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Official VGHL News

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1Official VGHL News - Page 6 Empty Official VGHL News on Wed Jun 05, 2013 6:41 pm


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Elite Legend
First topic message reminder :

Be sure to check here regularly for exciting news articles from our VGHL News team!

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126Official VGHL News - Page 6 Empty Re: Official VGHL News on Sun Nov 17, 2013 2:58 pm



As the annual VGHL break comes around we check out the mid season power rankings.

AHL power rankings week (DEC. 1st)
By Mesposito12

1-Grand Rapid Griffins  (25-7-6)
The Griffins keeping the top spot for the mid season break. Lead the two all stars the Sobo brothers who have been great all year with 75 points total on D. Last week going 5-1-2 the Griffins have been keeping a steady pace all year. How long till something goes wrong or is this what we should expect from the Griffins for the rest of the year?
Expect (6-2)

2-Lake Erie Monsters (25-8-5)
The Monsters take the number two spot this week, they are only one point behind being 1st in the AHL, but can they do it? Lead by the all star D-man  graham_scott who has 40 points in 37 games. Last week the monsters went 6-2 having a greak week and keeping everything close.
Expect (6-2)

3-Portland Pirates (28-8-7)
Portland has the number 3 spot this week as they went 4-1-3, and in there last 5 games all going into OT. Lead by Their all star captain ChiTownMenace who has 98 points in 38 games.
Expect (5-3)

4-Norfolk Admirals (24-10-4)
With the 4th spot is the Admirals who like most teams in the top 5 have been great through the whole year. Last week the Admirals went 4-2-2, ending the week off with 3 loses. Mcleve913 leading the team with 86 points in 37 games, with the 2nd half of the season rolling around look for the Admirals too keep a steady pace.

5-Charlotte Checkers (24-12-2)
The Checkers taking the last top in the top 5 as they are tied for 1st in the East. Last week was one of their better weeks the Checkers had they went 7-1. They are lead by all star deadlykush204 who has 113 points in 36 games. Also Mesposito12 has 66 points in 25 games. Will the Checkers take over the East or will they fall?
Expect (6-2)

6-Providence Bruins (24-12-2)
The Bruins take the number 6 spot this week as they are also tied for 1st in the east. Last week going 6-2 for the second week in a row. Lead by all star captain cody275 who has 113 points in 38 games. Just like the Checkers the Bruins are tied for 1st, but can they take it or will they fall?
Expect (6-2)

7-Springfield Falcons (24-12-3)
The Falcons have the 7th sport as they sit with 49 points, the Falcons have been good all year long, and like other teams had their highs and had their lows. Last week the Falcons went 5-2-1 with another winning week.
Expect (5-3)

8-San Antonio Rampage (22-11-5)
The Rampage is only 1 points behind 1st in the east. With such a close race in the east the Rampage could take it at any moment. They are lead by the top 2 scorer  in the AHL DASN1PA & rich2k8 who have a combined total points of 265. Will the 2 lead the Rampage to the top of the East?
Expect (6-2)

9-Adirodack Phantoms (21-13-4)
The Phantoms are in 3rd in the East, but are 2 points up for the division. Lead by xS7LENT_SN7PERSx who has 82 points in 35 games. He has been their leader all season, and don’t expect him to slow down. The Phantoms in such a close race will they fall?
Expect (5-3)

10-Hamilton Bulldogs (20-12-6)
With the last spot in the top 10 are the Bulldogs, they have had their ups and downs this season. Last week they went 5-2-1 after the week before having a bad week they bounce back.
Expect (4-4)

11-Rochester Americans (19-13-6)
With the 11th spot this week are the Americans, don’t get to comfy with them at a high number. The Americans fall with another bad week, they went 2-5-1 ending the week off in with 2 loses. With the Americans falling hard for the last 12 games what is to be expected from the Americans moving forward? A big hole.
Expect (2-6)

12-Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins (19-13-6)
The Penguins with the number 12th spot as they sit with 44 points. One game behind their division leader, the Penguins look to take over. With their all star goalie
Acrobatic_beast who has really made a big difference to the penguins as a whole, he has been great, and expect him to continue this play.
Expect (5-3)

13-Chicago Wolves (21-17-0)
The Wolves take the 13th spot this week as they sit with 42 points. Leading the team is all star captain thevirus15 who has been spectacular all season, not only by leading his team, but also by his overall play.
Expect (5-3)

14-Albany Devils (19-15-4)
The Devils with the 14th spot, they are almost .500 on the season, and with the break ending what will the Devils do to spark something? D-man KASHED006 is leading the AHL D in goals with 13. His great play on the back end has been great, and expect him to keep that play up.
Expect (4-4

15-Bridgeport Sound Tigers (20-17-1)
The Sound Tigers sit with 41 points as we go into the break. Lead by VinnyNorthsyde who has been traded, and moved a lot this season, he does have 91 points in 35 games. Also Jason_23 has 53 points in 18 games. With the rest of the season coming, what does the future hole for the Tigers? We will find out.
Expect (4-4)

16- St. John’s Icecaps (18-15-5)
The Icecaps have 41 points going into the break, they just picked up NotHeebie for 1.5m, will he be the turning point for the Icecaps? They are lead by VIPERMAN29 who has been their leader all season, he ha 105 points in 35 games, 7th place for scoring in the league.
Expect (4-4)

17-Rockford Ice Hogs (17-17-4)
With the 17th spot in this weeks power ranking is the Ice Hogs. With a 38 point this season the Ice Hogs really need to turn something around. With no really big leader on this team, what is it going to take for someone to step up. With about 3m in cap space to work with who will the Ice hogs go after?
Expect (3-5)

18-Oklahoma City Barons (17-17-3)
The Barons are in a hole right now as they sit with 37 points; they have not played one game due to a reschedule issue. Last week the Barons 1-5-1, not the best week the Barons wanted. They are lead by all star Sinneront who has 74 points in 32 games. The Barons should be picking their play up as the rest of the season comes around.
Expect (4-4)

19-Manchester Monarchs (17-18-3)
In the 19th spot this week we have the Monarchs, as we have seen them in the bottom half most of the season, this is what we have to expect from them, unless they turn it around. Last week the Monarchs went 3-5, almost hitting the .500 marks. What’s to be expecting from the Monarchs in the future, we can only wait.
Expect (3-5)

20-Binghampton Senators (15-21-2)
Taking the 1st top 20 spot is the Senators, with 30 points going into the break we see a struggle coming in. The Senators are looking to win some game, but just cant. Last week they went 1-6-1. After the week before having a 4-4 week. Its never good to end a week off with 7 loses and its even worse when your struggling. What’s to come?
Expect (2-6)

21-Iowa Wild (13-21-4)
The wild have 30 points heading into the break, and we see that the Wild really have nothing going right look to spark something. Last week 3-5 ending their 10 losing streak and finishing off with 3 wins. Not too much to say on the Wild just what’s going to spark this team into winning some games?
Expect (2-6)

22-Abbotsford Heat (9-23-6)
With the 22nd spot this week are the only team left in the AHL not to have double digest in the win column, the Heat. With 30 points this season the Heat have one of the worst GA differences in the AHL. With a -53 and the worse Road record in the AHL what’s going to come for the Heat? How can you be successful when your road record is 1-16-4?
Expect (1-7)

23-Texas Stars (10-25-2)
The stars lose both of their Captains to closed reasons. The stars have lost 10 strait, and just seem to be down. They have 22 points this season and now are lead by new Captain hellstar23. What can he do to change this team around? They do have around 2-3m left in cap space, what will he do to shake things up.
Expect (0-8)

24-Syracuse Crunch (10-27-1)
Backoin their “throne” the Crunch are in the 24th spot, with the week before having a turn around week go back into their normal speed. Last week they went 2-6 pulling out one OT win. On a positive not they did end the week off with a win, but the real question is, with the rest of the season coming quick, what in the world is going to happen with the Crunch.
Expect (1-7)

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S7-PHL-Portland Winterhawks-Captain
         -Brian Kilrea Finalist (Coach of the Year)
         -VGHL News Team
S8-AHL-OKC Barons-Captain
         -VGHL News Team
         -Yanick Dupre Finalist
WC3-USA WEST-Captain (4th Place)
S9-NHL-Columbus Blue Jackets-Captain
          -VGHL News Team

127Official VGHL News - Page 6 Empty Re: Official VGHL News on Sun Nov 17, 2013 2:53 pm




Mudd_Flaps-The VGNHL's all time leading goal scorer was at it again this week posting a 20-10-30 (4.29 per game) over 7 games leading the Hurricanes to a 6-2 record

DyDy23 - DyDy put up 1-10-11 over 7 games and added 18 hits this week, although the Kings had a 1-7 record this week, DyDy's passing ability helped keep L.A in every game

Danger Rally - Danger...nuff said but I'll say more anyway, how's a 6-2 1.43 / 88.8% week sit with you??? not enough you say?? .... ok how about making 35 saves in a 2-1 FOUR OT game against the Devils...that game alone is enough for Player of the Week honors.


Taking the top spot this week is DASN1PA, preventing Ovie from grabbing a three peat. DASN1PA takes over the AHL top spot in points(106) and
assists(58). His outstanding week featured, 17 goals, 14 assists, 3.88 points per game, plus 12, 5 powerplay goals, 3 shorties, 1 game winner, and a very
good 46 percent shooting. His great play this season has the Rampage in the top 5. Honorable meantion to Manchester's VinnyNorthsyde. His weekly
numbers, 8 games played, 19 goals, 12 assists, 5 powerplay goals, 1 shorthanded, 2 gamewinners. He has also been great on faceoffs for the Monarchs.

For the second time this season the Dman of the week goes to Sobolioni. The 4th time a Griffin has been POTW. Im not playing favorites. The Grand
Rapids defense has been phoenominal thus far leading the AHL in fewest goals allowed. In 8 games played, Sobo#1 had 2 goals and 10 assists. He
only commited one penalty in 8 games. The Griffin's held the high scoring offense's of Springfield and Portland to only 1 goal in their matchups.
Both wins. The top team in the league went 6-1-1 this week.

The Bruin's goalkeeper, Hail_2TheVictors is this weeks goalie mvp. Hail was 5-3, had a 2.32 goals against average, with a .812 save percentage.
He also had 1 shutout. Key win was over Norfolk. Hail has the second best GAA(2.55) in the AHL for goalies who played at least 10 games. He is
tied for second in shutouts(3) on the season.


This week’s forward of the week goes out to the spectacular performance by Portland’s own Dieryck218 with 39 points in only 7 games.  That’s 5.57 ppg folks.  He had 17 goals and 22 assists with a ridiculous 61% shot percentage with a +/- 26.  Honorable mention goes out to the always competitive Desveaux_x_19.

kylebr333 is this week’s defense man of the week with his +/- 22, and only 6 PIMS in 8 games played.  He had a whopping 52 hits, with also helping on offense with 12 points.  With the performances out of Portland this week, one can only imagine how far they are going.

With a .867 save percentage and a 5-0 record, smatt44 is this week’s goalie of the week.  Again, another player showing up for Portland.  Another close second for Tabbs85 grabbing his second shutout win this week, and keeping his .855 save percentage.

