finish an improbable playoff push and make it to the postseason.

17(+1). Springfield Falcons- The falcons have been slipping to end the season and cling to a small lead for the last seed in the west. The falcons have struggled to score goals with the 3rd fewest in the league and the fewest of any playoff contender. The falcons must survive one more week as they desperately cling to that final playoff seed.

18(+1). Hershey Bears- The bears have struggled over the 2nd half of the season and are looking in on the playoff picture after they have blown a big lead to move out of the picture. There is still hope for the bears, who have one final chance to turn things around before their season goes down the drain.

19(-2). St. Johns Icecaps- After a surge once eithk took over as captain, the icecaps ran out of steam and are all but eliminated going into the final week of the season. Despite missing the playoffs, the icecaps did improve a lot and made themselves into a formidable foe.

20(--). Providence Bruins-  The bruins had made a solid run to try and stay in the playoff picture but it proved to be too much over time and they fell out of contention. The bruins never quite figured out how to keep the puck out of their own net, as they sit with the 2nd most goals allowed with only utica allowing more.

Captain xstcopleyx had this to say, "It's all because we couldn't land the llxboychuck_55xll guy for 5mil Wink"

21(--). Oklahoma City Barons- The barons are 1 of only 4 teams that have already been mathematically eliminated from the playoff picture, with only the role of spoiler left to play for. The barons showed a few sparks of life this season but only to see them disappear shortly after.

22(--). Manchester Monarchs-  The monarchs have had an absolutely dismal season after the release of captain cupid and assistant frehzer. Since the buyout, the monarchs have gone a pitiful after 3-37-3 after starting the season 21-10-2. The monarchs will be glad after this week that the season is over and look to new beginnings and fresh starts in season 10.

23(--). Toronto Marlies- Its been a longer season for the marlies as they spent the entire season at the bottom of the eastern conference. Despite being in a weak division, the marlies could never get on their feet, and despite high expectations for their team they just didnt have a good year.

24(--). Utica Comets- Its been a long season in utica, as the comets have spent the entire season as the worst team in the ahl. Nothing seemed to go the comets way this season, as they were last in the league in goals for, allowed the most goals, and had the worst goal differential in the league.

S7-PHL-Portland Winterhawks-Captain
         -Brian Kilrea Finalist (Coach of the Year)
         -VGHL News Team
S8-AHL-OKC Barons-Captain
         -VGHL News Team
         -Yanick Dupre Finalist
WC3-USA WEST-Captain (4th Place)
S9-NHL-Columbus Blue Jackets-Captain
          -VGHL News Team

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6-2 Week 9 / 4-0 Last Week
Undefeated in the short week, the Ducks are quacking on all cylinders. They Beat Minnesota and Detroit, those two tough opponents didn’t ruffle the Ducks feathers. The Ducks were quacking on the forum about wanting the number one seed and that is possible with five points separating them from doing so. Heroic Saunter was 3-0 in net, owner Mcleve seems to have all his ducks in a row.
Next Week Prediction 6-2
Team MVP – RiseOftheNinJa (16pts in 4 games)

7-0-1 Week 9 / 2-2 Last Week (Wk 10)
Dallas Split the short week -2-2 and has a five point lead for first in the West.  DaSnipa was fifth in the League in points last week with 14. Altered Beast played all four games on Defense. They destroyed the Flames 6-0 and wan a close game with Minnesota, 6-5 in Overtime, to end the week
Next Week Prediction 5-3
Team MVP – DaSn1pa  (14points in 4 games)

6-2 Week 9 / 0-2-1 Last Week
Minnesota couldn’t win a game last week. Shutout by the Ducks and then lost to the Blue Jackets and the Stars in overtime. Although a bit inconsistent this year, the Minnesota Wild are still top contenders season nine.
Next Week Prediction 4-4
Team MVP -ChiTownMEnace (5pts 3gp)

4-4 Week 9 / 2-1-1 Last Week
Detroit is average again winning two and losing two, one of those a overtime loss to the Kings. Illuminati_XIX  is a nice addition to the team and played all four games. ACEFIVE also showed he can make an impact getting having a solid week for the wings. The wings look to lock up the third seed.
Next week 4-4
Team MVP - ACEFIVE  (15pts, 5gp)

5-3 Week 9 / 3-0 Last Week  
Chicago looks to solidify their playoff position continuing to play well. They have a host of players who can make Lers780, who was 3-0 in net, look good. The Hawks are 7-3-0 the last 10 games. The secret weapon xYUCKOx  was +5 with the Blackhawks. With xYUCKOx in the lineup, how can you go wrong?
Next Week Prediction: 8-0
Team MVP – They don't have a MVP they are a TEAM.

3-3 Week 9 / 2-2 Last Week
Coyotes have an average week winning the first two versus the Canucks and Flames and then losing to Columbus and Chicago. Real_Deal18 had a hat trick, DynamicKarma  had five assists and PolynomC had three assists in a huge 5-1 win over the Flames. PNCPark2k1 seems to have the team moving in the right direction.
Week Prediction: 4-3-1
Team MVP – DynamicKarma (11pts, 4gp)

1-6-1 Week 9 / 1-2-1 Last Week
One two one , wont get it done.
CASTROGSTAR led the team in points last week,  The Flames hope to catch fire and build momentum with a huge overtime win over Detroit.
In that game, defenseman Foreign_Object netted a goal game and CASTROGSTAR  gots a hat trick, on the game winner as the Flames ended the week and avoided a  “flame-out”.
Next Week Prediction  3-5
Team MVP- CastroGstar (11 pts, 4gp)

4-1-2 Week 9 / 3-1 Last Week
No one is “singing the blues,” just yet in St Louis as STL goes 3-1 last week and moves into 8th place in the west. The Blues put up a whopping 8 goals not once but twice versus Edmonton and Vancouver. They also allowed eight verse the Ducks. GAYPHISH leaves his PSN on for days at a time which should really heat things up. They have a tough lineup and could be a difficult team to face in the playoffs
Next week Prediction 6-2
Team MVP FreHzeR  (15pts in 4gp)

4-4 Week 9 / 1-2 Last Week  The Oilers slip out of playoff spot, sliding down in the playoff standings. They now trail 8th spot by 3 points. YOU_MAD_BRO Had a hat trick in  a win versus the Kings to keep them in contention. BALAIA_JR allowed four goals in net one game and they allowed eight goals in another. NOWYODEAD  was better in net with a 2.00 average.  Looks like they lack stability at the goal tending position. The Oilers and the Blues will be fighting for that last playoff spot.
Next Week 3-5

2-5-1 Week 9 / 3-0 Last Week
Eight points back with two weeks left to play, the Blue Jackets will leave it all on the ice. You would need a straight jacket to hold the Blue Jackets back.  With GUILBAULT27  getting 3ppg no one can stop them now. Smtoma was perfect in net and only allowed 2goals in per game. They didn’t beat scrubs either as the wins were versus the howling Coyotes,  the second place Wild and the first place Stars. The CBJ look to bring their A game the rest of the way.
Next Week Prediction: 6-1-1
Team MVP - KATOKING  (+3 Defenseman Week 10)

2-6 Week 9 / 1-3 Last Week
Vancouver moves up one spot in the rankings by virtue of beating the one team even worse than them. Mawson_99 LW and Headcase LD are playing well on the left side and making Vancouver a fun place to play, despite the record. Lumpy_Rutherford is a good owner and will have the team ready to go week in and week out regardless.
Next week Prediction 4-4
Team MVP – etthan  (Hat Trick and Game Winning Goal verse the Kings)

2-5 Week 9 / 0-4 Last Week
The VG LA Kings are the bizarro version of the real life  Kings. The real life kings won the Stanley Cup but the VG-Kings cant win a game. 2-8 the last 10 the Kings are in competition for worst team in the league. They past up the Winnipeg and are now passing up Vancouver for number one worst team in the VG. They have some good players on their roster but are not echoing the success of the real team.
Next week Prediction  1-7
Team MVP -McDizzle9909 (MVP for Keeping the team together)

S7-PHL-Portland Winterhawks-Captain
         -Brian Kilrea Finalist (Coach of the Year)
         -VGHL News Team
S8-AHL-OKC Barons-Captain
         -VGHL News Team
         -Yanick Dupre Finalist
WC3-USA WEST-Captain (4th Place)
S9-NHL-Columbus Blue Jackets-Captain
          -VGHL News Team

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Sunday :

The hot Columbus Blue Jackets come in off a big four game win streak, playing the team they've been trying to reach all Season the Blues of St. Louis. The Blues holding the 8th seed need two big final weeks but if they keep playing these win hungry teams like JSilvers Blue Jackets it won't be easy. With JSilvers being the great guy he is streaming the games all Season long this is one you don't want to miss!

Monday :

The under rated Calgary Flames face off against the new and improved Toronto Maple Leafs Monday night and if the Flames can keep beating top teams like the Maple Leafs I believe they have a good chance of going far in the Cup race. Also a big game for Toronto because they need to win the games many probably think they should to get the number 1 spot back they've been holding off and on all Season long.

Wednesday :

Two powerhouses of there Conferences go at it Minnesota Wild and Washington Capitals. Both roughly in the same seed of their conferences these two great teams will face off to pretty much show what Conference contains more talent. This one could really go either way it all is going to come down to who comes to play. Will it be long time respected NHL Owner Chrono's Wild? Or the always sucessful Polish twins in Washington? Have to find out come Wednesday night.

Thursday :

Minnesota with another tough game has to play up against Anaheim who have been a great team all around this Season. Nothing Minnesota can't handle but if the Ducks keep playing how they have been it won't be easy for the Wild to pull off these wins as easily as they've been making it look all Season. First place in the West is still up for grabs this could decide who has the better chance to maybe grab it from Rally's powerhouse Dallas team.



WBS at Albany

Albany is has the #4 spot locked up in the conference but could make it a 3 way race to the #1 spot with some solid playing as the season end nears. WBS is going toe to toe with San Antonio and could find themselves on the losing end if they don't take every game serious. Both teams have made big moves over the last week or so. The Baby Pens acquire the former Syracuse Crunch, llXBoychuk_55Xll/llXSpezza_19Xll and look to have solidified their roster. Albany has made some of their own moves this last week. Out is come at me and in is Hare-Karishna. Maze and Gumper are definitely the heart of the offense with Sentinel anchoring the defense. The trade will either prove positive or to be a failure and no better time to test it then against the #1 team.

Albany downs WBS 2-1

Norfolk at Binghamton

Norfolk has a commanding lead over the rest of the Western Conference and Binghampton has got a full head of steam and look to be making a solid push for a deep playoff run. Norfolk will need to take a close look at be ready for the Senators. Snake has put together a solid team at this point in the season and will be overlooked by most of the top teams. This lackadaisical attitude could see themselves on the short end of the game. Binghampton is hungry and focused. Upsetting the Admirals could prove that they have what it takes to go deep for the Calder Cup.

Binghamton knocks off Norfolk 5-3

Hershey at Rockford

Hershey comes into Rockford with a 1 point lead over Springfield. Both teams have had their bumps this season and both have over come them and have stayed in the fight. Rockford seems to have locked up the back end with Skillz and BIGTWENTYTWO supporting titansfan. Hershey has made some movers of their own but no one jumps off as a clear threat. Blckhwk84 has the potential to carry the team with twofour. Panamark can keep them in the game but with his recent confidence rattled he will need to let the past go and focus on the last two weeks and keep Hershey in the playoffs.

Rockford over Hershey 3-2‏

Adirondack at Syracuse

This is a matchup of one teams fall from grace and the other clawing to stay alive. Syracuse a few weeks ago were on top of the world. The Crunch lost their captain and assistant captain and one of their top defenseman and things have not been the same for them since. If the playoffs ended today, this would be a preview of the first round for these two teams. The Phantoms don't have any clear cut Superstars but they have quality players. With Stickyfingers and czechmate on the wings and no clear center they may have a serious hole that could find them fighting harder then to stay in games.

Adirondack over Syracuse 5-1

S7-PHL-Portland Winterhawks-Captain
         -Brian Kilrea Finalist (Coach of the Year)
         -VGHL News Team
S8-AHL-OKC Barons-Captain
         -VGHL News Team
         -Yanick Dupre Finalist
WC3-USA WEST-Captain (4th Place)
S9-NHL-Columbus Blue Jackets-Captain
          -VGHL News Team

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NHL PLAYER OF THE WEEK (June 29- July 3)
By: Snipeshow


The St. Louis Blues long time superstar Vegaridge had an outstanding week. With 7 Goals and 7 Assits in only 3 games, a hard to come by 70% Shooting and +4. Not cutting the one and only Mark White short by any means with an impressive 2.56 PPG on the Season with a total of 146 points so far for the what you could call shaky Blues team you expect these kind of weeks from a dynamic player like himself. But now having the rookie FreHzeR next to him will do nothing but help vega finish the Blues season strong.


bigmummy123 one of the most under rated defenseman in the league had a not surprising solid week with 8 points in 4 games on the point. With a nice +8 and playing his physical game as usual with a total of 17 hits on this short week. Mummy has had a very solid season with a +47, standing next to soccaplaya and in front of VanillaGorillah doesn't bring mummy down by any means either.


Chicago Blackhawks Captain Lers780 played second to none between the pipes this week putting up ridiculous numbers with an eye popping 1.34 GAA, and a stellar .882 Sv%. With the new and improved Chicago line up you'll see a lot more weeks like these to come.

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By:Lemieux_Polamalu and Mesmerize


5-2-1 Week8 – 7-0-1 Last week
Undefeated in regulation week nine, the Stars seem to be back on track. The only loss came in overtime against a decent Red Wing squad. Solid Owner Danger_Rally shared duties with mkarecki123 in net and they each had under 1.9 goals allowed per game last week. Altered_Beast is settling in nice on D and so is winger Dasn1pa who had 16 points for the Stars. Looks like they are the team to beat moving forward.
Next Week Prediction 4-0
Team MVP – ReJecTz_ReaPeRz  (24points in 8 games)

7-1 Week8– 6-2 Last week (Week 9)
Minnesota had a good week. Winning six in a row and having book end losses to solid Anaheim and Toronto teams. They have a  few guys chipping in on defense, ChitownMenace and ThreeEleven are solid up front and Chrono and Spoon are a solid tandem in net. They are back in second place after Dallas had a 7-0-1 week. Its a brutal competition but the Wild are up to the challenge,
Next Week Prediction 4-0
Team MVP -three_eleven07 (11 points in 5gp)

5-1 Week8– 6-2 Last week
The Ducks started off the week with a huge 3-0 shutout win over Minnesota and ended with a tough 3-2 loss to Florida Panthers as Anaheim goes 6-2 week nine. Their only other loss was versus the S8 defending champion Dallas Stars. The mighty Ducks 226 goals puts them third in league in scoring. The 175 goals allowed puts them in the middle of the pack defensively. Heroic_saunter seems to be pulling away with the Goalie job.  If they improve their two way game, expect them to make a splash in the playoffs.
Next Week Prediction 3-1
Team MVP – SteelCityFan17    (7gp at D, 13points, +8)

4-4 Last Week – 4-4 Last Week (week 9)
Detroit  fights for a .5oo week again splitting their games two weeks in a row. They Beat the Dallas Stars in overtime and lost three games by a score of 1-0. They also won two games 1-0. Only one goal scored, for or against, in five games that Detroit played in. They also won a 1-0 game the previous week showing they can keep things tight. A solid defensive team can use a little scoring punch moving forward.
Next week 2-2
Team MVP -  bigdogrex  (Two Huge wins in net)

2-2-2 Last week – 5-3 Last Week
Chicago looks to surprise some people and gets better as the season moves along. FIRESTORM19 , who had 17 points in five games, joins DO_THE_EVOLUTION , BARRYS_SNIPIN, WVU_Pens, D_Sulli and the boys to form a formidable lineup. They have a five point lead in the standings for a playoff spot and appear to be Not looking back but moving forward with steam.
Next Week Prediction: 5-3
Team MVP – WVU7_PENS87  (3-1 in net)

3-5 Week8 – 2 -3-3 Last Week (week 9)
Coyotes continue to fall after trading Hemmertime and DynamicKarma is not the same player going -3 on the week. It could be the arrival of notorious puck-hog Oticsz has disrupted the chemistry as he has a reputation for trying to dangle the whole team and score by himself. That may work against scrub AHL teams but not at the Pro level, the rookie has to adjust his game if they are gonna continue leaning on him heavy.
Week Prediction: 1-3
Team MVP - Moja111  (61%Face-off and 6 assists in 6gp) BOUGHT OUT

4-4 Week8 – 1-6-1 Last week
Ouch. Calgary had a dip in play and dropped seven games last week, the only win  coming in overtime against Phoenix, the OTL was against Washington. They are in 6th place in the West and not in danger of losing a playoff spot. About the middle of the pack in both offense and defense, Calgary looks to improve, build up chem the last couple weeks and get ready for the playoffs. Getting a quality player like DonkeyX via a trade can only help the Flames. thegdawg34 a good owner and solid core of players will keep them steady.
Next Week Prediction  2-2
Team MVP- thegdawg34  (only -1 in 7 games in a week like that is a miracle for the defense and Owner)

1-6 week 8 – 4-4 Last Week (wk 9) As expected the Oilers Bounce back to have a consistent . 500 week splitting there games 4-4. BALAIA_JR was solid in net last week and they need that moving forward. One problem might be is they need their forwards to help out the defense a little more. Most of the fwds were negative plus minus and that is something they can fix
Next Week 1-3
Team MVP  Kyle( 13pts in 6gp)

2-6  Week 8 – 4-1-2 Last week (week 9)
St  Louis is the only team, not in the top eight that can play their way in there.  Only 3 points out of 8th place and only 5 point s out of 7th the Blues have a legitimate shot of getting up there. Their three losses were against Philly, Chicago and Dallas, which is nothing to be ashamed of. ROBIEBERTO , VEGARIdge and CODY275 are solid up front and they have good Defense like GoodFella146. Goal-tending can be an issue but they can build up some steam here and make a run at one of the bottom playoff spots.
Next week Prediction 3-1
Team MVP Vega (24 in 6gp)

4-3-1 week 8 – 2-5-1 Last Week
Columbus failed to meet higher expectations this week only winning two games. They are 9 points out of the playoffs and would need a lot of help to get there. They need to have a huge winning streak and get a little help, the light is closing fast. If I were them I would call BOSSROSS up from the minors for the help.
Next Week Prediction: 0-4
Team MVP - xXMadmax94xX  (16pts in 6 games)

3-4 week 8 – 2-5 Last Week
L.A. Can feel their playoff dreams slipping away as they are now 12 points out with only 20 points remaining to get. They gave it their best try but  would need a miracle. Really lacking a solid defensive player, they have a allowed an embarrassing 40 goals in in the last eight games. For whatever reason they are not getting it done on the back end. Offense is struggling as well averaging only 2 ppg scoring as a team per game which wont get it done. They would have to run the table and hope other teams lose for the playoff miracle to happen but I don’t see it happening, not this year and probably not next year either.
Next week Prediction  0-4
Team MVP -smokey1010  (Smokey (1ppg) was the least worst player)

3-5 week 8 – 2-6 Last Week

The Canucks only won two games last week but 5 of them were decided by only one goal. BONES and xMagic19  play solid for them upfront and Lumpy_Rutherford is a class Owner. With Goalie, Acrobatic_beast it's business as usual, as he  let in 4.5 goals per game and was 1-3 in net. ricsha1992 was even worse in his one game. SinWin probably needs some help defensively. Expect a tough game if you play them, but expect to win.
Next week Prediction 1-3
Team MVP – Mawson_99  (15pts in 5 games)


1. Philadelphia Flyers - This Week 7-1 Last Week 6-1-1

Flyers jump up to the #1 seed after a great week their only loss a 1-0 game against Tampa Bay, Flyers beat a hot Devils team 2-1, It seems everything is starting to click on the flyers team after back to back great weeks. Might be because Greek > Snipeshow, Greek has 7gp 9g 10a 19pts this week. VanillahGorilla has a solid week in net helping the flyers gain the 1st seed.

TEAM MVP: VanillahGorilla GP: 8 W: 7 L: 1 GAA: 1.84 ..850%
Next Week Prediction: 6-2

2. Toronto Maple Leafs - This Week 5-2-1 Last Week 5-3

It seems leafs go from 1 and 2 weekly, They lose a high scoring battle against the Devils, Or should i say the Bigyans, He put up 9 goals on them in a 9-5 loss, Then lose 3-2 against Winnipeg, Must have been rattled from that game. Win 5-1 over a good Capitals team, They end the week with a 2-0 win over Minnesota which its always good to end the week on a win, DK_Kassicus has a decent week 5-3 2.62 GAA .796%

TEAM MVP: VinnyNorthSyde: GP: 8 G: 12 A: 12 PTS: 24
Next Week Prediction: 5-3

3. Washington Capitals - This Week 5-2-1

Capitals have a good week gaining some wins, Start the week off with 2 wins 6-3 over Boston 3-2 OT win over Buffalo. They lose a triple classic against Tampa Bay 2-1, Murloc-Death had a pretty rough 4 games this week, 3-1 3.04 GAA .698%, He came away with 3 wins, Lucky the offense scored some goals or it would of been 0-4.

TEAM MVP: Laydownfool61 GP: 8 G: 11 A: 6 PTS: 17
Next Week Prediction: 5-3

4. New Jersey Devils - This Week 4-3-1 Last Week 8-0

Devils went on a hott streak winning 10 in a row, It came to a end this week, They start the week off losing against Ottawa 4-0,  Devils Rebound and blowout Toronto in a 9-5 win, They lose a high scoring game 7-5 against the hot Panthers. 2-3 OT loss against the Penguins, 2-1 loss against Philly, 3 losses in a row im sure there was some rage going on inside the Devils locker room. They end the week with 2 wins against teams they should beat, Checkmate and Bigyan combine for 43pts on the week. Nick_x9710 goes 2-2 4.25 GAA .667%, Just beyond horrible goaltending.

TEAM MVP: BigYan__ GP: 7 G: 16 A: 7 PTS: 23
Next Week Prediction: 5-4

5.  Ottawa Senators - This Week 6-1-1 Last Week 4-4

Ottawa keeps getting better and better each week, They are becoming the team everyone expected them to be at the start of the season, They will be a dangerous team come playoff time. They start the week off ending the Devils win streak in a 4-0 win over them, Ottawa loses a close game 4-3 OT against the Capitals, Then in a upset they lose 2-0 against Buffalo for their only regulation loss of the week, News is that Mudd_Flaps became the 1st VGNHL player to reach 500 career goals, So congratulations to him on that accomplishment.

TEAM MVP: Mudd_Flaps GP: 8 G:9 A: 11 PT: 20
Next Week Prediction: 6-2

6. Tampa Bay Lightning - This Week 5-3 Last Week 5-2-1

Tampa Bay doesnt have the kind of week they expected, 5-3 was a let down week, Some of these games they let slip away, They start the week with 2 wins 1-0 win over Philly, 2-1 win over the Penguins. Tampa Bay has a 3 OT game against the Capitals, Very defensive, Until Mesmerize finally hits the GWG to seal the much needed win, They lose the final 2 games of the week which is never a good thing, Vito_Corleone has another solid week in net 3-1 1.75 GAA .816%.

TEAM MVP: Mesmerize-_- GP: 8 G: 7 A: 11 PTS: 18
Next Week Prediction 5-3

7. Florida Panthers - This Week 7-1 Last Week 2-4-1

Panthers are on a streak, They are making that push for the playoffs, Currently in the 7th seed, With the east being a very close playoff race, If they keep playing how they have been, There is no doubt the Panthers will be in the postseason. Their only loss this week comes against the Flyers in a 6-3 game. It seems moving Coorsi to Center has made this team better, Him and Nova1739 have been clicking, They combined for 48pts this week. The goaltending has been good enough to win games but nothing spectacular.

TEAM MVP: Coorsi GP: 8 G: 15 A: 11 PTS: 26
Next Week Prediction: 4-4

8. Pittsburgh Penguins - This Week 5-3 Last Week 3-2-1

Penguins are in the 8th seed, And probably a sleeper team once it comes playoff time, With Jeff and Piper in the lineup they can be a hard team to beat, They lack consistent goaltending, Maybe with the deadline approaching they will look for a new netminder, They start the week off losing 2-1 against Tampa Bay, Then a 3-2 loss to the Panthers. Roll over Boston 6-1, Take down the hot devils 3-2 OT. Believe_Vlady showed some signs of better goaltending going 4-1 1.78 GAA .842%.

TEAM MVP: Jeff0012 GP: 8 G: 7 A: 13 PTS: 20
Next Week Prediction 4-4

9. Boston Bruins - 2-5-1 Last Week 5-2

Boston with a bad week only getting 2 wins, 3-2 win against Winnipeg and 5-0 win against Detroit on the last day of the week, I have said it all season, This team can either be really good or really bad, Its a bunch of crybabies on one team who need to stop crying and play the game to try to get into the playoffs, Maybe if they knew how to do something besides force the puck all game, Goaltending on this team is terrible, Might aswell put a trash can in the net, It might save more pucks. Its probably a deeper issue then that tho.

TEAM MVP: Snipeshow_21 GP: 6 G: 13 A:5 PTS: 18
Next Week Prediction 3-5

10. Buffalo Sabres - This Week 3-4-1

Buffalo has a good week compared to a normal week for them, They get 3 wins and somewhat stay in the hunt for 8th playoff spot, Buffalo beats Winnipeg 6-1, 3-2 OTL against Washington, That gets them a point, Every point matters at this time in the season when ur trying to earn that last playoff spot. Buffalo beats Boston 7-5. The goaltending struggles week after week, I dont think its really the goalies fault, There has been alot of changes in Buffalo throughout the season.

TEAM MVP: PostalMic GP: 6 G: 4 A: 10 PTS: 14
Next Week Prediction: 2-6

11. New York Islanders - This Week 0-8 Last Week 2-6

Islanders get no wins this week, Have they called it quits? The struggle is real for the Islanders, A team that had high hopes this season finds themself at the bottom once again. Only hope they have is to make some big trades before the deadline and hope to go on a run, Whatever they are doing now is not working at all.

TEAM MVP: L_Pimp1N GP: 4 G: 1 A: 1 PTS: 2
Next Week Prediction 2-6

12. Winnipeg Jets - This Week 1-7

The Jets get 1 win this week against Toronto, Hoping to spoil a playoff seeding for them, Its about all the Jets can aim for at this point, Kcrusher had high hopes for this team coming into this season, Hoping to rebound from a horrible season 8, Just finds himself in the same boat at the bottom again in season 9, He has alot of heart to show up to the games and keep running his team when most GMs would have just called it quits. Not much more to go in the season, Then Kcrusher can think about where he went wrong and if he comes back next season not to make the same mistakes.

TEAM MVP: Kcrusher - For being a nice guy.
Next Week Prediction: 2-6

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By: Mesmerize and Lemieux


1. Toronto Maple Leafs - This Week 5-3 Last Week 4-2-1

Maple Leafs jump back into the #1 seed this week, They win a division game against the Penguins 3-1, Shutout Winnipeg and Florida 3-0, On the last game of the week they get blown out 7-1 against Minnesota, Im sure they have forgot about that bad game and moved on. They made some moves this week getting Laplante94, Chomper4, Guilbault27, With the addition of them players, Toronto has become a better rounded team. DK_Kassicus has somewhat of a rough week in net stat wise, 5-3 3.13 GAA .719%

TEAM MVP: Rich2k8 GP: 7 G: 7 A: 11 PTS: 18
Next Week Prediction: 6-2

2. Philadelphia Flyers - This Week 6-1-1 Last Week 5-2-1

Flyers move up the #2 seed after having a great week, Only regulation loss coming against Tampa Bay 3-2 and 2-1 OTL against Ottawa, They beat the powerhouse Dallas Stars two times this week 4-0 3-2 OT, Flyers made a shocking trade, Fluri and Venom trading their boyfriend Snipeshow for GreekElite, Maybe it was time to breakup the dynamic trio, Only time will tell how it works out for them.

TEAM MVP: GreekElite GP: 8 G: 18 A: 9 PTS: 27
Next Week Prediction: 6-2

3. Washington Capitals - This Week 4-4 Last Week 6-1-1

Capitals move down to the #3 seed this week after having a .500 week, They seemed to struggle to score goals this week, They drop 2 games in a row to the last place Canucks, Then come back with a blowout win 6-1 against the Flames, They ended the week on a win which is always a good thing moving forward. Murloc-Death puts up good stat numbers despite the 3-3 record this week 2.07 GAA .770%, Im sure they will pick it up next week, Sobo will give an inspirational speech and the team will be fine.

TEAM MVP: Laydownfool61: GP: 8 G: 8 A: 6 PTS: 14
Next Week Prediction: 5-3

4. New Jersey Devils - This Week 8-0 Last Week 5-1-2

Devils make a jump from #6 to #4 this week, Devils go 8-0 this week, Some might say they are the hottest team right now, Only time will tell if this hott streak continues, Checkmate and Bigyan carry the load on offense,They combine for 70pts,  There was alot of bad teams they played this week in which they racked up the points against, Nick_x9710 gets 7 games this week going 7-0 2.05 GAA .794, He could be the new starter, He faced under 10 shots a game this week, Devils are providing him with good defense infront of him.

TEAM MVP: Bigyan__ GP: 8 G: 21 A: 16 PTS: 37
Next Week Prediction: 5-3

5. Tampa Bay Lightning - This Week 5-2-1 Last Week 4-1-2

Tampa Bay drops down to the 5th seed from the 4th this week. They beat the Flyers 3-2 and Detroit 3-1 in some close games that could of went either way, They get shutout 3-0 agaisnt the Devils, Ending the week with 2 wins beating Calgary 4-3 and Phoenix 3-1, Vito_Corleone puts up solid numbers in net despite the record, 2-3 2.37 GAA .824%.