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S7-PHL-Portland Winterhawks-Captain
         -Brian Kilrea Finalist (Coach of the Year)
         -VGHL News Team
S8-AHL-OKC Barons-Captain
         -VGHL News Team
         -Yanick Dupre Finalist
WC3-USA WEST-Captain (4th Place)
S9-NHL-Columbus Blue Jackets-Captain
          -VGHL News Team

128Official VGHL News - Page 6 Empty Re: Official VGHL News on Mon Nov 11, 2013 11:49 am


 Welcome to the VGHL! We are all glad to have you. We also wish you the best in your VGHL career. This is where it begins, the draft is over, and games are underway. There are a lot of things coming your way now. You have a new “boss”, new teammates, added pressure, and a team to call your own. One thing we can be sure of is you will have ups and downs in your career. Today, we are going to try and give you some tips and advice from some league leading owners and captains in the NHL and AHL. So listen up PHLers!!!
 First, we would like to introduce, one of the most well-known, and well respected members of the VGHL. He is a 2-time Stanley Cup champion. He plays D/G now for the reigning Stanley Cup champion Calgary Flames. He is our very own resident “Grandfather”…meMack!
VGHL News Team: First off Mack, we would like to thank you for your time, and input today.
VGHL News Team: Now if you could, give us the main thing you think newcomers should know coming into this league.
Mack: Read, Read, Read, Read, and when you have a few extra minutes, Read some more.. Make sure you read instructions, make sure you read the rules, and take some time to familiarize yourself with the website, and who is who so you can know who to go to for answers. The VGHL is a BIG league, and it takes time to get used to, so the more time you invest upfront, it will only help you out in the long run.
VGHL News Team: What would you say is the biggest difference between the VGHL, and the EASHL?
Mack: Do people actually still play EASHL??? The two main differences are, there ain’t no, 2 or 3 player teams running around in here, nothing but true 6v6 hockey here, but more important is that you get to pick your EASHL teammates, in VG you go where you are signed. By playing VG you get to meet tons of new players in the NHL community that you never would have played with before. Some it will be a good experience and you will become friends with, and some players you might want to hunt down, but it’s a blast. The main thing to remember is that if you only want to play with clubmates and people that you already know, then the VG isn’t for you, and you should stick to EASHL.
VGHL News Team: Ok, let’s get down to some gameplay stuff now.  What would you say is the key to success, mentally, when you are out on the ice?
Mack: Have a team game plan that works for everyone, and be patient. You’re a group of 10-13 guys that have never played together before, don’t get frustrated. 90% of the teams struggle at some point in the season, it’s, how you react that will determine the path of your season.
VGHL News Team: We all know there are a lot of egos and attitudes in this league. How have you dealt with the social aspect of league play?
Mack: Egos??? Here??? No way, I don’t believe it. To be honest, I find it comical. There are players that brag about their made up records, players that campaign and beg for votes then brag like they accomplished something, players who say “they are the best” but havn’t accomplished squat, and then those players that feel they must defend their “ Internet Honor”……WTF is that??? Internet Honor?? LMFAO If some people need to brag and point out others flaws to make themselves feel better, to help them sleep at night, so be it. This is a team sport, and no one player can “win it all” and as a league, it sure makes the trips to the forums that much more interesting to read. (as long as it doesn’t cross the line) Me, I just sit back and giggle.
VGHL News Team: Ok Mack, we want to thank you again for your time. We all wish you the best this year. Would you give us a quote for the road?
Mack: I could give some special words of wisdom, but I’ll just leave ya with “When yafeelinkinda spunky, don’t forget to wrap your monkey”.
Great interview, meMack. Next up, we have the owner of the 14-2-2 St. Louis Blues. GAYPHISH
VGHL News Team: First off Phish, we would like to thank you for your time and input today.
Phish: My pleasure.
VGHL News Team: Now if you could give us the main thing you think newcomers should know coming into this league.
Phish: Just that it’s not about who you know, meaning you don’t need friends in the NHL to make an NHL team. If your good enough people will notice. And you have just as good a chance as anyone else.
VGHL News Team:  What would you say is the biggest difference between the VGHL, and the EASHL?
Phish: The biggest difference is you can’t choose who you play with, so having a team that’s stacked from top to bottom is not likely to happen.
VGHL News Team: Ok let’s get down to some gameplay stuff now. What would you say is the key to success, mentally, when you are out on the ice?
Phish: Mentally, I would say have a plan going in to the game, don’t let smack talk throw you off your game, use your player strengths, don’t ask or expect them to do things they can’t, and if things are not going well, do not rage! Keep your cool, stay classy and get em next time.
VGHL News Team:  We all know there are a lot of egos, and attitudes in this league. How have you dealt with the social aspect of league play?
Phish: Ahh yes, for every classy player (vegaridge, LegendaryLk) there is a bigyan_, or an R-Mean-Ian who have no problem being verbal about their skills, or lack of their opponent’s skills. I deal with guys like this by just not giving them what they want, ATTENTION! Just ignore them and do what I gotta do to keep my team moving forward. Socially just befriend everyone but peerless and hemmer and you will be fine.
VGHL News Team: As one of the more successful owners this season, what would you tell the new PHL owners?
Phish: This is not easy no matter what you think get as much experience running teams in PHL and AHL as possible. NHL is a brutal grind, and not for everyone. This is my 8th straight season running STL, and it never gets any easier. I couldn’t imagine being a new owner these days with so much to learn, so just get as much experience as you can, and don’t try running minimum size rosters, because you can’t pull it off at the lower levels.
VGHL News Team: How about some leadership tips?
Phish: To not take it so serious and try to create a fun environment for your players, because after all, the point of playing VG is to have fun. Players will show up more, and gel better, making you more competitive.
VGHL News Team: Could we get a quote for the road?
VGHL News Team: Phish, thank you again for your time, and good luck the rest of the way.
Phish: No problem, good luck to all the new PHL players.
 Another good interview, next up we have the owner of the league leading, 16-2-0, Montreal Canadians. ALTERED_BEASST
VGHL News Team: First off Beasst, we would like to thank you for your time and input today.
VGHL News Team: Now, if you could give us the main thing you think newcomers should know, coming into this league.
Beasst: VGHL is an extremely competitive place to play. There are only so many roster spots available in the NHL and AHL levels, that competition to get on any team is increasingly becoming more difficult, as the league grows. Play 6’s as often as you can, preferably with a club. We see “Top EASHL” stars that play 2’s 3’s and 4’s here all the time and they get destroyed then quit. Get 6’s experience. Equally, as important, be loyal to your GM or captain regardless of your opinion of them. They took a chance on you.
VGHL News Team: What would you say is the biggest difference between the VGHL, and the EASHL?
Beasst: In EASHL you play with whoever you want. If you do not like the team yourself, you can leave and find one you prefer. In VGHL, you will likely be playing with people you have never played with or even people you do not want to play with. Some complain or quit, others step up or ride it out. If you want to play with your friends go club.
VGHL News Team:  Ok, now let’s get down to some game play stuff. What would you say is the key to success, mentally, when you are out on the ice?
Beasst: Having a group of guys all buying into the same system and working to improve it.
VGHL News Team: We all know there are a lot of egos, and attitudes in this league. How have you dealt with the social aspect of league play?
Beasst: Any form of competitive play will bring out the egos and barking pups. I guess for me, I see it as the louder they bark, the more insecure they really are. I would even go so far, as to direct my players to their side of the ice and test them regularly. For the most part, I have met many great people throughout the seasons and have gotten to see some great players take the ice, both with and against me. It’s all part of the experience.
VGHL News Team:  As one of the more successful owners this season, what would you tell the PHL owners?
Beasst: I took over a basement team in season 6 and consider my first 2 seasons to be successful, even with several key player losses. This season is far from over and there is no way I consider my team complete or even successful yet. Every team will continue to change lines, acquire players, build chemistry and improve as the season goes along. It is important to continuously work on areas that need improving regardless of your standings.
VGHL News Team:  Give us some offensive, defensive, and special team’s advice for the young owners.
Beasst: Have a vision for your own team and stand by it. Speak with your players to explain that vision. Last year I had a player and a friend of mine, Foxpresentation, setting up plays we discussed together on his ipad and posting them on YouTube for the team to watch and understand. It was a great idea and I knew immediately who was watching them and who had no clue. Have a vision and share it with your team.
VGHL News Team: How about some leadership tips?
Beasst: Just remember everyone wants to have a good time. Don’t be “the boss” or overly critical. It’s lame and it doesn’t work. With that being said, run the team your own way. There is always a new FA pool to join next season if you blow it.
VGHL News Team: Thank you again for your time, and good luck the rest of the way.
Once again, good interview. Next up, we have the captain of the 11-2-4 Rochester Americans. ANason21
VGHL News Team: First off Anason, we would like to thank you for your time and input today.
VGHL News Team: Now, if you could give us the main thing you think newcomers should know, coming into this league.
Anason: Sure, this is a video game, but it’s a serious-organized league, and it takes a lot of work behind the scenes to make sure it runs smoothly. You are making a commitment to your captain, and more importantly, to your team. Being consistently reliable can be just as important as being good.
VGHL News Team:  What would you say is the biggest difference between the VGHL, and the EASHL?
Anason: You don’t get to pick your teammates in VGHL. So being able to get  along with people you don’t know is important.
VGHL News Team: We all know there are a lot of egos, and attitudes in this league. How have you dealt with the social aspect of league play?
Anason: For me, it’s all about blocking out the bad noise and just concentrating on trying to make my team better. I don’t worry about what people are saying about this or that, just try to make sure the team gets along with each other, and has fun playing together.
VGHL News Team:  As one of the more successful captains this year, what would you tell the PHL owners?
Anason: Well, first of all, success can be short lived, so don’t get too comfortable. Once you are in front, you have a target on your back, so you have to work that much harder to keep it.
VGHL News Team:  Give us some offensive, defensive, and special team’s advice for the young owners.
Anason: Just keep it simple and don’t try to do too much in any aspect of the game. Working well as a team is much more important than performing well individually.
VGHL News Team:  How about some leadership tips?
Anason: Again, just do what you can to keep the lines of communication open on your team. If you aren’t communicating, chances are, you aren’t working as a team. And if you aren’t working as a team, chances are, you aren’t winning many games.
VGHL News Team:  Once again, we would like to thank you for your time. We wish you the best this year. Would you give us a quote for the road?
Anason: “A less talented team that works together can beat a more talented one that doesn’t”
 Yet again, we had another good interview. Last but certainly not least, we have the captain of the league leading, 12-3-3 Portland Pirates. ChiTownMenace
VGHL News Team:  First Chi, we would like to thank you for your time, and input today. Could you give us the main thing you think newcomers should know, coming into this league.
Chi: -"HAVE FUN. Be respectful. Make an impression. The main objective for everyone should be to play in the NHL with the big boys."
VGHL News Team:  What would you say is the biggest difference between the VGHL, and the EASHL?
Chi: -"This isn't just find some buddies to play with like EASHL. This is a dedicated social league. If you're gonna make enemies, you're most likely not gonna be playing anywhere."
VGHL News Team:  We all know there are a lot of egos, and attitudes in this league. How have you dealt with the social aspect of league play?
Chi: -"There's plenty of douches and there always will be. Those people are plenty well known and typically have a very hard time finding anywhere to play unless under desperate circumstances they're assigned to captain a team... It's always one thing to kinda be known as an asshole, but no one really cares to listen to anybody who is just plain over the top cocky about a video game."
VGHL News Team:  As one of the more successful captains this year, what would you tell the PHL owners?
Chi: -"First and foremost, I have a motto -"A happy team is a winning team." Going into the team building process I had a pretty vivid vision of what I wanted. I didn't go out and spend half my salary on 1 guy, let alone even 1/5 of my salary on 1 guy. I looked for guys who I know would fit into my style of play I wanted or at least who had high potential and would actually listen. I built my team around my starting goalie, moved to a solid D core and at least 1 starting forward to compliment my assistant captain and I. In the end we came out with what we felt was a very solid and most importantly, well rounded team. The rules may say a guy only has to get in 2 games a week minimum, but I tend to try my best to spread ice time pretty evenly based on guys' availability. I'm keeping my guy HAPPY and always excited to play. Especially being a video game, people's maturity will always come out at some point and normally if you end up pissing someone off, they'll show it in one way or another."
VGHL News Team:  Give us some offensive, defensive, and special team’s advice for the young owners.
Chi: -"Keep in mind it's 6's. JUST PLAY HOCKEY, and you'll do just fine. I'm not giving out any of my secrets Wink"
VGHL News Team:  How about some leadership tips?
Chi: -"Like I stated earlier. Put together what you feel is a good team and keep them happy. Guys will have bad days. Don't get all trade happy like some of these guys. Give people a chance. As long as your guys are all having fun by the end of the night, you've done your job. Of course winning is always more fun :p"
VGHL News Team:  Could we get a quote for the road?
Chi: -"If you wanna have a long lived career in the VGHL, find a guy by the name The_Real_Deals. Ask him advice on how to run a team and conduct yourself in the league and all that. Just pick his brain..... Then take all that advice and DO THE EXACT OPPOSITE."
VGHL News Team:  Chi thanks again for your time, and good luck the rest of the way.
 Another great interview…
 Ok PHLers, you now have the inside info. We went out and got you tips and advice from a few of the biggest names in this league. You have the keys to get to where they are. You have your teams, and your careers are underway. Heck we even went out and got you a grandpa. We can’t do anything else for you. The pucks on your stick now. GO GET EM BOYS!...and girls.
 We would like to give one last BIG thanks to the guys who took time out of their busy lives, and participated in our interviews. We want to give a special thanks to Mack, for popping in his hearing aid, and turning off his soaps, to anwer our questions. You’re the best Mack!

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Every week the VGHL’s news team will bring you a Power Rankings list with a small recap of the preview week’s games, as well as a preview into the next week’s games.

NHL Power Rankings – Week 3 (November 3rd 2013 – November 7th 2013)

1 –Montreal (19-3-0)
Last Week – 1st  
Yan put up another 31 points this week and is already at 86 on the season, might as well just hand him the Art Ross Trophy now
Next week: Florida, Carolina, Minnesota, Colorado, Boston, Ottawa, Buffalo, Edmonton
Expected Record: 7 - 1

2 – St. Louis (18-2-2)
Last Week – 3rd  
Vega & Piper continued their hot starts with 27 points apiece this week and have carried the Blues to the top of the Western Conference, this week Sunday night will be huge test  as they take on the current #2 (Dallas) & #3 (Phoenix) point leaders in the Western Conference
Next Week: Dallas, Phoenix, NYI, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Detroit, Columbus, Florida
Expected Record: 7-1

3 – Detroit (16-5-0)
Last Week – 2nd
I never thought I’d see the day whenBowlingryan would have one of the best weeks for all NHL Goaltenders, leading his team to two victories while posting a 0.94 / 93.3%
Next Week: Minnesota, Calgary, Philadelphia, Boston, Columbus, St. Louis, Chicago, NYI
Expected Record: 4-4

4 – Phoenix (15-5-2)
Last Week – 9th  
Uh oh, looks like Park figured out the differences between 13 & 14, he posted a simply outstanding 6-0 record this week with a 1.00 / 88.7%,
Next Week: Columbus, St. Louis, Carolina, Winnipeg, Anaheim, Los Angeles, Dallas, Buffalo
Expected Record: 7-1

5 – Dallas (15-7-0)
Last Week – 7th
On paper, the Stars looked like a team that would be an offensive juggernaut but they are currently 19th in the league in goals scored, Rally is basically carried the team this week posting a 6-2 record with an 0.88 / 90.4% and 4 SO’s
Next Week: St. Louis, Columbus, Florida, New Jersey, Los Angeles, Anaheim, Phoenix, Winnipeg
Expected Record: 5-3

6 – New Jersey (14-6-1)
Last Week – 6th
Mesmerize showed once again that he deserves to be the #1 Goaltender in Jersey and has clearly given the Devils their best chance to win this season
Next Week: Edmonton (Reschedule) Tampa Bay, Winnipeg, Chicago, Dallas, NYI, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Columbus
Expected Record: 7-1

7 – Carolina (14-8-0)
Last Week – 4th
Malkin & Mudd continued to dominate last week as they both put up 20+ points apiece
Next Week: Buffalo, Montreal, Phoenix, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Tampa Bay, Florida, Los Angeles
Expected Record: 5-3

8 – Ottawa (13-7-2)
Last Week – 5th
You can’t say Ottawa’s games have been boring this season, the Sens are 5th in Goals Scored, but 11th in Most Goals Allowed
Next Week: NYI, Pittsburgh, Edmonton, Calgary, Buffalo, Montreal, Boston, Anaheim
Expected Record: 7-1

9 – Minnesota (14-7-1)
Last Week – 11th  
The Wild had their 9 game winning streak snapped last week, but still hold a 4 point lead atop the Northwest Division
Next Week: Detroit, Chicago, Montreal, Buffalo, Colorado, Edmonton, Calgary, Philadelphia
Expected Record: 5-3

10 – Pittsburgh (13-8-1)
Last Week – 14th  
Pittsburgh makes its first appearance in the top 10 this season after big wins against Dallas & Tampa Bay
Next Week: Boston, Ottawa, Columbus, St. Louis, Philadelphia, New Jersey, NYI, Colorado
Expected Record: 4-4

11 – Tampa Bay (12-7-2)
Last Week – 8th  
The Lightning started the week off with a big win over Dallas, but dropped their next 3 games before a 9 goal explosion against Buffalo which seems to be the cure for any team with offensive troubles this season
Next Week: Boston (reschedule) New Jersey, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Anaheim, Florida, Carolina, Winnipeg, Chicago
Expected Record: 6-3

12 – Colorado (11-8-3)
Last Week – 12th
The addition of Echo from Philly should help soothe the Av’s early season defensive woes, Penguins2013 leads the league in Shots Against since being acquired from Calgary
Next Week: Los Angeles, Anaheim, Boston, Montreal, Minnesota, Calgary, Edmonton, Pittsburgh
Expected Record: 5-3

13 –- Florida (11-7-3)
Last Week – 10th  
Balla broke out of an early season slump by racking up 7-7-14 over 5 games this week, then picked up Deadlynasty in a trade as a hopeful solution to the problems the Panthers have been having in net this season
Next Week: Philadelphia (Reschedule) Montreal, Buffalo, Dallas, Los Angeles, Tampa Bay, Winnipeg, Carolina, St. Louis  
Expected Record: 3-6

14 – Philadelphia (9-9-3)
Last Week – 16th
Fluri made a couple of huge moves this week that should drastically improve the team’s Offense by signing Barry & trading for a Center in MrMvp91, between Fluri, Venom, Barry, & MVP, they can move any of the forwards into any lineup spot and expect good results
Next Week: Florida (Reschedule), Winnipeg, Tampa Bay, Detroit, Columbus, Pittsburgh, NYI, New Jersey, Minnesota
Expected Record: 5-4

15 – Calgary (9-9-4)
Last Week – 19th
The Flames showed signs of returning to the outstanding Defensive play that won them the S7 Stanley Cup last week while giving up a total of ELEVEN shots in a 3 game span
Next Week: Chicago, Detroit, Buffalo, Ottawa, Edmonton, Colorado, Minnesota, Boston
Expected Record: 5-3

16 – Edmonton (9-9-2)
Last Week – 13th  
With 10 games this week, the Oilers have a big chance to make up ground in the Northwest Division
Next Week: New Jersey (Reschedule), Detroit (Reschedule), Anaheim, Los Angeles, Ottawa, Carolina, Calgary, Minnesota, Colorado, Montreal
Expected Record: 3-7

17 – Los Angeles (9-11-2)
Last Week – 15th  
The Kings lost 5 games by 1 goal last week, if the bounces start going their way a bit more, this team could easily be back over the .500 mark
Next Week: Colorado, Edmonton, Tampa Bay, Florida, Dallas, Phoenix, Anaheim, Carolina
Expected Record: 2-6

18 – Columbus (8-14-0)
Last Week – 18th  
The Blue Jackets have allowed the 4th most goals this season, with the team already 6 points behind the 8th Seed in the west unless the team has improved play in net they may soon find themselves in too great of a hole to climb out of
Next Week: Phoenix, Dallas, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, New Jersey
Expected Record: 1-7

19 – New York Islanders (9-13-0)
Last Week – 17th  
The Isles finally made a change in net, going with Bras who replaced Imavan after giving up 10 goals in a game for the 2nd time this season
Next Week: Ottawa, Boston, St. Louis, Chicago, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Detroit
Expected Record: 1-7

20 – Anaheim (6-13-3)
Last Week – 20th  
Anaheim has scored 3 or more times a total of 5 times this season, 3 of those games were last week
Next Week: Edmonton, Colorado, Winnipeg, Tampa Bay, Phoenix, Dallas, Los Angeles, Ottawa
Expected Record: 2-6

21 – Buffalo (7-12-3)
Last Week – 22nd  
I think it’s time for a change in net, Buffalo has given up a league worst 4.86 Goals Against per Game including a mind boggling 40 goals in 8 games last week, and to make matters worse they have given up 7 or more goals in a game 6 times already this season, #WhyIsn’tMurlocInNet?
Next Week: Carolina, Florida, Calgary, Minnesota, Ottawa, Boston, Montreal, Phoenix
Expected Record: 1-7

22 – Boston 4-15-2)
Last Week – 24th  
Even though the Bruins only won 2 games this week against New Jersey & Florida, they played close games against Dallas, Minnesota & Philadelphia, it looks like things might finally be turning around in Bean Town
Next Week: Tampa Bay (Reschedule) Pittsburgh, NYI, Colorado, Detroit, Montreal, Buffalo, Ottawa, Calgary
Expected Record: 3-6

23 – Winnipeg (3-16-3)
Last Week – 23rd
The Jets lost 4 one goal games last week including an OTL to league leading Montreal, there may be a sign of life in Winnipeg yet but barely, the acquisition of SKWJR should be an improvement in net but Vaipe has already been placed on IR after being acquired which is not surprising considering that he stated multiple times that he would only be available for maybe 2 games a week this season….and was still bid up to 7.5 Million
Next Week: Philadelphia, New Jersey, Anaheim, Phoenix, Carolina, Florida, Tampa Bay, Dallas
Expected Record: 0-8

24 – Chicago (2-15-5)
Last Week – 21st
The Blackhawks have scored 3 or more goals in a game 3 times this season, Yan is averaging over 4 points per game….you do the math.
Next Week: Calgary, Minnesota, New Jersey, NYI, St. Louis, Columbus, Detroit, Tampa Bay
Expected Record: 1-7[/b]

S7-PHL-Portland Winterhawks-Captain
         -Brian Kilrea Finalist (Coach of the Year)
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S8-AHL-OKC Barons-Captain
         -VGHL News Team
         -Yanick Dupre Finalist
WC3-USA WEST-Captain (4th Place)
S9-NHL-Columbus Blue Jackets-Captain
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VGHL AHL power rankings week of Nov 3rd – 7th
by: Mesposito12

1-Rochester Americans (14-4-4)
Taking over the top spot of the power rankings, the Americans are leading the league in points with 32. Lead by ovechkin8jr who leads the league in points and with 89 points In 22 games. The 12 game winning streak did end with a loss to the WBS penguins. Then right after lost to the Charlotte Checkers, ending a good week with 2 losses most definitely look for the Americans so have another good week.
Expect (6-2)

2-Grand rapid Griffins (14-5-3)
Moving up to the number 2 spot is the Griffins with 31 points. Going 6-2 this week leading the Midwest division by 3 points. Dankchank has 45 points in 19 games. He’s been having a great few weeks. With the Griffins rolling expect them to make a close run at 1st.
Expect (6-2)

3-Portland Pirates (14-5-3)
Moving down to 3rd the Pirates have 31 points. Staying in the top three they look to get back to the number one spot again. With a slow week only going 4-4, they seem to have lost that touch they had in the first 2 weeks. 2 out of the 4 wins were OT winners, but the Pirates are going to have a bounce back week. They are lead by their captain ChiTownMenace who has 58 points in 22 games.
Expect (5-3)

4-Lake Erie Monsters (15-5-3)
The Monster are in the top 5 this week having 31 points. Lead by HAT_TRICK_LEGEND who has 45 points in 17 games. Having a great week going 7-1 they most defiantly are looking to keep that 6 game win streak up. Don’t expect the monster to slow down at all.
Expect (6-2)

5-San Antonio Rampage (13-5-4)
The rampage two games back of leading the league; they are lead by rich2k8 who has 72 points in 22 games. Going 5-0-3 getting a point in each game puts them in the top of the Atlantic division. They are playing strong game, but how long can they keep going into OT and losing? That’s the big question this week for the Rampage.
Expect (5-3)

6-Norfolk Admirals (14-5-3)
Sitting with 30 points, the Admirals stay in the top 10 still a close 2 games back from being tied for 1st. They did go 4-2-1 this week, not a bad record at all, but its not was not enough to take first. Look for the Admirals to stay in the top 5 of the power rankings, but not be in 1st. The captain mcleve913 has 46 points in 21 games.
Expect (5-3)

7-Hamliton bulldogs (12-6-4)
Staying in the top 10 again the bulldogs sit with 28 points on the season. Going only 4-4 they still sit 2 games behind 1st. Lead by Myles_Mayfield who has 54 points in 18 games and is in 3rd for scoring in the league. After this week look for the Bulldogs to keep the same pace and slow down after a good 3 weeks.
Expect 4-4

8-Providence Bruins (13-9-0)
Rounding out the top 10 this week again, Lead the their captain cody275 who is in 2nd in scoring and has 73 points in 21 games. Going 4-4 look for the Bruins a bounce back week. They sit with 26 points at the moment and are in 3rd in the East division.
Expect (5-3)

9-Springfild Falcons (12-8-2)
The Falcons going 4-3-1 this week and they sit with 26 points. They are in 2nd in the Midwest division, the Falcons 2 games back from 1st the Griffins who lead the  division. Lead by the assistant captain rcgloe who has 56 points in 21 games. Expect the Falcons so do worse then last week.
Expect (3-5)

10-Charlotte Checkers (12-9-1)
Moving back into the top 10 after last week being 21st, Going 6-2 this week with two OT winner and a big win vs. the Americans. They are lead by the assistant captain deadlykush204 who has 60 points in 21 games. Being 5 points behind the division leader San Antonio look for the Checkers to make a good run at taking 1st. Also TRD making his comeback into the AHL after being moved down. He goes pointless after two games. Expect the Checkers to keep rolling, and some core players to step up in the upcoming week.
Expect (6-2)

11-AlbanyDevils (12-9-1)
The Devils moving up into the 11th spot of being 12th last week. Only going 4-4 this week the devils slowed down from the pervious week. The assistant captain AhL_Allstar-3 is 11-8 with a GAA of 2.54 and a SV% of .786. Look for the Devils to slow down even though they lead the northeast by 1 points, don’t expect them too keep it.
Expect (4-4)

12-Chiacgo Wolves (12-10-0)
The Wolves currently hold 24 points. This is the first week they move out of the top 10. This week they went only going 3-5. They look to rebound in the upcoming week. They are lead by their captain thevirus15 who has 6 points in 22 games. Also there's T-MAN-13-RHP has the most wins as a goalie, but he also Is tied for the most games played.
Expect a bounce back week (5-3)

13-Bridgeport Sound Tigers (12-10-0)
The Tigers have the 13th spot this week going 4-4 ending the week off with 4 losses. Tied for 2nd in the Northeast division, they look to take first in the upcoming week. Assistant captain gatorsdynasty24 has 36 points in 19 games. Also picking up Killshort99 in a trade. Killshort99 has 10 points in 13 games. Dont expect the Tigers to be in 1st in the upcoming week for the Northeast division.
Expect (3-5)

14-Wilkes-Barre/Scrantom Penguins (11-9-2)
The penguins having a even week going 4-4, but the highlight of the week is beating, and stopping the 12 game win streak for the Americans winning 6-4. With 24 points on the season they are also tied for 2nd in the northeast. The captain sglieden19 has 32 points in 20 games. Also assistant captain Plastic_World has 14 points in 16 games on D. Expect the penguins to be in 1st at the end of the upcoming week for their division.