TEAM MVP: Mesmerize-_- GP: 8 G: 11 A: 7 PTS: 18
Next Week Prediction 5-3

6. Ottawa Senators - This Week 4-4 Last Week 5-2

Ottawa drops down to the 6th seed this week going .500 on the week, They get a 2-1 OT win over the Flyers 3-2 OT win over Tampa Bay, They get shutout 3-0 against the Islanders. 1-0 Loss to Detroit and 3-2 Loss to the Canucks to end the week, This team seemed to struggle to win the games they should have this week, I think the problem was Jay6219 only played 4 games this week, He is the heart and soul of this Ottawa team, Stealing games for them with his Elite ability.

TEAM MVP: Mudd_Flaps GP: 8 G: 5 A: 8 PTS: 13
Next Week Prediction 4-4

7. Boston Bruins - This Week 5-2 Last Week 3-4

Boston moves up into the 7th seed from the 9th last week, Boston makes a big trade sending longtime Bruin GreekElite to Philly for Snipeshow, They had no division games this week, They lose 5-2 to Florida then blowout the Jets 9-3. Lose 6-3 against the Devils, Boston ends the week on a 4 game win streak which is good for them moving forward. Snipeshow makes himself feel welcome this week 3gp 7g 5a 12ps.

TEAM MVP: Ovechkin8jr: GP: 7 G: 8 A: 18 PTS: 27
Next Week Prediction 5-3

8. Pittsburgh Penguins - This Week 3-2-1 Last Week 2-6

Penguins drop down to the 8th seed this week, Penguins win 4-3 in OT against Florida. 3-1 over a good Capitals team, Blowout LA 7-1, Penguins have a good team when they play their top line, Maybe they are just not meshing well together. There has been issues in net all season, BMidg221 and Believe_vlady have struggled at times and have not been consistent.

TEAM MVP: Smokeshowjoe GP: 6 G: 6 A:8 PTS: 14
Next Week Prediction: 4-4

9. Florida Panthers - This Week 2-4-1 Last Week 4-3-2

Florida continues to stay around the 9th spot week to week, They need to start winning if Florida plans to put a end to that playoff drought, The playoff race if fairly close in the east, Still alot of games to be played, They just need to start getting some wins if they expect to make it into the post-season. Florida ends the week with a 4-2 win over the Oilers, That is a positive they can take into next week.

TEAM MVP: Coorsi88 GP: 4 G: 7 A: 4 PTS: 11
Next Week Prediction: 3-5

10. Buffalo Sabres - This Week 3-5 Last Week 2-3-1

Buffalo had a rough season, Mainly due to team drama, Buffalo has sent most of the team packing in trading, Bringing in new players hoping to get a positive attitude towards making the playoffs, Nothing is impossible, But it might be a little to late for a rebuild this late in the season, They are only 5 points out of the 8th seed, Which is only a couple wins, Picking up 3 wins this week is a big step for a team that has struggled all season.

TEAM MVP: vxWoytkiw8xv GP: 4 G: 1 A: 3 PTS: 4 +4
Next Week Prediction: 3-5

11. New York Islanders - This Week 2-6 Last Week 5-3

Islanders drop down to the 11th spot after having a pretty bad week, They just cant seem to generate any type of offense, They win 3-0 against Ottawa and 3-2 against the Panthers. This is the result of spending to much on a goalie and not surrounding him with the right pieces to win, Islanders have made some trades throughout the season, Some of them seemed to make this team worse, If they dont get something going soon, They will be missing the playoffs yet again.

TEAM MVP: Mikefleury29 W: 2 L: 4 GAA: 2.83 .761
Next Week Prediction: 3-5

12. Winnipeg Jets - This Week 1-7 Last Week 3-3-1

Jets have been at the bottom since the season started, They seem to have gotten worse this week, Lots of changes as Kcrusher trades some players away hoping to bring in some guys with a positive attitude that want to play, Maybe give some players a chance just to see what they got. Their only win was 4-2 against the Oilers, Its safe to say the Jets will be missing the playoffs yet again this season, All they can do is show up and have fun, Maybe spoil another teams chance at playoffs by getting a few wins, I think Kcrusher knows where he went wrong yet again this season.

TEAM MVP: CastroGStar GP: 8 G: 11 A: 3 PTS: 14
Next Week Prediction: 2-6


6-1-1 Week 7 – 7-1 Last week
Minnesota exceeded expectations and nearly had a perfect week, only losing to the Los Angelos Kings 2-1. They had huge wins versus CBJ, NYI and stomped Toronto 7-1. They now have a 1 point lead for first place in the west.   Chit Town and SABRES2019 have the offense clicking and chrono526 Only allowed 1.50 goals per game and they are showing they are the real deal. A tougher schedule wont slow them down to much next week.
Next Week Prediction 5-3
Team MVP -ChitownMenace (24 points in 6gp)

5-2-1 Week 7 – 5-1-1 Last week
Anaheim continues to roll as XILO_ATomix gets added to the already deadly mix of Mcleave and RiseoftheNinja. Xilo may have had a disappointing week but can only help as things move forward. The Goaltender by committee seems to be working for them as four different players played in net. Next Week they will continue to roll and show they are one of the leagues toughest teams.
Next Week Prediction 6-1-1
Team MVP – RiseOftheNinja   (18 points in 7 games)

3-5  Week6 – 5-2-1  Last week
Back into the plus side of the win loss column the Stars are in 2nd place in the West behind by only one point  Toronto also surrendered 7 goals to the Stars in a 7-3 Dallas win. Dallas had some close games beating St Louis and losing to Philly in Overtime. DaSn1pa didn’t really offer the splash they hoped for putting up “only” 14 points in 8 games. Always tough on both ends of the ice, the Season Eight Champs are still the team to beat moving forward.
Next Week Prediction 5-3
Team MVP – Danger Rally (1.52 Goals allowed Average in 6 games)

4-4 Week 7 – 4-3-1 Last week
Calgary stays consistent lingering around .500 for the second week in a row. F0R3IGN_0BJ3KT on D and Penguins2013 as Goalie continue to offer stability playing in all eight games. They shut out the Kings and beat Tampa Bay and Pittsburgh in huge wins. A tough week next week but Calgary should be up to the challenge.
Next Week Prediction  4-4
Team MVP- Usermike  (12Points in 4 games)

7-1  Week 7 – 3-5 Last week (Week8)

Back down to earth for the Coyotes who drop five out of  eight games last week.  They lost four straight games and took until overtime to beat the Red Wings. They made some trades and they didn’t seem to work in their favor as their offense sputtered last week After going 7-1 the week before you wonder why they made more moves. Phoenix remains in 5th place in the west but questions now remain for Phoenix whether or not they can make a splash in the playoffs.
Week Prediction: 4-4
Team MVP - PNCPark2k1 (Offers stability - Played all 8 games in net)

4-3 Week 7 – 4-4 Last Week
Detroit  fights for a .5oo week and stay third in the West and first in the Central Division Skillzy, Peerles and Karlson_MVP remain team leaders and continue to build up chemistry for the playoffs. The beat Ottawa 1-0, a game in which the Senators played great defensively but failed to score and also had a key win 3-1 over the Dallas Stars. If they can keep things together and continue to work on chemistry things will stay steady. They may be able to pull it together and be a force in the playoffs building chemistry through the remaining games.
Next week 5-3
Team MVP -  Peerless (13Pt sin 8 games)

4-4  Week 7 – 2-2-2 Last week
Chicago Sputters to 7th in the power rankings and is still clinging to eight place in the western conference.  They stomped the Oilers and Canucks 6-0 and 6-2 and will need more of that moving forward. They will stay around. 500, continue to work on chemistry and see  if they can shock some people in the playoffs.
Next Week Prediction: 5-3
Team MVP – Barry_snipin (10pts in 4gp)

4-4 Week 7 – 1-6 Last week
The Oilers only win came in overtime against Anaheim last week. They were shutout by the Wings and the Stars and are really struggling to put up goals. The Goalies are allowing in 3 goals a game and RD PUCKu33 was a -7 on the week. They could actually slip out of a playoff spot as only 8 points separate 7th and 11th place in the standings. YoUU-MaDD_Br0o must be mad as he had a low 1ppg and was -4 on the week.  Hard to say where the problem lies but they still have time to get it together.
Next Week 4-4
Team MVP  DiiRTYDaNGLeS (1 Win in Net)

3-5 Week 7 – 3-4 Last week
They lost time of possession and the game 4-2 to Ottawa, got stomped, 7-1 to Pittsburgh and 9-2 to The Devils but still managed to beat the first place Minnesota Wild last week  along with the Blackhawks and Blue Jackets in overtime picking up six points. The 11th place kings are only 8 points out of a playoff spot with a few weeks to go.   McDizzle9909 traded away RW Xilo but has not given up on the season. They will have to perform better though to make a run at that spot.
Next week Prediction  3-5
Team MVP -DRKSOUL  (11 points in five games from LD.)

2-2-4  Week 7 – 3-5 Last week

The Canucks won three in a row including a win over Ottawa ( a game in which the Senators only took 6 shots), and two wins over Eastern powerhouse Washington Capitals. Bones up front with xkonvictedx238  and SINWIN on the back end is a decent lineup on paper. They are playing well as a team and can not be taken lightly moving forward.
Next week Prediction 3-5
Team MVP – Acrobatic_beast (3-1 on the week)

1-6  Week 7 – 4-3-1 Last week
CBJ played better last week, splitting their games evenly. They got killed by Toronto 11-1 but pulled off wins versus Flames, Ducks, Wild and Sabers. Krypt_Keepa  and MadMAx are solid fwds and KATOKING, BigTizzle and JSilvers are good defensively on the back-end. With only 6 points separating them from the playoffs the Blue Jackets are not packing up there bags just yet. Look for them to continue to improve next week.
Next Week Prediction: 5-3
Team MVP - xXMadmax94xX  (19pts in 6 games)

4-4  Week 7 – 2-6 Last week
They beat Winnipeg 7-2 and the Sabre’s 6-0 but lost every other game and did not move up in the Western Conferencing standings. Hard to understand how they were shutout in two games with FreHzeR and Vegaridge putting up big numbers. Recently Acquired AHLAllstar only played in a disappointing ONE game, a loss and HITMAN1342  played the rest but was not very effective in net. Because Edmonton and Chicago are floundering St Louis, who is also struggling, remains only 5 points out of 7th/8th place.
Next week Prediction 4-4
Team MVP FreHzeR (22pts in 8gp)

by llXBoychuk_55Xll and xS7LENT_SN7PERSx

1(+1). Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguins- Another strong week sees the baby pens go 6-1-1 and remain atop the ahl. The baby pens owe their success due to a strong backend that is tied for the fewest goals allowed. The baby pens made some move near the end of the week to remake part of their backend and time will tell if they made the right call.

2(-1). San Antonio Rampage- The rampage had a strong week 8 going 7-3. Despite getting absolutely destroyed by the devils in their first matchup of the week 9-1, the rampage fought back in game 2 and played a much more solid game and managed to squeeze out a 2-1 victory. Just like the baby pens, the rampage pride themselves in keep the puck out of their own net, and the two will battle it out for the top spot in the ahl to open week 9.

3(+1). Albany Devils- The devils went on a tear week 8, going 8-1 including a monster 9-1 victory over the rampage. Their 1 loss also came at the hands of the rampage, a close 2-1 loss. The devils have moved up into a tie with norfolk for 3rd most points in the ahl. The devils get another shot at the division rival penguins this week as they look to make up ground in the division.

4(+1). Norfolk Admirals- The admirals have extended their lead over the western conference to 9 points, and with the way their offense is rolling over western conference teams, they look to be the strong favorite for the number 1 seed in the west. The admirals have not looked as strong in their own end though, allowing 3 or more goals in all but 2 of their games week 8 (with one of those being a loss).

5(-2). Syracuse Crunch-  Going just 3-4-1 this week with one giant 13-1 loss proved to be less than what has been expected out of this team. After the buyout of Captain Boychuck and Assistant Captain Spezza this team has proven it won’t stand tall. It will take a miracle for this team to keep it’s position at the top. Only time will tell, but it seems to be a hell of a long journey.

6(--). Abbotsford Heat- The heat went a solid 5-2-1 week 8 that saw them extend their division lead to an ahl high 39 points, giving them a chance to clinch the division this coming week. The heat lost a close game to the admirals in ot in a battle of the top 2 teams in the west early this week, and then ended the week with a 7-5 loss to the baby pens. They will have the chance to avenge both losses, as they play both the admirals and the baby pens again this week to try and prove that they are the team to beat.

7(--). Texas Stars-  After dropping the first two games of the week, the stars went on a 6 game winning streak to end the week on a roll. The stars played an even game with the heat to open the week, but fell in a close game 2-1. This week the stars have a chance to division leader norfolk who are trying to run away with the division.

8(--). Chicago Wolves- A 4-2-2 week has the wolves sitting pretty atop the midwest division. The backend continues to be the big question for the wolves, as they still give up too much to hope to contend against some of the top teams in the ahl. The wolves are hoping that new phl signee carmelsnake will be the answer in net that they have needed since the hitman callup.

9(+2). Portland Pirates- The pirates had a rough week 8 going just 3-2-3, but mainly have the schedule to blame for that. With games against the wolves, devils, and 2 against the rampage, the pirates did a good job staying competitive and getting points from a tough week. The pirates have a couple big games this week against division rivals and they will look to continue their solid play against good teams.

10(+2). Adirondack Phantoms- The phantoms had a strong week 8 going 5-2-1. The phantoms got a big win at the beginning of the week beating the powerhouse rampage 5-3. They continued to climb uphill since new captain blak has taken over. The phantoms look to continue that trend week 9 but face stiff competition in the way of the rampage, devils, and baby pens.

11(-2). Rockford Ice Hogs- The Ice Hogs started the week on fire winning their first 4 games including wins over norfolk and abbotsford, but finished the week with 4 straight losses including back to back losses to the devils to end the week at 4-4. In the 4 games that the ice hogs won, they allowed just 5 goals, but in 4 games they lost they allowed 19 goals. If the ice hogs can keep the puck out of their own net, they will be able to get back to winning games.

12(-2). Grand Rapid Griffins- Despite a 3-5 week the griffins look to have improved this past week on paper. The additions of runlikehell and myles look to boost the griffins and give them that extra push for the playoffs. These additions leave the griffins poised to shoot up in the standings and move above the rest of the middle of the playoff picture teams.

13(--). Hershey Bears- The bears had a rough week 8 going just 2-5-1 and are looking to turn things around week 9 and get back in their playoff push. The bears traded for lightthecandle this week to help them hold down the back end and help them move up to at least the 6th seed so they can avoid the baby pens or rampage in the first round.

14(+2) Binghamton Senators- The senators went 4-3-1 week 8 but did manage to play competitively with both the baby pens and the rampage. They lost each of those games by only one goal to show that they can play with top teams. They will get another shot at the rampage this week to prove that this new look senators team is for real.

15(+5). Rochester Americans- Arrowflinger has done a good job turning this team around since becoming captain and had another solid week going 4-4. Those losses include the devils and a loss by only a goal to the admirals. The americans are no longer the team that lost 16-0 just last week but a much more competitive team.

16(+3). Providence Bruins-  Providence had a solid showing week 8 going 4-3-1 with their regulation losses coming at the hands of the baby pens and the other 2 to the heat. The bruins signed spezza to help up front and he could be a steady producer up front. Week 9 has some big division game for the bruins as 3 teams sit within 2 points of each other atop their division.

17(--). Bridgeport Sound Tigers- The sound tigers started week 8 off on the wrong foot losing 3 of their first 4 games. After that they rebounded though, winning 3 of the last 4 and finishing the week at 4-3-1 as they try to grab the 8th and final seed in the east.

18(-4). Springfield Falcons- The falcons recovered from a bad week 7 by staying at .500 in week 8 going 4-4. The falcons are just 1 point behind the reeling monarchs for the 8th seed in the west and if they can keep playing solid hockey the spot looks to be theirs.

19(-1). St. Johns Icecaps- The icecaps got off to a terrible start to week 8 dropping the first 5 games of the week before managing to scrape together 3 wins to conclude the week (although 2 of those came against the fast falling monarchs). The icecaps need to look to get back to how they had been playing and getting wins as they sit outside the playoff picture by just 2 points.

20(+2). Oklahoma City Barons- The barons had a solid 4-4 week but will need to put more wins on the board if they are looking to sneak into the playoff picture. The barons have teetered on the edge of being a contender all year, but its time now that they need to make a push.

21(-6). Iowa Wild-  After a strong week 7 that saw the wild jump in the power rankings and showed a spark of life in them, the wild went just 2-6 week 8 and fell back down the rankings and lost the momentum they got from week 7. The wild will need to get back to how they played that week if they are to make a run at the playoffs.

22(-1). Manchester Monarchs-  The monarchs still seem unable to do anything now without frehzer and have blown the lead they were given for the 8th seed. The monarchs are currently on a 19 game losing streak and only have 1 win in their last 24 games. Curiously, the one game they did manage to scrape a point out of by taking to ot was against the baby pens.

23(--). Toronto Marlies- After dropping the first 5 games of the week the marlies took 2 out of 3 to finish the week at 2-4-2 and look to be falling out of contention in the east. If the marlies hope to have any chance of making the playoffs, they will need to start winning fast.

24(--). Utica Comets- Utica threw together their best week of the season in week 8 going 4-4. The comets managed to pull off 3 overtime wins due to some clutch play when it was needed and look to finally get out of the last spot in the ahl.

S7-PHL-Portland Winterhawks-Captain
         -Brian Kilrea Finalist (Coach of the Year)
         -VGHL News Team
S8-AHL-OKC Barons-Captain
         -VGHL News Team
         -Yanick Dupre Finalist
WC3-USA WEST-Captain (4th Place)
S9-NHL-Columbus Blue Jackets-Captain
          -VGHL News Team

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By:Mike "Grimtruth" Fleury

There are only about 34 games left in the season and this week's Transactions show it. Teams swap players all over trying to find the golden combination that will put them over the top, either into a playoff berth, or into a Cup Contender.


Philadelphia and the Boston Bruins swap some potential key pieces as the Flyers send SNIPESHOW_21 and xS_m_ii_r_k (46 goals and 85 points for Show; 24 points and +24 in 15 games for Smiirk) in exchange for Greekelite (41 goals and 107 points) and IIXOSHIE_74XII (16 points and -17 in 11 games).

Former Anaheim Duck Assistant AhL_ALLsTaR-3 has found his third team this season after being traded to the Florida Panthers for DuffHouse12 and a pick. AHL has a save percentage of .744 with a 2.66 goals against in 31 games (18-13), meanwhile Duff has 28 points in 32 games with a -15 rating.

The Phoenix Coyotes made a surprising trade sending oticz, their star ELC who has 72 points and 50 goals in just 25 games player in exchange for CADILLACSTS *=(47 points in 23 games) from the Vancouver Canucks.

The Winnipeg Jets have lost their Captain Viperman29.

The New Jersey Devils acquire DEADANT (7 points in 15 games, -37) for a draft pick from the Detroit Red Wings.

And finally, the biggest trade (potentially) sees the Buffalo Sabers ship Laplante94 and Chomper4 out of town to Toronto (Laplante has 81 points and 34 goals in 34 games; Chomper has 29 points in 28 games, -4) in exchange for DA_GREAT_RABTCMO (40 points in 26 games) and VxWittjuw8xv (28 points in 27 games, +32 playing parts with Dallas and Toronto).


The Florida Panthers take care of the Boston Bruins 5-2 thanks in large part to a 14 save performance by goalie Roostaa. NOVA1738 (2), BALLACHICK3, COORSI88, and ExEcuTioNeR-_-53 all scored for the Panthers while Greekelite had both Bruins goals.

Despite being outshot 20 to 9 the Minnesota Wild defeat the Phoenix Coyotes 4-3. chrono526 made 17 saves in stealing the victory for his team. ChiTownMenace and DONUT-DOUG scored two goals a piece. DynamicKarma continues his hot play since moving to the Western Conference scoring two goals (xS7LENT_SN7PERSx scored the other Phoenix goal).

Vito_Corleone begins what turns out to be a very solid week (5 games, .824 save percentage) with a 16 save performance in a 3-2 Tampa Bay win over the Philadelphia Flyers. Mesmerize-_- scored two goals, including the game winner, while ENCELADUS-STRIKE added the other.

The Columbus Blue Jackets pick up a big two points in a 4-3 win over the Anaheim Ducks.XxMadmax94xX scored two goals including the game winner, while Elyndil and swiftdefeat tallied the other goals for the Jackets. Meanwhile, Heroic_saunter, RiseOfTheNinja and CRUSTY_BOJANGLES put in the three Anaheim goals in the loss.

The Pittsburgh Penguins score a minor upset in a 3-1 win over the Washington Capitals. While not tested a lot, believe_vlady made 6 saves on 7 shots in the win while CCPiper, SMOKESHOWJOE, and jeff0012 scored the goals for the Penguins.

In a battle of Conference leaders the Dallas Stars stomp the Toronto Maple Leafs 7-3, made only that close by three third period goals by the Leafs. DK_Kassicus, the 1st Line Easter All-Star, had a game to forget allowing 7 goals on just 9 shots. ReJecTz_ReaPeRz had seven points including four goals, GET_ON_UR_KNEES scored two, and newly acquired DASN1PA hurts his former team by scoring a goal of his own. mkarecki123 made 13 saves on 16 shots in the win.

penguins2013 and the Calgary Flames edge out the Tampa Bay Lightning thanks to a third period goal by thegdawg34, his second of the night, while penguins made 10 saves in the win. DJONES125 scored the other Flames goal. Meanwhile Mesmerize-_- scored both Lightning goals.

And finally, the Ottawa Senators on the back of a strong performance from Xx1DR_SWAGGER1xX beat the Los Angeles Kings 4-2. MUDD_FLAPS had two goals and L_DOMINANDO_L scored another while Stevo apparently scored the game winner though he is not credited with a goal... Might want to fix that, Ottawa. XILO_ATOMIK continued his strong season with two goals for the Kings.

The trade for Laplante paid immediate dividends for the Toronto Maple Leafs as they slaughter the Columbus Blue Jackets 11-2. The aforementioned LaPlante scored four goals and added three assists while All-Star MVP VinnyNorthsyde had 3 of his own and 4 assists. Every starter scored at least a goal and three points in the game. DK_Kassicus made 10 saves in the win.

But, the night wasn't all great for them as the Minnesota Wild scored seven goals on the Leafs keeper in a 7-1 victory. three_eleven07 had a hat-trick, Dynasty1989 and SABRES2019 had two apiece. LaPlante scored the only goal for the Leafs.

And finally, the Detroit Red Wings ride a 7 save shutout from Nevernavok and a goal from blue-liner Hadik88 to get passed the Ottawa Senators 1-0. SWAGGER also made 7 saves, but it was the one he couldn't make that was ultimately the difference.

That is all we have time for this week, thanks for reading. Until next time.

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S7-PHL-Portland Winterhawks-Captain
         -Brian Kilrea Finalist (Coach of the Year)
         -VGHL News Team
S8-AHL-OKC Barons-Captain
         -VGHL News Team
         -Yanick Dupre Finalist
WC3-USA WEST-Captain (4th Place)
S9-NHL-Columbus Blue Jackets-Captain
          -VGHL News Team

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By:Mesmerize-_- and Lemieux_Polamalu


1. Washington Capitals - This Week 6-1-1 Last Week 7-0-1

The Capitals take over the #1 seed, They have had 2 great weeks in a row, Capitals beat the powerhouse Dallas Stars in a 4-1 win, Win a 2-1 game against Toronto, What can you say about the Capitals, They just keep finding a way to win games. Murloc-Death had a solid week in the 4 games he was in net, Going 3-1 with 2.01 GAA .843%, There was really no standout player on offense for the Capitals, Thats why this team is taking lightly, Everyone contributes to getting the win.

TEAM MVP: Laydownfool61 GP: 8 G: 7 A: 9  PTS: 16
Next Week Prediction: 6-2

2. Toronto Maple Leafs - This Week 4-2-1 Last Week 4-3-1

Maple Leafs drop to the #2 seed after a still good week, A trade that surprised most people DaSn1pa was traded for Barrys_Snipin, They lose a close 2-1 game to the Capitals, They blowout a struggling Panthers team 6-0, With the good play of Washington, If the Leafs want to get back into the #1 spot they need to have a better week,

TEAM MVP: DK_Kassicus W: 4 L: 3 GAA: 1.98 .781
Next Week Prediction: 6-2

3. Philadelphia Flyers - This Week 5-2-1 Last Week 4-4

Flyers have a good week, They beat the teams they should beat, They lose a division game against the devils 2-1 in OT. Blowout the Flames 5-0, Fluri and Venom light up the lamp getting a combined 46 points between the two in 8 games, Solid week in net for VanillahGorilla 5-3 with 1.87 GAA .853% They are only 4pts away from the #1 seed.

TEAM MVP: Fluri37 GP: 8 G: 10 A: 13 PTS: 23
Next Week Prediction: 5-3

4. Tampa Bay Lightning - This Week 4-1-2 Last Week 5-2-1

Tampa Bay moves up to the 4th seed. They have another good week getting some points to help them stay within reach of the Capitals, They start the week off  with a 3-2 loss to the Blues in OT,Tampa Bay Rebounds with a 4-3 with over the Kings, 2-1 OT win over division rival Florida. Vito_Corleone had a solid week in net going 3-2 2.10 GAA .800%, The goal scoring is coming along slowly for Tampa Bay.

TEAM MVP: Mesmerize-_- GP: 6 G: 12 A: 2 PTS 14
Next Week Prediction 5-3

5. Ottawa Senators - This Week 5-2 Last Week 5-3

Senators move up the 5th seed from the 6th after picking up 5 wins this week. Senators win 5-3 against the Ducks 3-2 against the Maple Leafs, Completely blowout Buffalo 10-1, Lose 4-5 to Dallas, Senators keep getting better each week, The high powered offense we all expected is starting to come to life. Jay6219 and Mud_Flaps have 19pts each this week.

TEAM MVP: Jay6219 GP: 5 G: 8 A: 11 PTS: 19
Next Week Prediction: 5-3

6. New Jersey Devils - This Week 5-1-2 Last Week 2-4-2

Devils move up to the 6th seed from the 7th after a much better win, They lose 4-2 against Minnesota, They pickup a big 2-1 OT win over the Flyers, Trying to gain some ground on them in the division. Devils lost 4-3 OT against the Islanders 3-2 against the Penguins, Those are division games they need to win. They seem to be making progress each week, Same story this week the starting goalie has mediocre numbers in net.

TEAM MVP: Checkmate GP: 8 G: 10 A: 12 PTS: 22
Next Week Prediction: 4-4

7. Pittsburgh Penguins - This Week 2-6 Last Week 4-4

Penguins drop to the 7th seed from the 4th seed after having a bad week, Their only 2 wins come against Minnesota 3-2 OT, New Jersey 3-2, The Penguins are a good team on paper, Im sure its just a let down week, All teams have them, I expect them to bounce back next week. Believe_vlady has a horrible week in net going 0-4 with 4.75 GAA .604%, He will need to be much better to give this team a chance to win.

TEAM MVP: CCPiper GP: 7 G: 4 A: 11 PTS: 15
Next Week Prediction 5-3

8.  Florida Panthers - This Week 4-3-2 Last Week 2-6

Florida moves up one spot to the 8th seed, They pickup some much needed wins after struggling last week, They get a 1-0 win against Dallas, Lose a division game against rival Tampa Bay 2-1 OT, Panthers lose their last 4 game of the week, Hopefully they can just forget about it and look forward to getting some wins next week. xDeadlyNastyx puts up good numbers once again, Going 2-2 with 1.45 GAA .880% Panthers really didnt get much offense this week, xDeadlyNastyx is keeping them in games for sure.

TEAM MVP: xDeadlyNastyx GP: 4 W: 2 L:2 GAA: 1.45 .880%
Next Week Prediction: 4-4

9. Boston Bruins - This Week 3-4 Last Week 3-2-2

Bruins drop to the 9th seed after having another mediocre week, They beat the Ducks 3-1, Flyers 5-3, Then they get blown out 7-2 against the Devils, This team scores alot and gives up alot, There has to be a middle ground, Gotta be able to stop the puck going in on you if you want to win more games. There is no goalie on this team that is doing well at all, There has to be more problems then just the goalie tho.

TEAM MVP: GreekElite GP: 5 G: 5 A: 7 PTS: 12
Next Week Prediction: 3-5

10. New York Islanders - This Week 5-3 Last Week 4-2-2

Islanders move up to the 10th seed from the 11th, They win two division games against New Jersey 4-3 OT and the Penguins 3-2, Islanders found a little bit of offense this week as L_Pimpin and Fireeyes2L2 combine for 25pts, Mikefleury29 doesnt have his best week stat wise, 3-3 2.70 GAA .778%, Islanders can take these wins as a positive moving forward, Its not to late to get into a playoff spot, They showed some signs of offense this week.

TEAM MVP: L_Pimp1n GP: 5 G: 6 A: 7 PTS: 13
Next Week Prediction: 4-4

11. Buffalo Sabres - This Week 2-3-1 Last Week 4-1-2

Sabres are struggling more and more each week, Lots of team drama this week, Nick108 gets bought out, Lots of players raging, Its setting up to be another long season for Buffalo, They are at the bottom all season just like last season. They get blown out 10-1 against Ottawa, Which is showing that something needs to be done on this team.

TEAM MVP: Borje_Salming GP: 4 G: 2 A: 3 PTS: 5, New team Captain.

Next Week Prediction: 2-6

12. Winnipeg Jets - This Week 3-3-1 Last Week 3-5

The Jets, Pickup a few wins this week, If they expect to have any chance at the playoffs they need to start winning alot more games each week, They beat the blackhawks 3-2, Florida 3-2 OT, Tampa Bay 3-2 OT, Then they got blown out 6-0 against the Flyers. Goalies seem up and down from week to week, Need to find someone consistent to give this team a chance, They are 21pts out of a playoff spot, It is not impossible to catch up, They just need to turn it around quick.