15-Adirondack Phantoms (7 games played this week)(11-8-2)
Moving back down out of the top 10 after an outstanding last week, the Phantoms go 3-4 with a residual game vs. the Syracuse Crunch. But the 3rd team tied for 2nd in the Northeast division they look to take up 1st place, but don’t expect them too.
Expect a even week (4-4)

16-St. John Icecaps (10-9-3)
Moving back into the 16th spot this week the Ice caps going 3-5 this week losing there spot to the checkers in the Atlantic division. They are one game behind the Checkers, but don’t expect them too take it back. Lead by VIPERMAN29 who has 55 points in 19 games and also XILO_ATOMIK how has 67 points in 19 games.
Expect an even week 4-4

17-Rockford Ice Hogs (10-10-2)
The Ice Hogs sit with 24 points on the season. This week they went 6-2 having a outstanding week. This week could be the one that might start something for the Ice Hogs look for them to just keep rolling. Highly paid goaltender BALAIA_JR has a record of 9-9 with a GGA of 3.28 and a SV% of .766. Watch as the Ice Hogs having another great week.
Expect (5-3)

18-Manchester Monarchs (10-9-3)
The Monarchs seem to have been hovering around the 11-20th place for the past 3 weeks. Having an even week going 4-4, the Monarchs sit with 23 points on the season.  They are in 3rd West division behind 8 points from the division leader. They are lead by VinnyNorthsyde, who is one of the newst members of the team. He has 46 points in 20 games.
Expect the same week (4-4)

19-Oklahoma City Barons (10-11-1)
The Barons sit with 21 points, and are behind the division leader by 10 points. Lead by their assistant captain Sinneront who has 52 points in 20 games. Having not the best week only going 3-5 they look to have a bounce back week, but can they? Newly aquired Top 3 forward, xyGoodLuckxy, will try to make their offense even more explosive.
Expect better week (5-3)

20-Binghampton Senators (9-11-1)
The Senators have 19 points on the season, and this week with a record of 3-5. They are in last place in the East division, and 13 points behind the leader. They are lead by their captain Mc_Dreamyyyy who has 50 points in 19 games. The Senators are looking to get a fire started, but doesn’t look like the match will start.
Expect (3-5)

21-Iowa Wild (8-12-2)
Moving down the power rankings is the Wild, after going 2-6 this week. They sit with 18 points on the season and are 3rd in their Division. Only 1.5 games back from 2nd they look to start there. However they did pick up the former Crunch captain eithk426 who has 17 points in 8 games. Look to see him try do something in the upcoming week.
Expect (2-6)

22-Texas Stars (8-12-2)
The Stars are not playing like Stars are they have 18 points for the season. They went 2-5-1 this week, and are looking to start something in the upcoming week. Don’t expect them too. The Ovie trade seemed to sink the ship.
Expect (1-7)

23-Abbotsford Heat (4-17-1)
The head Stay in 23rd as they went 1-7 this week. One game played from highly paid goaltender JaZz134 he lost. With one of the worse goals against average in the league, and one of the better goalies known in the league, what is the problem? Don’t expect anything more the Heat.
Expect (1-7)

24-Syracuse Crunch (3-16-1)
Staying in last place in the rankings is the Crunch, picking up their first win in 18 games; they end the week with 2 big wins. This is the first week without their pervious captain Eithk426 and the first week with their new captain Jmwalsh8888.
Maybe this was the turn they needed; can these last 2 win spark something?
Expect maybe more then what we have seen….(2-6)

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G: Danger Rally


Ovechkin8jr is Ahl's forward of the week for the second consecutive week. He's on a blistering pace to break some Ahl scoring records. If he doesn't
get called up. Which seems likely. Ovie's stats on the week.. 8 games played, 18 goals, 20 assists, 38 pts, 4.75 p/g, +10, 2 powerplay goals, 2
shorthanded goals, 4 game winning goals. Ovechkin leads the league in goals(42), assists(47), and points(89) through just 3 weeks. Rochester's
play as of the last two weeks jumped them straight to the number 1 spot in the power rankings this week.

Just getting edged out both times for dman of the week, Lake Erie's own captain, Graham_Scott finally takes the award. Graham is arguably the top
AHL dman thus far. He currently leads all dmen in assists(21) and points(26). He set what must be a new Ahl defensive record with 5 straight games
with 2 assists. The Monsters huge defensive effort this season has them in 1st for the division and currently riding a 5 game winning streak.

Seems as if the Griffin goalies cannot be beat. Our Goalie of the week is Xx1DR_SWAGGER1xX. The third overall player from Grand Rapids to
win a POTW award. "DOC" went 6-2 this week. He lead the week in Save Percentage(.875%) and Goals Averaged(1.63). He proved tough against
OKC and MAN, shutting out both teams. Honorable Mention goes to an extremely close second, KINFQLK. Only playing 4 games in net this week,
KIN was 4-0, had a 1.66 GAA, and also tied for the weekly best 2 shutouts.


It was a very interesting first week in the PHL with a lot of high scoring games, which made this decision even harder than it should be.
JOSHB12345 scored an outstanding 26 points in only 5 games with 19 of those coming in the form of an assist.  His faceoff winning percentage
of 64% in his one game at center, and a +/- of 11 makes him my choice as the forward of the week for week 1.

MEGAMUFFIN- putting up 13 points in 7 games with a +/- of 6 makes him my d man of the week.  He has 9 hits, and that +/- shows he
knows how to poke it and stop that dreaded cross crease goal.  It looks like there are a few good FAP defenders coming up with free agency
opening this weekend, so we will see if he can hold on to his top spot.

Holding the Peterborough Petes together with his 5-2 record DJ_Kassicus is my Goalie of the week for this long opening week.  His .857
save percentage is among the best in the league and with only a 1.84 GAA and 1 shutout in the opening week, he looks like he won’t be slowing
down anytime soon.

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         -Yanick Dupre Finalist
WC3-USA WEST-Captain (4th Place)
S9-NHL-Columbus Blue Jackets-Captain
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Week 2 AHL Power Rankings

VGHL power rankings week of Oct27th to Oct30th
1-Portland Pirates (9-1-2)
Portland stays on the top of the list with another strong week, led by non other then ChiTownMenace who had his second solid week in a row. He has 43 points in 14 games. Having a 4-0-2 week keeps the Pirates at first with 21 points.
Expect nothing less from what we have seen (7-1)
2-Rochester Americans (8-2-4)
The Americans having an amazing 6-0 week, Ovechkin8jr picked up his team out of the hole they were in and is now 1 point out of first with 20 points.  He has 51 points in 14 game and is in 2 in the AHL at scoring. Also xyGoodLuckxy with 41 points in 14 games.
Expect the same if Ovechkin8jr and xyGoodLuckxy can put up points. (6-2)
3-Norfolk Admirals (9-4-1)
With a nice 4-2 week the Admirals sit with 19 points. Mcleve913 with 29 points in 14 games. biglamb420 the man in the net has a 6-2 record with a GAA of 2.88 and a SV% of .793.
Expect another strong week (5-3)
4-Grand Rapid Griffins (8-3-3)
The Griffins 4-2 week, lead by dankchank and hockeyman_16king with a total combined points of 61. Also sobo18 at D with 12 points in 11 games. If the team can keep rolling as  one don’t expect anything less.
Expect (6-2) with no troubles. 
5-Providence Bruins (9-5-0)
The Bruins stay top 5 in the rankings having another strong week. Going 4-2 this week with a total of 19 points. Lead by their captain again, cody275 has 54 points in 13 games. Sitting right now 3rd in the AHL in scoring.
Expect the same, with cody275 rolling they should be fine (6-2)
6-Chicago Wolves (9-5-0)
The Wolves going 4-2 this week with 18 points in total, one point behind the division leader the Grand Rapid Griffins. Leading “the pack” is thevirus15, he not only leads the AHL in goals but has 46 points in 14 games. T-MAN-13-RHP is tied for most wins as a goalie at 9.
Expect the Wolves to keep rolling and have a great week. (7-1)
7-Adirondack Phantoms (8-4-2)
The Phantoms with a stand out week, not only coming as a whole, but leading the Northeast Division with 18 points. xS7LENT_SN7PERSx taking charge with 31 points in 11 games. The Phantoms hope to carry their momentum from this week's games over to next week. But how long do they have until their problem returns of not having enough players show up? Do they have it fixed or was this week nothing?
Expect nothing less then what you saw out of the Phantoms (5-3)
8-San Antonio Rampage (8-5-1)
As the Rampage is tied for the Atlantic Division leader with 17 points, they look to move away from the pack in this upcoming week. Going only 3-3 they looked to have slowed down from the first week. Lead by Rich2k8 and DASN1PA with a combined point total of 95 the two captains look to be killing it together.
Expect the same week (4-4) maybe (5-3)
9-Hamiltion bulldogs (7-3-3) 13 games played
The Bulldogs moves down the rankings due to the even week they had, going 3-2-1 leaving them with a total of 17 points the Bulldogs look to rebound. Myles_Mayfield only playing one game this week (reason unknown to me) is still 14th in the league in scoring with 18 goals.
Expect the same IF Myles_Mayfield cant show up, due to he is a big help to the team. (4-5)
10-Springfield Falcons (8-5-1)
The Falcons move from 2nd to 10th this week. This week the Falcons went 2-3-1, so you can see they didn’t have the week they wanted. Rcgloe is still leading the team with 33 points in 14 games.
Expect something better (5-3)
11-St. John Icecaps (7-4-3)      
The Icecaps moving up almost to the top 10 as they went 3-1-2 they still got points with the OT losses which have put them tied for first in the Atlantic with 17. Lead by VIPERMAN29 with 38 points in 12 games. JOKER554 in net has gone 7-5 with a GGA at 3.44 and a SV5 of .807.
Expect the same breaking even, if Joker can lower is GGA then the Icecaps will win more games instead of going into OT. (4-4)
12-Albany Devils (8-5-1)
The Devils having a much better week going 4-2 They are Second in the Northeast division with 17 points. The assistant captain and the goalie AhL_Allstar-3 has a record of 7-5 with a GGA of 2.48 and a SV% at .794. How will the suspension of llSENTINELll effect the team?
Expect a modest week(3-5)
13-Lake Erie Monsters (7-5-2)
Moving out of the top 5 for the rankings the Monster only went (3-3). With what looks to be like a close week with two OT wins and two one goal losses. The two big names that were said last week, HAT_TRICK_LEGEND and llXSpezza_19Xll only added 19 points together this week. They are at the top of the North division with 16 points as they look to stay there. 
Expect better for the Monsters (5-3)
14-Bridgeport sound Tigers (8-6-0)
The Tigers move down 6 spots from the first week. For the moment they have 16 points as they broke even going (3-3). They are fighting for the top of the Northeast division and they are only one game behind.
Expect nothing more from the Tigers. (3-5)
15-Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins (7-5-2)
The Penguins having a disappointing week going 2-2-2, they know they can do better and they are still looking to break out. As they sit in last in the Northeast with 16 points, they are only behind first place by a game. If the Penguins can put some wins together don’t be to surprised if they are sitting on top of their division by the end of the week.
Expect a much better week coming up. (5-3)
16-Oklahoma City Barons (7-6-1)
The Barons having a great week going 4-2 led by the highly paid C-a-L-L-z.
C-a-L-L-z just this week had 23 points in 5 games. If he can keep that up no one be able to stop him. Also Sinneront has 38 points in 14 games.
Expect a good week if Sinneront and C-a-L-L-z and keep it rolling. (5-3)
17-Iowa Wild (6-6-2)
The wild moving up to 17th from last week’s 20th spot, they went 3-2-1 as they have 14 points in total. They sit in 3rd in the North division behind the Barons, and the Monsters. Look from them to try and make a push for 1st. but
Expect a losing week (3-5)
18-Manchester Monarchs (6-6-2)
An even week coming out of the Monarchs as they go 3-3. The assistant captain and goalie mikefleury29 has been most reliable, a record of 5-7 with a GGA of 2.91 and a SV% at .801
Expect a bad week (2-6)
19-Texas Stars (6-7-1)
The Stars currently are at the bottom of the West division with 13 points. They went 2-4 this week. The caption SICK_CHEWBACCA is tied for the most goals as a defenseman with 5. Also GiG3Lu the man the net has a record of 6-7 and a GGA of 4.66 and a SV% of .743.  Lets see if their trades will start paying off.
Expect another bad week (2-6)
20-Binghamton Senators (6-6-1) 13 games played
The Senators are having a rescheduled game vs. the Crunch on the 4th.With that last week they went 2-3. After a slow start they seem to keep the same pace going. With no big names in the top 20 in scoring, they are still looking for someone to take control.
Expect nothing more (3-6)
21-Charlotte Checkers (6-7-1)
The Checkers this week just hit a brick wall going 1-5. They moved from 10th to 21st from this last week rankings. With 13 points on the season they have picked up a few players as well have dropped some. TRD has been moved down to the Checkers and maybe will spark a fire. Deadlykush204 still leads the team with 36 points in 14 games. They are looking to get back on the win column and get back to the top of their division.
Expect a rebound week as we have seen the Checkers play good (4-4)
22-Rockford Ice hogs (4-8-2)
The Ice hogs having another bad going 2-3-1, they having 10 points and are
currently in last in the Midwest division. With Pyegow quitting as the captain, thegdawg34 looks for his new assistant.
Expect a bad week coming up (1-7)
23-Abbotsford Heat (3-10-1)
The Heat going 0-6 this week as they just cant seems to find anything going right. With a Goal difference at -31 (2nd in the AHL) they just cant seem to put the puck in the net. Highly paid goaltender JaZz134 only played one game this week and lost.
Maybe another winless week (0-Cool
24-Syracuse Crunch (1-11-0) 12 games played
The Crunch seem to be in a neck high hole. Going 0-6 and a total record of 1-11 they just cant catch a break. Captain eithk426 has been suspended for 6 games due to the rule 2.3.5, what will they do without their best player eithk426? As for the questionable trades made earlier in the season, perhaps that contributed to this poor start?
Expect the same, just digging deeper into an endless hole (0-10)

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Edmonton GMOfficial VGHL News - Page 6 GQW8vOGOfficial VGHL News - Page 6 GQW8vOGOfficial VGHL News - Page 6 Art%20Ross%20TrophyOfficial VGHL News - Page 6 Frank%20J.%20Selke%20TrophyOfficial VGHL News - Page 6 Lady%20Byng%20Memorial%20TrophyOfficial VGHL News - Page 6 NHL%20Rookie%20of%20the%20Month
VGHL News TeamOfficial VGHL News - Page 6 Main-thumb-t-5799-50-5MCh0jwKbjrSLA2EtrP4RmqkmdzoNhRf

133Official VGHL News - Page 6 Empty Re: Official VGHL News on Sun Nov 03, 2013 8:59 pm


Official VGHL News - Page 6 Sad_clown

Bought Out
The following is an interview conducted by the VGHL media team with Eithk, who was recently bought out from his position as an AHL Captain.

Interview with Eith.
AHL News Team: again thanks eith for your willingness to speak with us today
Eith: np
AHL News Team: So can you explain to us as to what exactly what your suspension is about?
Eith: do you know of the situation about what is happening to me
AHL News Team: I do not, can you explain?
Eith: I am being removed from being the capt of the Syracuse Crunch
AHL News Team: can you explain why?
Eith: my gm informed me that he would be removing me and after discussion we decided it would be best for both parties if I would no longer be the capt of Syracuse. Personally, because I simply do not have the time to commit to all the responsibilities that come along with being a capt that I used to have. And my Gms would like to shake up the team and possibly turn around a rough start for the Crunch
AHL News Team: Do you feel that this is best for the team’s future?
Eith: yes I do, as I told my gms when they informed me of the news, I said that even if the team was undefeated I would still most likely ask to be removed, like I said I just don’t have the time to run a team effectively like I used too
AHL News Team: Now does this decision have anything to do with your suspension by the VGHL?
Eith: no. my suspension is because of my actions after finding out I would be removed as theCrunch’s leader
AHL News Team: Can you explain the suspension handed to you?
Eith: after finding out the news, I approached varies capts informing them that I would be available in free agency due to being removed from the crunch
AHL News Team: Do you feel this was the right approach to take?
Eith: what do you mean? As in right approach to take talking to capts?
AHL News Team: yes, and best for the rest of your season?
Eith: I thought it was the right approach to take, just at a bad time, if I waited until after everything officially went through then we wouldn’t be having this interview and Iwouldn’t be suspended. I thought it was the right approach because I want to play this season and I would love to help any team interested in me and I just wanted to notify capts that yes I am going to be a free agent and that I would love to help any team like I said
Eith: as for the rest of my season Ican’t comment on that at this time, only time will tell if my actions affect my season
AHL News Team: Do you agree with your suspension, and how many games you are suspended for?
Eith: right now I’m looking to leave Syracuse on a good note and I wish them the best of luck and I’m ready to hopefully help a team. it doesn’t really mean anything if I agree or disagree with the decision, I broke the rules and as such I should face consequences for what I did, they are there for a reason and as such they deserve to be respected
Eith: and I am suspended for 6 games
AHL News Team: Do you plan on being a captain in the future?
Eith:Icannot say for sure at the time of this interview as I am unsure what my schedule will be ifI am ever offered a team again. I know I can run a very successful team as I did in Halifax, I just need the time to do it
AHL News Team: Is there any teams you are interested in joining?
Eith: I would be happy to join any team interested, Idon’t have a specific team that I would like to go to, I just would like to play some hockey and help out any team that is interested
AHL News Team: Last question. Do you have anything to say to the VGHL community?
Eith: I apologize for my off ice actions, Ican’t wait to hopefully join a new team and get right back on the ice after my suspension and help the team that I may go to start the  pursuit for the cup
AHL News Team: Thank you again Eith and best of luck this season.


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Edmonton GMOfficial VGHL News - Page 6 GQW8vOGOfficial VGHL News - Page 6 GQW8vOGOfficial VGHL News - Page 6 Art%20Ross%20TrophyOfficial VGHL News - Page 6 Frank%20J.%20Selke%20TrophyOfficial VGHL News - Page 6 Lady%20Byng%20Memorial%20TrophyOfficial VGHL News - Page 6 NHL%20Rookie%20of%20the%20Month
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Official VGHL News - Page 6 Power-rankings-final

Every week the VGHL’s news team will bring you a Power Rankings list with a small recap of the preview week’s games, as well as a preview into the next week’s games.
NHL Power Rankings – Week 2 (October 27th 2013 – October 30th 2013)
1 –Montreal (12-2-0)
Last Week – 1st
Yan put up 29 points this week in only 6 games to surpass the 50 mark already in this young season, he’s currently on pace for 300+ !!!
Next week: Columbus, Calgary, Chicago, Tampa Bay, Philadelphia, Winnipeg, New Jersey, NYI
Expected Record: 7 - 1
2 – Detroit (11-2-0)
Last Week – 4th
The Red Wings ran the table last week, including 3 OT wins, Burton’s stellar play continues in net
Next Week – Calgary (reschedule), Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Carolina, Phoenix, Anaheim, Dallas, Los Angeles, Edmonton
Expected Record: 6-3
3 – St. Louis (11-1-2)
Last Week – 5th
Continued their strong start to the season by running the table in a short week, and haven’t lost in their last 10.
Next Week: Boston, New Jersey, Buffalo, Colorado, Minnesota, Edmonton, Calgary, Anaheim
Expected Record: 7-1
4 – Carolina (10-4-0)
Last Week – 7th
The Hurricanes are riding high after defeating NJD & Montreal last week, Malkin & Mudd are carrying this team so far
Next Week: Minnesota, Anaheim, Detroit, NYI, Boston, Pittsburgh, Ottawa, New Jersey
Expected Record: 6-2
5 – Ottawa (9-4-1)
Last Week – 8th
Snipe & TC are both at 20-20-40 already, if Joe can get out of his early season slump this team can be dangerous
Next Week: Colorado, Phoenix, Columbus, New Jersey, Florida, Philadelphia, Carolina, Winnipeg
Expected Record: 5-3
6 – New Jersey (10-3-1)
Last Week – 11th
The offense came alive with a 10-1 destruction of the Avalanche, Check now sits in 3rd for Goals on the young season
Next Week: Anaheim, St. Louis, Edmonton, Ottawa, Buffalo, Boston, Montreal, Carolina
Expected Record: 5-3
7 – Dallas (9-4-0)
Last Week – 2nd
Dallas showed a dent in the armor after losses to NJD & OTT, and have two big matchups against TBL &Det this week.
Next Week: Minnesota (Reschedule), Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay, Boston, Chicago, Edmonton, Detroit, Colorado, Minnesota
Expected Record: 8-1
8 – Tampa Bay (9-4-1)
Last Week – 10th
Vito is keeping the Bolts in games, it’s just a matter of do they have enough offense, interesting fact TBL is 8 – 1 when scoring 3 or more goals, 1-3 when they don’t.
Next Week: Edmonton, Dallas, Minnesota, Montreal, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, NYI, Boston
Expected Record: 6-2
9 – Phoenix (8-4-2)
Last Week – 3rd
With today’s addition of Stamkos to go with Rain who was already 3rd in the league in points, the Yotes should put up plenty of goals.
Next Week: Florida, Ottawa, NYI, Detroit, Colorado, Chicago, Edmonton, Calgary
Expected Record: 6-2
10 –- Florida (8-4-2)
Last Week – 13th
The Panthers look to bounce back after back-to-back heart breaking OTL’s to Det& STL, this could be another difficult week
Next Week: Phoenix, Chicago, Calgary, Pittsburgh, Ottawa, NYI, Boston, Philadelphia
Expected Record: 5-3
11– Minnesota (8-4-1)
Last Week – 15th
After a surprising OTL to Buffalo, the Wild bounced back to sweep the rest of last week and have taken the early lead in the disappointing Northwest Division
Next Week: Dallas (Reschedule) Carolina, Boston, Tampa Bay, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Anaheim, Columbus, Dallas
Expected Record: 4-5
12 – Colorado (6-5-3)
Last Week - 9th
With the addition of Penguins2013 the Av’s hope to have a G who can actually stop a shot now to go along with their potential offense
Next Week: Ottawa, Philadelphia, Winnipeg, St. Louis, Phoenix, Columbus, Dallas, Chicago
Expected Record: 4-4
13 – Edmonton (7-5-2)
Last Week – 6th
How far the mighty have fallen, after last season’s dominate run, the Oilers have been rather beatable this season
Next Week: Tampa Bay, Buffalo, New Jersey, Columbus, Dallas, St. Louis, Phoenix, Detroit
Expected Record: 3-5
14– Pittsburgh (7-6-1)
Last Week – 12th
Huge test for the Pens this week in the form of Dal/Det/TBL/Caro, they need to steal a few games in order to keep from falling too far out in the division race already
Next Week: Dallas, Detroit, Anaheim, Florida, Tampa Bay, Carolina, Winnipeg, Buffalo
Expected Record: 2-6
15 – Los Angeles (7-7-0)
Last Week – 18th
The Kings continued on their trend of win/loss/win/loss as they alternated all 6 games last week
Next Week: NYI, Winnipeg, Philadelphia, Minnesota, Chicago, Calgary, Detroit, Columbus
Expected Record: 3-5
16 – Philadelphia (5-6-3)
Last Week – 20th
Fluri & Venom continue to struggle, the team has only managed to put up 3 or more goals in a game 4 times this season
Next Week: Chicago, Colorado, Los Angeles, Boston, Montreal, Ottawa, Buffalo, Florida
Expected Record: 4-4
17 – New York Islanders (6-8-0)
Last Week – 14th
The Isle’s had a horrible week getting outscored 30 – 13, they MUST find a way to keep the puck out of the net
Next Week: Los Angeles, Columbus, Phoenix, Carolina, Winnipeg, Florida, Tampa Bay, Montreal
Expected Record: 1-7
18 – Columbus (5-9-0)
Last Week – 16th
With the trade of Stamkos, the team didn’t lose much since he only played 5 games, the addition of Pucku should help the back end but the offense still needs to improve
Next Week: Montreal, NYI, Ottawa, Edmonton, Calgary, Colorado, Minnesota, Los Angeles
Expected Record: 2-6
19 – Calgary (4-7-2)
Last Week – 17th
The Flames shook things up a bit by sending Penguins2013 & DonkeyX for CraftySnail & ChRoMe-USAF, but with Chrome possibly needing to unexpectedly go on the IR, the trade may not help like they originally thought
Next Week: Detroit (Reschedule) Winnipeg, Montreal, Florida, Anaheim, Columbus, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Phoenix
Expected Record: 5-4
20 – Anaheim (4-9-1)
Last Week – 19th
Josh is doing his best to keep the Ducks in games, but they just don’t have any scoring at all to help
Next Week: New Jersey, Carolina, Pittsburgh, Calgary, Detroit, Minnesota, Chicago, St. Louis
Expected Record: 1-7
21 – Chicago (2-8-4)
Last Week – 22nd
When your team has the lowest ToA per game, it’s not really a surprise to see them scoring the lowest amount of goals as well
Next Week: Calgary, Los Angeles, Colorado, Buffalo, NYI, Montreal, Pittsburgh, Ottawa
Expected Record: 2-6
22 – Buffalo (4-7-3)
Last Week – 24th
Buffalo finally got its 1st and 2nd Regulation Wins of the season, but if Paco or Bobo can’t find a way to keep the puck out of the net, that winning feeling will be coming very far and few between.
Next Week: Detroit, Edmonton, St. Louis, Winnipeg, New Jersey, Tampa Bay, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh
Expected Record: 0-8
23 – Winnipeg (2-10-2)
Last Week – 21st
The Jets ranked dead last in the league in PPG’s as well as Shots against per Game, The loss of Barry certainly won’t help considering he was producing most of the team’s points
Next Week: Calgary, Los Angeles, Colorado, Buffalo, NYI, Montreal, Pittsburgh, Ottawa
Expected Record: 0-8
24 – Boston (2-11-1)
Last Week – 23rd
When a team is already at the bottom, and faces 5 out of the 6 division leaders….it could be a very painful week
Next Week: St. Louis, Minnesota, Dallas, Philadelphia, Carolina, New Jersey, Florida, Tampa Bay
Expected Record: 0-8