TEAM MVP: Guilbault27 GP: 6 G: 4 A: 7 PTS: 11
Next Week Prediction: 3-5


6-2  Week 6 / 7-1 Last week (Week7)

I said last week that Coyotes will be put to the test in week 7 and they passed with flying colors with 7 out of 8 possible wins. Their only loss coming from Edmonton, where Oilers Kylebr83 scored two goals and Illuminati played well in net.  Phoenix Goaliie PNC had a stunbning .917 save percentage in a win vs Dallas and was 4-1 on the week with only 1.70 goals allowed per game. BostonHydro was 3-0 on the week proving he is a capable, reliable NHL backup goalie, at this stage. Bubs0782 is solid defensively and the line with DynamicKarma and Hemmertime really have boosted this team. They will  come back down to earth next week but will stay positive in the win loss column.
Next Week Prediction: 5-3
Team MVP - DynamicKarma    (5goals 13 Assists, 18pts in 8 games)

4-3 Week 6 / 6-1-1 Last Week
We were waiting for the Wild to return to early season form, and they did so last week, only losing one game in regulation.
three_eleven07 busted out with 3goals and 3assists versus Edmonton in a 7-0 win and ChiTownMenace had 20 points on the week as the Wild woke up. CHIEFTROUT is solid defensivly week seven and goaltender Chrono appreciates it. Chrono earned the trust back of his team mates going 4-1 only allowin 1.98 goals per game and stopping an impressive .89% on the week. TheBigSpoon also played well in net. While the schedule was not tough things wont get any more difficult next week and the Wild can continue to impress.
.Next Week Prediction 6-2
Team MVP -ChitownMenace (20points +8 in 7gp)

5-3  Week6 / 3-5  Last week

Rough week for the Stars going 3-5. They narrowly beat the surging senators ( a game in which Mudd_flapps scored four goals) and slipped by the improving  Blackhawks as well as a win vs Edmonton, a game in which they stomped the Oilers pretty well, to make up the three wins. With the five losses, as Minnesota gets hot, Dallas watches their first  place lead in the west shrink down to two points. Inside information says that Toronto management raged after losing to Ottawa and prompted Leaf GM Rick2k to trade his long term winger Dasn1pa to the Dallas Stars. With Reject, Barry and now Dasn1pa added to the mix, the Stars look to get back to their winning ways. They also improved their Defensive core by adding veteran D man Altered_beasst to the mix.
Next Week Prediction 5-3
Team MVP – Reject_Reaperz (16 pts in 7gp)

3-5 week 6 / 5-2-1 Last Week

A good week for the ducks ended in a wild 8-7 win over Columbus, where Mcleve and Ninja each had four goals, and let them remain in 4th place in the western conference. While losing to  solid Ottawa and Boston teams is nothing to be ashamed of they can also count losing in OT to the Coyotes a morale victory and hold their heads up high. The Ducks huge wins in their other five games including beating the first place Stars with Heroic_saunter I net are good signs for the future. Exclamation9 is solid on D and Ninja and Mcleve continue to play every game and put up the points.  SteelCityFan17, normally on defense, switched to Goalie and played in the remaining seven games for Anaheim. They also signed g4threepwood to play some net. Will be interesting to see if the Goalie situation stands the test of time.  The lighter schedule they have next week will not put them to the test .
Next Week Prediction 6-2

Team MVP – RiseOftheNinja   (24 points in 8 games)

5-3 Week 6 / 4-4 Last week
Calgary had an average week splitting their games evenly last week. Penguins2013 had an off game allowing 6 goals to the Kings but was solid overall only allowing a respectable 2goals against per game. They won a close game vs the Canucks, a game in which usermike scored the Clutch game winning goal. A huge win vs Minnesota also in the week, but they are still 13 points out of first place in the Northwest Division.  Next week schedule is tough and unless they do something to improve it could get worse instead of fetter.
Next Week Prediction  3-5
Team MVP- F0R3IGN_0BJ3KT   (+7 for the defense-man who played in all 8games)

5-3 week 6 / 4-4 Last Week
A little better than expected as the Oilers Putter to a .500 week. My former #1 PHL Pick Goaltender Balal_JR may be showing he is not ready for the big leagues yet as he allowed a high 4.6 goals per game in net and allowing in  68% of shots. Makes you wonder why they didnt play Illuminati more in net as he was 2-0 and stopped .83% of his shots. UCKU33 is earning his 7 million dollar salary and played in all games at Defense and was a solid +2 with 8points.  Vetran Kylebr83 continues to provide solid leadership to the team won 52%  of his face-offs and put up 10pts in 6 games. Next week is a little tough for them and .500 would be a success.
Next Week 3-5
Team MVP  AceFive (16 pts in 5 games 3ppg)

4-3 Week 6 / 2-5 Last Week
Detroit unexpectedly only pulled off two wins in week 7 dropping them in the power rankings. Two wins for Detroit were against Pittsburgh Penguins and the reborn now tough to play against, Winnipeg Jets (kudos to Krusher33 for turning WPG around). Skillzy was 2 points per game in week 7 but only played three games, they will need someone other than Skillzy to step up. Peerless only netted 1ppg last week and the Wings struggled to score goals. While good defensively, they need the veterans to step up to help get them back on track.  
Next week 4-4
Team MVP -  They need to find one.

3-5 week 6 / 4-4 Last Week

Chicago is holding onto that 8th and final playoff spot by a 4 point lead, going .500 is not helping them pull away with the final playoff spot in the West. It is keeping things close with only 11 points seperating 8-11th place. WVU7_PENS87 played all eight games in net and was “Okay” only allowing 2.8 goals per game, which is quite good (but not great) at this level. DO_THE_EVOLUTION continues to be a stalwart, playing in all 8 games for the Hawks defensive and they all contribute as a  team on offense. They can pull away from the pack by winning, drop down by losing, or linger in 8th place just by staying .500, which I think they will do.
Next Week Prediction: 4-4
Team MVP – TheReal_Deal18  (11pts in 5gp)

3-5  week 6 / 4-4 Last Week
At 4-4 the Blues pull within four points of 8th place.  VEGARIDGE continues to be a star putting up 15 points in 6 games. They have a tough schedule next week but should be able to linger around .500 and make a run for 8th place as the season continues.
Next week Prediction 3-5
Team MVP VEGARIDGE   15 points in 6

3-5 week 6 / 3-5 Last Week

The Kings have an OK week. Huge wins vs Dallas and Calgary have the Kings looking up at the standings, with some hope, being 8 points away from 8th place. With Kinfqolk playing goal and jay89b getting 3 key assists, they were able to get a win cs the mighty Stars. In the same week they play a sloppy game vs the Sabers, with 5 penaltys for L.A and lose 6-3 to the inconsistent Sabers. The Kings show signs of improvement but need some steady play to make a run at 8th place. They are goaltending by committee and may need to decide on somebody to build up some chem, although its late in the season. Who ever they put in net they need to play better defensively as all the defense-man on the team are negative in the plus minus colum. Jay89b is helping Xilo and may be able to gain some steam moving forward. With RockinRObbie no longer part of ownership we will see if McDizzle9909 can whip the team into shape.
Next week Prediction  5-3
Team MVP -Jay89b (16 points in 6 games.)

2-6 week 6 / 2-2-4 Last Week
The Canucks lost six games but battled hard, battling four games to Overtime.
CADILLACSTS  put up five goals in a  wild 6-5 win over columbus with Acrobatic_beast in net.  Dizzy003 offers some stability on Defense but they lack any consistency to really be a threat. Lumpy_Rutherford is doing a great job having them ready to play every week but they can start planning there golf trips now as the best they can hope to do is play spoiler the rest of the season.
Next week Prediction 3-5
Team MVP -  Lumpy_Rutherford for having the boys ready to play every night.

4-4 week 6 / 1-6 Last Week

Columbus disappoints and fails to capitalize on the teams ahead in the standings floundering. They lost a wild 7-8 game against anaheim, a game in which xxMadMax94xX put up four goals and two assists. Max also played well and had 4 point in a win versus St Louis. In that game swiftdefeat also had four points and Elyndil had three in that win. Zamboni___Driver was in net for the win against the blues and played well. Goalie Smtoma was 0-4 in net and hopes to play better moving forward. 18 Points for Max is very good but they continue to scratch their heads and hope for some defensive help. If they can play better defensively, either as a team or individually then they can make a push for the playoffs as they are only 11 points out. They will have to play Lights Out to make a playoff run but it can happen. Unfortunately. for the Blue Jackets, with a brutal schedule next week, things may get worse before getting better.
Next Week Prediction: 2-6

Team MVP - xXMadmax94xX  (18pts in 7 games)

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New Area Codes
Buying out ahl_allstar was a tough decision, he's a great guy, and a good friend. I'm still learning a lot as a GM, but I felt moving forward the Ducks needed a big change, a wakeup call of sorts. From my aspect I didn't like how the team was playing at the time, or the vibe we had in the locker room. With being said I thank Ahl for his time here, and wish him the best of luck the rest of the way.
These were comment from the ANA GM mcleve913 following this week changes which seen a changing in the captains role as AhL_Allstar-3 being replace, bought out of his contract from ANA and later pick up by STL.

In a 3 team deal involving the Anaheim Ducks which received, and the Florida Panthers seen Exclamation9 from the TML and DRKSOUL from FLA. The Panthers in return received Nova1739 from ANA and a draft pick. With the Leafs receiving  DA_GREAT_RABTCMO from FLA and ivanthygreat from ANA.

The Leafs werent done there as they made a move sending recently acquired L_DOMINANDO_L to the Ottawa Senators for ALTERED_BEASST. ALTERED_BEASST wasn’t even settled into his new home yet when he was sent packing along with All Star alternative DASN1PA to the defending Stanley cup champs Dallas Stars. In return the Leafs got BARRYS_SNIPIN (23 GP 73 pts.) and defensive specialist VxWoytkiw8xv (26 GP with a +34).

Another big name we seen tossed around last week and this week again, Krypt_Keepa is still trying to find a long term home after NYI trades him and KATOKING to the Jackets for Fireeyes2l2 and Razor2766.

The last departure of the week goes to Nick108 of the Buffalo Sabres following a controversial night in the Buffalo camp Nick was let go of his duties as Captain of the team.  There are rumors of to what happen but we will not speculate at this time. The Blue Jackets picked him up for 2.5 million.

The Games

In early action of the Sunday night games seen the East leading Capitols take on the West leading Stars. DANGER_RALLY 7s 3sv was off his game giving up 4 goals on 7 shots. On the other side it seen sobolioni allow 1 goal on 6 shots while his brother sobo18 post 4 pts. and hockeyman_16king chip in with 3 pts. including the game winner.

In a close game between the Penguins and Wild which seen Wild goalie chrono526 stop 14 of 17 in an eventually OT lost on a game winner by CCPiper. Chipping in with the Pens scoring xXM1NORTHREATXx with 2 goals and a helper also SMOKESHOWJOE chipped in with 2 assist, on the other side REPS_71 popped in 2 goals while SABRES2019 and  ChiTownMenace each has 2 helpers in the loss.

Also that night seen the Dallas Stars and Florida Panther defensive battle in which seen Florida come out on top 1-0 over the defending champs. DANGER_RALLY stopped 11 of 12 pucks thrown at him but the lone mistake by him was on a shot by DuffHouse12 who buried the eventually game winner, XzDEADLYxNASTYzX made 9 saves for the SO win.

Later that night Minnesota took on the Sabres which chrono526 had another strong performance in net stopping 14 of 17 shots again this time coming out on top with the win. SABRES2019 lead the way with 2goals and assist for the Wild while L9L-STAMKOS-L1LC  (2g) and LaPlante94 (1g, 2a) for Buffalo which came up 1 goal short in the comeback.

The newly found St Louis Blues after the newly signed AhL_Allstar took on the East leading Washington Capitals. A game where it seen the new goalie stop 15 of 16 shots fired at him in prevailing to a victory for his new team. The STL forwards all chipped in and the defence played a strong game to keep the Capitols to only 1 goal.
Buffalo took on LA in other action in which seen newly ELC JOSHB12345 rack up 5 pts (2g, 3a) and centre L9L-STAMKOS-L1LC collect 2g and 2a in the 6-3 win. Sazer15 had a busy night in net stopping 16 of the 19 shots fired at him with on the other side MYLEFTNUTTT only atop 13 of 19 shots. LA seen output from XILO_ATOMIK and jay89b each having a goal and assist in the lost.
The all-star LW of the Tampa Bay Lightning showed why he was selected for the all-star game as he popped 4 goals again the Columbus Blue Jackets, while team captain jewofcanada assisting on 3. Vito_Corleone had a strong performance stopping 12 of 13 shots. CBJ goalie Zamboni___Driver  had a tough night only stopping 3 of 7 shots fired at him while XxMadmax94xX had Columbus only goal.

Minnesota goalie chrono526 (12s/14sh) continued his strong week this time back stopping the Wild to a 3-2 victory over the Detroit Red Wings.  The Wild came back from a 2-0 second period deficit to claim victory scoring 3x in the final frame with DONUT-DOUG scoring the eventually winner.

Finally that night seen an explosive output by the Buffalo Sabres over The Pens of Pittsburgh in a high scoring game of 7-4 for the Sabres. flo_ridaboy23 (4 goal night) and L9L-STAMKOS-L1LC each collecting 6 points, while JOSHB12345 had 4 point for himself. The Pens had scoring from CCPiper who finished the game with 4 points in the lost.

In action on this night seen a divisional matchup between the TBY n FLA teams. Another great battled ensued here as in the end TB prevailed 2-1 in OT. Mesmerize-_- coming off his All-star appearance popped the game winner in OT. Vito_Corleone stopped 7/8 shots fired his way and XzDEADLYxNASTYzX was just as good stopping 8/10 in the lost.

As the second half of the season started the Flyers came out to make a statement in their division as they put up a 5-1 victory over the Pens. Fluri37 posted a hat-trick and a help in the win while team captain JPH_VENOM contributed with a couple goal and an assist. All-star alternative goalie VanillahGorilla (5/6) had a quiet night in net.
The Wild started their 2nd half off with a convincing win over the Oilers with a 7-0 victory.  Three_eleven07 and ChiTownMenace each having 6 points in the win while DONUT-DOUG helped out with 5 points. Chrono526 only having to make 4 saves for the SO.
The defending champs from Dallas were upset by the La Kings 3-1. With Dallas only being able to muster up 8 shots at La King goalie KlNFQLK having made 7 saves, with XILO_ATOMIK leading Kings attack scoring 2 goals.
The Flyers continued to show that they were a powerhouse to watch out for handed the NYI a 6-1 lost. JPH_VENOM and SNIPESHOW_21 lead the way for the Flyers each scoring 4 points apiece and fluri37 adding 3 points himself. VanillahGorilla had another good game on the night only giving up 1 goal on 13 shots.


On this night the New Jersey Devils slowed down the high scoring Flyers in a 2-1 OT win. The speedster BIGYAN__ led the attack for the Devils with OT winner and a helper on a goal by team owner IIChEcKMaTeII. Both goalies having strong nights between the pipes nick_x9710 making 13/14 in the win while VanillahGorilla made 14/16 in the defeat.
The Ottawa Sens showed the Buffalo Sabres what happens when you play hockey handing them a crushing defeat of 10-1. JAY6219 showed his true talents off by scoring 4 times and helping out with 4 assist. MUDD_FLAPS (hatty) and Stevo1129 also contributed in with 5 points apiece in the convincing win.

The Winnipeg Jets handed the Tampa Bay Lightning a defeat of 3-2 in OT. A game in which seen the Jets out to a 2-0 in the 2nd only for TB to score late to force OT. The Tb PP was not to be found on this going a dismal 1 out of 4 chances while the Jets capitalized on their lone PP in OT scoring on a 1 timer from CASTROGSTAR to end the game.
Following the earlier move in the day the Leafs came out and shutout the Panthers 6-0 which saw team GM rich2k8 lead the offensive attack with 4 goals and a helper. ScrapingUrIce had a strong game as well with 5 assist and goalie DK_Kassicus having a very quiet night with only having to stop 4 pucks fired his way.
To conclude the week we seen a high scoring battle between the CBJ and ANA teams in which the goalie were having a tough time seeing the puck in a 8-7 win for the Ducks teams. RiseOfTheNinja lead all scorers with 8 points (4g, 4a) while mcleve913 popped 4 of his own in the net and a helper. XxMadmax94xX lead the attack for CBJ with 4 goals and 2 assists in the defeat.

Trades by xstcopleyx; Games by beantwn_beatdwn

So it has been a busy week with a lot of player movement, getting all of the talent from PHL into its respective places.

This week started off with the struggling OKC Barons trading LW ziplock421 (31 games; 32 goals; 27 assists) for former captain JOKER554 (3.78 GAA; .765 save %) to replace the bought out spreadsheet master g4threepwood in net.  (I would like to clear this up, that G4 was only bought out due to lack of time currently.)

Then on Monday we had 2 big contract d men moving around.  Portland Pirates RD man Arrowflinger77 (12 games; -2; 2.75mil) for The struggling Rochester Americans LD man karlsson_6_5_ (32 games; -8; 2mil),  After this trade, Arrowflinger77 became the new captain of the Rochester Americans as well.

The Syracuse Crunch then drop a tremendous chunk of cap, giving the Springfield Falcons the dynamic forward the were looking for in the form of gointodashow71 (27 games; 37 goals; 50 assists; 2.75mil) and receiving timoertel88 in return (15 games; 6 goals; 19 assists; 250k) who was then later waived by Syracuse.

Quite possibly the largest trade of both the week and the season comes between the Binghamton Senators and Utica Comets.  Few people asked if this trade should even be allowed, but it is all fair and legal.  Binghamton sent kevinbobo1 (26 games; 4.68 GAA; .711 save %; 1mil), chubbs4u (26 games; 37 goals; 29 assists; 250k), ech3lon_ (26 games; 3.54 GAA; .737 Save %; 750k), and awp-so-1337 (15 Games; -7; 500k) while in return getting rockdawg420 (23 games; -28; 250k) and NotHeebie (14 games’ -5; 250k).  This was a huge last minute cap dump for Binghamton, solidifying their opportunity to pick up the PHL prospects that they are looking for.


Ok so call me bias if you want but I dont care. My very own baby Bruins after struggling in game 1 vs Texas looked to bounce back vs the Portland Pirates. After game 1 our goaltending was pretty rough which was the same goalie as first game and the person writing this. I was not going to let my team down twice and it didn't happen as we came out and took game 2. The final score was 3-1 where the only goal scored out of 9 shots was in the 2nd. The bruins definitely came up bog in front collapsing the middle to stop the one timers. Bruins played tight defense and kept the Pirates  to the outside hence the time on attack difference of 6:43-3:52. I will say the d/c by austinator definitely gave the bruins a spark to go win because of the annoyance of starting over. Bruins came out on top 3-1 with a good TEAM win. Don't poke the bear.
Three stars:
Bruins RW cjsinclair7404 3G
Bruins G beantwn_beatdwn 8 saves 9 shots 889 save%
Pirates G ARROWFLINGER77 11 saves 14 shots 786 save%

Today there was no better of a matchup than the East leading Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins vs the West leading Norfolk Admirals. The game was played in Norfolk which gives them a little boost to start the game with all those crazy fans going off. Norfolk used that home ice advantage and turned it into 2 goals in the 1st to lead 2-0 after 1. The Pens were not going to just roll over to the west and fought back scoring twice in the 2nd to tie this great game going into the 3rd. The two teams being so evenly matched both scored in the 3rd sending this game into O.T. The Pens unfortunatly fell in O.T. By a score of 4-3. llXMAlkin_71Xll carried the scoring for the Pens scoring twice and assisting on another. Mesposito also put up three points 2G 1A with deadlykush204 buring the other 2 goals along with the GWG. Also kudos to the Admirals for controlling the clock and being outshot but still winning the game.
Three stars:
Norfolk RW Mesposito12 2G 1A
Norfolk C deadlykush204 2G GWG
Penguins C llXMalkin_71Xll 2G 1A 2PPG


Monday night hockey pitted the Baby Penguins vs the RED HOT Texas Stars in what was expected to be a great game. Judging by the stats it looked to be closer than the final score shows. Going into the 3rd the Penguins had a 1 goal lead but wasnt satisfied with that and buried 4 in the 3rd to the 1 of the Stars. Outside of the final score this is how even it was 13 shots a side, 5:16-4:57 T.O.A. in favor of the Stars, and even faceoffs were 18-16 in favor of Penguins. The only problem that it looks like the Stars had was just finding the back of the net on bigdog who came up BIG for his team. Seems like the Pens are going to be in this race for the Calder to the end if they keep up this pacee.
Three Stars:
Penguins G bigdog3382 13 shots 12 saves 923save%
Penguins RW ix-RaiN-iv 3G 1A 2PPG also GWG
Penguins C llXMalkin_71Xll 1G 4A

Tonight has a battle of contenders and not division leaders. Albany Devils vs the Hershey Bears. I know this matchup wasn't going to knock peoples socks off but hey they all cant be about a couple teams. The only thing is if I was to tell you how close this game was going to be before it was played I guarantee you wouldn't have thought this. After the 1st period these 2 teams were tied 2-2. They played an even 3rd with neither team scoring. It took O.T. for these 2 decide this game with no joke.......Hershey coming out the victor over the favored Devils. The Devils dominated the time on attack by quite a bit being it was 12:19-5:36 and the shots were in their favor as well and I would hope considering the time on attack 16-11. It looks like the Bears snuck out with a W that the stats say they shouldn't have won. I am sure the next time these two teams play the Devils will be looking to make the Bears life HELL in that game.
Three Stars:
Bears G smatt44 16 shots 14 saves 875save%
Bears C PistolPete7788 2G also GWG
Devils LW BossRoss12 1G 1A 15hits


Wednesday night hockey brought us a matchup of the Syracuse Crunch vs San Antonio Rampage. The Rampage have been having a great season and carried it over into this game vs the Crunch winning a thriller 4-3OT win. The Rampage outshot the Crunch 16-12 but the Crunch did exactly what their name says they crunched the Rampage 29-14 in hits. Its too bad the physical play didnt win them this game good strategy though taking the body to the Rampage. Rampage also owned the clock along with the faceoff dot. The whole offensive line for Rampage had 3 points a piece making sure the puck hit multiple sticks. Great job to the Rampage in getting another win.
Three stars:
Rampage LW Class_Act_27 2G 1A 8 hits GWG
Rampage C dankchank 1G 2A 18/27 faceoffs
Rampage BigJayAyotte89 1G 2A

Also in another division rivalry the Providence Bruins went up against the Binghampton Senators. The Bruins came out strong wanting to take control of the division and scored enough in the 1st period to win the game but it wasnt over after scoring 3 in the first they added 2 more in the 3rd to win 5-2. With two new acquisitions playing they still go ahead and win with good performances by both. Jayscott555 got 4 point in the game and njdevils786 saved 13 of the 15 shots he faced. The game outside of the goals was even having Bruins a slight edge in shots but lost the time on attack by 2:23. Good job finding the back of the net Bruins.
Three stars
Bruins LW XOXVictoriousXOX  3G GWG
Bruins RW Jayscott555 2G 2A
Bruins C cjsinclair7404 4A

Thursday night hockey pits the Texas Stars vs the Portland Pirates. Both teams looking to make headway in the divison. It was a ferocious 1st period seeing the Pirates score 3 times and the Stars scoring once. The Stars added a 2nd goal in the 2nd but that would be all the scoring each team could muster tying in shots with 12 a side but the Pirates scoring just one more goal than the Stars edging a close game 3-2. Teams were very similar in time on attack 7:28-6:03 in favor of Stars. It is just a shame with that little more time on attack they couldnt muster one more goal.
Three stars
Pirates C o-AUSTINATOR-o 1G 1A GWG
Pirates LW xS1LENT_SN1PERSx 1G 1A
Pirates G ZENER1980 10 saves on 12 shots 833save%

Last game of the week is the Adirondack Phantoms vs the Albany Devils. The devils found their way into the second recap for them this week but on the other side of the recap. The devils won a close game in OT and looks like both teams just kept shooting hoping something went thru. At the end of the day the Devils outshot the Phantoms by 4 but it was 37-33 in shots. Both goalies had their work cut out for them and a shame one had to lose because both deserved to win but atleast earned a point no matter what. The Devils held the puck for a long time holding the phantoms back 15:00-6:30 in time on attack. Now that looks to be some real hockey you dont get that much time without a good cycle and it didnt go happen in vain atleast because they won the game.
Three stars
Devils G No_Skills18 30 saves on 33 shots 909save%
Devils RW Come-_-At-_-Me_-  1G 3A GWG
Devils LW BossRoss12 3A 21hits


The Games:

Sunday, June 8th:
On Sunday teams packed into the GEO lobby once again, hopeful to grab big points as the season presses on.  The early games on day 1 of week 5 began with the teams who have been leading their respective Conferences showing up and continuing to impose their will; as expected. The Portland Winterhawks started Sunday with a strong win over Lethbridge, yet when it came time to play their second match against the Eastern Conference power-house Niagara Ice Dogs, they fell short suffering a humiliating loss 7-1. Once again Niagara was able to sweep the night taking 4 points to the bank, not allowing any team trailing them in the East a chance to gain any ground.  The Guelph Storm started week 5 looking to regain some lost ground in the East and game 1 on Sunday seemed to be a sign they were on the offensive.  In game 1, Guelph posted 9 goals against the Steelheads who were unable to weather the “Storm” totaling only 2 goals in the game.  Guelph feeling confident going into the second game faced an up and coming team in the Edmonton Oil Kings.  The Oil Kings just came off an uplifting win against the Ice Dogs (6-5) giving them a confidence boost going into game 2. As the game started it seemed the competition would be fierce throughout the game.  Through the 1st period it seemed as if the first goal might be the last yet it was quite the contrary. The Oil Kings were scoreless in the 1st period but scored 5 goals in only 2 periods leaving Guelph disoriented after the Ice Dogs ran circles around them in this shutout victory.  Week 5 started out Status Quo for the most part but as the week continued the PHL was shaken up a bit.

Monday, June 9th:
Monday showed that no matter your team, record or position in your Conference, if you show up and perform anything is possible.  London was successful in taking down Kitchener, a top Western team, 2-1 in an unexpected upset.  Guelph outlasted the Wheat Kings winning 7-6 in a high scoring matchup that proved to be a fierce competition thru and thru.  The Winterhawks were on-point in game one “Swiftly” beating the Broncos 9-3, while in game two a GOTW matchup against the Hurricanes, who proved to me a much more difficult opponent, ended up being a Winterhawk loss 5-1.  Belleville showed once again that “running with the Bulls” is not an easy task.  The Bulls embarrass the Blades 7-0 in their first match which possibly led to a state of over-confidence going into their second game.  The second game was against the SSM Greyhounds who proved victorious by taking the “Bulls” by the horns and squeaking out a 5-4 win, which solidified their 4 point total on the night.  As the R-N Huskies sit toward the bottom of the East, they looked to come out Monday in the hopes of grabbing important points.  They were able to grab 1 point in an OT loss to the SSM Greyhounds.  Their second game proved to be a little more dramatic, needing an OT reschedule to finish the game against Guelph.  The reschedule is set to take place on Sunday, June 15th prior to the start of Week 6 games.  Last but not least- Lethbridge pulled a “Hurricane” Katrina whipping out two top tier opponents with relative ease.  First they proved that you can teach an “Ice Dog” new tricks, taking them for a walk in a 5-0 win.  In their second game against the Winterhawks it was a similar scenario, winning 5-1 against the Western Conference leader.  After only two game nights the PHL standings were poised to be transformed going into the final stretch of week 5 games.

Wednesday, June 11th:
Wednesday showed a clear example of how the pressure on PHL management can temporarily change a team’s fate almost instantly.  The Winterhawks were left stranded on Wednesday as both Management positions abruptly became vacant.  The Ownership role was swiftly turned over to another person prior to the first game but when game 1 began management was nowhere to be found.  The top team in the West was forced to use their 3rd and final reschedule, avoiding an unnecessary loss that would have surely set them back.  In Portland’s second match against Guelph, management was still M.I.A.  Guelph being a good sport helped the Portland players that took the initiative and showed up for the game, despite the lack of leadership, find a few ECU’s so they could at least have the opportunity to play instead of taking a forfeit.  Unfortunately Portland lost the game 4-2 but they should keep their head held high knowing they at least gave their Club a fighting chance.  Back over in the Eastern Conference Bellville continued to roll over the opposition in a surprising set of wins.  First the Bulls played last place London where they narrowly took the 6-5 win in a high scoring match.  At 10:25 they were set to play Kitchener whom was likely to be a ‘stiffer’ competition.  Instead they plowed right thru the highly capable Rangers 5-2, again securing a 4 point night.  Besides the Bulls, a few other teams had 4 point nights as well. These team included the Edmonton Oil Kings (4-2 LTH/5-2 BWK), SSM Greyhounds (6-3 SCB/8-4 MIS), Niagara Ice Dogs (6-2 RNH/6-2 RNH- Double header), and finally Guelph Storm (7-2 MIS/4-2 POR).  In Guelph’s two games their Goalie was able to post TWO 20 shot .900+ SV% games which gave the other players an extra confidence boost to take care of business out on the ice.  Wednesday set up an exciting Thursday, as teams look to grab the last available points in Week 5.

Thursday, June 12th:
Last week in the Thursday Recap we heard about the extraordinary performance shown by the Portland Winterhawks; this week was a different story.  Like last week Portland had 3 games on Thursday, one due to a reschedule from the night prior.  With the Winterhawks still sorting out troubling Management issues they geared up trying to keep atop the Western Conference.  Unfortunately they were not able to display the same dominance they did just a week ago when they outscored their opponents in 3 games by over 24 goals.  This week they went 1-3, missing out on the opportunity to increase the gap between 1st and 2nd place teams in the West.  On Thursday Guelph went 2-0 again grabbing wins over Kitchener and London- both games having a final score of 4-1.  Prior to week 5, Guelph had been on a streak of .500 game nights unable to grab 4 points in one night for over 2 weeks.  Luckily this week was different as they racked up points that helped them jump over Kitchener taking the #3 Eastern Conference Spot and putting them within 3 points of the Conference leader.  The Ice Dogs went 1-1, while the Bulls won their first game but apparently had to reschedule the second.  There is one team that is starting to climb the ranks of the Western Conference and very well could be the #1 Western Conference team when Week 6 ends.  They not only were victorious in both games Thursday but they made their opponents look like light work.  The Oil Kings are showing teams in the PHL that they are one of the hottest teams right now.  If this streak of complete dominance continues these ‘so called’ “Kings of Oil” will have a great opportunity to reach the top of the Western Conference, especially as one team they are trying to leap-frog is having Leadership issues which are proving problematic.