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Edmonton GMOfficial VGHL News - Page 6 GQW8vOGOfficial VGHL News - Page 6 GQW8vOGOfficial VGHL News - Page 6 Art%20Ross%20TrophyOfficial VGHL News - Page 6 Frank%20J.%20Selke%20TrophyOfficial VGHL News - Page 6 Lady%20Byng%20Memorial%20TrophyOfficial VGHL News - Page 6 NHL%20Rookie%20of%20the%20Month
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135Official VGHL News - Page 6 Empty Re: Official VGHL News on Sun Nov 03, 2013 2:07 pm


Official VGHL News - Page 6 WI93PVG

Players of the Week

BigYan__ Montreal Canadians 6 GP 12 goals and 17 assists. Montreal had an explosive week and it was led by Yan and Jay. We're giving the hat tip to Yan this week as he slightly overshadowed his partner in points.

ALTERED_BEASST 5 GP 6 assists +13. An impressive +13 playing behind our forward of the week has landed Altered the honors of being named the NHLs D man of the week! Honorable mention: Soccaplaya11, 9 pts in 5 games, 7 in one game vs Buffalo

The goalie of the week is VanillahGorilla. Most goalies strugged in at least 1 game this week but consistency of putting up .833 .846 .833 and .813 save percentages in his games this week has gotten Vanillah the recognition


Moving the 17th placed Americans all the way up the ladder to 2nd, Ovechkin8jr has lit the lamp in Rochester. With help from his linemates, Oviehas put up absurb numbers this week.. 6 games played, 17 goals, 15 assists, +10, 5 powerplay goals, 2 game winning goals, and shooting a whopping57%! Thats 5.3 points a game on average. Highlight of the week was Wednesday's 8-2 rout of Bridgeport. Ovie had 8 points that game.

Our Dman of the week honors goto, Sobolioni. He played 6 games, had 7 assists, 9 hits, and was a +5 on the week. With his help on the blueline, theGriffins were able to tame most offenses. They had 4 games where they allowed 1 goal or less.

Another Griffin, Habsrule444 is our Goaltender of the week.  Not listed as a goalie as primary OR secondary, Habs was able to go 3-1 this week. He allowed on 1 goal a game on average. He also had an astonishing .900 SV%. Habs took Chicago to the Calder Finals last season as a goalie, and a surprising change in positions this offseason leaves many wondering if it was just a decoy to land on his budddies team for a mear .250


Edmonton GMOfficial VGHL News - Page 6 GQW8vOGOfficial VGHL News - Page 6 GQW8vOGOfficial VGHL News - Page 6 Art%20Ross%20TrophyOfficial VGHL News - Page 6 Frank%20J.%20Selke%20TrophyOfficial VGHL News - Page 6 Lady%20Byng%20Memorial%20TrophyOfficial VGHL News - Page 6 NHL%20Rookie%20of%20the%20Month
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Official VGHL News - Page 6 R2MTk0L

AHL Games of the Week
Sunday November 10, 2013
Chicago Wolves                vs. Oklahoma City Barons 9:30PM EST
This matchup includes an intriguing story line. Sinneront and T-MAN-13-RHP face off since their partnership that made the London Knights Memorial Cup Championship. That fairytale story has reached its end and now both of them have gone their separate ways. T-MAN is helping lead Chicago to one of the top records in the league, along with Virus and Jay and the rest of the Wolves offense that make this team feared by many. Sinneront is still a lethal weapon at LW for OKC and continues to lead their offense. OKC has also found their #1 G and have been playing better as of late.
Prediction: 4-2 win Chicago
Portland Pirates vs. Grand Rapid Griffins9:30PM EST
Another quality matchup that may be better than even the game on Thursday. Portland is #2 in the PR and Grand Rapids is still playing a solid defensive game. Portland has slipped a bit as of late and there is a new top team. They blew out a top ten team in Chicago but also had two close games that resulted in losses last Sunday. These two teams have not played each other as of yet and it should be interesting to see whether Defense is king, or is the offense will come out. I’m predicting an upset.
Prediction: 3-1 win Grand Rapids
Monday November 11, 2013
Providence Bruins vs. Norfolk Admirals 9:30PM EST
This game involves two teams who both have solid goaltending in Hail_2thevictors and BostonHydro. Both teams have similar offenses and have stellar D. TOA is a big factor in this game as both have over six minutes on average. The team who wins the TOA game and limits turnovers will win. Expect Cody275 to have a big game and the Bruins will come out on top.
Prediction: 5-2 win Providence
Wednesday November 13, 2013
Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins vs. Bridgeport Sound Tigers 10:30PM EST
Seems like every team in the matchups this week are closely contested on paper. WBS and Bridgeport, both have solid teams and have top notch goaltending. Bridgeport is the Northeast Division leader and WBS is only 2 points behind Bridgeport. Since this game is a division matchup expect them to battle to the death and many scoring chances. This game will go to OT and expect the goalies to be the reason why.
Prediction: 2-1 OT Win Bridgeport.
Thursday November 14, 2013
Portland Pirates vs. Rochester Americans 10:30PM EST
End of the week with possibly the best game of the season so far. These teams played on October 28th, with Rochester winning 7-6 in OT. Both teams have similar stats and expect them to have another hard fought battle. The goaltending won’t be a factor in this one as the forwards are too skilled, and should make the goalies look silly at points. Moja in my mind will take Portland on his back and ultimately lead them to victory.
Predicion: 6-4 win Portland

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Edmonton GMOfficial VGHL News - Page 6 GQW8vOGOfficial VGHL News - Page 6 GQW8vOGOfficial VGHL News - Page 6 Art%20Ross%20TrophyOfficial VGHL News - Page 6 Frank%20J.%20Selke%20TrophyOfficial VGHL News - Page 6 Lady%20Byng%20Memorial%20TrophyOfficial VGHL News - Page 6 NHL%20Rookie%20of%20the%20Month
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137Official VGHL News - Page 6 Empty Re: Official VGHL News on Mon Oct 28, 2013 1:37 pm



Haphazardly thrown together by Hemmertime

With 27 pts in 8 games the NHL forward of the week is ix-Rain-iv of the PHX Coyotes. He came bursting out of the gate and has attempted to show that the AHL edition of the Pheonix Coyotes (and PuckU) can be a playoff contender this year.

Also from the Coyotes, the D man of the week was PuckU33. Putting up 11 pts in 7 games and helping PHX off on the right foot has earned him the honors.

Producing 3 shutouts and allowing only 9 goals against in 7 games the Goalie of the Week is obviously Danger Rally. I have a feeling we will be seeing his name quite often here.

Written by BigTizzle

With the first week in the books, lets recap with the Stars of the Week. Our first mention goes to the dynamic duo in Providence, Cody275 and SilverStaples.  The pair of wingers has scored 54 combined points in just 14 games as well as a solid +31.  With Captain Cody's help, the Bruins have jumped to the quick start many predicted. Tied for first place in points is XILO_ATOMIK. The explosive winger from St.Johns, matches Cody's 30 points through the first week. Another worth mention is Hamilton's RW, Myles_Mayfield. Leading the AHL in goals, Myles has made quick work of his competition gathering 2 game winning goals and 3 powerplay goals. As far as goalies go, two shined this week. Ahl_Allstar-3
was 4-4, 2.11 GAA and a .825 save percentage. If not for a couple close games his record could reflect slightly better. Good showing for the Devil's goaltender. Top goaltending honors for the week go to x21jst_sgt. Leading the league with 6 wins, its not hard to see why Springfield is a top 5 team already. Thats it for this week. Think you have what it takes to be the next POTW? Prove It.

Check back weekly for your NHL and AHL (and maybe PHL...) players of the week.

Comments? Want to whine that you weren't named it when you DEFINITELY should have been? https://vghl.canadian-forum.com/t14625-players-of-the-week-comment-thread#115426

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Edmonton GMOfficial VGHL News - Page 6 GQW8vOGOfficial VGHL News - Page 6 GQW8vOGOfficial VGHL News - Page 6 Art%20Ross%20TrophyOfficial VGHL News - Page 6 Frank%20J.%20Selke%20TrophyOfficial VGHL News - Page 6 Lady%20Byng%20Memorial%20TrophyOfficial VGHL News - Page 6 NHL%20Rookie%20of%20the%20Month
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138Official VGHL News - Page 6 Empty Re: Official VGHL News on Mon Oct 28, 2013 12:40 pm



Well we had a look at the NHL power rankings. Now new VGHL media team contributor Mesposito gives you a glimpse at how things stack up in the AHL.

VGAHL power rankings (week Oct 20 -24)

1-Portland Pirates (6-1-1)
Having a great start to the season lead by ChiTownMenace with 18 points in 8 games. With the best record in the AHL they look to keep it going.
Expect a strong week from these guys. (5-1)

2- Hamilton Bulldogs (5-1-2)

Leading the East with 12 points they look to Myles_Mayfield to have another outstanding week, He is tied for the leading goal scorer with 16 goals in 7 games. Ending the week with a four game winning streak, look for them to continue this.
Expect Myles_Mayfield to have another great week. (5-1)

3- Springfield Falcons (6-2-0)
Tied for second in the AHL with 12 points they Falcons look to keep hot. But with four OT winners out of their 6 wins, how long can they keep going into OT and winning?  x21jst_sgt going 6-1 between the pipes coming up big in close games.
Expect the falcons lose a few because of the OT games (3-3)

4-Lake Erie Monsters (4-2-2)
The monsters look for their two big stars HAT_TRICK_LEGEND and llXSpezza_19Xll to keep their hot streak going. With a combined 42 points both of them look to break opposing Defense.
Expect both HAT_TRICK_LEGEND and llXSpezza_19Xll to have big weeks (5-1)

5-Providenve Bruins (5-3-0)

The Bruins are looking back to get back in the win Colum after they lost two games to finish the week. With a strong start going 4-0 they slowed down going 1-3. Leading the team are the two wingers cody275 and SilverStaples. Combined for a total of 54 points.
Expect cody275 and SilverStaples to keep putting up points, if they can the bruins will have a successful week. (4-2)

6-Chicago Wolves (5-3-0)
With a great end to the week going 4-0 the wolves look to continue their winning streak.  Leading the team is thevirus15 and jay89b combined for a total of 45 points. The big name is the goalie T-MAN-13-RHP, playing all 8 games he has a GAA of 3:50 and a SV% of 3.50. Look for him to having a much better week,
Expect a good week If thevirus15 and jay89b have a good week. (4-2)

7- Bridgeport Sound Tigers (5-3-0)
The Tigers are lead by jason_23 with 18 points in only 5 games. Ending the week off with 3 wins they look to keep that going.
Expect a an even week after their nice stat (3-3)

8-Grand Rapid Griffins (4-2-2)
Lead by the Sobo brothers the Griffins look to have a good week. Dankchank having a good week with 20 points. Also hockeyman_16king with 12 points in 4 games.
Expect the Griffins to also have a good week (4-2)

9- San Antonio Rampage (5-3-0)
Lead by their captain rich2k8 who has 22 points in 8 games. At the moment they are at the top of there division. Look for them too keep rolling. Rich2k8 is playing well they look to be a tough team to shutdown.
Expect a even week (3-3)