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By: J-Stephens76

Manchester vs Springfield

Coming into the week Manchester holds a 1 point lead over Springfield for the 8th seed in the Western Conference. Manchester has lost it's identity over the last few weeks after losing top scorers to a trade and a buyout. Manchester has gone 0-9-1 over the last 10, worst in the league over the same span. With no wins in the last 10 games, things look bleak for the Monarchs. Springfield had only a lightly better 10 games going 4-6-0. Springfield is in a good position to take the 8th seed from Manchester and lock up the final playoff spot. With Rockford 12 points ahead of 8th and Iowa 8 points back, Springfield will need to improve their play to catch Rockford and to hold off Iowa.

Springfield over Manchester 4-1

Texas vs Chicago

Texas trails the Wolves by 1 point in the Western Conference standings for the 3rd seed. Texas has found their groove over the last few weeks and have really turned it on going 7-3-0 over the last 10 games. Chicago has a 6-2-2 record over the last 10 games. The difference in this game will be how well the defense plays. Texas has almost 1 GA advantage over Chicago and are nearly equal in goals for. The clear goal scorer for Chicago is Dieryck218 with 2.71 PPG. For Texas it is a little more spread out. Texas has two players with over 3.00 ppg. If Texas can shut down  Dieryck218 they will have a huge advantage over the Wolves. T-man will need to be on top of his game to keep the score low.

Texas tops Chicago 3-2

Providence vs Binghampton

Dirtyjoe has made some big moves over the last few weeks to clear cap and to everyone's surprise did not try to land runslikehell, instead added some great talent to help Snake_Plisskin. The additions have transformed the team into a legitimate threat in the East going 6-3-1 over the last 10. Both teams are tied for the East Division with 46 points. Providence, 4-5-1 over the last 10 seem to have lost the touch that they had a few weeks ago that pushed them to the top of the East. With the trade deadline looming can Providence make the moves needed to rise up or will the Senators claim the 3rd seed in the Eastern Conference?

Binghampton over Providence 5-2

Syracuse vs Texas

Syracuse enters the week trying to rebound from both Captain and Assistant Captain buyouts and with new Captain AVNG_202 and Assistant Captain Gitt_R_Done at the wheel can they keep the Crunch alive to the end. The Crunch trail the Albany Devils by 1 point in the Eastern Conference. Being the 4th or 5th seed doesn't really matter but will Syracuse be able to maintain or has the foundation been rocked by the buyouts? Texas is 1 point behind Chicago and would prefer the 3rd seed over the 4th seed of the Western Conference. Syracuse has made some solid moves since the release of the management but will it be enough? Twine Thrasher has been a disappointment this season, Pistol Pete has put up solid numbers with limited games played. Texas is firing on all cylinders at the right time and the Crunch seem to be looking for answers as to who is their go to guy.

Stars take out the Crunch 7-2


Sunday, June 8th:

Portland Winterhawks @ Niagara Icedogs
This will be an exciting start to Week 5 in the PHL. The first meeting of 3 between these two successful teams will kick off Sunday.  This possible PHL Cup preview is no time to show up unprepared.   The two teams are #1 and #2 in their respective Conferences. Both are looking to assert dominance, grab important points, and give their team a huge boost of confidence heading into the second part of the season.  Portland- prior to Week 5, only lost 4 total games this season with those losses being split between East and Western Conference foes. Niagara; on the other hand, had a total of 8 losses prior to Week 5, 3 of which coming in Overtime upsets.  As Week 5 kicks off, these squads look to keep proving they’re a force to be reckoned with among the top tier teams in the PHL.  

Monday, June 9th:

Portland Winterhawks @ Lethbridge Hurricanes
The top two teams in the Western conference face off for the fourth time since Season 9 has begun, and the third match will take place little more than 24 hours prior.  These two powerhouse teams have battled their way to the top of the Western Division, forcefully displaying their dominance against any team, in any conference, at any time. Originally the Sunday night game between these two Conference foes seemed like the likely choice. In the end, this second of 2 matches in 24 hours will make this game even more important no matter the outcome of the first showdown Sunday.  This game has ever indication of being a big game that could shape the future in the Western Conference. The Winterhawks are hoping to be 6 points ahead when this game begins, while Lethbridge is excited at the possibility of being tied at 40 points apiece coming into this Monday Night Matchup.  Lethbridge would need a win on Sunday and some help from the Niagra Icedogs to make this tantalizing scenario a reality.  Lethbridge is coming into this week with a mission to reach the top, even if it’s just temporary.  The Hurricanes have a tough task ahead as Portland looks poised to continue their streak of dominance.  While both teams flourish against Western Conference rivals and Eastern Conference foes, the road ahead for both squads is filled with capable teams throughout the PHL.  The “Key to the West” will be up for grabs on Monday night. Portland could solidify a temporary “lock out” on Lethbridge, putting their dreams of leading the Conference on hold.  Meanwhile, Lethbridge has the chance to seize the moment, grab the “key to the West”, and unlock the door that leads them to the top of the Western Conference.  This may not be the West Conference finals- but it sure feels like a mid-season playoff.

Wednesday, June 11th:

Swift Current Broncos @ London Knights
I have no doubt this will be a controversial pick for GOTW, but the reasoning is not farfetched.  This clearly isn’t a clash between Conference leaders, but rather a fight between struggling teams from both Eastern and Western Conferences.  Most would look at this game and think it is one of no real importance, consequently writing it off as a meaningless bout between lost causes.  This game is quite the contrary.  Even though these two teams have started the first half of the season in a slump, there remains just enough time to turn their fate around.  Of course a win against a Conference leader would be a great confidence boost for one of these, but when times are tough and morale is down- a win against an adversary on a level playing field can mean just as much.  This game may be the last chance to gain some confidence both these teams so desperately need.  The road to redemption begins Wednesday night for these two troubled teams.  One team may find the road to redemption, turning their fate into destiny- but the chance both will continue traveling down the path to unfortunate certainty remains a highly plausible destination.  The time is now for both teams to act. These two teams can direct themselves to many possible destinations, it just depends on which road they choose to take.

Thursday, June 12th:

Guelph Storm @ Kitchener Rangers
These two teams are encountering a bit of the same result lately; success mixed with misfortune. Guelph has split the past 8 Regular Season game nights with one win and one loss while Kitchener has been on a similar trend, going the last 6 game nights with a .500 win percentage.  These teams start the week only two points apart.  When they met for the first time on June 1st, it was a fight to the bitter end.  Kitchener was the victor, scoring with under 3 seconds remaining in the 3rd; recording a 3-2 win.  Going into Week 5, they both continue to climb the steep Eastern Conference “mountain” vying for that #1 spot.  There are 6 games to be played prior to this late Week 5 meeting of Eastern Conference fringe teams, but if the trend they are following continues; this game proves to be of upmost importance.  No matter the result of the games earlier in the week- Kitchener certainly will be out to prove they deserved the win when the teams first met, while Guelph looks for redemption after a demoralizing last second goal.  Two very talented teams but like always; only one can be victorious.

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By: Mesmerize-_- and Lemieux_Polamalu

1. Toronto Maple Leafs - This Week 4-3-1 Last Week 3-0

 Toronto has their first week where they dont dominate, They still
retain the #1 spot, They lose key games against the Penguins 3-2 and a
1-0 Loss to the Flyers, Drop a close 3-2 game against Buffalo, In a
game they should usually win, DK_Kassicus with another good week
despite the 4-4 record he put up good numbers, 1.87 GAA and .819%, The
offense seems to be scoring, Not as much as they normally do, Sometimes
you just lose games, I expect Toronto to bounce back and win more games
next week.
Next Week Prediction: 6-2

TEAM MVP: Rich2k8 GP: 8 G: 8 A: 9 PTS: 17

2.  Washington Capitals - This Week 7-0-1 Last Week 3-1

 Capitals have a great week going 7-0-1, Their only loss coming from
the Tampa Bay Lightning 2-1 in OT, They move up to the #2 seed with a
great week, They won some close games that could have gone to either
team. 1-0 win against Florida 1-0 win against the Devils, This team
doesnt score many goals, But they keep finding ways to win games, They
are certainly proving everyone wrong who doubted them at the start of
the season. Laydownfool61, Did the best for the team offensively this
week, GP: 8 G: 5 A: 7 PTS: 12 +10, Not great stats all around, The
capitals take pride in the defensive side of the game, Which proves you
dont need 6 goals a game to win if ur only giving up 1-2.
Next Week Prediction: 6-2

TEAM MVP: Murloc-Death W: 5 L: 0 GAA: 1.18 .884%

3. Philadelphia Flyers - This Week 4-4 Last Week 3-1

  The Flyers drop down to the #3 seed after a .500 week and the
have a great week. Flyers win a key game 1-0 against the Maple Leafs, A
division against the Devils 5-2, They blowout a struggling Florida team
9-1, The Flyers seem to be going up and down all season long, They are
either a really good team or average at best, There is still alot of
hockey to be played, I expect the Flyers to keep improving each week.
Fluri, Venom and Snipeshow continue to carry the load on offense, They
combined this week for 48pts. Socca player contributes from the backend
adding  11pts this week, All of them assists.
Next Week Prediction: 5-3

TEAM MVP: VanillahGorilla GP: 8 W: 4 L: 4 GAA: 2.13 .835%

4. Pittsburgh Penguins - This Week 4-4 Last Week 3-1

 Penguins go .500 on the week going 4-4, They beat a good Toronto team
3-2, Also a key division game win over the Flyers 4-0 which helps them
gain some ground on them in the division, Pittsburgh keeps improving
each week, CCPiper seems to have limited availability right now only
playing 4 games this week, He is a impact player, Once he comes back
full time this team will be much better, The goalies on this team
continue to struggle to get it down week in and week out, They have a
few good games here and there, They need to get better if they expect
to make a run in the playoffs.
Next Week Prediction: 5-3

TEAM MVP: Jeff0012 GP: 8 G: 12 A: 8 PTS: 20

5.  Tampa Bay Lightning - This Week 5-2-1 Last Week 2-1-1

 The Lightning jump up to the #5 seed, They win two key division games
4-2 against the Panthers and 2-1 OT win over the Capitals to help gain
some points in the division, Tampa Bay continues to get better each
week, They have no standout player on offense, As all the forwards are
around 2ppg, Everyone contributes to getting the win, Djoneswilkil68,
Holds it down on LD each week, While Perry1978, Sic_Snake, Bufford and
Vito all take turns at RD, They get good goaltending out of Vito and
Mesmerize whatever games they split.
Next Week Prediction: 6-2

TEAM MVP: Vito_Corleone GP: 6 W: 4 L: 2 GAA: 2.12 .813%

6. Ottawa Senators - This Week 5-3 Last Week 2-1

 Senators jump up to the #6 seed from the 9th last week, They lose a
division game 5-2 against Buffalo, Also get a division win 6-2 against
Boston, This team is a offensive powerhouse, With Jay, Mudd, Rusty
playing upfront lately, With rusty playing C some games, It leaves a
big hole at RD which is not good, Much better week out of XxDrSwaggerxX
GP: 8 W: 3 L: 3 GAA: 2.88 .781, He keeps on improving each week, Which
is a good sign for this team if they want to make a run in the playoffs.
Next Week Prediction: 5-3

TEAM MVP: Jay6219 GP: 6 G: 5 A: 13 PTS: 18

7. New Jersey Devils - This Week 2-4-2 Last Week 4-0

 Devils drop to the #7 seed after a bad week, They lose their
divisional games this week 5-4 OT to the Penguins and 5-2 loss against
the Flyers, Those are teams they need to start winning games against if
they want to stay in the race for the playoffs, The goalies on the team
continue to struggle, Bigyan scores alot of goals when he plays and
they seem to win, You also have to stop the puck from going in on you,
It can just be a let down week, All teams have them, They might need to
look elsewhere for goaltending, It doesnt seem to improve week after
Next Week Prediction: 4-4

Team MVP: BigYan_ GP: 3 G: 6 A: 2 PTS: 8

8. Boston Bruins - This Week 3-2-2 Last Week 2-2

 Boston has a more of the same week, They score lots of goals and give
up just as many, If they want to make any kind of run in the playoffs,
They need to realize you need to play some team defense to stop the
other team from scoring, The goalies continue to struggle putting up
bad numbers and save %, I dont feel all the blame is to be put on them,
They win some games this week to stay in the hunt for the playoffs,
There is still lots of games to be played.
Next Week Prediction: 4-4

TEAM MVP: GreekElite GP: 5 G: 9 A: 11 PTS: 20

9. Florida Panthers - This Week  2-6 Last Week 3-1

 Panthers drop down to the #9 seed after a terrible week, They got
blown out two times this week 9-0 against the Bruins 9-1 against the
Flyers, Where is the defense? A team that seemed to have been getting
it together struggles this week. The goaltending wasnt there, But
giving up as many goals as they did this week, There is more of a
problem then goaltending. Florida usually ends up finishing as the 9th
seed few points shy of the playoffs the last few seasons, They need to
pull it together, Otherwise it will be another let down season.
Next Week Prediction: 4-4

TEAM MVP: Coorsi GP: 4 G: 7 A: 3 PTS: 10

10. Buffalo Sabres - This Week 4-1-2 Last Week 1-3

  Buffalo has a decent week, Getting 4 wins, Its a improvement from
week. They beat Toronto 3-2 in OT, That is a positive they can go off
on that big win to end the week, They beat a team that has been doing
well, On paper this Buffalo team looks like it would be good, Who knows
whats going on with them, Only time will tell if they will get better,
Its almost through the halfway point of the season, They need to put
their egos aside and just start playing hockey, Shout out to my boy
Sazer15 for having a good week in net, Taking on a position he is not
known for playing, he goes 4-1 with 2.40 GAA .797%.
Next Week Prediction: 5-3

TEAM MVP: Laplante97 GP: 7 G: 7 A: 14 PTS: 21

11. New York Islanders - This Week 4-2-2 Last Week 0-3

  Islanders made some trades to hope improve the struggling offense
season, They get some wins, But the scoring continues to struggle, They
lose a close 2-1 game in OT against the Capitals. 4 of their 8 games
this week went into OT, So they are staying in games, They just cant
seem to pull through with the wins in the end, Not really any offensive
standout this week, Everyone was pretty much the same point wise.
Next Week Prediction: 3-5

TEAM MVP: Mikefleury29 GP: 6 W: 4 L: 2 GAA: 2.03 .854

12. Winnipeg Jets - This Week 3-5 Last Week 2-2

 Everyone thought the Jets were getting Hot, They have a let down week
after making some progress, The wins are slowly coming, Kcrusher and
friends need to get it together quick if they want a chance at the
playoffs, 3 wins is a positive for this team, Losing the last 4 games
of the week might have took away any confidence the team has gained,
They need to forget about it and get off to some wins come next week.
The goalies struggled this week, Not putting up very good numbers,
Guilbault27 and CastroGStar along with ToSlick seem to be scoring. I
always say this, Doesnt matter how much you score if you cant stop the
puck from going in on you, They need to come up with a plan and start
playing some team D to help out the goalies on this team.
Next Week Prediction: 4-4

TEAM MVP: CastroGStar GP: 6 G: 6 A: 10 PTS: 16

#1)DALLAS STARS 5-3 Last Week

Reject_reaperz and BarrySnipin had 16 and 17 points, respectively, in six games as the Stars put together an above average week. DangerRally had an average week going 3-3 and allowing 6 goals to a red hot Coyote team Makrecki was 2-0 in net for Dallas . Tyrone had 5 point sin a win over Vancouver and 11 on the week. They expect better of themselves as the schedule was light last week. They fell short of my prediction, but still hold the top spot in the power rankings. Tough schedule next week.
Next Week Prediction 4-4

Team MVP – Barry_Snipin (17 points in 6 games)


Coyotes had the best week in the West, jettisoning them up to 5th place in the West and 2nd in the power rankings.
At  6-2 last week, hottest team in the west. Otisz and Karma put up big numbers and the league could be in trouble if they catch fire. If Oticz can break his AHL habits of trying to dangle end to end and gain chem with the whole team, he can be a top forward in the league and help Coyotes go deep in the playoffs.  My buddy bostonHydro helped the team by going 2-0 in net and PNC had a good week at 4-2 in net. One of Hydros win the rookie out shined the veteran DangerRalley in the win, a game in which all forwards had four points, could be a sign they are developing good team chemistry. A tough schedule next week will put them to the test.
Next Week Prediction: 4-4

Team MVP - DynamicKarma    (10 goals 19 assists 29 points in eight games)


A good week for Calgary beating Anaheim and Minnesota in key wins and moving into 6th place in the West. They lost a close game to Dallas and got beat handily by the red wings, but having  losses to Dallas and Detroit is nothing to be ashamed of. User-mike led the team in points while Rcgloe continues good two way play with a +9. F0R3IGN_0BJ3KT  and thedawg34 are solid on the back end playing in most of the games defenduing goalie penguins2013 who was 5-3 last week.  J--IGINLA--12  is a stud putting up 5 points vs trhe Canucks  and 4 points vs the Oilers. They have a tough week next week but should repeat last weeks results.
Next Week Prediction 5-3

Team MVP- thedawg  (+7 for the defense-man in 7games)

Detroit had a key win vs the Ducks with defensman Karlsson_MVP getting the game winner as the wings gp 4-3 on the week. @nd place in the east and 6-2-2 the last ten the wings seem to be the real deals
bigdogrex 4-1, outshined Nevernok in net who was 0-2. They also lost to a soft Chicago team in overtime. That was a game they outshot the Hawks 22-14 but new Chicago goalie WVU7_PENS87  stole the win.
Next week 5-3

Team MVP -  bigdogrex (1.70  GAA in 5 games)

A softer scheduled for Minnesota and they pulled out a 4-3 record to show for it. Although at third place in the West Minnesota wants to play better moving forward. Chrono had a good week in net 1.59 gaa average on the week. Reps_71 had a good week getting 10 assists and showing he is a real team player. The schedule is averahe strengthj next week and they should continue to work on team chem.
Next Week Prediction 5-3

Team MVP -Chrono (1.59 GAA)

#6 ANAHEIM DUCKS 3-5 Last Week

A disappointing week for the Ducks drops them down to 6th in the power rankings. A highlight was Mcleve and Ninja netting 5 points each in a win over L.A. They only lost by one goal to Dallas and Phoenix, so despite a 2-4 week, things are not that bad for Anaheim.  They had a goalie by committee but Heroic Saunter played well in his one chance. Next week is tough but they should be able to go .500 and hold onto their place in the standings.
Next Week Prediction 4-4

Team MVP – SteelCityFan17   (1 Goals 15 Assists 16points in 8 games)

The 7th place in the West Oilers played all their games last week and had a winning record to show for it. YoUU-MaDD_Br0o had a great weak at fwd and the PainTrain is solid defensivly for Edmonton. Illuminati and Balal_JR split time in net and could be a dangerous tandem moving forward.  They lost 7-3 to the Senators a game in which  veteran defense RD Altered BEast had  3 points but their own defense  pair was -5. They barely squeaked by NYI and StLouis winning 1-0, but does show the oilers are capable of good defensive play. They play solid as a team and Edmonton is a team to be weary of moving forward.
Next Week 3-5

Team MVP YouMadBro (15 pts in 6games)

ChicAgo is holDIng onto that 8th and final playoff spot by a 5 point lead, despite going 3-5 last week,
The Blackhawks beat Anaheim, Detroit and Dallas last week, giving ghem a solid lockl on 8th..  
surprisingly all their three wins were vs top teams, but there losses were also against tough opponents. Owner and Captain Lers and Linde have the hawks playing well this season.  They failed to make playoffs last year and might be able to hold off the surging Blue Jackets for eight place if they keep up the tough play. WVU7_PENS87 helped them steal a win vs the red wings and can be a factor moving forward.
Next Week Prediction: 4-4

Team MVP – WVU7_PENS87  (3-1 in Net)

Zamboni___Driver helped out the Goalie core in CBJ and went 4-4 helping keep the Blue Jackets playoff hopes alive. They needed stability at G and they got that. They are 5 points behind Chicago. fireeyes2L2  was a bright spot for the team playing in five games and going +5 and also BigTizzle was a plus2 on the week showing good defensive team play. BigTizzle says they are happy to shed the 8.5 million salary that was sitting around as Goalie HailtotheVictors had barely played for them. With better team play moving forward the Blue Jackets can improve
Next Week Prediction: 5-3

Team MVP - Zamboni___Driver  (8Games Played,  4-4, 2.62GAA)


The Kings continue to disappoint. Their -30 point differential simply shows poor defensive play and is 5th worst in the league. They made some moves this week and it may help them out. Their three wins came in the final four games and one was versus first place Dallas a game in which Jason_23 had six points. They may be able to hang their hats on this and with the moves they made last week may be able to improve. They will need to solidify the goaltending situation and maybe someone like  LordAlex is up to the task
Next week Prediction  3-5

Team MVP -Jason_23 (10 points in 4 games.)

#11) ST. LOUIS BLUES 3-5

The week was as predicted for the Blues. They won verse the teams they should beat and lost vs the teams in higher standings. A week in which all eight matches were decided by one goal, the blues show they are capable of playing tight defensive games. MACH-ONE21 led the team with 11 points. St Louis is 5points out of a playoff spot and will have to play better to improve
Next week Prediction 3-5

Team MVP HITMAN1342   8games played in net.


back to the Canucks we knew to start the season, the Canucks were shellacked last week and shutout three times. They beat the Blues and the Kings but the rest of the week was depressing for Vancouver.  Kudos to Lumpy_Rutherford for keeping the team together and showing up every game. They might not trust Acrobatic Beast in net as ricsha1992 played all six games. Next week is a tough schedule but they should be able to get an extra win.
Next Week 3-5

Team MVP -  CADILLACSTS  (10 Points in 5 games)

By: llXBoychuk_55Xll

1(+1). San Antonio Rampage- The rampage took the week by storm going 7-1 while taking down the high flying baby pens but losing their one game to division rival syracuse. The rampage have taken over as the team with the fewest goals allowed giving up under 2 goals a game. Pair this with an offense led by class and dank that averages over 4 goals a game and its no wonder teams moan when they see the rampage on their schedule.

2(+2). Syracuse Crunch- Coming into the week 6-4 in their last 10, the crunch shook it off and were the only undefeated team week 6 with a perfect 8-0 week. The crunch finally managed that elusive win against division rival san antonio and won some close games with 5 of their wins by just a single goal, and two of those in ot.

3(--). Norfolk Admirals- Norfolk absolutely tore up a weak western conference in week 6, going 7-1 and scoring an insane 57 goals. The admirals lead the league in goals by a wide margin and have the higest goals differential thanks also in part to a solid back end. The admirals high powered offense will get some real tests next week, facing the baby pens (2nd fewest goals allowed) and the devils (5th fewest goals allowed).

4(-3). Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguins- The baby pens have hit a rough patch and have lost 4 of their last 9 after opening the season 29-1-1. Week 6 saw them go only 5-3 with 4 of their wins coming by just one goal (3 of those in ot). With losses to both of the top teams they played this week (rampage and devils), the baby pens need to find their game fast as they open week 7 against the high scoring admirals in a battle of the top teams from each conference.

5(--). Albany Devils- The devils saw a 9 game win streak snapped during week 6 but they still went strong with a 7-1 week. The devils managed a big win to end the week over division rival wilkes-barre, and their only loss came at the hands of the crunch who shut them out. One of the hottest teams in the ahl, the devils will be in for a challenge next week as they face the admirals, baby pens, and rampage.

6(+1). Abbotsford Heat- The heat went 7-1 week 6 and have won 15 of their last 16, but those wins have come at the hands of teams that are not at the top of the standings. The heat are another western team that is taking advantage of the lack of top talent in the west. They open the week against the crunch and the devils with a shot to prove their legitimacy, but then finish the week against weaker competition.

7(+3). Texas Stars- The stars saw a 9 game win streak snapped in the last game of the week to division rival norfolk. Their 7-1 week has vaulted them up in the western conference and they managed to hand the red hot heat their only loss of the week. A poor showing that saw the stars give up 8 goals leaves a sour taste to end the week and the stars will look to put it behind them as they go into week 7.

8(-2). Chicago Wolves- The wolves still continue to slide since the loss of goodfella, and their huge point lead in the west has already vaporized. They still sit up by quite a few points over the bottom half of the west, and the wolves must look to figure out their problems before that advantage is completely gone.

9(+6). Rockford Ice Hogs- The Ice Hogs went 6-1-1 week 6 with their only regulation loss coming to… utica? Newly appointed captain DJ has done a great job since being given a chance and the Ice Hogs have started to make a name for themselves. With a game against the rampage this week, rockford has a chance to show they are the real deal.

10(+3). Grand Rapid Griffins- The griffins had a strong week 6 going 5-2-1 and had a 7 game win streak that stretched back to last week snapped. The griffins are going strong since the addition of LAKings and Dante and look to continue their strong play going into week 7, and with a relatively soft schedule they should be able to have a good week.

11(--). Portland Pirates- The s1lentsn7pers are finally united and look to bring the pirates game to another level. The pirates went 3-5 week 6 and are still looking to find their game since the call up of oticz. Look for the new look pirates to have a strong week as they face the admirals and then a seemingly easy schedule.

12(-4). Manchester Monarchs- The monarchs lost both their captains this week as cupid and frehzer were both bought out. Without frehzer to supply their offense, the monarchs struggled and went just 1-6-1. It will be tough for the monarchs to replace frehzer offensively, so look for them to struggle going forward.

13(-4). Adirondack Phantoms- The loss of captain s7lentsn7per hurt the phantoms badly in week 6, as they went just 2-6 and have won just 3 of their last 12. New captain blakfire saw his sv% take a huge dip this past week and the phantoms will need to regroup and pick up their game without their old captain.

14(-2). Hershey Bears- The struggles continued for the bears who went just 2-6 this past week and have only won 2 of the last 14. The schedule has not been much of a friend to them lately either, as they have played good teams and have not been able to find their rhythm in order to end their slump

15(-1). Springfield Falcons- The falcons had a dismal week 6 going just 2-6 and placing themselves solely in the basement of the midwest division. With both the griffins and the ice hogs on hot streaks, the falcons will need to quickly reverse their fortunes before they find themselves in a huge hole in their division.

16(+5). Binghamton Senators- The senators look to have refound winning ways as they went 4-3-1 week 6 to hopefully end a dry spell for them. The senators play tough teams in the crunch and baby pens next week but other than that it looks like they should be able to build some wins and keep on the up.

17(+3). St. Johns Icecaps- A crushing victory over the baby pens highlights a solid 4-4 week for the icecaps who have played solid hockey since new captain eithk took over. The icecaps will look to continue to do well under eithk as they have a not so difficult week till they end the week with the rampage and crunch.

18(+1). Providence Bruins-  The bruins scraped together a 3-3-2 despite losses to the crunch, rampage, and devils. The bruins have given up the most goals in the ahl,but have managed to overtake the weak east division.

19(-1). Bridgeport Sound Tigers- The sound tigers had a poor week 6 going just 2-4-2 and have lost 8 of their last 10. The sound tigers will need to capitalize on the easy schedule they have to start the week as the end of the week is not friendly to them.

20(-4). Oklahoma City Barons- The barons had a disastrous week 6 going just 1-7 and failing to give up fewer than 4 goals in all but 1 game. With the baby pens, crunch, and admirals as 3 of their first 4 games week 7 they will need to get their defensive woes in tact to avoid some brutal losses.

21(-4). Rochester Americans- The americans continue their struggles this season in week 6 going just 1-5-2. After winning 7 of their first 9 games with captain getzlaf, the americans have only managed to win 6 games. Its been a rough time for the americans, and they finally relinquished their meager lead in the east division that they had barely been hanging on to.

22(+1). Iowa Wild-  The wild went just 3-4 in week 6, but lost all 4 games by just a goal and showed new life for a team at the bottom of the standings. Look for the wild to keep this momentum that they gained from beating the baby pens going and take it into week 7.

23(-1). Toronto Marlies- The marlies had a tough start to the week but managed to finish on a high note winning both games thursday and snapping a 9 game losing streak. Despite being last in the eastern conference, the marlies sit just 10 points back in their division and will look to gain some more ground this week as they face off against their division rivals.

24(--). Utica Comets- The comets enjoyed just their second week with 2 wins this season but continue to be an easy pass for the top teams as they lost big to the heat, stars, and admirals. On the bright side, the seasons already half over.

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Newly acquired Phoenix forward, DynamicKarma had an amazing week putting up 33 points in only 9 games averaging at 3.67 ppg. Dynamic and oticz are both putting up tons of points together and will definitely be a key line in helping Phoenix earn a playoff spot. Not only are they putting up points, but are also tied for 1st in +/- this week with +19.


In only 5 games this week, Donut-Doug showed us his offensive side putting up unreal defensive stats. With 3 goals and 8 assists averaging at a 2.20 ppg keeping a +5 +/-. He also showed us his aggressive side putting up 17 hits. If he can stay out of the box, he can easily be one of the best defensemen in the league. This is Dougs second time as Dman of the week. He continues to be a crucial part of Minnesota's Defensive game.


Murloc-Death had an outstanding week in net. He went 5-1 putting up an .884 save percentage with only 1.18 GAA and 1 shutout. Murloc didn't face too many shots this week, but its hard to when you have solid defense in front of you. The Sobos have a history of having their goalies featured as POTW. With the outstanding defensive talent on the Capitals team, and Murloc's goaltending skills, Washington continues to stay on top of the standings in a tough division.



Flyersap put some life into a struggling Iowa team’s offense this week.  He put up a bolstering 3.86ppg combined with a +1 and 52% faceoff win percentage helping them move up from 2nd to last in the power rankings.  His points came off of 14 goals and 13 assists in 7 games.  He showed great special teams ability with half of his goals coming on the powerplay.  He also showed great leadership and discipline by only taking 6:00 pims in his 7 games.


Another man from the struggling Iowa team, WesternBeast, put up great numbers on the week at his RD position.  He put up 1.57 ppg helping to push his offense in the right direction while also keeping his +/- at a +1.  He also helped show great discipline and special teams on this team by taking only 4:00 pims and scoring the majority of his goals on the powerplay.  Is that special teams play the new secret to this teams success?


The battle for the starting goaltending spot is on in Rockford!  Redconcept88 beat out S_3TH-98 this week.  Both had +.800 save percentages, but red had the superior one at .833 on the week, while he also had the lower GAA of 1.88.  However both did play 6 games and both had shutouts this week.  S_3TH-98 was on a different team for the beginning of the week, but the defense did not seem to be that different between the two.  We will see what comes of this competition in the future.


Overall Player of The Week: zack_321

zack_321 ( Portland ) 10G / 18A / 28pts / +24 / 57.6 FO%

Another outstanding week for Winterhawks’ Captain! If this consistency carries over and over as it has been, this Portland team is looking at a very big chance at the Memorial Cup. Zack posted up 28 points this week in his 5 games of work, contributing for 10 goals and 18 apples. He sits on top of the leading scorers by quite a large margin, and at this rate, I don’t see him slowing down one bit. Ending this week having an affair with the 100-point mark, I don’t see him having the slightest worry about being the first forward to break that, as he sees at LEAST 4 games a week, needing only 9 points to reach it. So overall, expect Zack to be the biggest threat for Portland this season, because he’s looking to be capable of anything right now!

Qw3rty9401 ( Portland ) 2G / 13A / +26 / 7PIM / 6 Hits

It seems like there are the same two names in the first two categories every week for Players of the Week, but it’s far to hard to try to put any other name above these two guys. This week, Qw3rty posted up for 2 goals and 13 assists in his 6 games played, which rounds off to be 2.5ppg as a D-Man! Simply unbelievable. For a defenseman, I don’t usually put up how many hits they perform - especially when it’s a number as small as 6, but this just goes to show that he is a pure “Stay at home” defenseman. Qw3rty is a very tough back-end to beat, so expect Portland to be in the top 3 for fewest Goals Against.

darthmykus ( Sault Ste. Marie ) 2-3 / 89 shots faced / 2.92 gaa / .820 sv%

Holding a satisfying 2-3 record this week for the Greyhounds, darthmykus played maginificent between the pipes! Of his two wins, one of them was a huge 20 save shutout against the Blades. Although at first glimpse, his numbers are quite frightening, when you look in depth, they are outstanding! To face an average of 17.8 shots a game, is quite the higher number than you usually see. And to post a solid 82sv% while facing this many shots, is crazy. This guy is a very reliable backstop, that’s for sure! AHL Captains reading, look out for this steal ...

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WC3-USA WEST-Captain (4th Place)
S9-NHL-Columbus Blue Jackets-Captain
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By: jewofcanada

The best of the best in the VGNHL will come together next week to participate in the NHL ALL STAR GAME, where they will be honored for their remarkable accomplishments and contributions to their respective teams. For one night only, in-conference rivalries will be put aside as the superstars of the East and West go head to head. While bragging rights are certainly an incentive to perform, the big prize at stake is home ice advantage for the winning conference in the Stanley Cup Final. The VGNHL released the voting ballot this past weekend; let's take a look at the candidates and probable winners.

EAST CANDIDATES: jeff0012, rustytrombone7, VinnyNorthsyde, Fluri37, L9L-STAMKOS-L1LC, Slabaugh04, MAK-10TEN, Nick108
WEST CANDIDATES: BARRYS_SNIPIN, Digler069, Juice_Lahey, Vegaridge, RockinRobbie81, Heroic_saunter, Chaos_Rider, kylej83

The East is jam-packed with talent up the middle, boasting four traditionally dominant players as well as a few wildcards who have proven worthy of the nomination. However, Jeff is essentially a shoe-in with 37 Goals and 72 Points while carrying the brunt of the load offensively in Pittsburgh. Since Piper has somewhat limited availability for now, Jeff is clearly the catalyst of his team. While Rustytrombone7 and Stamkos would be excellent choices for second string, I believe Fluri37's 2.56 PPG over a 34-game sample is more impressive than their production at less than 20 games played. Shoutout to MAK-10 who also made a strong case, sporting a 58% faceoff percentage. Meanwhile, the West is a two-man race. BARRYS_SNIPIN, despite playing just 17 games, is producing at nearly 3PPG and should represent the West's first line. (I could not dock BARRY for only playing 17 games as many WC candidates were in that ball park.) Vegaridge, on the other hand, has continued to produce, scoring 31 Goals and 64 Points in 29 Games during what has been a rocky season in St. Louis, to say the least.

SELECTION: Jeff0012 (East 1), Fluri37 (East 2), BARRYS_SNIPIN (West 1), Vegaridge (West 2)

EAST CANDIDATES: ovechkin8jr, laydownfool61, JPH_Venom, Dasn1pa, Mesmerize-_-, Laplante94, Jay6219, IICheckmateII
WEST CANDIDATES: Rejectz_Reaperz, usermike4948, three_eleven07, RiseOfTheNinja, YoUU-MaDD-Br0o, REPS_71, CadillacSTS, swiftdefeat

Ovechkin8jr remains the favorite in the Eastern voting race, amassing 41 Goals and 96 Points in just 30 Games with the Boston Bruins, but that's not to say there isn't some competition. Mesmerize-_- currently leads the voting, and although his production isn't exactly on par with the others, he is a “go-to” guy on the defensive-minded Lightning's offense. Perhaps more deserving than both candidates is the man who is universally considered one of (if not “the”) best LW's in the game, Jay6219, or even JPH_Venom who has helped a star-studded Flyers team solidify a playoff spot thus far. The West, once again, seems a little cut and dry. Reject_Reaperz has blown way the competition with 104 points (including 51 goals) in 33 Games, good for second in the NHL.YoUU-MaDD-Br0o has made a big impact in his return to the league, scoring 39 Goals in 25 Games at LW. RiseOfTheNinja makes a compelling case as Anaheim's offensive dynamo, registering 94 points on the season.

SELECTION: ovechkin8jr (East 1), Jay6219 (East 2), Reject_Reaperz (West 1), YoUU-MaDD-Br0o (West 2)

EAST CANDIDATES: MUDD_FLAPS, rich2k8, bigyan__, Greekelite, Toslick, perry1978, SNIPESHOW_21, COORSI88
WEST CANDIDATES: GET_ON_UR_KNEES, XILO_ATOMIK, oticz, acefice, XxMadmax94xX, mcleve913, Skillszy, ChitownMenace

Several high profile players highlight the Eastern Conference candidacy with MUDD_FLAPS, bigyan and Greekelite making their annual appearance on the ballot, but you couldn't go wrong with any of the nominees. Snipeshow_21 has done well as a ELC in Philadelphia, but he was expected to produce on such an offense-oriented team. By virtue of sheer statistical dominance, Greekelite (34G 86P in 28GP) should take home first-team honors, but the darkhorse Rich2k8 (43G 75P in 31GP) is leading the way in voting and looks to have secured a well-deserved spot, barring a major influx of voters. In the West, it is once again Dallas who should be represented on the first line, with GET_ON_UR_KNEES leading the league in pretty much every offensive category. The verdict is still out on the second-team selection, as the rest of the list is essentially a toss-up. XILO has produced at a 2.88 PPG rate, and mcleve has done all he can to keep his Ducks in the upper half of the playoff picture, but my vote will go to the Columbus Blue Jackets' Madmax94, who has scored 40 goals and provided a glimmer of hope for an organization that has struggled in recent seasons.

SELECTION: Greekelite (East 1), rich2k8 (East 2), GET_ON_UR_KNEES (West 1), XxMadMax94Xx (West 2)

EAST CANDIDATES: soccaplaya11, Chomper4, BaYdee, dydy23, Chaskin12, donkeyX, alchy-ops, Kcrusher33
WEST CANDIDATES: VxWoytkiw8xv, Karlsson_MVP, DONUT-DOUG, SteelCityFan17, F0R3IGN_0BJ3KT, SinWin, Razor2766, Kerntastic84

Soccaplaya11 is going to run away with the Eastern Conference race, as he is his team's #1 defenseman and arguably the best offensive defenseman in the league. The vote for #2 should be between Chomper4 (3G 24P in 21G) and dydy23, who has led the surprise Maple Leafs from the back end with 3 Goals and 15 Points while managing to maintain a +18 in the plus/minus department. The fans though, it appears, have taken a different course of thinking: Kcrusher33 has a strong lead for second place in voting despite somewhat mediocre stats compared to the rest of the nominees. The front runner in the West has to be Woytkiw8, with 3 Goals and 25 Points for a +37 with the Dallas Stars, but there are some great candidates in the mix that could overtake him with proper fan support. I expect a close race between Karlsson_MVP, SteelCity, Donut-Doug and F0R3IGN_0BJ3KT for second place, but my vote will go to F0R3IGN. His 9 Goals, 29 Points, +16, and 100 Hits are a big reason the underdog Calgary Flames have managed to stay afloat in the West.

SELECTION: Soccaplaya11 (East 1), dydy23 (East 2), Woytkiw8 (West 1), F0R3IGN_0BJ3KT (West 2)

EAST CANDIDATES: bombermanuxo, COUTURE2FAT2FLY, AndradeK94, DJONES125, Bigmummy123, jezuz422, Borje_Salming_21, atreyal
WEST CANDIDATES: MY-GLOVE-ULL-LUV, Hardik88, djcloudz, PUCKU33, thegdawg34, kylebr333, DO_THE_EVOLUTION, Crusty_Bojangles

The East is wide open at this position, although this time not due to an overload of household names. DJONES125 may lead the way both in notoriety as well as his contribution to his team's success, having scored 9 Goals and 27 Points in 29 Games anchoring the Panthers' defense. Couture2Fat2Fly has had a strong season at defense with 3 Goals and 26 Points, but he has jumped around in Winnipeg rather than play strictly RD. The race will likely be between bombermanuxo, a New Jersey Devil's draft pick who has shined at RD, or Atreyal, who sports a +36 and plays a majority of the games for the conference-leading Maple Leafs. In case you haven't noticed the trend yet, Dallas's RD is going to take home first-team honors in the West. MY-GLOVE-ULL-LUV has dominated the season from the get-go for the Stars, amassing 10 Goals and 48 Points alongside a +49 Rating. He has proven doubters wrong and rewarded Danger Rally, who took a chance on him in free agency, with a Norris-caliber season. With no disrespect meant towards other candidates, Hardik is a no-brainer for the second-team position, having anchored his division-leading Detroit Red Wings with 11 Goals and 33 Points. He and Glove really stand out among the others.

SELECTION: Atreyal (East 1), DJONES125 (East 2), MY-GLOVE-ULL-LUV (West 1), Hardik88 (West 2)

EAST CANDIDATES: believe_vlady, DK_Kassicus, mikefleury29, Xx1DR_SWAGGER1xX, VanillahGorilla, Murloc-Death
WEST CANDIDATES: Danger-Rally, Nevernavok, DiiRTYDaNGLeS, penguins2013, chrono526, Lers780

With Mesmerize-_- and Vito not in the mix, the Eastern goaltender selection becomes maybe the toughest on the entire ballot. Believe_Vlady has had a great season individually, but is ultimately performing in a back-up role. I've already touched on the great season the Leafs are having, and that is thanks in no small part to DK_Kassicus with his 24-9 record between the pipes. VanillahGorilla has been everything the Flyers hoped for, while Mikefleury29 has put up great statistics on a struggling NY Islanders team. Any one of them are legitimate choices in one way or another, but my gut tells me DK_Kassicus and VanillahGorilla should represent the East. Voting, so far, says otherwise, as Mikefleury29 trails only Kassicus and has a large lead on the third-leading vote getter. Representing the West... dun dun dun! Danger-Rally. The guy is the best goaltender in the game and has been for as long as I can remember now. Though he has taken on a lightened work load playing just 22 Games, his stats continue to back up the fact that he is the standard for goaltenders league-wide. Nevernavok has backstopped the Red Wings to a likely insurmountable lead in their division, producing a .802% save percentage and 2.25 GAA.

SELECTION: DK_Kassicus (East 1), VanillahGorilla (East 2), Danger-Rally (West 1), Nevernavok (West 2)

There you have it. The East is quite well balanced, with representatives coming from several different teams. The West? You may as well call them The Dallas (All) Stars. It may seem a little “lazy” to name the entire Dallas organization as Western All Stars, but the team has put forth an incredible performance this season. With the emergence of MY-GLOVE-ULL-LUV as a legit Norris contender, the Stars are likely the deepest team in the league by a long shot. I will be the first to tell you that stats don't mean everything, but in this case I think it's fair to say the stats support my decisions.

Please remember that the above article is my own opinion and does not reflect the opinion of the VGHL or any other staff members. Also note that any statistics mentioned in the article are relative to the time of writing and/or the time the ballot was released. Many of these numbers will have changed by the time the article is posted. Congratulations to all of our All Star nominees, good luck in the voting process, and most importantly GO EAST GO!

All-Star Nominee and The News Team's very own, Mike Fleury, gives you his take on the Goalie Nominations.....

STATS: 19-3  1.73GAA  .831SV%  5SO
The consensus for Starting Goalie in the Western Conference, Danger-Rally currently sits 1st in the League in Save Percentage (.831) among qualified goalies as well as Tied for 1st in Shutouts (5) and 1st in Goals Against Average (1.73) and 3rd in wins (19) while leading his Dallas Stars to top place in the NHL.

His defense, of course, should get a heap of credit limiting him to 10.5 shots faced per game (least among nominated goalies), and they will likely get some All-Star love in the Western D Catagories. That takes nothing away from Danger, though. As we've seen, just because you don't face a lot of work doesn't mean the work you put in isn't spectacular.

STATS: 15-9  2.25GAA  .802SV%  3SO
With the strongest stat-line among non-Danger-Rally goalies, Nevernavok sits in the Top 5 in wins (5th), Goals Against (5th), Save Percentage (3rd), and has his Detroit Red Wings sitting 3rd in the Western Conference.

His numbers should, in theory, be enough to warrant him a spot in the ASG but with other high profile goalies on the list with impressive numbers of their own, it is not a guarantee. But, if I had to guess, I would think he would get the #2 spot, 1st Alternate at worst.

Before the season; Detroit Owner Peerless was quoted as saying " Our goalie is a raging alcoholic with big kahuna's. This makes him elite, the end."

STATS: 10-8  2.62GAA  .782SV%  2SO
The Edmonton Oilers currently hold the 7th seed in the West and one would have to think a lot of the praise would have to go to Dangles who has backstopped the team to 10 of their 16 wins. He presently sits 10th among goalies in Save Percentage.

I think most interestingly is his ability to come up in clutch situations. He is 3-0 this season when the game has gone to overtime, getting his team a much needed extra point in each game to allow them to be in the seed they are now.

STATS: 12-14  2.83GAA  .778SV%  4SO
Having made headlines in the preseason for his $10-m resign, the weight of the Calgary Flames season fell onto Penguins lap, and thus far he has not disappointed. The Flames presently sit in 5th in the West. It should also be noted that three of his 14 losses are in overtime making his record 12-11-3. He's also managed 4 shutouts this season, 2nd highest in his conference and Tied for 2nd overall.

It may be important to note that outside of his 1-0 loss to Dallas on the 28th of April, Penguins has yet to have a statistically dominating game (high shots against, high saves, win over a big team). With how talented we know him to be, it wouldn't surprise anyone if he were to go on a big run in the second half and compete for the Vezina.

For now, he's likely to see time as either the Alternate All-Star goalie or perhaps a dark horse to take the Line 2 spot.

STATS: 12-10  2.27GAA  .768SV%  3SO
Considered by many to be a fringe-playoff team the Minnesota Wild have managed to sit 2nd in the Western Conference, in large part due to this guy. Sitting 13th among qualified goalies in Save Percentage CHRONO has done enough in his time in net to get his team wins. His 2.27 goals against sits 6th and is a big factor in both the Wild's first-half run as well as his own All Star Nomination.

I don't see him getting a spot in the ASG starting lineup based mostly upon his Save Percentage but he could see the Alternate spot based on his teams incredible play and his paltry Goals Against number.

STATS: 5-7  2.44GAA  .775SV%  
While only having played 12 games in goal for the Black Hawks, his stats are better than statistical starter moon_doe (who has played 17 before being traded) and thus he gets the nod for Western Nominee. This makes him the only non-starter to be nominated in the Western Conference, and it is definitely deserved.

His .775% is 12th in the West and has been good enough to earn him a 5-5-2 record for the season. His Hawks sit 6th in the Conference.

He's a very unlikely candidate for an ASG selection but something tells me he's pleased simply being nominated, if not also a bit confused.


The Easter Conference is the stronger goalie conference boasting seven of the top ten goalies in Save Percentage among qualified goalies (not even taking into account Mesmerize-_- who would be the #1 goalie in the game if not for falling just one game shy of eligibility.)

STATS: 11-3  2.18GAA  .797SV%  2SO
Believe it or not, Vlady is a non-starter on the Pittsburgh Penguins that saw BMIDG start the majority of their games (and have a save percentage close to .700) which I have to believe is either because Vlady doesn't have good availability or because Midg has dirt on Penguins ownership.

Anyway; Vlad currently has 11 of his teams 20 wins this season and sits 4th in Goals Against and 6th in Save Pecentage.

Admittedly, he probably deserves to be the Alternate if not the Line 2 goalie had he been played more in the first half.  

STATS: 24-9  2.16GAA  .799SV%  4SO
The goalie of record for all of the Maple Leafs games, the teams #1 seed in the Eastern Conference can be directly linked to this man's strong play. His .799 Save Percentage is good enough for 5th and entering the week his numbers were even better. His goals against is 3rd and his team is 2nd in Goals against in the league just behind Dallas.

Being the top goalie on the top team should see him to an ASG appearance.

STATS: 13-9  2.57GAA  .804SV%  2SO
A very strong start to the season for the Sens starting goalie has him on the list for All Star Nominees. His .795 Save Percentage (according to the stats, the voting says .804) is 8th in the league but has not been good enough to put his team in a playoff spot (more on that trend in a bit).

His .267 Goals Against is a tad on the weak side placing 12th in the league but is still very respectable. He's put up a heck of a first half, and in the other conference he could perhaps see himself in the ASG. But, in the goalie-heavy East he'll be a long-shot to make it.

STATS: 22-11  2.41GAA  .795%  5SO
Playing in 33 games the Flyers #1 has led the team to top of their division and 2nd in the conference on the back of a 7th overall Goals Against and a very sturdy .795 Save Percentage which is tied with DR_SWAGGER for 8th.

Being the top goalie on a top team should see him get some votes and perhaps have him fight with Vlady for the Alternate position.

STATS: 13-9  2.50GAA  .786SV%  
It is important to note, when looking at Murloc's numbers, that he spent the bulk of the first half with the Buffalo Sabers before being dealt to the Capitals. Since joining the Caps he is 5-1with a Save Percentage of .859 and a goals against of about 1.67.

For the season, however, he is 9th in the league in save percentage and 10th in goals against. Still very strong numbers considering.

STATS: 11-13  2.37GAA  .815SV%  2SO
If we're looking into Mike Fleury it is first important to note that his team is presently 22nd in Goals For per game (2.33 GF/PG) giving a bit of context to his 11-8-5 record. In his last 12 games the team has managed just 19 goals (1.58 GF/PG) putting the $9-m netminder in a very tough position to win games.

I mention all of that because Fleury presently sits 2nd in the League and 1st in the East in Save Percentage and 7th in the league in Goals Against (4th in the East) while facing the most shots against per game of all nominated goalies at 13.75 per game (for whatever that matters).



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"After taking a hard look at our situation we came to the conclusion that our front end wasn't getting the job done."

That was Alchy-Ops, Assistant GM of the New York Islanders, just after the team made two trades in hopes of shaking up a roster that has underperformed in terms of offensive production.

The first saw L_DOMINANDO_L, a utility player who had become a sturdy right d-man on the roster, to the Toronto Maple Leafs for BBBBRRRRAAAASSSSS, a center who has seen just 8 games of NHL action scoring 7 points (one goal, two assists in five games at C).

In their second move, the team sent PolynomC and DynamicKarma to the Phoenix Coyotes for Krypt_Keepa and GOODLUCKGINGER as well as a draft pick. Dynamic Karma has 46 points in 28 games while Krypt has posted 37 points in 23 games.

In other deals this week; the Columbus Blue Jackets traded Jason_23 and Kerntastic84 to the Los Angeles Kings for Zamboni__Driver and Razor2766.

The Los Angeles Kings send d-man Kerntastic84, 10 points in 14 games with a -15,to Calgary, in exchange for backup goaltender Lordalex999. Lordalex has a .796 save percentage and 3.05 goals against in 11 games of action.

Florida made a move sending Djones125 (32 points in 31 games from the blue line) and Mc_Dreamyyyy to the Calgary Flames for for ExEcuTioNeR-_- (12 points in 24 games, -16) and ZoGood (8 points in 9 games, +7).

And finally; Pittsburgh sends HEMMERTIME (43 points, a 1.87ppg) to the Coyotes, for FOXPRESENTATION (-7 with 11 points from the blue line) in, if nothing else, a large salary exchange swapping Hemmer's 5m for fox's 6m.

The Ottawa Senators defeat the Philadelphia Flyers 2-1 in a battle of Eastern Conference All-Star nominated goalies. XxDR_SWAGGER1xX made 13 saves on 14 shots in the victory while VanillahGorilla stopped 11 of 13. MUDD_FLAPS was responsible for the two Senator goals as well as recording 9 shots on goal and 15 hits.

The Pittsburgh Penguins took care of the Eastern Conference leading Toronto Maple Leafs 3-2. The game saw five different players score goals, including CCPiper for the Penguins and DASN1PA for the Leafs. BMIDG made 8 saves in the win.

And the Islanders, pre-trades, defeated the Tampa Bay Lightning 3-2. The Islanders took a 3-0 lead into the third before the Lightning, led by JewofCanada began a comeback that would fall one goal short. Scoring for the Islanders were GM's L_P1mp1N who scored his 19th and 20th goals on the year, and Alchy-Ops with his 8th.  All-Star nominee mikefleury29 made 14 saves on 16 shots in the win.

Ending the nights recap; the Calgary Flames saw an offensive explosion in their 7-4 win over the Anaheim Ducks. This included 4 goals in a wild third period that saw both teams combine for seven goals. usermike4948 scored five goals for the Flames and added an assist, while NOVA1739 had a goal and five assists. While Heroic_saunter and soon-to-be-retired SteelCityFan17 combined for a goal and three assists.

And finally the Chicago Blackhawks managed only seven shots in their game against the Dallas Stars, but were able to score on three of them in their 3-2 win over the defending champions. FIRESTORM potted two including the game winner while WVU7_PENS87 made seven saves in the vicory.

The Winnipeg Jets, who have been on a bit of a hot streak lately including winning both games Sunday, continued their hot play on Sunday going 1-0-1 with a victory over the Buffalo Sabers and an overtime loss to the Islanders. TOSLICK had six goals and nine points in the game against the Sabers while GUILBAULT27 added three and five assists. TOSLICK would add another goal and assist in their 2nd game of the night.

The new-look Phoenix Coyotes dominated the Vancouver Canucks outshooting them 31-4 in a one-sided 10-0 victory. oticz had four goals and a pair of assists on 15 shots. Newly acquired DynamicKarma had a hat-trick and six assists, while d-man Moja111 had five assists. PNCPark2k1 earned the four save shutout.

The Florida Panthers defeat the Sabers 5-4 in overtime despite being outshot 20-13. Roosta made 16 saves to keep his team in the game while COORSI88 scored four goals including the overtime game winner just 49 seconds into the extra period. DJONES125 added four assists from the blue line while LaPlante94 and JOSHB12345 scored for the Sabers (JOSHB had two).

bigdogrex has had quietly a very good week posting, to this point, a .879 save percentage in five games this week. Two of those games were on Wednesday night which had the Detroit Red Wings defeat the Ducks 4-2, winning on goals from PEERLESS- (two goals), THEPAINTRAIN67, and Karlsson_MVP who had the winner. The second game had bigdogrex stop 16 of 17 shots in a win over the St. Louis Blues. PAINTRAIN had both Detroit goals in the 2-1 win.

The Vancouver Canucks rally with three third period goals to overcome a 4-2 Blues lead and win the game 5-4. xkonvictedx238 and CADILLACSTS had two goals apiece while richa1992 made 15 saves in the win. VEGARIDGE scored all four Blues goals.

The Boston Bruins outshoot the New York Islanders 23 to 11 but giving up two powerplay goals allowed the Isles to take the game 3-2 in overtime. Chaskin12 scored both Bruin goals while the aforementioned mikefleury made 21 saves on 23 shots to keep his team in the game. Newly acquired BBBBRRRRAAAASSSS scored two goals while L_P1mp1N scored the game winner 2 and a half minutes into OT.

And finally, the Coyotes stun the Stars winning 6-1 outshooting them 17-7 in the process. oticz had a hat-trick while the newest members of the Coyotes (HEMMERTIME and DynamicKarma) had four points each  in the victory. BOSTONHYDRO made 6 saves.

The LA Kings took advantage of an uncharacteristicly weak game by Danger-Rally to pull out a 6-5 victory over the Stars. While ReJecTz_ReaPeRz had five assists and GET_ON_UR_KNEES scored a hat-trick for the Stars, it was jason_23's six point night that would led the Kings to victory.

The Minnesota Wild defeated the Edmonton Oilers 2-0 in a defensive duel. THEbigSPOON97 made 11 saves for the shutout while ChiTownMenace and SABERS2019 scored the games only goals in the victory. DiiRTYDaNGLeS made eight saves in the loss.

The St. Louis Blues outshoot the Hawks 28 to 6 but still need an overtime frame to finish the job and win 2-1. Real_Deal18 scored the game winner for the Blues 5:07 into overtime while WVU7_PENS87 stood on his head to get the Hawks a point in the loss. He made 26 saves on 28 shots for a ridiculous .929 save percentage.

And finally this week; the Buffalo Sabers continue to make a push to get into the eighth seed with a 3-2 win over the Maple Leafs in overtime... I feel like I've said that a lot this week... Anyway; Sazer15 needed only to make five saves to earn the victory while flo_ridaboy23 and Stamkos scored for the Sabers (Stamkos twice). rich2k8 and Exclamation9 scored for the Leafs while the Sabers managed to keep DASN1PA off the score sheet for only the fourth time this season.