10-Charlotte Checkers (4-2-1) 7 games played
The Checkers has only played 7 games at the moment due to reschedule vs. the Phantoms. If they do win that will bump up their record to 5-2-1 which will put them on top of their division. Lead by deadlykush204 with 22 points in 7 games he looks to keep is PPG at 3. As for the Captain Lemieux_Polamalu leading the defense with 8 points.
Expect a strong performance out of the Checkers (4-2)

11- Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins (5-3-0)
The Penguins look to stay on top of their division as they are tied with 10 points. With  their new goalie Acrobatic_beast. He came in the middle of the week to go 3-1. With a GAA of 1.50 and a SV% of .900. Look for Acrobatic_beast to be a brick wall this week
Expect the Penguins to go (4-2)

12- Norfolk Admirals (5-3-0)
The Admirals with an alright start to the season. VittyVito24 with a nice week having 10 points in 4 games. With mostly close games the Admirals can steal a few games in the up coming week.
Expect an even week (3-3)

13- Albany Devils (4-3-1)
They Devils with a even week, AhL_Allstar-3 going 4-4 with a GAA of 2.11 and a SV% of .825. Looking for a big week coming up.
Expect a close week (3-3) or (2-4)

14- Texas Stars (4-3-1)
The Starts look to be better in the coming week, their goalie GiG3Lu going 4-3 with a GAA of 4.33 and a SV% of .728. Defiantly look for him to have a bounce back week.
Expect the starts to either go (3-3) or (4-2) but its up to Gig3Lu to step up

15- St. John Icecaps (4-3-1)
The Icecaps did all right for there first week. With VIPERMAN29 leading the team having 19 points in 6 games. The men in the net JOKER554 having an all right week, with a GAA at 3.65 and a SV% of .768.
Expect the Icecaps to have an even week (3-3)

16- Binghampton Senators (4-4-0)
The senators are looking to have a much better week. Lead by Mc_Dreamyyyy who has 19 points in 7 games. j483beale also with a great week with 19 points in 8 games. Closing the week out 3-1 look for them too keep that alive.
Expect a much better week (4-2)

17 Rochester Americans (2-2-4)
The Americans made a big trade getting ovechkin8jr who has lead the team with 19 points and 8 games. With Gold-Car_789 coming back from his 8 game suspension maybe things will pick up. With 4 OT losses the Americans look to bounce back and get the extra goal they needed.
Expect another bad week, if they cant finish they wont win (2-4)

18 Oklahoma City Barons (3-4-1)
The barons looking for a much better week. The games the Barons have played most of them have been 3 to 2 goal games. The assistant captain Sinneront has 19 points in 8 games, and the highly paid C-a-L-L-z
with 11 points in 4 games.
Expect the Barons to have a better week most likely even, and Sinner to keep his points up (3-3)

19- Abbotsford Heat (3-4-1)
The big name on this team is JaZz134 in the net he went 3-3 with a GAA at 3.32
And a SV% of .825. He has been playing well trying his best to keep his team in the games he has played in net. Do note that they finished the week 3-1
Expect a losing week, if the Heat cant help Jazz they will not do well. (1-5)

20- Iowa Wild (3-4-1)
The Wild with not the best start. Highly paid XxKARLSSONx65xX got 4 points in 4 games.
Expect a bad week (1-5)

21- Manchester Monarchs (3-4-1)
Monarchs start with a bad week looking to bounce back. The man in the net mikefleury29 went 3-4 with a GAA at 3.01 and a SV% of .802.
Expect the same result as this week (1-5)

22- Adirondack Phantoms (3-3-1) 7 games played
phantoms look to have a much better week. Phantoms has a rough week not getting the whole team in on time, to many ECU’s, and a few rescheduling. But They have shown when the whole team is there they can win.
Expect a much better week IF the team can show up (4-2) if not (2-4)

23-Rockford Ice Hogs (2-5-1)
a every slow start for the Ice Hogs. They look to put up a better fight, with their highly paid goaltender BALAIA_JR having a tough time things don’t look good. BALAIA_JR had a GAA of 3.49 and a SV% of .716. HE looks to come back with a better record only going 2-5
Expect the same from (1-5)

24- Syracuse Crunch (1-7-0)
The crunch have the worst week to start off. But they did trade for VinnyNorthsyde witch could be a big key to the puzzle.
Expect mostly the same (1-5)


I think we can all agree he did great work and we look forward to reading more of his articles in the future!


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139Official VGHL News - Page 6 Empty Re: Official VGHL News on Sun Oct 27, 2013 4:32 am



Every week the VGHL’s news team will bring you a Power Rankings list with a small recap of the preview weeks games, as well as a preview into the next weeks games.

NHL Power Rankings – Week 1 (October 20th 2013 – October 24th 2013)

1 – Montreal (7-1-0)
Yan&Jay have 26 points apiece after the 1st week in what was easily the most explosive Offense in the league
Next week: Colorado, Anaheim, Edmonton, Columbus, NYI, Carolina
Expected Record: 5-1

2 – Dallas (6-2-0)

Is Danger even human at this point? Leads Goalies in Goals Against (1.23), Save %(88.0), SO’s (3)
Next Week: New Jersey, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Pittsburgh, Minnesota, Columbus
Expected Record: 5-1

3 – Phoenix (5-1-2)
Rain leads the league in points (27) after the 1st week, if they find an answer in net this team will be hard to beat
Next Week: Winnipeg, Boston, Buffalo, Florida, Calgary, St.Louis
Expected Record: 5-1

4 – Detroit (6-2-0)
Peer is in the top 10 in points to start the season while Burton has been a rock in the back (84.1 Sv%)
Next Week: Boston, Florida, NYI, Buffalo, Edmonton, Calgary
Expected Record: 5-1

5 – St. Louis (5-1-2)
Lost both games in OT on opening night, but finished strong after going 5 – 1 the rest of the way
Next Week: Pittsburgh, Winnipeg, Florida, Boston, Anaheim, Phoenix
Expected Record: 6-0

6 – Edmonton (4-3-1)
At .500 after the first week but easily played the hardest opening schedule in the league, if they actually start playing defense, they could be a top 3 team
Next Week: Carolina, Philadelphia, Montreal, Tampa Bay, Detroit, Los Angeles
Expected Record: 4-2

7 –Carolina (6-2-0)
Mudd&Malkin are both in the top 10 in points, but they have had a somewhat of a soft schedule to open
Next Week: Edmonton, Chicago, Los Angeles, Minnesota, New Jersey, Montreal
Expected Record: 4-2

8 – Ottawa (4-3-1)
Snipe&Class are both over the 20 point mark already, but Joe is off to a poor start in net.
Next Week: Calgary, Dallas, Anaheim, Colorado, Winnipeg, Pittsburgh
Expected Record: 5-1

9 – Colorado (4-3-1)
Could have been 6-2 this week if not for the absolutely horrible goaltending by Chrome-USAF
Next Week: Montreal, New Jersey, Pittsburgh, Ottawa, Chicago, Anaheim
Expected Record: 4-2

10 – Tampa Bay (5-3-0)
Tampa won 5 out of the 1st 6 games before painful losses to Pittsburgh & Buffalo to end the week
Next Week: Anaheim, Columbus, Chicago, Edmonton, Boston, Philadelphia
Expected Record: 5-1

11 – New Jersey (5-2-1)
As Ace goes (or shows) so does this team, offense is nearly non-existent without him
Next Week: Dallas, Colorado, Columbus, Anaheim, Carolina, Winnipeg
Expected Record: 3-3

12 – Pittsburgh (4-3-1)
Smokeshow&Jeff basically carried them during the 1st week
Next Week: St. Louis, Calgary, Colorado, Dallas, Buffalo, Ottawa
Expected Record: 2-4

13 –- Florida (5-3-0)
The Offensive Juggernaut that Balla envisioned this offseason has yet to show up, more than 2 goals scored in a game only 4 times so during the 1st week, Coorsi has more than half of the teams goals
Next Week: Los Angeles, Detroit, St. Louis, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Buffalo
Expected Record: 3-3

14 – New York Islanders (5-3-0)
No team has done more with less (3rd lowest ToA) but yet still in the top 10 in scoring
Next Week: Chicago, Minnesota, Detroit, Los Angeles, Montreal, Boston
Expected Record: 3-3

15 – Minnesota (4-4-0)
Minnesota might have the best D in the league, now if only they could find the back of the net with any regularity
Next Week: Buffalo, NYI, Philadelphia, Carolina, Dallas, Chicago
Expected Record: 4-2

16 – Columbus (4-4-0)

The goaltending in Columbus has been better than expected so far, but the team needs Stamkos to start lighting the lamp to keep this team going
Next Week: Philadelphia, Tampa Bay, New Jersey, Montreal, Los Angeles, Dallas
Expected Record: 3-3

17 – Calgary (2-6-0)
Any chance of repeating this season is already gone along with last year’s outstanding defense, Slayer&iPlay have to increase their offensive output
Next Week: Ottawa, Pittsburgh, Boston, Winnipeg, Phoenix, Detroit
Expected Record: 3-3

18 – Los Angeles (3-4-0)
If not for Cait’s hat trick to end the week, this team would have averaged barely a goal a game
Next Week: Chicago (reschedule) Florida, Buffalo, Carolina, NYI, Columbus, Edmonton
Expected Record: 1-6

19 – Anaheim (3-5-0)
This team has no offensive punch so far, Josh will have to keep teams to 1 or less for Anaheim to have a chance in what appears to be a brutal schedule in week 2.
Next Week: Tampa Bay, Montreal, Ottawa, New Jersey, St. Louis, Colorado
Expected Record: 1-5

20 – Philadelphia (2-3-3)

Already a Forfeit on the record combined with a poor start by Fluri&Venom has this team hurting, I sense a trade coming soon to bring in some help
Next Week: Columbus, Minnesota, Chicago, Florida, Tampa Bay
Expected Record: 1-5

21 – Winnipeg (2-5-1)
Where’s the Offense? Where’s the Defense? Where’s the Goaltending….Barry (7) has almost half of the teams Goals so far (18)
Next Week: Phoenix, St. Louis, Dallas, Calgary, Ottawa, New Jersey
Expected Record: 0-6

22 – Chicago (1-3-3)
When you are only scoring 1.57 goals a game, it’s going to be a long, long season
Next Week: Los Angeles (reschedule) NYI, Carolina, Tampa Bay, Philadelphia, Colorado, Minnesota
Expected Record: 0-7

23 – Boston (2-6-0)
If not for OT wins against Tampa Bay & Buffalo, this team would still be in its normal cellar spot, Greek has 12 of the teams 21 goals so far
Next Week: Detroit, Phoenix, Calgary, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, NYI
Expected Record: 0-6

24 – Buffalo (1-4-3)
Buffalo’s lone W came in OT against Pittsburgh, Max has barely played so far, and I can’t help but think Murloc has to be asking himself “Is it S9 yet?”
Next Week: Minnesota, Phoenix, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Florida
Expected Record: 0-6


Comments? Disagree? https://vghl.canadian-forum.com/t14581-nhl-power-rankings-week-1#115165

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Sunday, October 27th, 2013

Ottawa Senators @ Calgary Flames (9:30 PM): Week 2 of the regular season starts on a high note as the Season 6 Champion Ottawa Senators and Season 7 Champion Calgary Flames will go head to head for the first time. Though there has been plenty of roster turnover for both squads since their respective championships, one thing that hasn’t changed is their ambition to win it all again this year. Both teams are off to somewhat disappointing starts, with Ottawa going 4-3-1 and Calgary going 2-4-2 in the first week of play, but it’s obviously far too early to say either team is “over rated” in any way. Both teams were able to add some star power this off-season with Calgary bringing on Mcfslayer21 as the team’s Captain and Ottawa signing T_27_C (formerly Class_Act_27) to an ELC. All eyes will be on them as both teams look to get some momentum going in the “W” column.

Prediction: Calgary 4-2

Monday, October 28th, 2013

Montreal Canadiens @ Edmonton Oilers (9:30 PM): After dropping the season opener to Pittsburgh, the Canadiens have won seven straight contests to propel themselves to the top of the Eastern Conference. Jay’s 16 goals lead the league, and it’s really no surprise that he and Yan have this team off to such a hot start. Their 38 goals as a team is tops in the league, while their 14 goals allowed is second only to Dallas as the lowest. Meanwhile, Edmonton’s high-octane offense has yet to find its stride, scoring a pretty average 23 goals in Week 1 and posting a goal differential of minus-1. When’s the last time Edmonton gave up more goals than they allowed? The Oilers look forward to an easier schedule this week that doesn’t include two meetings with the Stars, but would prefer to get things started on the right foot with a marquee win over Montreal on Monday.