By: Beantwn_Beatdwn


Marlies trade:
Timoertel .250mil

Falcons trade:
Un-famous-1 .250mil

St. Johns trade
Coldstuff47 .250mil
Aqua_m_a_n .250mil

Rockford trades:
S_3TH-98 1.75mil

Portland waived theis05 who was claimed by the Senators

Stellar-D-Man cleared waivers and is with Grand Rapids

Manager Buyouts:

Monarchs bought out Cupidstunt16
Monarchs bought out Frehzer
Ice Caps bought out Gobelet_30


Today the Syracuse Crunch welcomed in the Providence Bruins in which has been a lopsided season in Syracuse favor but it looked like early the Bruins might turn the curse up 2-1 but let the Crunch come back to take lead I am sure Copley and the Bruins were going all out in the 3rd and managed to tie it up. From what I hear the Bruins came out and dominated the Overtime 16-1 in shots but the 1 that goes thru went in for the GWG.  Still though what was impressive is the bruins played the crunch better and had an ECU goalie who played good. Crunch though still have the bruins number and kept themselves right in the thick of things with Rampage in a close race.
Stars of the game:
llXBoychuk_55Xll : G  24 saves on 27 shots
Johnmc1324: C 2 goals including GWG
XOXVictoriousXOX: C 1 goal 1 assist and 18 hits

In a battle of the heavyweight contenders in the East the San Antonio Rampage went into Wilkes-barre/ Scranton penguins house and come out with a victory. Judging by the stats it was a close game. Both teams scoring once a piece on even strength goals with the backbreaker being a penalty shot by BigJay. BigJay carried all the scoring for the Rampage and both goalies had decent games in net with both of them having over 800 save %.
Three stars:
BigJayAyotte89: RW 2 goals also the GWG
Chadzbadd: G 8 shots and 7 saves for a 875save%
Ix-Rain-iv: RW 1 goal 5 hits

So today in the AHL we saw two of the better western conference teams go at it. The chicago wolves went into the Abbotsford Heat house and lose a close battle 4-3 in OT. Now judging from the stats Abbotsford was pretty steady scoring in every period including the OT winner where the Wolves came on in the 2nd scoring twice to tie it up heading into the third. Both teams weren't letting this go in regulation scoring once each in the 3rd. Now even though it was a close game it looks like Chicago didn't make the most of their special teams only scoring 1 goal on 4 attempts. Even with 2 more powerplays  the Heat dominated time of possession by over 3 mins 8:40-5:31. Also the Heat looked to dominate the faceoff circle winning twice as many faceoffs. Hare-krishna- did most of the scoring with a hat trick and also e GWG. The Wolves on the other hand had 3 different scorers pitch in. This was everything you would expect from these 2 heavyweight contenders out west.
Three stars:
Heat LW Hare-Kirshna-: 3G   1A   4P
Wolves LD o_HyDrO_o: 1G 1A 7hits
Heat RD SamoanLaxer818: 2A

There has been a Toronto Marlies sighting in the AHL. After a slow to snail pace to start the season they came out strong tonight like they were playing for jobs. The Marlies had a game against their division leader tonight Rochester Americans. Not only did they win the final score was 5-2. The Marlies held the puck for a little longer than the Americans 7:30-5:35 looking like they were biding their time to strike. While the Americans looked to shoot a little more being down 2 after the 1st. While at least scoring in the 2nd and 3rd the Marlies just werent going to let them off and buried 3 to finish the game. The Marlies also as a side not dispatched a fellow division foe and now leader going into sunday Providence in the game before the Americans.
Three Stars:
Marlies C J-Stephens76: 1 G 3A 21/31 faceoff 70 %
Marlies G tabbs85: 14 saves 16 shots against 875%save
Marlies LW Woogie2216: 2G 2A GWG

PHL Week 5- Weekly Recap:
Free Agent Signings:
Guelph Storm:
- uknome3388
- milli_guns
Niagara Ice Dogs:
- cbear4986
Kitchener Rangers:
Belleville Bulls:

Notable PHL to AHL Acquisitions:
-Toronto Marlies sign:
defman902 [$1.00 M]
-Portland Pirates sign: xS7LENT_SN7PERSx [$1.25 M]
-Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins sign: Dougie1218 [$1.50 M]
-Norfolk Admirals sign:
ItsPhilFactor [$4.00 M]
-Portland Pirates sign: o-AUSTINATOR-o [$1.00 M]
-Manchester Monarchs sign: XXWIRES-RATHXX [$1.00 M]
-Manchester Monarchs sign: cheapieeezzzz [$1.00 M]
-San Antonio Rampage sign: BigJayAyotte89 [$3.00 M]
-Chicago Wolves sign: Ramon21x [$2.25 M]
-Abbotsford Heat sign: Hare-Krishna- [$5.00 M]
-Norfolk Admirals sign: CrackShotMcGee [$1.00 M]

Notable Games:
• Sunday, June 1st:
 Sunday night in the PHL was another streak of dominance for two teams leading the Western Conference. The current leader in the West, Portland Winterhawks, handily defeated division foe Braden Wheat Kings 5-0 in their first match while only squeaking past the Greyhounds, another Western Rival, with a 4-3 OT win in the second. On the Eastern front- the Belleville Bulls grabbed all 4 points in a similar fashion. In their first game they faced London.  The stats reflected the game could have been a blowout with Belleville nearly tripling London's TOA, but with some solid play between the pipes Belleville only managed a 4-2 win over the last place team in the Eastern Conference. London has struggled so far this season but if some minor adjustments are made on the ice and net play continues as it did against Belleville- this team may have a chance to turn their fate around. The Bulls had a huge matchup in Game 2 against the Niagara Ice Dogs. The Ice Dogs had an opportunity to become tied with the Bulls as Eastern Conference leaders, needing a regulation win to make this dream a reality. If one just read the stat line and disregard the score, they would surely think the Ice Dogs came out victorious. Ultimately, stats don't always paint the perfect picture and the Bulls defiantly take the win in OT with a final score of 4-3. Other notable Sunday games; Ice Dogs lose 4-2 against the Huskies, Guelph faces a demoralizing loss to the Kitchener Rangers 3-2 with only seconds left in the 3rd, and Lethbridge takes a 4-3 loss to the 6th place Western Conference adversary Saskatoon Blades.
• Monday, June 2nd:
On Monday the Saskatoon Blades came out ready to play delivering two unexpected upsets to teams at the top end of each conference.  First, they upset Kitchener recording a 4-3 win.  In the second match they win over the Brandon Wheat Kings with room to spare, capturing 2 points in a 6-4 victory. The Conference leading teams continued to dominate having success. Both Portland and Belleville grabbed 4 points on the night winning all their scheduled matches rather easily. Lethbridge, a team on the fringe of leading the Western Conference lost to the Ice Dogs who are in a similar situation in the East.  Many notable teams on Monday ended the night with a .500 win percentage.  Again- most of the bottom 4 teams, 2 from each Conference, found themselves in a losing situation on Monday.  With the exception of the Saskatoon Blades, recording two break-through wins, the rest of these troubled teams could only account for 1 point, leaving them still scraping the bottom of the PHL standings.  With Saskatoon proving anything can happen on any night, there should still be hope for these struggling squads. With a swift turn around, any one of these teams can climb back up to playoff contention.
• Wednesday, June 4th:
Wednesday, the SSM Greyhounds delivered an intimidating blow to the #1 Western Conference Winterhawks, defeating them 7-4. The Oil Kings looked poised to grab 4 much needed points in their fight to jump Lethbridge for the 2nd spot in the West. Crushing the Knights in Game 1; 5-0, the Oil Kings fell short of their objective when losing 4-1 to the very team they are fighting to catch, Lethbridge. The Guelph Storm continued their streak of a nightly .500 win percentage by winning against the Broncos 7-3, but then suffered a frustrating loss to Eastern Conference leading Bulls in OT; 4-3. The SSM Greyhounds finished Wednesday with 3 points, with the previously stated win against Portland and a 5-4 OT loss to Kitchener.  During another “nail biter” game in the East, the Niagara Ice Dogs stole 2 points from the Wheat Kings- outlasting the ‘middle of the pack’ Western Conference team.  In the Ice Dogs second game, victory was sweet as they recorded a 2-0 shutout against the highly touted 2nd place Lethbridge Hurricanes.  The Ice Dogs have shown they can beat quality teams in the West, but the performance needs to carry over to the Eastern Conference battles if they want their dreams of being #1 to ever come to fruition.
• Thursday, June 5th:
It may have been the final day of Week 4, but the drama never stops in the PHL. There were a few blowouts that are worth being noted, especially since they were dealt to teams within only a few points of becoming Conference Leaders. First, Portland showed up Thursday looking like an NHL team.  They had a total of 3 games, one being a reschedule against Lethbridge, and in all three games they outperformed the competition; to say the VERY least.  In all three games Portland had both great defensive play and goaltending. A total of 2 goals were scored against them, one goal in each of their first two games and a shutout in the rescheduled match. While they only allowed 2 GA in three games- they posted unbelievable GF total reaching 26, yes- 26 GF/2 GA in 3 games. It would seem Portland must have played less than comparable competition in these 3 games in order for these numbers to be correct right? Wrong! The Steelheads, sitting at the 5th spot in the Eastern Conference were the “worst” team (for a lack of a better term) they faced on Thursday. Even though the goal differential was the highest in this game, it would seem it was not the most demoralizing or even relatively significant blow they dealt that night. Next in line for a “good ole’ whoopin” was the Kitchener Rangers, whom by the way are right at the top of the East proving every game to be a formidable opponent. Well.. Not for Portland, at least on Thursday that is. They handily defeated the Rangers 6-1, making it seem like top teams in the PHL is simply light work.  Last but not least was the reschedule game against Lethbridge, who are currently only 4 points behind the Winterhawks sitting at the #2 spot in the West.  This game was probably the most crucial and anticipated by both squads.  A win by Lethbridge would have left the #1 spot Western Conference tied coming into Week 5, but that dream quickly turned to a nightmare for the Hurricanes when Portland walked all over them in a 8-0 SO win to solidify their place as #1 in the West. At least for the time being...[/b][/b]

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S7-PHL-Portland Winterhawks-Captain
         -Brian Kilrea Finalist (Coach of the Year)
         -VGHL News Team
S8-AHL-OKC Barons-Captain
         -VGHL News Team
         -Yanick Dupre Finalist
WC3-USA WEST-Captain (4th Place)
S9-NHL-Columbus Blue Jackets-Captain
          -VGHL News Team

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Sunday, June 1st 2014

Both these two teams coming out of last week with three wins look to continue stacking the W’s when they cross each other’s paths.

Toronto is still the #2 team in the league, two points behind the Dallas Stars. The top forward line has been very consistent for the Leafs, and has continued to put up points every game this season. With solid defence and a top goalie in DK_Kassicus, they have been able to let the forwards shine and have already made it to 50 points this season. The place where they have mostly succeeded is keeping pucks out of their net as they currently have the second least goals against in the league.

The Penguins had a good week going 3-1 and had a couple powerhouse performances on the week. Jeff0012 had an outstanding week putting up 17 points in just 4 games. Splitting the team in two lines, each playing 2 games really work for the Penguins as both lines played well and were able to pick up points, hold down the blue line, and stop pucks.

Monday, June 2nd 2014

The 2nd and 3rd placed teams in the Western Conference will square off in what should be a intense defensive battle.

Anaheim coming off a 2-1 week must be very focused on getting this win over the Wild to surpass them in the standings. RiseoftheNinja and Mcleve913 have really been carrying the load on offence for the Ducks so far into this season, and have been getting the scoring they need to get these wins. However, what’s really been helping this team with the W’s, is goals against. The Ducks have the 5th least goals against so far this season.

The Wild have been one of the most all-around teams this season. Players like ChiTownMenace, Three_Eleven07, and Reps_71 have been solid up front. Donut_Doug has been leading the way on defence, and Chrono256 has been the star goalie for the team so far. No weak spots on the Wild.

Wednesday, June 4th 2014

Two teams that have been doing well so far this season but really need to start to get hot if they want to make a run for the top spot in the East.

The Caps, currently holding the top spot in the Southeast Division, haven`t been incredible neither offensively nor defensively, but have managed to build up enough wins to have a secure playoff spot as of now.

The Devils, only two points behind the Caps, have been struggling a bit defensively, but have really turned it on offensively so far this season. IIChEcKMaTeII already has 74 points in 31 games and has really led the way for the hot Devils offence, as well as BigYan__ who was an addition to the team through trade and has gotten the Devils going.

Thursday, June 5th 2014

The Red Wings have been on fire lately, jumping their way up the standings after a questionable start to the season. Solid all-around team, with Peerless- and skillszy carrying a large part of the offence. While defensively, they have been doing very well with the acquisition of Karlsson_MVP.

The Hawks have been an average team all season, currently trying to hold on to a playoff spot as they are 7th in the West as of this moment. Neither the defence nor offence on this team has been above average and if the Hawks want to make the playoffs and make a run at the cup, they are going to have to step it, and it all could start with a win over divisional rivals, the Red Wings.

By: J-Stephens76

Sunday, June 1st 2014

Abbotsford Heat vs. Texas Stars
This match up displays how being in separate divisions can drastically change your standings. Comparing stats, these two teams are very similar, in the standings complete opposite. Abbotsford, lead by Disturbance420 brings his Heat, the current North Division leaders with a record of 21-9-2 into Texas lead by T-MAN-13-RHP, currently in last place in the West Division with a record of 18-11-2. For Abbotsford they need to get to T-Man early and get him off his game. For Texas, they need to get the very talented forwards they have going quickly. Momentum will play a big part in this game. Which team gets hot at the right time can come out on top.

My pick is Texas 5-4 in OT

Monday, June 2nd 2014

Wilkes-Barre/Scranton vs San Antonio
WBS comes in with the lead of the Northeast Division and following a very shocking upset at the hands of the Iowa Wild. San Antonio comes in riding a 5 game win streak and tops in the Atlantic Division. These two teams come in very well built, with Rain running WBS and Class Act running the Rampage. The last meeting between these two teams had WBS beating SA single handedly 4-1. Can the Rampage get redemption or will Rain and the Baby Pens be too much to handle? One of these teams will be in the Calder Cup finals. The real question is which one?

My prediction is WBS 2-1

Wednesday, June 4th 2014

Providence Bruins vs Rochester Americans
Here we get another match up of 1 vs 2 but this time we are in the East. Rochester is holding onto a slim 3 point lead over the baby Bruins coming into the week. The Bruins have been very busy making personnel moves this past week, picking up cjsinclair7404 and Noles2828 to bolster the frontline. Rochester comes into the week looking lost and confused. Did picking up flight-airline and releasing PanaMark make them better or worse? With no clear offensive threat and so much unknown in Rochester, this is the time for the Baby Bruins to strike for the kill. For the Americans, they need to find a way to get through this and turn the confusion into chemistry.

My prediction is Providence 5-2

Thursday, June 5th 2014

San Antonio vs Syracuse Crunch
The San Antonio Rampage come to town with the division lead by 2 points over the Crunch. This game will come down to who brings their A game for all 3 periods. The last time they met, San Antonio took it in over time with a score of 4-3. The key elements of the game will be the powerplay and penalty kill. Syracuse comes into the week having the best PP% in the league, converting 42% while San Antonio comes into the week with the highest PK% in the league at 85%. Can Syracuse topple the division giant or will San Antonio reign supreme in the Atlantic Division?

My pick is San Antonio with a score of 3-2‏

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S7-PHL-Portland Winterhawks-Captain
         -Brian Kilrea Finalist (Coach of the Year)
         -VGHL News Team
S8-AHL-OKC Barons-Captain
         -VGHL News Team
         -Yanick Dupre Finalist
WC3-USA WEST-Captain (4th Place)
S9-NHL-Columbus Blue Jackets-Captain
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By:Lemieux_Polamalu and Mesmerize


Last Week (2) - This Week (1)

Dallas scored 14 goals in four games but only allowed 7, that +7 differential has them back #1 in the Power Ranking and maintaining their first place seed in the West. The Dallas Stars are the only Western Conference Team to go 3-1 last week, in a 4 game shortened week due to Memorial Day, making them an easy pick for #1 in the Western Conference. They have 147 goals and only allowed 59 both number one in the VGNHL. Reject Reapers keeps scoring with help from Barry_Snipin and they have solid team defense with VxWoytkiw8xv and MY-GLOVE-ULL-LUV always solid on D. Danger Ralley  had a low .41 Goals Allowed Average and was 2-0 and mkarecki123 was 1-1 in net.
Next Week Prediction 6-2

Team MVP – Barry Snipin (3 goals, 8 assists, 11 points in 4 games)

Last Week (3) -- This Week (2)

Anaheim 99 points would put them 2nd in conference but they are in 4th place due to being behind Dallas in the division.  They had one reschedule but went 2-1 in the three games they played. A tough loss verse the #3 in the east Washington Capitals, is nothing to be ashamed of and beating Philly and Calgary is no easy task.. Mcleve and Rise of the Ninja continue to be a force to be reckoned with, SteelCityFan17 and CRUSTYBOJANGLES always solid on D. Maybe a hidden gem in walllle919.They have a very tough schedule next week but they will be ready.
Next Week Prediction 5-3

Team MVP – walllle919   (1 Goals 2 Assists 3points in 1 games skating but also 1-1 in Net)

Last Week (4) -- This Week (3)
A good week for this team Calgary Stomped Coyotes and the Sabers and lost close games to Anaheim and NJ. The Flames 108 goals , while 39 behind Dallas goal totals, still puts them second in scoring in the West and a tough team to face-off against. They are also not bad defensively and have +21 point differential. They are 8 points behind the wild for the division, but if they continue to win and Wild keep sliding a division title is possible. F0R3IGN_0BJ3KT is solid D playing all four games last week and they need that going forward. Next week gets tough with  Dallas, Wings and division rival Minnesota on Deck.
Next Week Prediction 4-4

Team MVP- Usermike  (8 points in two games)

Last Week (1) -- This Week (4)
AN average week for the wings, having lost a tough Washington team but also lost to the last place Canucks. Yes Vancouver is playing better as of late but Detroit slips a little in the power rankings. The two wins they got were one goal games and one came in overtime, a 2-1 W  over the Wild Its a tough league and they are doing well having a whopping 12 point hold on the division. Hardki88 and Karlson_MVP are solid  on the back end  and PEERLESS AND skilzy are always tough to compete against. Things wont get easier and they will have to get better to avoid slipping further next week.
Next Week Prediction 3-5

Team MVP -  Nevernok (2-2 in Net)

Last Week (5) -- This Week (5)

Despite being 2nd in the western conference Minnesota is 5th in the power rankings due to 1 -3 week. They really cant slip further as they are in second place in the Conference with an 8 point lead over the Flames for the division and the teams below them have not been winning either.  Chrono continues to be disappointing in net going 1-2 and thebigspoon was not much better allowing 7 goals in only one game.  DonutDoug and Dynasty1987 were both negative for the week in plus minus as was fwd ChiTownMenace . Only 2-6 the last the last eight games, they expect better of themselves. They are allowing a window for Calgary to catch up in the division race.
Next Week Prediction 3-5

Team MVP -REPS_71 (+2 +/-)

Last Week (6) -- This Week (6)
Another tough week for the Coyotes but they cant slip anymore with the teams below them also losing. They got smashed by the Flames and Pittsburgh Penguins and then beat the Oilers in Edmonton’s only played game last week.  Boston Hydro, who got them their only win last week did not play this week but maybe he should have as PNCPark2k1 allowed a stunning 5 goals allowed per game. oticz Continues to be a bright spot but they are playing disappointing defense so far. Still plenty of time to turn things around for Phoenix and PNC is a good goalie and solid GM so he should have them back on track.
Next Week Prediction: 5-3

Team MVP - oticz   (5 goals 2 assists 7 points in three games)

Last Week (9) -- This Week (7)

Chicago moves up the power rankings this week. The Blackhawks picked up four out of 8 possible points in a decent week for GM Lers780 and Linde94. They lost an intense double overtime game to Ottawa and also lost in OT to the Kings. They stunned the defending Stanley Cup Champs Dallas Stars with a huge win for the team.  Lers780 had an average week in net but they made a move to pick up WVU_PENS who might help them at G long term. They have a  tough week next week but are in good hands with Lets and Linde94, a solid GM/Captain tandem. D_Sulli and HAT_TRICK_LEGEND  are solid up front but there D men need to step up and help whoever is in net. If they do that they can o hold onto a playoff spot this season, even if they linger around .500.
Next Week Prediction: 4-4

Team MVP – Linde94 (7 points in three games)

#8) ST. LOUIS BLUES 1-2-1
Last Week (12) -- This Week (8)  
Tough week for the St Louis Blues. They had to play two first place teams in Dallas and Toronto plus a Kings and Devils team, who are playing decent hockey. They beat the KINGS in Overtime and then lost in OT to the Leafs. With this tough schedule and tightly contested matches the Blues climb up the rankings, Only three points out of the top eight the Blues look to rejoin the playoff hunt. VEGARIDGE is killing it with 14 points in four games but is a -7 on the week and something has to improve on the back end.
Next week Prediction 3-5

Team MVP Jeremy  1 Win in Net

Last Week (11) -- This Week (9)

Although still in 12 place Vancouver  had another good week going 2-1-1 and moving up the power rankings. If they keep playing this way teams can no longer count on the easy win , as they did the first couple weeks. ricsha1992 was 2-0 while last weeks two game winner Acrobatic_beast was 0-2.
BONES955  and CadillacSTS are tough to stop up front, but a playoff birth would be a miracle. Still with gcampbell13 , sin win and Lumpy making a solid defensive core, stranger things have happened. If Beast and Rich can solidify the G position they can make a run and get out of the basement.
With a  very tough schedule next week just going .500 would be huge but a winning week would be epic for the 12 place Canucks.
Next week Prediction 5-3

Team MVP -  ricsha1992 (2 Wins in Net)

Last Week (9) -- This Week (10)

The Kings continue to disappoint. Their -19 point differential simply shows poor defensive play. On D Steller-D-Man was a less than stellar -3 on the week and King-Forest was even worse at -5 for the week. They have solid play up front with KinFqlk and XiloAtomic but with poor defense not even a goalie as large as a Zamboni can save them from continuing to plummet. Next weeks schedule is brutal for them and things are going to get worse before they get any better.
Next week Prediction  0-8

Team MVP - XILO_ATOMIC (3 goals, 8 assists, 11
points 4gp)

#11) EDMONTON OILERS 0-1 (three reschdules)
Last Week (4) -- This Week (11)

You have to play to stay, and by rescheduling three games Edmonton was the least powerful last week. The Oilers had  three reschedules this week and lost the only game they played to Phoenix.  By Default they are in 8th place and things should clear up as they play their rescheduled games and get players back and ready to go but for now at 0-1 they are bringing up the rear.
Next Week Prediction: 2-9

Team MVP Illuminati_XIX (He showed up)

Last Week (10) -- This Week (12)

Columbus lost to both the last place teams Jets and  Canucks in what was a very disappointing week for them. Only 7 points separate 7th place and 11place , where Columbus is so they hope to get back on track. n paper with swiftdefeat , XxMadmax94xX , Elyndil  they are tough on paper but we speculate something with could be lacking defensively as 132 goals allowed is 2nd worst in the league .  Kylebr333 was a -8 and you have to question  if 4.25 million spent on the rookie defense man (who bypassed his AHL season and came straight to the NHL from the  PHL) was money wisely spent.  Their star fwd were -13 on the week as well making it difficult to pinpoint where the issue lies. They have a tough schedule next week and will be interesting to see if they can turn things around. Hail2thevictors and his 8 million dollar salary did not play YET AGAIN,as they turned to goalie by committee. Definitely one of the bigger busts this season. Tizzle and Silvers will have to hit the practice room to get the team back in shape.

Next Week Prediction: 1-7

Team MVP - Elyndil  (54% Face offs)


1. Toronto Maple Leafs -  This Week 3-0 Last Week  4-0

 Maple Leafs have another solid week maintaining 1st place going 3-0,
It seems they are the team to beat in the East right now, DK_Kassicus
continues his great play in net going 3-0 with 2.22 GAA the save
percentage is a bit rough this week at .759, He did enough to get the
wins and thats all that matters, Rich2k8 and DaSn1pa continue to carry
the load on offense, They had 16 points in 3 games, VinnyNorthSyde
stepped it up this week offensively.
Next Week Prediction: 7-1

TEAM MVP: VinnyNorthSyde: GP: 3 G: 6 A: 4 PTS: 10

2. Philadelphia Flyers - This Week 3-1 Last Week 4-1
 Flyers have a solid week going 3-1, Their only loss coming to the
Ducks in a 3-2 game,  They also win a close 3-2 game against a
struggling Buffalo team, Flyers have had a light schedule the last 2
weeks, Lost to the Ducks both times the last 2 weeks, Being one of the
better teams they played. VanillahGorilla keeps up his good play in net
going 3-0 2.00 GAA .829%.
Next Week Prediction: 6-2

TEAM MVP: Fluri37 GP: 4 G: 4 A: 7 PTS: 11

3. Washington Capitals - This Week 3-1 Last Week 1-3

 Capitals have a much better week getting some wins going 3-1, They
lose a close one to the hot Maple Leafs 2-1, Caps beat a good ducks
team 3-1, Also a very solid Detroit team 6-3, They played some good
teams this week and are proving each week they can play with the best,
Capitals got a much upgraded need in net trading for Murloc-Death, He
had a solid week going 3-1 with 2.00 GAA .810%
Next Week Prediction: 5-3

TEAM MVP: LayDownFool61 GP: 4 G: 9 A: 4 PTS: 13

4. Pittsburgh Penguins - This Week 3-1 Last Week 3-1

  Penguins have another good week, Team Seems to be doing really well
since making a few trades, They are still 6pts behind the Flyers for
the division, The offense got hot this week, Scoring 22 goals in 4
games, The only loss coming against Buffalo 5-4, They blowout Boston
7-0, Hemmertime put up solid numbers, 2gp 2g 6a 8pts, The goalies
played good enough to win, But with all them goals being scored you
dont need good goaltendng.
Next Week Prediction: 6-2

TEAM MVP: Jeff0012 GP: 4 G: 13 A: 4 PTS: 17

5. Florida Panthers - This Week 3-1 Last Week 0-4

 Panther improve from a 0-4 last week going 3-1 to maintain the 5th
seed, They win a 2-1 game against Minnesota, Their only loss coming from New Jersey in a blowout 5-1 game, They get much better
this week, xDeadlyNastyx goes 3-1 with 2.50 GAA .783%, BallaChick3 has
another solid week 3gp 3g 3a 6pts.
Next Week Prediction:  5-3

TEAM MVP: Coorsi88 GP: 4 G: 5 A: 5 PTS: 10

6. New Jersey Devils - This Week 4-0 Last Week 2-2

 The Devils have a good week, Moving up to the 6th seed from the 9th,
There was alot of offense this week coming from the Devils, The much
awaited game for BigYan to face off against his old team the Blues, He
took over in the 3rd period getting 6pts, He had 7 total in the game,
They had more of the same play in net, With all the goals being scored
of course they will win games, BigLamb420 went 4-0 with a 2.50 GAA If
this team wants to keep winning he will need to get that .706% up,
Otherwise it will cost them come playoff time.
Next Week Prediction: 5-3

TEAM MVP: BIgYan_ GP: 2 G: 6 A: 4 PTS: 10

7. Tampa Bay - This Week 2-1-1 Last Week 3-1

 The Lightning have a decent week going 2-1-1, They win a close game
against the Canucks 1-0 in OT, Bufford80 gets his 1st NHL career goal
and its the game winner, They lose to Dallas in double OT 2-1 in a game
that ended in a fluke goal, The team continues to struggle to score
some goals, TB wins games on defense and goaltending,
Next Week Prediction: 5-3

TEAM MVP: Mesmerize-_-  GP: 2 W: 1 L: 1 GAA: 0.80 .933%

8. Boston Bruins - This Week 2-2 Last Week 3-1

 Bruins are getting better each week, Their problem is still in net,
They are not getting good play from any of the goalies, If not for them
scoring lots of goals they wouldnt be winning many games, They get
killed by the Penguins 7-0. Greek and Ovie continue to put up points,
That does no good if you cant stop the puck from going in on you.
Next Week Prediction:  4-4

TEAM MVP: GreekElite GP: 4 G: 4 A: 7 PTS: 11

9. Ottawa Senators - This Week 2-1 Last Week 4-0

 A team that was predicted to be a powerhouse is slowly getting better
each week, Jay and Mudd are both having consistent play upfront on the
wings, xXDrSwaggerxX has another good week going 2-1 with 2.27 GAA
.805%, They will need good play from him coming at almost the halfway
point in the season, They lose a close game to the caps 3-2 Win a close
game in OT against the Blackhawks 2-1, Blowout the Jets 8-4.
Next Week Prediction: 4-4
TEAM MVP: Jay6219 GP: 3 G: 5 A: 2 PTS: 7

10. Buffalo Sabres - This Week 1-3 Last Week 1-3
Buffalo continues to play like the real life Sabres, Getting blown out
in games, They lose 5-0 to Dallas and 6-0 to the Flames, Only win was a
5-4 win against the Penguins, There is no goaltending on this team,
There is just to many Egos on one team for this team to go anywhere, I
expect this team to eventually implode and people just start not
showing up to games.
Next Week Prediction: 3-5

TEAM MVP: Stamkos GP: 0 Got Suspended.

11. New York Islanders - This Week 0-3 Last Week 0-3-1

 Islanders continue to struggle to win games, They lose a close game
2-1 to Detroit, It seems this team is only scoring 1 or 2 goals per
game, Not giving MikeFleury and goal support, He has been playing great
all season keeping this team in every game, Something needs to change
or they need to get it together if they plan to make a run for the
Next Week Prediction: 2-6

TEAM MVP: :L_P1mp1n GP: 2 G: 1 A: 3 PTS: 4

12. Winnipeg Jets - This Week 2-2 Last Week 2-2
The Jets have 2 weeks where they go 500. Not having more losses then wins, It is a positive for this team, But the season is almost half over, They need to get hott quick if they expect to have a chance at the playoffs. The only 2 good teams they played they lost, 4-3 to Toronto and 8-4 against Ottawa, The Team can look at these few wins as a positive and something to build on for next week.
Next Week Prediction: 3-5
TEAM MVP:  CastroGStar GP: 4 G: 9 A: 8 PTS: 17

By: llxBoychuck-55xll

1(--). Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguins- The baby pens have started the season on a tear and sit atop the ahl at 29-2-1. The baby pens saw a 15 game win streak snap with a loss to end the week to lowly iowa. Krilla (.811sv%) and the defense in front him continue to help the baby pens allow the fewest goals and rain (3.23ppg and league leading 12gwg) leads the 4th ranked offense. The baby pens have some goods matchups this week, playing the rampage, devils, and phantoms.

2(--). San Antonio Rampage- The rampage went 3-1 week 5 with a big win over the wolves to boost themselves to 2nd overall in the ahl. The rampage continue to hold opponents in check with just the 2nd fewest goals against thanks to solid defensive play and good goaltending from chicknwhips (.810sv%). The rampage have a couple key matchups week 6 against the baby pens and against division rival syracuse.

3(+3). Norfolk Admirals- The surging admirals went 5-0 in week 5 (with a forfeit win as well) and scored 37 goals in those 5 games. Mesposito (3.45ppg) leads the offensive attack with deadlykush kicking in (3.03ppg) and the admirals have shot up to 3rd in scoring just 3 behind the top team. They sit at 4th in goals against and jtowne (.819sv%) continues to be a stud for them. The admirals play the declining wolves in a showdown between the top teams in the west this week and also face off against every team in their highly contested division.

4(-1). Syracuse Crunch- After starting the season 19-2-1 the crunch have cooled off going just 6-4 in their last 10 and 2-2 in a shortened week 5. With losses to a struggling senators team and to the average griffins, the crunch need to look to regroup and find their game again in week 6. The crunch have some tough games this week against the phantoms (3-0L in their first matchup with just 3 shots for), the rampage (0-1-1 against their division rival), and against a surging devils team.

5(--). Albany Devils- The devils continued their strong play with a 4-0 week 5. The devils high powered offense is led by Comeatme (3.82ppg) and has helped the devils go 7-2-1 in their last 10 games. Noskills (.804sv%) continues to play solid for the devils and the defence led by sentinel work together to make albany the team with the 6th fewest goals against. The devils have a week in which they can prove their worth as they face the crunch, phantoms, and baby pens.

6(-2). Chicago Wolves- The wolves continue to skid after the loss of goodfella and hitman and have now lost 6 of their last 7. The wolves went 0-3 week 5 (with one being a forfeit loss) but lost to 2 good teams by just a goal. The wolves offense is going to need to step up their game again and carry the team until the backend can be reassembled.

7(+3). Abbotsford Heat- The heat have stepped up their game recently going 9-1 over their last 10 and our on an 8 game winning streak after going 4-0 week 5. Disturbance (.793sv%) continues to improve his performance in net weekly and the heat look to establish themselves as a top team in the west with games against the wolves and monarchs this week.

8(-1). Manchester Monarchs- The monarchs high powered offense continues to be their trademark but their struggle against top teams continues to be an issue as frehzer (league leading 3.92ppg) put up only 1 point in a loss to the devils. The offense will need to be able to produce at a high level against top teams as the monarchs struggle to keep the puck out of their own net at times. They have big divisional games this week as they try to close in on the admirals for the top spot in the west division.

9(--). Adirondack Phantoms- The phantoms beat some good teams, and then lose to some bad teams. The phantoms took down the reeling wolves but lost in ot to both the marlies and the bruins. Blakfires hot start continues to cool off as he is now down to a .797sv% so the phantoms will need to rely on their up and coming offense to help out and not try to shoulder the load on the back end like they did to begin the season. Tough upcoming week with albany, syracuse, and wilkes-barre on the schedule.

10(+1). Texas Stars- The stars continue to contend for the west division from the basement but will need to step up their game if they wish to contend for the division as the admirals are trying to run away with it. The stars will have a chance this week to gain some ground on their division rivals as they play all 3 and have a fairly easy schedule the rest of the week with the exception of abbotsford.

11(+1). Portland Pirates- The pirates went 3-0-1 week 5 and look to get back on track after the rough time they’ve had since the loss of oticz. New addition arrowflinger looks to be a key contributor to their resurgence as s1lentsn1per looks to right his team, even stepping in net when needed and posting a beastly 6-1 record with a .857sv%. A tough upcoming week will show if the pirates can still contend in the west as they play all 3 division rivals and the wolves and heat.

12(-4). Hershey Bears- The bears have struggled as of late, going just 2-6-3 in their last 11 games. Week 5 saw the bears take a beating managing just a single point and failing to hold an opponent under 5 goals. They saw their goals allowed go from 5th to 11th in just 4 games, and the bears need to find their defensive dominance to give themselves the opportunity for some wins. The schedule gives them no relief, as they open against the baby pens and also play the devils, phantoms, rampage, and crunch.

13(+1). Grand Rapid Griffins- The griffins flipped a 1-3 week 4 into a 3-1 week 5. With their only loss coming at the hands of the red hot heat and with a convincing victory over the crunch, the griffins look to showcase their new defensive pairing of lakingsfaithful and danteluc. They will get tested early, as the griffins will play the 3 highest scoring teams in the league this week.

14(-1). Springfield Falcons- The Falcons toe the line of playoff team or non playoff team. The falcons have played solid lately, going 6-4 in their last 10 and 2-2 week 5. Smtoma improved his numbers slightly this past week to a .793sv% which bodes well for the falcons as their goalie has been improving slowly. With 5mil in cap space, look for the falcons to try to get that extra piece or two to make a them a contender.

15(--). Rockford Ice Hogs- The Ice Hogs had solid week 5 in djs first week as captain (make sure to check out the news team interview with him). They went 3-1 with their only loss going to the baby pens. With a couple solid wins against the monarchs and stars, dj looks to turn around his team and make them a playoff contender.

16(+1). Oklahoma City Barons- The barons had a good week 5 despite only going 2-2. They outshot the pirates 27 to 3 despite losing 1-0, and the other loss came at the hands of the admirals. The big game of the week for them was a win against a tough rampage team. The Barons will still need to step up their game if they want to make the playoffs.

17(-1). Rochester Americans- Another captain bites the dust for the americans, as AC panamark was dismissed this week. The americans continue to spiral downward, going just 1-3 week 5. New addition flight-airline looks to help right the ship in rochester and step into the starting role.

18(--). Bridgeport Sound Tigers- The sound tigers had a solid showing week 5, going 2-1-1 and they hope to continue that success going into next week. With not a lot of cap to work with, the sound tigers don’t look to be able to bring in a star from the phl to help out their cause, so look for them to make some trades to try to improve their team or their cap situation. Wednesday night will be a doozy for the sound tigers, as they play both the rampage and the baby pens.

19(--). Providence Bruins-  A 1-3 week for the bruins doesn’t look to get much better as the bruins start week 6 by the playing the crunch, the phantoms, the devils, and then the rampage. The back end has been a problem all year long, and goalies saicri (.714sv%) and copley (.665sv%) haven’t had much go their way.

20(--). St. Johns Icecaps- The icecaps snapped an 8 game losing streak by winning the final 2 games of the week, but find themselves at the bottom of the league. The dismissal of C joker sums up the icecaps start to the season, and new captain eithk will look to salvage what he can of the season, but finds himself in a deep hole.

21(-1). Binghamton Senators- Another disappointing week saw the senators go 1-3 and fire AC wvupens. Their one win did come at the hands of the crunch, but the senators have only gone 2-7-1 over the last 10. In a weak division that is giving them a shot to make the postseason, the senators are not answering the call but rather falling farther behind.

22(-1). Toronto Marlies- Another disappointing week saw the marlies go 1-3, and they sit at the bottom of the east. With no cap space available, it doesn’t look like the marlies have much hope of turning this season around, but if they can they do have the easiest division to have a possible run at.

23(--). Iowa Wild-  The wild had another tough week going 1-3, but they did manage to hand the baby pens just their 2nd regulation loss (3rd overall) and the first by more than just 1 goal. Despite that thrill, it doesn’t look like there’s much hope for the wild as they have very little cap available.

24(--). Utica Comets- Its been a rough year for the entire vancouver organization, and the comets kept it going with an 0-3-1 week. Another bottom feeder with barely any cap, it looks like the comets will spend the year fighting to get out of last place in the ahl.

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S7-PHL-Portland Winterhawks-Captain
         -Brian Kilrea Finalist (Coach of the Year)
         -VGHL News Team
S8-AHL-OKC Barons-Captain
         -VGHL News Team
         -Yanick Dupre Finalist
WC3-USA WEST-Captain (4th Place)
S9-NHL-Columbus Blue Jackets-Captain
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Hi everyone and thank you for coming back for another installment of our Player of the Week.

Since we had back to back 4 game weeks, I will be writing this article based off stats from both weeks combined.

Left Wing: The LW for this week was very hard to choose. In the end my choice goes to GUILBAULT27. He put up some really impressive numbers this week. While on what many consider the weakest team in the Eastern Conference. If he can keep it up, look for Winnipeg to begin making a steady push for a playoff spot.

Honorable mentions: Ovechkin8jr, JAY6219, IICheckmateII

Center: The clear favorite for C this week is jeff0012. Hes been putting up great numbers all season, so Im not at all surprised to see him here. If he can get his faceoff % higher, I think he could be a serious force to be reckoned with.

Honorable mentions: Mak-10TEN, Fluri37, CastroGstar

Right Wing:  The best RW this week, is also the highest point scorer for this week XILO_ATOMIK. Hes put up top numbers on a team in 10th place in the Western Conference. Lets see if they can keep it up and possibly move up a couple spots in the standings.

Honorable mentions:  GET_ON_UR_KNEES, MUDD_FLAPS, Greekelite

Left D: My pick for LD this week goes to F0R3IGN_0BJ3KT. He was the top point producer in Dmen this week. With a producer on the blue line, look for them to keep putting up points.

Honorable mentions:  BaYdee, SOCCAPLAYA11, xYUCKOx

Right D: The top pick for RD this week is Jezuz422. Good points, and a solid +/- 15. Easy pick. Look for him to keep it up as we approach the midway point of the season.


Goaltender: With an amazing two weeks coming in at 7-0 the G for this week is DK_Kassicus. A 1.66 GAA and an .806% with 1 SO is just amazing. Look for him to keep making an impact for his team.

Honorable mentions: Xx1DR_SWAGGER1xX, VanillahGorilla

By: xstcopleyx


Mesposito12 put in an outstanding week posting up 31 points in 5 games, consisting of 6.2ppg on the week for him and boosting his season total to 3.45ppg (8th overall).  He was also Mr.Clutch this week posting up 4 GWG in 5 wins this week.  This gave him a +/- of 16 this week, boosting his season +/- to 58 (T-2nd overall).  Mes also stayed out of the penalty box all week as well showing great discipline and making him stand out as a possible future #elite forward in the VGHL.


The supposed top prospect Dante_Luc is showing what he is capable of.  In a mere 3 games he showed great discipline and ability by posting up 00:00 Pims along with a +/- of 3 on a struggling Grand Rapids team.  He showed somewhat of an offensive side that he isn’t known for, averaging 1.33ppg this week, all on assists.  With only 10 hits in 3 games, Grand Rapids may have to look elsewhere to get some grit on their team that they desperately need.  Maybe to Dante’s D partner.


xS1LENT_SN1PERSx may have found his new permanent position.  He has played outstanding all season long in net, topping it off with an off the walls week for himself.  He posted up a rediculous .920 Save percentage with a huge 1-0 shutout win over the OKC Barons in which he stopped 27 shots while his team only posted up 3.  This left him with a 1.33 GAA on the week while going 3-0


Overall Player of The Week: Perk5TP2 4-0 / .896 sv% / 1.33 GAA / 1 SO

wasteaway44 2gp / 4G / 5A / +6 / 100 F/O % / 59 shooting %

In another short 4-game week, wasteaway44 of the Kitchener Rangers shined bright in his 2 games, contributing for 9pts, 1 in which he was a perfect 14 for 14 in the faceoff circle against a strong faceoff man, rinkrat1997. As he only has 4gp, Waste was involved in a huge 6-5 win over the Winterhawks the previous week in his 1gp, and this has been looking to be a great pickup for Smoke. As Kitchener sits up top of the East with a 10-2-4 record, expect wasteaway44 to be on the stats sheet for the remainder of his PHL games.

socotimmer 4gp / 1G / 4A / +5 / 16 hits / 0:00 PIM

As the Wheat Kings had a very successful 4-0 week, socotimmer was absolutely TREMENDOUS this week on LD for Brandon. He chipped in 5 points in his 4 games, maintaining a +5 and didn’t take a single penalty! He had only 3 minors called on him in his previous 6 games, so this guy shows great discipline, great aggression, as he nailed 16 hits in there, and overall, proved himself this week for the Wheat Kings as he nears his 10 games. Should be a great success moving on to the AHL as well.

Perk5TP2 4-0 / .896 sv% / 1.33 GAA / 1 SO

Well Well, where to begin? I’ll head straight to the facts. Brandon was 2-6-1 before they snagged Perk off PHL Waivers, and now they stand at 7-8-1! So this guy’s magnificent play in between the pipes has clearly given all the Wheat Kings players confidence that they can improve that team record, as it was rocky in the early going. Perk got his 1st PHL shutout this season against my team, the Oil Kings. I must say, we didnt have a whole lot of shots, but they were quality. He might have only faced 55 shots in 4 games(13.7/ Game), but he came up big when needed. 5-1, 1.59, .868 sv%, there’s literally NO goalie competition against Perk right now, well done! What a steal for Brandon…

Team of the Week Lineup:

LW- wasteaway44
C- Zack_321
RW- EsKiMo_xo
LD- socotimmer
RD- Qw3rty9401
G- Perk5TP2

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S8-AHL-OKC Barons-Captain
         -VGHL News Team
         -Yanick Dupre Finalist
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Interview and picture: Rain
Special Thanks: DJCyberJay

RaiN: First off just wanted to congratulate you and Flash-Foster on your new captain positions for Chicago Blackhawks's AHL affiliate Rockford Ice Hogs and thank you for your time today.

xxDj_CyBeR_JaYxx: Well thank you for that just love the league and being in any role, I am just happy to be part of it.  No problem just getting ready to play some NHL anyway lol

RaiN: Everybody wants to know, did you or any of the Ice Hogs see this coming at all? Was there any discussions or indicators prior to Linde and Lers relieving Ech3lon and Irish as captains?

xxDj_CyBeR_JaYxx: I don't think anyone on Rockford had any indication that was even being discussed let alone it happening.  When you are a player all you should focus on his being a good teammate and doing your job.  You can not worry about things that you cannot control.

RaiN: Being a former captain of the S7 PHL Guelph Storm, you already have a basic understanding of the rules, the league and how captaining a team works. What type of leadership qualities do you bring to Rockford?

xxDj_CyBeR_JaYxx: Well I am old and wise enough to know you don't know everything.   I have played hockey my whole life and had even coached for 5 years.  So my knowledge of the game and systems is good, but I am always open to suggestions as being a leader is also about listening to others and being open to ideas of your teammates.  As for the personal side of leading  you have to have a good balance of patience and respect .  Take the time to learn the personalities of your players and how to get the best out of them, after all VG is about winning no matter what peeps say as they keep stats for a reason lol but doing so with integrity is key for me.

RaiN: In S8, the Rockford Ice Hogs were able to reach the AHL Calder Cup Finals and defeat the Albany Devils to win AHL supremacy. Do you feel any pressure of repeating last seasons success?

xxDj_CyBeR_JaYxx: There is always pressure to repeat as that is what being competitive is about ... I myself put the most pressure on me.  I would love to once again bring the Calder to Rockford and share a championship with my team

RaiN: What are yours and Flash’s expectations of the new look Ice Hogs?

xxDj_CyBeR_JaYxx: I would have to say again to be successful cause lets face it, winning is what makes playing VG fun.  We want to create an environment where guys show up eager and happy to be part of the club and just get our jobs on the ice done as we all have roles on the team and in doing that the team will be successful.

RaiN: Already, the Chicago Blackhawks made a huge splash trading NHL forward CADILLACSTS along with AHL players The-WolfMann and G0000N_SWAG747 to Vancouver/Utica which cleared a ton of cap for your AHL team! How do you and Flash plan on utilizing the cap space? And are you willing to provide any information on specific positions or players you're targeting from the PHL that will help fill the gaps you currently have on your roster?

xxDj_CyBeR_JaYxx: First I have to give full credit to Linde and Lers on that trade as that has to be from league stand point an amazing deal to pull off as they achieved the most vital assets you can have in this league and that is cap space.  As for having the cap space its a long season and having cap space is key as the more freedom you have or cap space if you will allows you to make moves and better your team a lot easier than being at the mercy of the other captains in the AHL. lol  As for potential gaps to fill you can never have enough great goaltending and as we seen opening of the AHL eligible  free agents goalies were and always are in high demand.. so maybe next time we have enough to land one lol  

RaiN: Typically, a positive team environment and morale is what makes the VGHL fun and enjoyable for everyone regardless of winning or losing (although we all love to win). Knowing that there are many competitive and egotistical players out there, what types of players are you wanting to bring into your organization? Would you rather sign or acquire players based solely on performance level, or personality?

xxDj_CyBeR_JaYxx: The key to a good morale is having an entire team on the same page, giving everyone a role to contribute and feeling you can openly discuss things amongst  each other without alienating anyone on the team.  
As for the type of players good fit is key as those players will excel in good coached systems but don't get me wrong you always need a guy that can put the puck in the net lol.   So its again more of a balance but if you can not fit a guy no matter the skill level you have to make adjustments cause to do anything big in this league it takes a team to win not one guy.

RaiN: Which team in the AHL do you see your Ice Hogs having a competitive rivalry with? Why?

xxDj_CyBeR_JaYxx: We don't take any team lightly so i try to make everyone a rival so the boys see everyone as the enemy lol.  If the other team is the enemy then your teammate is your ally thus creating a tighter group.....   Only being captain less than a week not sure who hates us yet lol.   After a few more inter-confernece games i believe some rivalries will emerge as the standings start to dictate more and more the importance of the 2 points at hand.

RaiN: Are there any teams in the AHL you see as a potential threat?

xxDj_CyBeR_JaYxx: Everyone is a threat cause we need points but Wilkes, Chicago and Syracuse are off to great starts as well as San Antonio, Abbotsford and Norfolk but still early in the season and player changes, due to trades or call ups  can disrupt any team.  I hope we can hang tight with you boys the Penguins on Thursday night and stay in the game and get a lead before you realize the game is over lol.  Especially after all this will be printed lol

RaiN: Last but not least, you and Flash take over Rockford sitting only 2 points back of the 8th and final playoff spot in the Western Conference. Although it is too early to project, but if you had to predict, which place in the standings do you see Rockford finishing the season at?

xxDj_CyBeR_JaYxx: As a goal you can only see your team winning every game or you are not believing in what you are trying to build as a team and  yes even the ones scheduled against the mighty Penguins lol and even though its early we have dug a little hole we have to climb out of.   I will be very pleased to make the playoffs and challenging for home ice advantage at least in the early rounds lol as anything can happen then all you have to do is qualify.

RaiN: Thanks again DJ for your time, best of luck to you, Flash and Rockford with the on the rest of the season. See you on the ice.

xxDj_CyBeR_JaYxx: No problem, good luck to you boys in Wilkes-Barre as well.  Ps no using the interview to get an advantage on us Thursday, as I did this for the better of the league not my team lol.  Therefore you can not use it to get your boys eager and hungry lol....... See you there buddy .. And thanks again

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With the week divided into two parts there is a lot to cover in the New Area Codes subject of these weeks in review.

All player stats from the trades will be from before play on Week 4.


The Vancouver Canucks and Boston Bruins were part of a three player deal that saw xYuckox (13 points in 17 games with a -24 for the last place Nucks) in exchange for SinWin (11 points with 10 assists in 14 games) and Shystiee.

The Detroit Red Wings and Philadelphia Flyers completed a mega-deal involving six players including two AHL players that could shake up both teams going forward. KARLSSON_MVP (19 points and a +7 for the Flyers) and Killshort99 (10 points and 12 points in 7 games) to the Wings for SOCCAPLAYA11 (25 points and a +11) and ninjatoker_420.

A three-team deal saw the St. Louis Blues pick up two draft picks for next years' rebuild process as well as Sick_Chewbacca while the Tampa Bay Lightning pick up sic_snake and jaymz39 and the Anaheim Ducks pick up IIXOSHIE_74XII.

And the Washington Capitals pick up a starting goalie in a trade that was Murloc-Death (.777 SV% and a 2.56 goals against) from the Buffalo Sabers for NYIsles3 (15 points and a 58% Face Off).

In other deals; the Phoenix Coyotes traded COUTURE2FAT2FLY and GUILBAULT27 for Foxpresentation and a Season 10 draft pick; the Calgary Flames ship newly acquired Goodfella146 (formerly of the Blues AHL affiliate) for Executioner-_-53 and Pittsburgh's draft pick in a deal that returns Goodfella to the St. Louis organization. And finally the Chicago Blackhawks move CADILLACSTS (21 points and a -10) to the Canucks for Shystiee and DEADANT.


The Anaheim Ducks started off their week strong beating the Capitals 3-1 while outshooting them 19-7. AhL_Allstar-3 was solid in what work he had making 6 of 7 stops, while RiseOfTheNinja led all scorers with 3 points with a goal and two assists.

The New Jersey Devils and the Red Wings dueled on Wednesday posting near identical numbers in Hits and Time on Attack. The difference in the game was a goal from the blue line courtesy of newly acquired Karlsson_MVP, Skillszy added 3 points while CulDeSacc had a pair of goals and two assists for a four point night. Mak-10Ten had three assists for the Devils.

And in two upsets the St.Louis Blues defeat the Florida Panthers 3-2 in a game that saw them outshoot the Panthers 20-6. VEGARIDGE scored all three goals for the Blues while XzDEADLYxNASTYzX made saves on 17 of 20 shots.

While the Vancouver Canucks upset the Pittsburgh Penguins in a tightly contested defensive (though not goaltending) battle. The Pens scored on 3 of their 7 shots while the Nucks scored on 4 of their 6. etthan had a hat-trick and 4 points while every Canuck in the starting lineup had at least 1 point. Minus the goalie.

The Black Hawks dismantled the Sabers 8-1 in a game that saw l9l-STAMKOS-l1lC suspended for quitting on his team. Stamkos has a history if suspensions when he was given 2 games for diving at the goalie in the now infamous Islanders-Sabers game. D_Sulli16 had 3 goals and 5 points in the win, while every player in a Chicago jersey had at least 4 points.

Team Owner Postal released a comment to the News Team. "We're disappointed in his actions that hurt the team. We can only hope that he will make better choices in the future. No one player is above the rest and Stamkos has had warnings. I'm sure I can speak for the rest of us (when I say) we all want him playing as he can be a big part of the team."

The Canucks continued to try to bring their season back to respectability with a win over the Winnipeg Jets 2-1. whodi829 made 11 saves in the loss while Acrobatic_beast stole the show making saves on 10 of 11 shots in the win. xkonvictedx238 put home the game winner.

In another goalie battle the Tampa Bay Lightning outlast the Minnesota Wild in overtime winning 2-1 on a goal from JEWOFCANADA. Mesmerize-_- made 13 saves on 14 shots to capture the victory for his Lightning while chrono526 stopped 12 of 14 in the loss.

And finally, the Los Angeles Kings and Boston Bruins fought to a 10-5 game in favour of the Kings. The game is made noteworthy only due to XILO_ATOMIK who had six goals and nine points while DD_Decimation, who has recently been sent down to the Manchester Monarchs, had a goal and an assist.

The Vancouver Canucks, clawing their way to respectability, pulled off two wins on the night, over two prospective playoff teams. The first, a 2-1 win over the Red Wings in which richa1992 made 12 saves on 13 shots and CADILLACSTS scored both goals. The second being a 5-4 win over the Columbus Blue Jackets where BONES955 and CADILLACSTS each had five points on identical scorelines of 2 goals, 3 assists, 5 points, +2, with 4 shots and 2 hits... CADILLACSTS scored the game winner.

New Jersey pulled out the 5-1 win despite being on the defensive for over nine minutes of game-time. The Panthers seemed to have controlled the puck and the shots on goal but being unable to convert on four chances on the powerplay while the Devils went 2/3 with the man advantage. ||ChEcKMaTe|| had a hat-trick in the win while bomberanuxo and Mak-10ten added one a piece.

Hurrying along, the Blackhaws beat the Stars 3-2 on the back of LINDE94's two goals, including the game winner. The St. Louis Blues beat the Kings 4-3, VEGARIDGE had four points, Real_Deal18 had two goals and an assist, and MACH-ONE21 scored the game winner on the third of his three points. And finally, the Sabers beat the Pens 5-4 on a third period goal from LaPlante94 (his second of two). All Sabers players had at least 2 points, and all but one scored a goal in the win. jeff0012 had a hat-trick in the loss (while all Pens also had at least a point).

In a rematch of Week 4's opening night, the Ducks and Capitals faced off once again. This time, the difference favoured the Caps as they take the game 3-1. Newly acquired Murloc-Death seems to enjoy the defense in Washington as he made 8 of 9 saves attempts in the win. laydownfool61 scored the game winner finishing the night with 2 goals and 3 points. mcleve913 scored the Ducks lone goal.

The Ducks however would go on to beat the Flyers 3-2 to finish off the week. The difference in the game was discipline as the Ducks took no penalties while the Flyers took four, two of which the Ducks scored on. walllle919 made 8 saves in the win, RiseOfTheNinja scored two in the win. The Caps would go on to stomp on the Wings 6-3. laydownfool had an incredible 5 goal night while BaYdee had four assists in the win.

The Senators beat the Blackhawks 2-1 in double overtime. Xx1DR_SWAGGER1xX made 13 saves on 14 shots while RUSTYTROMBONE7 scored the game winning goal. Lers780 made 17 saves in the loss.

The Florida Panthers would go on to take advantage of what may have been a drained Blackhawks team winning 6-2 in their matchup to end the night. COORSI88 scored 3 goals and added a pair of assists for 5 points while XzDEADLYxNASTYzX made 9 saves in the win.

And finally, the Dallas Stars beat the Buffalo Sabers 5-0 to record Danger-Rally's fifth shutout of the season. BARYS_SNIPIN scored two goals and had five points while ReJecTz_ReaPeRz added a goal and 3 points in the win.


The Hershey Bears Trade:
xX-S-P-i-D-eR-Xx - starting center .5m

The St. Johns Icecaps Trade:
M_u_r_p_h_y_87 - Starting LD 2mil

hitman1342 ELC to st.louis blues

joshb12345 moved up from rochester to buffalo, weaking rochesters offense

Lots of teams getting in trouble for new rule 7.1.4 (not allowed to have a player on IR for more than 3 weeks unless you contact the PA)

Rockford trades:
sirpaco13        .250m

to Iowa for:
OATMEAL_CK     .500m
tpblue              .500m

AHL Manager Buyout

St. John's - JOKER554
Rochester - PanaMark
Binghamton - WVU7_PENS87

hershey trades:
S_3th-98 1.75 mil

to rockford for:
BladeZero2040 .500 mil
NOFATCHIX13 .250 mil

The providence bruins welcomed in the Norfolk admirals. In a game where the offence was on fire providence who was led on the offensive end by I2-Saad-0I Who got 2 goals and an assist in the game. Norfolk was led by deadlykush204 Who had 2 goals and an assist. Providence would end up stealing this ot game in ot 5-4.

The adirondack phantoms took on the Portland pirates. Adirondack played a very good game as they took this game 5-0 and seemed to have everything going their way in this on. Led by xS7LENT_SN7PERSx who got 2 goals and 2 assists as well as teammate czechmate_ Who also had 2 goals and 2 assists. The goalie BlaKFire6616 got a 11 save shutout.

San Antonio had a game against Chicago. In a game where chadzbadd had redemption on his mind after the wolves got rid of him. Chad with the help of his teammates led by dankchank Who had 2 goals and 3 assists. San Antonio who going by the stats had been the better team took this game with a score of 6-2

The Toronto marlies hosted the Texas stars in a game where Texas put a lot of shots on but had a hard time scoring well the marlies put the puck in the back of the net 5 times. The stars scored 3 times on 26 shots meanwhile the marlies 5 on 13 shots. BUDBLAZERS  led the marlies with 4 assists. Cpt_Scooby scored 3 goals. tabbs85 made 23 saves on 26 shots posting a .885 sv%.

Portland walked into game 2 looking for their 1st goal of the night. WBS goaltender Krilla92 Made 11 saves and didn't let one by for a shutout.

Only 2 games on Thursday caught my attention and those games were the baby penguins vs Chicago wolves and adirondack vs Chicago wolves

WBS defeated the wolves 7-4 in a game that many people had known as game of the week. In a game that was much closer then 7-4 ix-RaiN-iv was able to lead his team to victory with 4 goals and 1 assist. WBS ecu also played very well with a 3 goal and 2 assist game.

Adirondack took the wolves to ot and then won it 5-4. xS7LENT_SN7PERSx Got 3 goals and an assist and czechmate_ got 1 goal and an assist to lead adirondack to victory.


the toronto marlies came out with a 3-2 victory in ot over adirondack. Cpt_Scooby Scored 2 goals and put on an assist to get help get the win for the marlies.

Rockford took on Manchester. Rockford  led by KingAj25 And his 4 assists took the win against Manchester.

The okc barons lost to Portland pirates 1-0 in a game where goalie xS1LENT_SN1PERSx Made 27 saved for the 1-0 shutout victory. Portland who was outshot 27-3 somehow stole 2 points from okc.

The Binghamton senators took 2 points from the Syracuse crunch the Binghamton ECU Njay19 had a goal and 4 assists that led Binghamton to the victory against Syracuse 5-4.

The providence bruins hosted the adirondack phantoms. The bruins seemed to be the better team going off stats. They outshot the phantoms 17-8 7:27-4:35 the phantoms out attacked providence. Providence ended up sending the home fans happy with a 3-2 win.


The okc barons beat the San Antonio rampage 3-2 goaltender g4threepwood Made 13 Svs on 15 shots to help okc win this game.

The Grand Rapids griffins beat the Syracuse crunch 4-0 in a game where. Grand Rapids put 18 shots on net to the crunch 6 as the crunch dominated time on attack. breeskkyy94 got a 6 save shutout. slapshot1997 Got 1 goal and 2 assists led the offence for griffins.

The big upset of the week was a game where the Iowa wild beat the WBS penguins 4-1 myers03 Led the Iowa offence with 1 goal and 2 assists goaltender. Twistedhz69 made 9 saves on 10 shots for a .900 sv%

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S7-PHL-Portland Winterhawks-Captain
         -Brian Kilrea Finalist (Coach of the Year)
         -VGHL News Team
S8-AHL-OKC Barons-Captain
         -VGHL News Team
         -Yanick Dupre Finalist
WC3-USA WEST-Captain (4th Place)
S9-NHL-Columbus Blue Jackets-Captain
          -VGHL News Team

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Johndon613 dominated this week, posting up 11 goals and 8 assists in 4 games for the Monarchs.  Him, Frehzer, and TimOertel88 are combining for a miraculous offense in Manchester.  Johndon had a +/- of 6 and an insanely accurate 52% shooting percentage to add to his totals this week.  He is really justifying his contract, becoming the key piece to help manchesters run this season.


At defense this week we have JJ_0489.  Another guy who looks to be justifying his cheaper contract.  He had a +/- of 7 and averaged 2.25 ppg, helping San Antonio get back into their groove after a tough week.  Did he win the starting job at LD for them, or will they pick up a new LD from the PHL with all of their cap space?


Disturbance420 is showing us why he decided to switch over to goalie this season.  He posted up an outstanding .891 save percentage and only allowing a 1.45 GAA in a huge week for both himself and his team, going 4-0-0.  We now know someone who won’t be going after a goalie from the PHL in the upcoming weeks after this performance.  I had the oppurtunity to speak with the busy man for a brief moment.

(xstcopleyx; Prov Bruins C): Disturbance, this is your first season as goalie correct?  What do you think helped you in your success this season so far and ultimately this outstanding week?
Disturbance420: Yes this would be my first season in net. I would have to thank my team that i had in front of me especially my defence being Tuffy727 and SamoanLaxer818.


Overall Player of The Week: ScottyBoy55 9G / 7A / 16pts / +14


ScottyBoy55 ( Portland )
In the short 4 game week, Scotty stands out as the most outstanding once again. With 56 points in 11 games( 28G , 28A ), this guy has been by far the most dangerous player in the first 2 weeks of the PHL season. He will contribute the same and be just as dangerous in the AHL and NHL in the future, if you ask me. This week, he had 16 points in 3 games played; The one game Portland didnt play Scotty this week, they lost a heartbreaker to Kitchener.. so that shows alot of the effect Scotty brings to the ice. He’ll be bid on for AHL in no time, so the question is .. can jdheagle, captain zack_321, iTzzDuubie and the rest of the Portland crew find a way to fill the spot of Scotty’s ability on the ice?

Honorable Mention: zack_321 ( Portland ) 3G / 17A / 20pts / +13 / 55% Faceoffs


LAKingsFaithfull ( Edmonton )
1G / 3A / +11 / 2:00 PIM
Through my observations, Me(Moneyshot) being the Owner of the team this player played for in his 10 PHL games, his 4 games this week defined who he is as a player. He was in near-perfect position every time the opposition was in our defensive zone. Other than 1 rocky game against the Steelheads, he was pin-point. He has great self-discipline, as he only took one 2 minute minor in 4 games, and only four 2 minute minors in his 10 games total. It will be tough replacing this player, and to any AHL Captains/Assistants reading, Kings is an outstanding 2-Way playing defenseman, and he tries 110%! Best RD this week.

Honorable Mention: ARROWFLINGER77( Niagara ) 1G / 4A / +8 / 2PIM


Njdevils786 ( Rouyn-Noranda )
0-2 / .774 / 5.00 gaa
Although your first thought when you see those stats is “wow those are ugly” realize that , this guy faced 44 shots in 2 games, and faced 78 in his previous 4! He even maintained a .77 save % then. With an 0-6 record, this guy deserves a team that can get him wins in the future! He faced 2 top teams in Edmonton and Kitchener in his 2 games this week, and came up big both games, but his team couldn’t make his work show. AHL Captains reading, this is a hell of a goalie!

Honorable Mention: flight-airline 3-1 / .797 sv% / 2.26 gaa / 45 shots faced

PHL Team of The Week:

Rw : xi-moneyshot-ix
C : zack_321
Lw : ScottyBoy55
Rd : LAKingsFaithfull
Ld : o07sniped
G : Njdevils786

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S7-PHL-Portland Winterhawks-Captain
         -Brian Kilrea Finalist (Coach of the Year)
         -VGHL News Team
S8-AHL-OKC Barons-Captain
         -VGHL News Team
         -Yanick Dupre Finalist
WC3-USA WEST-Captain (4th Place)
S9-NHL-Columbus Blue Jackets-Captain
          -VGHL News Team

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1. Toronto Maple Leafs - This week 4-0 Last Week 6-1-1

The leafs continue to roll, Going 4-0 this week, Winning 2 close OT  games, 4-3 win over the Ducks and 2-1 win over Detroit, Rich2k8 has  another solid week with 4gp 5g 4a 9pts, His other winger DaSn1pa  putting up solid numbers also 4gp 3g 8a 11pts, This team is clicking  really well, They seem hard to beat, They have a commanding lead over  the division right now.  

 TEAM MVP: DK_Kassicus GP: 4 W: 4 L:0 GAA: 1.22 SAVE %: .848    Next Week Prediction: 4-0

   2. Philadelphia Flyers - This Week 4-1 Last Week 4-4  

   The Flyers regain the #2 spot going 3-1 this week, They didnt have a  very hard schedule, They beat a good Minnesota team 5-1 and lose 4-2 to  the Ducks, The other 2 games they were expected to win, They seem to be  improving each week, Fluri, Snipeshow and Venom seem to got it going  this week, They all put up a good amount of points between the 3,  Another solid week from VanillahGorilla also,    

 TEAM MVP: JPH_Venom GP: 5 G: 5 A: 13 PTS: 18    Next Week Prediction: 3-1  

3. Washington Capitals - This Week 1-3 Last Week 6-2

    The Capitals have a let down week going 1-3, Their only win coming  against the Blue Jackets 4-3 OT, Chitownmobstr had a rough week in net  going 1-3 with a 3.90 GAA ..704% You just wont win games with that kind  of goaltending, He needs to step it up if the Capitals want to bounce  back next week, Their star player Laydownfool61 4gp 4g 2a 6pts, I  expect him to have a better week next week.    

TEAM MVP: Hockeyman_16king GP: 4 G: 3 A: 6 PTS: 9    
Next Week Prediction 2-2

 4. Pittsburgh Penguins - This Week 3-1 Last Week 4-4

    Penguins have a good week going 3-1 moving up to the 4th seed, They  win a close game against the Ducks 1-0, Believe_vlady getting the SO,  He only faced 6 shots against the high powered Ducks, The only loss  comes from the Canucks 4-3, Dont think anyone expected them to lose  that 1, Nobody stood out more than the other this week for the Penguins  point wise, It seems they have played good D and everyone chips in on  offense.  

TEAM MVP: Jezuz422 GP: 4 G: 1 A: 1 PTS 2 +6    Next Week Prediction 3-1

5. Florida Panthers - This Week 0-4 Last Week 6-2

    Panthers go 0-4 this week dropping to the 5th seed in the standings,  They lose 2 close games 3-2 to the Blackhawks and 3-2 to the Blues in  OT, They got blown out 6-1 against the Flames,  They bring in  Mc_Dreamyyyy for 2 games in net and he does horrible 0-2 5.00 GAA .706%  Deadlynasty did good even without a win 0-2, 2.00 GAA .882%, Seems the  team was struggling to score this week.  

 TEAM MVP: BallaChick3 GP: 4 G: 1 A: 5 PTS: 6    Next Week Prediction 2-2  

6. Boston Bruins - This Week 3-1 Last Week 3-4-1    

 Bruins have a much better week going 3-1, They beat the powerhouse  Dallas 4-3 in OT, They also get blown out by LA in a game that either  had no Defense or No Goaltending 10-5, GreekElite has a solid week  2gp  3g 6a 9pts, Herky also goes 2-0 1.00 GAA .909%, This team seems to  either be really good or really bad, They need to get on the same page  sometime soon.    

TEAM MVP: Ovechkin8jr GP: 4 G: 8 A: 7  PTS 16     Next Week Prediction 2-2  

7. Tampa Bay - This Week 3-1 Last Week 2-6  

    The Lightning have a much better week going 3-1, Winning 2 close  games in OT against the Blackhawks and Minnesota, They also got blown  out by Dallas 6-1, Mesmerize goes 2-0 in net with 1.37 GAA .864%, They  had solid play all around, Finally getting a few goals scored to win  some games, The new Dman added to the team via trade Sic_Snake gets 4  assists in his debut game.    

TEAM MVP: Enceladus-Strike GP: 4 G: 4 A: 6 PTS: 10    
Next Week Prediction 2-2    

8. Ottawa Senators  - This Week 4-0 Last Week 2-6

     Ottawa has a good week going 4-0, They beat a good Phoenix team 5-0,  A  close 2-1 game against the Blues, It seems the forward line of Jay6219,  Rustytrombone and Mudd_Flaps have been clicking, They combine for 36pts  in 4 games, The high powered offense we expected from the Senators is  coming to life. xXDrSwaggerXx Has a solid week in net going 4-0 1.00  GAA .882%.    

TEAM MVP: Jay6219 GP: 4 G: 6 A: 6 PTS: 12
   Next Week Prediction 3-1

9. New Jersey Devils - This Week 2-2 Last Week 4-4

     The Devils have a even week going 2-2, They lose a high scoring game  6-5 in OT to the Flames, The goaltending was not very solid again this  week, Biglamb420 goes 2-2 with 3.64 GAA .717%, Checkmate and Mak-10  Carried the load on offense combining for 21pts in 4 games, They seem  to be scoring some goals, Either need to get better on the defensive  side or look for a new answer in net.    

TEAM MVP: BigYan_ GP: 2 G: 6 A: 2 PTS: 8    Next Week Prediction 1-3  

10. New York Islanders - This Week 0-3-1 Last Week 4-3-1

    The islanders have a bad week going 0-3-1, They lose a close game 2-1  to DET and 2-1 to Phoenix, They get shutout 3-0 against the Blue  Jackets, The offense seems to continue to struggle to score any goals,  The team D and Goaltending seems to be there, Just need to get  something going on offense,    

TEAM MVP: mikefleury29 GP: 2 W: 0 L:0 2.50 GAA .783%    Next Week Prediction - 1-3    

11. Buffalo Sabres - This Week 1-3 Last Week 5-1-2

    It seems every game this week for the Sabres has been high scoring,  They have shown to be able to put up some goals, But what good is that  going to do if you cant play any D or get any goaltending to win games,  They trade Murloc who was probably the teams only decent goalie, Not  sure if its looking good from here for the Sabres.    

TEAM MVP: Joshb12345 GP: 3 G: 7 A:2 PTS: 9    
Next Week Prediction 1-3    

 12. Winnipeg Jets - This Week 2-2 Last Week 0-7

     The Jets finally get some wins, They beat Dallas 3-2, Which is a   shocker, Dont think anyone expected that, Dallas prob felt over   confident and took the Jets way to lightly, These things happen, Jets   lose the Toilet Bowl to the Canucks 2-1, 2 wins is a big positive for   this team, Its almost the allstar break, Might be a little to late for   a playoff chance.  

TEAM MVP: ToSlick GP: 3 G: 6 A: 4 PTS: 10                                
Next Week Prediction 1-3


#1)DETROIT RED WINGS 3-1 (2OT games)
Last Week (3) -- This Week (1)
Detroit picked up 7 out of 8 available points this week, in what was a short week for the VGHL. Their huge victory over Washington, first in the southeast division, gives them the edge in the power ranking this week. They also battled Toronto hard, who is first place in the east, losing 2-1 in overtime. Team leader PEERLESS picked up 5 goals last week to lead the team in goals and Skillszy picked up 9 assists to lead the Wings in points. Nevernavok  was a perfect 3-0 last week, proving he deserved the goalie of the week honors. Next week they play Minesota and Capitals again , it will be interesting to see if they can keep the ball rolling.
Next Week Prediction: 3-1

Team MVP - PEERLESS (5 goals, 2 assists, 9 points in 4 games)

Last Week (1) - This Week (2)

Dallas has 133 goals for the season, which leads the league and they also have only allowed a stunning 52 goals which also leads the league. The Stars are still in first place in the Western conference but despite all that slip one spot in the Power rankings for losing a close game to the last place, 5-22-1 Winnipeg Jets. They beat a tough Lightning team pretty well 6-1 and stomped a struggling Sabers team 8-1 but also lost to a struggling Boston team in overtime. DangerRally is always tough in net but only played two games. It should be noted that they used an ECU in the loss to the Jets. With Reject_Reapers (13 points) being a scoring maching and good goaltending on the back end, we expect  Dallas to be back to number one soon. Barry_Snipin Center helps out VxWoytkiw8xv  and the Defense making Dallas a tough team to face. They have a light schedule next week, except for the Lightning
Next Week Prediction: 3-1

Team MVP - GET_ON_UR_KNEES (6 goals, 9 assists, 15 points in 4 games)

Last Week (3) -- This Week (5)

Anaheim had huge wins versus Washington and Philadelphia last week and only lost to Toronto in OT, bumping them up on the power rankings. Their only regulation loss was to the Pittsburgh Penguins. They are second in the Pacific Division behind Dallas and 4th in the Western Conference. RiseofTheNinja (8pts)and Mcleve (6pts) continue to put up numbers and AHL_All_star (2.00 gpg) is solid for a rookie in net. Coming off big wins last week, the league could be I trouble if they are just now heating up. Edmonton, Philly and Washington will put them to the test this week
Next Week Prediction: 2-2

Team MVP – RiseOfTheNinja  (2 Goals 6 Assists 8points in 4 games)

Last Week (7) -- This Week (4)

A good week for this team.  Penguins2013 was a solid 3-1 in net as usual. Penguins2013 was #1 in the West in win loss column last week.   F0R3IGN_0BJ3KT (8points) and usermike(3ppg) continue to put up numbers for the Flames. Zogood and  thegdawg34 are solid defensive players. This all makes the Flames a tough opponent and a team opponents should n ot be taking lightly. We will see what Calagary is made of when they face Anaheim and Pheonix next week.
Next Week Prediction: 2-2

Team MVP- RD thegdawg34  (4gp, 2G 4a 6 pts)

Last Week (2) -- This Week (5)

Despite being 2nd in the western conference and 18-6-4 overall, the Wild slip to 5th place in the power rankings (still not a bad place to be) due to a 1-3-1 week. They played an extra game, a reschedule – it was an Overtime loss to the Blues. While losing to Philly and Tampa Bay is nothing to be ashamed of, they also lost to struggling Boston and St  Louis teams. They have a lot of great players but will have to continually prove themselves as the season rolls along. TheBigSpoon (1-1) and Chrono (0-3) are good in net, but Chrono who was winless last week has to be better for the wild to stay top five in the power rankings. With games against Detroit and Florida next week, the teams mettle will be put to the test.
Next Week Prediction: 2-2

Team MVP - CHhTownMenace (5g 5a 10pts in five games)

Last Week (6) -- This Week (6)

Phoenix had a tough week, lbut losing to the Maple Leafs, top in the Eastern Conferance is nothing to be ashamed of. T hey also lost to the Senators, who are surging and went 4-0 last week, and a very tough Pittsburgh Penguins team. They had a tough strength of schedule last week so hold onto 6th in the power rankings. BostonHydro went 1-2 in net and needs to get better but got the team their only win last week.. Franchise goalie and GM PNCPark2k  played in 2 games and was equally ineffective allowing 4gpg and going 0-2. They also lost to a struggling Blues team.Overall though they had a tough schedule and we expect them to get back to their winning ways. Everyone was a minus last week on their team so BostonHydro gets the MVP with his one win.  They have a tough schedule again next week so will have to get it together to in the playoff race.
Next Week Prediction: 2-2

Team MVP - BOSTONHYDRO  (1 Win and 2.00 gpg)

Last Week (4) -- This Week (7)

The Oilers had an easier schedule this week than Phoenix and also went 1-3, so slipped in the power rankings this week. The Oilers have a whopping 95 goals which puts them #2 in the West in goals scored but they also have allowed 95  goals which makes them average in their own end. They are able to score in bunches, but have struggled in their own end and are 5-5 the last 10 games to show for it. Goaltender DirtyDangles had an uncharacteristic 5 goals against per  game last week. YouMadBro and Kylej83 had 13 points and 10 points respectively, which is good but were a minus 7 for the week. They are going to need better defensive play in order to climb back up the power rankings. Illuminati_XIX and PUCKU33  are good defenders and should help get the team back on track, but it takes a full team effort to play good defensively. The Oilers schedule gets tougher next week and they will have to step it up to get back on track.
Next Week Prediction: 1-3

Team MVP PUCKU33  (RD 4 Games 7points 1.75 ppg)

Last Week (11) -- This Week (8)

The Kings had, what was for them, a good week. Hard to figure out how they can lose to Krusher33 horrendous team, the Winnipeg Jets and then beat a red hot Sobo Brothers Washington Capitals squad. The win over the caps give them the edge in the power rankings. The Kings are only 5 points from 8th place and at 5-5 in the last 10 are playing much better hockey.  With that win over the Crapitals the Kings have something to hang their hats on and can feel optimistic about making a playoff run.  On Pape rthey have a great set of defensman with KingForrest leading the way with graham_scott but with 98 goals against, puts them near the bottom of the pack anyway. XILOAtomix is an excellent winger but they will need more help. That being said 10-16-2 is not bad considering they started out the season 1-8. McDizzle and Rockin Robbie need better performance by their team, cant have one person (XILO) carrying the offense in this league.  They have a light schedule next week and should be able to move into playoff contention with better team effort next week.
Next Week Prediction: 3-1

Team MVP - XILO_ATOMIC (10 goals, 7 assists, 17 points 4ppg)

Last Week (9) -- This Week (9)

Chicago who failed to make the playoffs last year, Like the LA Kings had a bad start (1-6) to the season but have been playing better as of late. That being said they will have a tough time holding there spot in the Conference. They beat Florida and then played a tough Tampa Bay team tight only losing in Overtime, which can be seen as a morale victory. Then they beat up on a a struggling Sabers team by a score of 8-1 and then lost to the surging Ottawa Senators.  They had a light schedule last week but moving forward their schedule gets tough facing Dallas and a hungry L.A. Team. Dallas is very tough and L.A. Could give them fits as the Kings try get into that 8th spot next week. Moon Doe and Lers780 were each 1-1 last week and they will need better than average goaltending if they want to make the playoffs this year. D_Sulli16 is a bright spot on the team offensively and DO_THE_EVOLUTION  seems to be playing well in the defensive zone. But a minus 21 point differential is near the bottom of the league and they will have to do something to see a marked improvement and fend off teams like the Kings, Blues and Blue Jackets.
Next Week Prediction: 0-4

Team MVP – D_Sulli16  (6 goals, 4 assists, 10 points in 4games played)

Last Week (8) -- This Week (10)

CBJ only played three games last week and had a reschedule verse Krushers33's (who is laying an egg for the second year in a row) embarrassingly bad Jets team, which is too bad as they could have used the easy win. One of those losses  that Columbus suffered though came in OT vs a tough Capitals opponent, which can be seen as a morale victory. Something they can hang their hats on. They have an easier schedule with two games vs the jets and last place Vancouver team upcoming and can likely leap frog over Chicago for 8th place. HailtotheVictors comes off the IR and gets his first NHL shutout vs a tough Islanders opponent. He is still unproven at 8.5 mil as well as forking out 4.25 million for unproven rookie Kylebr333(who is a -7), You have to wonder what they were thinking paying so much for unproven rookies. They are the second worst team defensively allowing 105 goals this season so far. On paper they have some great players, but it has not translated to victories on the ice yet.  BigTizzle and Jslivers are good GM's though and likely have a plan. With good players like madmax, elyndil and  swiftdefeat Columbus looks to improve as the season goes on. They will need to take advantage of their weak schedule this upcoming week.
Next Week Prediction: 3-1-1

Team MVP - XxMadmax94xX (3 goals, 2 assists, 5 points in 2 GP)

Last Week (12) -- This Week (11)

Vancouver managed to go 2-2 this week. They had a good week, barely losing to Philly then in a battle for whose the worst beat out the abysmal Jets 2-1. Also they won versus a Good Pittsburgh Penguin team. So for that they go 2-2 and squeeze out of the basement and into #11 on the power rankings. xMagic19 leads the way on offense for the Canucks and they have some solid defensman in SINWIN and Ggcampbell13  Beast has had an up and down season in Net but at 2-2 last week he might be the player to stabilize the team and bring in some wins.  No delusions about making the playoffs this year, but the Canucks are definitely playing better and based on their play deserve a reprieve from the bottom spot. They have a very tough week ahead of them 2-2 would be a huge success for the franchise next week.
Next week Prediction 1-3

Team MVP - Acrobatic_beast (2 Wins in Net)

Last Week (9) -- This Week (12)

They had two reschedules this week and were 2-0 with the rescheduled games . In one reschedule they took the WILD to OT and beat Phoenix in reschedules. I dont know whats going on with this team but they were 1-3 without the rescheduled games and have been the center of controversy. GAYPHISH is a good dude and a good GM, so who knows what is going on behind the scenes. They moved down going 1-3 last week and were nudged out by the 2-2 Canucks. Despite going 1-3 last week two of the losses were by only one goal but the win they had to get in OT. They have been terrible defensivly and recently aquiried  SICK_CHEWBACCA (And his $3.500 salary) didnt seem to help last week. Still they have good players on the roster like Real_Deal18 and should be able to turn things around. They are only 3 points out of 8th spot and can get back to playoff form with a few good weeks. Things dont get any easier for them next week as they face Dallas and Toronto two number one seeds. But we don’t expect them to stay #12 very long.
Next week Prediction 2-2

Team MVP VEGARIDGE 8g 4a 12 pts in 6games.


1(+1). Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguins- The baby pens remain the team to beat as they sit at an impressive 26-1-1. With wins over the rampage, crunch, and wolves, the baby pens are the real deal. Led up front by rains 3.46ppg and league leading 11 gwg the baby pens offense is 4th in goals for. If you were wondering how they would fare after a trade sent away star goalie hitman, you should know they still have the fewest goals against. Krilla has stepped into the starting role after being traded from the wolves and has been solid in net and seeing his sv% raise to .817 to go along with his league leading 19 wins.

2(+1). San Antonio Rampage- The rampage continue their success on the backs of class and dank and solid defense. Class (league leading 95 points and 244 hits) leads the 6th ranked offense and the rampages back end holds opponents to the 2nd fewest goals. With wins over the crunch and wolves, the rampage have established themselves as a top ahl team. Take note that the rampage have freed up a lot of cap so look for them to make some splashes from the upcoming phl pool.

3(+1). Syracuse Crunch- With losses to both the penguins and the rampage, the crunch sit as the 3rd of the big 3 in the east. Spezza (league leading 19 PP goals) and gointodashow (3.44 ppg) lead the 3rd highest scoring offense and the back end with the 3rd fewest goals allowed is netted by jetter (2nd in league with 15 wins and .843sv%).

4(-3). Chicago Wolves- With the loss of captain goodfella and netminder hitman to the nhl the wolves are looking less intimidating than they were a week ago. After going 1-2-1 this past week, homer will look to rebound his high powered wolves. The wolves continue to boast the most potent offense led by robieberto (3.88ppg), homer (3.63ppg), and diercyk (3.33ppg). The question looking forward is how their defense and goaltending losses will be filled in to keep them dominant. Look for the wolves to still be a top team in a weak western conference.

5(+4). Albany Devils- The devils have looked strong recently fueled by the addition of comeatme (3.83ppg) the offense has really started to click as they are tied for the 6th most goals. AC maze (3.36ppg) has benefitted from their new arrival and sentinel keeps the defense honest. Noskills (.811sv%) continues to play solid in net for the devils.

6(+2). Norfolk Admirals- The admirals followed up a perfect 8-0 week by going 0-1-1 and using 2 reschedules. Mesposito (2.92ppg) leads the way up front and netminder jtowne (.819sv%) continues to throw his name out there as one of the better goalies in the ahl. Look for the admirals to come out kicking this week and regain their winning ways.

7(-1). Manchester Monarchs- The monarchs continued their offensive prowess as the 2nd highest scoring team behind AC frehzers league leading 4.29ppg. While the offense has no issues, the defense and goaltending have their question marks. The monarchs continue to allow large amount of goals in their own net, which will be their downfall when facing off against the better teams in the league. The monarchs should look to solve these problems through the upcoming phl prospects if they hope to run with the big dogs.

8(-3). Hershey Bears- The bears continue to win some against good teams and lose some against good teams. Netminder oriolerules leads the ahl in sv% with a .853 while starting goalie seth has only put up a .774 so one might wonder if their roles might reverse as the key to the bears success is keeping the puck out of their own net as they rank 5th in goals allowed.

9(+1). Adirondack Phantoms- The phantoms are finally showing that lethal touch that we all knew was coming, as they knocked off both the crunch and the wolves and lost to the rampage in ot. Dalton finally has got his offense clicking and after a rough 5 game losing streak to start last week the phantoms have rebounded and are playing at a high level. Blakfire has been in net for the phantoms 25 out of 28 games and has rewarded their faith by putting up a solid .807sv% and leading the league in shutouts with 4.

10(+2). Abbortsford Heat- Disturbance has reasserted himself as netminder and has raised his game and his sv% (up to .787) and the heat have gotten off to a good start in a weak north division. The heat rely on the 4th rank offense to carry the team and look to a defense to continue on their stingy ways from last week.

11(--). Texas Stars- The stars may be in last place, but they are not a last place team. The stars have the offensive production but need to improve on preventing goals. C Tmans .762sv% needs to improve for the stars to contend for the west division.

12(-5). Portland Pirates- The pirates have failed to produce after the call up of oticz and got shut out twice in four games last week. They have struggled as of late and will need help from the phl to regain their form and contend for the west division. Trembley continues to put up solid numbers with a .796sv%.

13(--). Springfield Falcons- The falcons had a good week going 3-1 with their only loss coming at the hands of the crunch. With a solid 6-4 in their last 10 the falcons are on the rise and look to improve. The falcons look to have found their goalie in smtoma who has put up a .790sv%.

14(+1). Grand Rapid Griffins- The griffins have had a rough stretch lately losing 7 of their last 9 and will look to right the ship. Bree seems to have become their starting goalie but with just a .756sv% the griffins should look to the phl to find a starting goalie.

15(-1). Rockford Ice Hogs- With the dismissal of C echelon and AC irishfitz the ice hogs will have a new look this week. The ice hogs should look to the phl to find a goalie and they should be able to improve at the position as echelon put up a mere .748sv%. We shall see how new captain dj will do and if he can improve this team.

16(--). Rochester Americans- The americans have had a rough time since the departure of C getzlaf. After their hot start, the americans havent been able to score at such a high rate and have had even more troubles keeping the puck out of their own net. Wadebelak (.788sv%) mans the net for the americans but will need more help from his supporting cast. The americans still have plenty of time to find their game in the very weak east division.

17(+3). Oklahoma City Barons- The barons have scored the 3rd fewest goals so far but have still managed to get some points. G4 has struggled in net with just a .747sv%, so the barons will need to step up their game on both sides of the puck to start winning more games. They are in for a rough night to open the week on wednesday as they face both the crunch and the rampage, so damage control should be on call.

18(--). Bridgeport Sound Tigers- The sound tigers struggles have continued and a large part of that is due to the high amount of goals they are allowing. Goalie mikeathom is not living up to expectations with a meager .706sv%. If the sound tigers are going to keep up in the stacked east, they will need to stop allowing so many goals and tighten up defensively.

19(--). Providence Bruins- The bruins are a hard team to read. Just when u think their getting good, they start losing all their games, and then when u think their bad they start winning some. Saicri has cooled off from his solid start and is putting up a mere .731sv% and the bruins continue to allow the most goals. While they may have the 2nd worst goals differential, the bruins are only 3 points back in their division and with the lack of top end talent in their division the bruins will look to get some wins and hoist themselves on top.

20(+3). St. Johns Icecaps- After showing some life winning 4 out of 5 after a rough start, the icecaps have proceeded to drop 5 straight. While they havent been great scoring or keeping the puck out of their own net, the icecaps arent awful in either category so there is hope. C jokers .762sv% is something that needs to raise for the icecaps to be competitive.

21(+1). Toronto Marlies- The marlies have had troubles keeping the puck out of their own net and that problem is only exceeding by the fact theyve had troubles putting the puck in the other net with the 2nd worst offense. AC tabbs has been consistently around his .772sv%. The marlies did however manage to go 3-3 in their last 6, but that was coming off 2 wins in 21 games.

22(-5). Binghamton Senators- The senators are the quickest falling team in the ahl at the moment with a 1-9 record in their last 10 games. The senators are another team that has had issues keeping the puck out of their own net, and the recent acquisition of goalie kevinbobo (.715sv%) doesnt look to change that too quickly. Maybe a change of scenery will help him and the senators, but they wont get any idle time to see as they open against the rampage and the crunch.

23(-1). Iowa Wild-  The wild have had a rough start to the season while leading the league in… fines? Not exactly the first thing a team wants to be noted for, but thats about the most exciting thing in iowa. They continue to lose, and the puck seems to love their net. The wild need to look to the phl to find a couple pieces that will hopefully give them the spark they need to win some games.

24(--). Utica Comets- The comets still cant score or keep the puck out of their own net, ranking last in goals for and ranking 2nd to last in goals allowed. Word on the street is amateur tryouts for the team are going on this week, and hopefully the comets can find a way to turn things around. Not this week though, tough schedule that looks to yield a winless week for the boys in utica.

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75Official VGHL News - Page 3 Empty Re: Official VGHL News on Sun May 25, 2014 1:41 pm




Wednesday, May 28th 2014

In one of the top games to look forward to this week, the Maple Leafs and Caps will face off. Two top eastern teams, Maple Leafs sitting pretty at 1st in the east, while the Caps aren’t far behind, at 3rd.

The Maple Leafs had a great last week with a perfect record in the short week, going 4-0 and winning against a couple top teams in the Red Wings and Anaheim Ducks. They currently have two top ten scorers in Rich2k8 and DaSn1pa, along with VinnyNorthsyde helping out in the center position. Dydy23 and atreyal have been solid for them on the blue-line, neither with incredible point totals but have been locking down the back-end, keeping the Leafs with the second least goals against in the league this season. Helping out also is DK_Kassicus with some of best stats among starting goalies this season.

Meanwhile, the Washington Capitals didn’t have the best last week, only going 1-2-1, but it didn’t seem to bring them down as they are still a top east team. They only have the 19th most goals for and have the 15th most goals for, but have still found a way to get the wins they need. Laydownfool61 has been the best in terms of getting goals for the team.

Thursday, May 29th 2014

The Stars are still one of the hottest teams in the league, only going 2-1-1 this week, with a loss to the Jets, but even with the barely above .500 week, they are the top team in the league. Most points, goals for, least goals against, and just all-around the best team in the league as it stands. GET_ON_YOUR_KNEES and ReJecTz_ReaPeRz are in #1 and #2 in points and have been dominating teams offensively. Meanwhile, the back-end has been solid as well with Glove and Woyt leading the way, as well as Danger_Rally in net, as one of the very top starters in the league.

The Lighting went 3-1 this week, hopping up to the #6 spot, with the potential to get even further up. They have been getting some scoring from guys such as Jew, Strike and Mesmerize. They have good defence right now with Djoneswilkilu especially has stepped up his game and really led the back-end for Tampa.

By: ix-RaiN-iv

In another shortened VG week due to Memorial Day, week 5 consist of some interesting match-ups. However, only two games stand out amongst the rest.

Wednesday night we will see the Hershey Bears (16-8-3) host the Albany Devils (17-5-5). Currently, Albany sits 5th in the Eastern Conference while Hershey is right behind them in 6th. The last time these two teams met, the Bears came on top with a 4-3 Overtime victory. Recently, Hershey bolstered their blueline by adding M_u_r_p_h_y_87 from the St. John Ice Caps on the back end. Despite Albany's high scoring rush offence with 117 goals for, you can expect another tight defensive game. I believe the Bears will end up victorious in this game, as Albany's rush offence tends to become too predictable at times. Although the Bears defence will be on their toes when shutting down the Devils speedy wingers, they will get the job done.

Game Prediction: 3-2 in favour of the Hershey Bears

Thursday night will feature a rematch from Week 4 between the Adirondack Phantoms and the Chicago Wolves. Statistically speaking, last weeks game seemed as if the Wolves dominated in almost every category and the Phantoms barely pulled away with a 5-4 Overtime W. Although the shots were equal at 16 apiece, the Wolves had about 7:00 + more minutes of time of attack. I'm assuming majority of Chicago's TOA came from the Phantoms penalty troubles.
That all being said, the Chicago Wolves will bounce back after last weeks disappointing 5-4 OT loss, and stomp of the Phantoms in week 5. With PHL prospects being released to Free Agency this upcoming Sunday, expect the Wolves to target a top goalie to fill the large gaping hole in the crease.  

Game Prediction: 6-2 in favour of the Chicago Wolves

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