Prediction: Montreal 5-3

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

St. Louis Blues @ Phoenix Coyotes (10:30 PM): The St. Louis Blues will face off against the new-look Phoenix Coyotes in the 10:30 slot on Wednesday night. CCPiper and Vegaridge have combined for 35 points so far and have paved the way for the perennial powerhouse Blues to put up a 5-1-2 record in Week 1. They’ll have their work cut out for them against one of the better stories of the young season in the Phoenix Coyotes. Phoenix boasts an identical 5-1-2 record, but leads the Western Conference (2nd in the league) in goals scored with 34. After dropping their first three games of the season, albeit two in overtime, the team has rebounded with five straight wins over Los Angeles, Dallas, Anaheim, Colorado, and topped off with a 7-3 whomping of the Flames. While their defense may be a little suspect having conceded 26 goals, the offense generated in part by Rain and Reject_Reapez may be enough to lead the Coyotes to another signature victory.
Prediction: Phoenix 4-3 (OT)

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

St. Louis Blues @ Phoenix Coyotes (10:30 PM): The St. Louis Blues will face off against the new-look Phoenix Coyotes in the 10:30 slot on Wednesday night. CCPiper and Vegaridge have combined for 35 points so far and have paved the way for the perennial powerhouse Blues to put up a 5-1-2 record in Week 1. They’ll have their work cut out for them against one of the better stories of the young season in the Phoenix Coyotes. Phoenix boasts an identical 5-1-2 record, but leads the Western Conference (2nd in the league) in goals scored with 34. After dropping their first three games of the season, albeit two in overtime, the team has rebounded with five straight wins over Los Angeles, Dallas, Anaheim, Colorado, and topped off with a 7-3 whomping of the Flames. While their defense may be a little suspect having conceded 26 goals, the offense generated in part by Rain and Reject_Reapez may be enough to lead the Coyotes to another signature victory.
Prediction: Phoenix 4-3 (OT)


AHL Games ofthe Week
Ready, Set, Go! The AHL season has officially commenced, and the first eight games have been completed. There are only 6 games this week, as our future VGHLers take on the scariest of nights Halloween.

Sunday October 27th
Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins at Chicago Wolves 9:30 PM EST
This matchup has two teams both at 10 points. The baby Pens and the Wolves sit tied for fourth in the AHL. This game will be a battle of the cycle. The Wolves are riding a five game win streak while the baby Pens are on a three game streak as well. Will Virus round up his troops and keep their streak going? Or will Sglieden’s team put on a defensive show and shut down the high powered offense of Chicago?
My prediction 4-3 OT win for Chicago.

Monday October 28th
Portland Pirates at San Antonio Rampage 10:30PM EST
The number one team in Portland takes on the Atlantic Division leading San Antonio Rampage. In week one Portland came out on fire, going 6-1-1 and an AHL best 13 points. San Antonio is 3-1-0 at home and hope to continue their strong play and take down the number one team in the AHL. This game will be dictated on their centers and who can get the most TOA.
My Prediction 4-2 win for Portland.

Wednesday October 30th
Grand Rapid Griffins at Norfolk Admirals 10:30PM EST
Battle of teams also tied for fourth place in the AHL here. Two teams at 10 points and are pushing their way up the standings. Both teams run similar systems and will beat up on each other and the game will depend on which team’s cycle falters first. Grand Rapids has the lowest GAA at 1.88, which will give the Griffins the edge in this game.
My Prediction 2-1 win for the Griffins.


Have your say:

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141Official VGHL News - Page 6 Empty Re: Official VGHL News on Fri Oct 25, 2013 8:21 pm



*Written by AggroCrag24*


Please read the title of this article before reading it as a whole. As an OVER-reactions article for week one most of these statements will be over the top and just plain absurd.

With the first week in the books, we have seen the most parity driven season the VGHL has ever seen. Not a single team got through Monday without a loss, and no team at the end of the week is still winless. But let’s get down to the nitty gritty of each team, THAT’S RIGHT ALL 24 teams!

Anaheim Ducks

The Ducks do not have a top flight team this year, with a marginal defense and a subpar offense. Looks like this team will have to make a trade for a scoring forward if they plan on making the playoffs this season.

Boston Bruins

With only 4 points in week one (lowest in the league), Boston will continue their tradition as the worst franchise in the VGHL. Looks like another long season for Bruin fans around the league.

Buffalo Sabres

The Sabres have the worst defense in the VGHL this season, giving up 38 goals so far. Buffalo will be lucky if they DON’T break the record for most goals given up this season.

Calgary Flames

Favorites to go back-to-back this season? I think not, this team sits at last in their division and only 1 point ahead of last in the West. Playing GTA for 10 hours a day has cost this team a chance at the playoffs this season.

Carolina Hurricanes

Carolina may not have a 10 million dollar man on the roster, but they have the best chemistry in the league which has led them to a nice 6-2 record and 2nd in the east. These guys are a lock for a home playoff series.

Chicago Blackhawks

In only 7 games the Blackhawks have lost 3 OT games, clearly they cannot handle the pressure of a winner take all goal. The only question that remains is if this team will have more OT results than regulation results the rest of the season.

Colorado Avalanche

The Avalanche have gone 1-1 every night in week one. Looks as if this team will not have a winning/losing streak of more than 2 at all this season. Look for them to finish .500 and sneak into the playoffs.

Columbus Blue Jackets

The model of consistency, Columbus is 4-4 with 24 goals for and 24 goals against. Another .500 team this season, if the tie breaker is goal differential don’t look for the Blue Jackets 0 to make any waves.

Dallas Stars

Dallas has already beaten Calgary and Edmonton (twice) this season. If Gaggan can put up more than his 1 ppg this team could be the best the VGHL has ever seen.

Detroit Red Wings

Everything is right in hockey town after a preseason full of GMs around the league questioning Peerless’ bidding week. Well the joke is on them as the Red Wings are 6-2 and Peerless is by far the best GM the VGHL has ever seen.

Edmonton Oilers

The Edmonton Coorsi’s are now the Florida Coorsi’s and Edmonton is feeling it. Edmonton has already given up 24 goals this season which wouldn’t have been a problem if Coorsi was around to light the lamp. Trouble is brewing in Edmonton and they might have to go on the road in round 1.

Florida Panthers

Florida spent far too much money on the Center position and it showed week one with only 1ppg coming from the position. Looking like a middle of the road pack this year, looking like a 6 seed in their future.

Los Angeles Kings

Only 33 goals have been score in Kings games this season, if you catch them on the TV this season just change the channel and save yourself some time.

Minnesota Wild

See above…31 total goals.

Montreal Canadiens

The Jay and Yan experiment has paid off handsomely. The Canadiens are the class of the East and will be a lock for the number 1 seed. No one can touch these guys.

New Jersey Devils

The Devils are 4-0 at home and look unbeatable in New Jersey. They have real shot breaking records in terms of home records.

New York Islanders

Being the only hockey team in NY has paid dividends for the Islanders. Spend money? No thanks says Pimpin as he puts together a 12 man playoff team with only 28 million dollars.

Ottawa Senators

Man is this team exciting, they don’t play ANY defense but when they have the puck it seems like you don’t have a defense either. The goal lights in Ottawa will be burnt out by mid-season.

Philadelphia Flyers

Already having a forfeit week 1 is not a good sign for the Flyers. Will this team even show up this season? Fluri is going to have to make some trades for better players or kiss his GMship goodbye.

Phoenix Coyotes

PNC park has proven that all it takes to be successful in the VGHL is PuckU and AHLers.

Pittsburgh Penguins

The tandem of Smokeshowjoe and Jeff are tearing it up in Pittsburgh. This team is a goalie away from being a title contender.

St. Louis Blues

New season same story for the Blues. Nothing to see here, just another elite team going about their business.

Tampa Bay Lightning

Wildcard proves that playing NHL 24/7 makes you the most dynamic RW in the league. He will carry this team into the playoffs.

Winnipeg Jets

This team doesn’t know how to pass. They have almost as many goals as team assists. Not a recipe for a playoff team, see you on the golf course sooner rather than


Have a reaction? an overreaction? Head on over to https://vghl.canadian-forum.com/t14548-overreaction-article-comment-thread#115026

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Submitted by JewofCanada:

NHL Games of the Week – Week 1

Sunday 10/20/13

Calgary Flames @ Dallas Stars (9:30 EST) – The schedule makers didn’t waste any time in delivering some exciting marquee match-ups to kick off the season. The Dallas Stars will host the defending Stanley Cup champion Calgary Flames in a re-match of last season’s Western semi-final series on Sunday night. While both teams have undergone significant changes this off-season, they remain two of the favorites to capture the Western Conference in Season 8. It would be hard to imagine Calgary being any better than the powerhouse they were last season, losing only one game (excluding a forfeit) in overtime en route to a Stanley Cup – but after adding McfSlayer921 on to the management team with a reasonable contract, they may accomplish just that. Meanwhile, the Dallas Stars have beefed up their offense as well, appointing Gaggan07 as the team’s captain to help B-Bunny up front and signing some offensive defensemen in Anaconda and the versatile Nino_Nemasis. VGHLers could not have asked for a better match up to start the season, and with any luck, we may get a live stream from B-Bunny’s Twitch.tv channel. PREDICTION: I’ll take Calgary starting off their cup defense on the right foot with a hard fought win over the Stars.

Monday 10/21/13

Detroit Red Wings @ Los Angeles Kings (9:30 EST) – Though there are a ton of great match-ups on the slate for Monday night, Detroit @ LA is my game of the night. Both teams are hoping to build on last season’s success and solidify themselves as legitimate cup contenders. While Detroit may have taken a step backwards on paper, Peerless usually finds a way to rally the troops and is capable of leading the Wings to victories alongside what is a pretty underrated offense featuring DA_VINCI, Sic_Snake, Slabaugh, and GET_ON_UR_KNEES. The Kings, on the other hand, seem to have taken a step forward after spending some big money on prized free agents dydy23 and Mawson_99. Veterans Yucko and NowYoDead will be able to fill any role they are called upon for, while Ron and RunLikeHeII- intend to lead the way for LA. Both teams have their share of question marks, but also have the potential to make a run should those questions be answered positively. PREDICTION: Los Angeles wins in a close one, as their chemistry could play a big role this early in the season against a Detroit team that is virtually a night and day difference from last season.

Wednesday 10/23/13

Edmonton Oilers @ Calgary Flames (10:30 EST) – You didn’t think I could go the entire article without mentioning Hemmertime’s Oilers, did you? While many in the league have assessed the departure of mainstay Coorsi as the end of an era in Edmonton, Hemmertime isn’t about to let the team’s winning tradition be derailed. After picking his spots and working the trade market this off-season, Hemmer’s Oilers look poised to make another deep run at a championship. The Oilers brought in both star forward STOKEYOKES83 and the talented SWED_420_GJ via trade to ease the blow of losing Coorsi, before signing LumpyRutheford in free agency to shore up the defense alongside Kylej83 and DiiRTYDaNGLes. SWED_420_GJ may have been a bit of a failed experiment as “the guy” in Tampa Bay last season, but he really began to shine after the arrival of BARRYS_SNIPIN. He certainly won’t have to be “the guy” in Edmonton, and is one of my dark horses to have a huge season. All in all, their talent level rivals that of Calgary’s offense and the Oilers’ depth up front exceeds that of the Flames. Regardless of the outcome on Wednesday, there’s no arguing that this is a potential conference championship preview. PREDICTION: I like the Oilers to take the first skirmish in this year’s battle of Alberta and Lumpy’s return to Calgary. While I can’t predict lineups, I think Edmonton’s depth and chemistry will prevail in this one.

Thursday 10/24/13

Montreal Canadiens @ Philadelphia Flyers (9:30 EST) – It may not be the most hate-filled, rivalry-driven match-up, but there will be plenty of intrigue as the Flyers host Montreal on Thursday night. All eyes will be on the Canadiens after owner ALTERED_BEASST was able to poach superstar Jay6219 to become his Assistant in Monreal. Jay joins fellow superstar BIGYAN__ to form what will undoubtedly be one of the most productive and entertaining offenses in the league. Across the ice from them will be Fluri37 and JPH_VENOM, who enter their first year as a management duo with high hopes for their Flyers squad. They boast a versatile lineup with a handful of players that can play multiple positions well. With solid options at goaltending and what should be a stout defense anchored by Sgill19 and Echo-30, the Flyers’ biggest uncertainty seems to be their offense – surely Fluri and Venom can’t get it done alone. PREDICTION: Though I expect Philadelphia to be a competitive team this season, it’s hard to bet against the deadly duo of Jay and Yan. I’m taking Montreal in somewhat convincing fashion.

Thanks for reading the inaugural edition of the Games of the Week! Check back next weekend for a look at some of next week’s most interesting match ups.
Look for the AHL to be included in the future!

Comment thread located

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Official VGHL News - Page 6 111

The ice is frozen, the lineups are posted, and Mack has filled his prescriptions. We are officially ready for the puck to drop and competition to get started!

Opening night has many small storylines each year. Many of you are playing your first games in the NHL and are getting a chance to step on the ice both with and opposite some of the big names of the VGHL. Will you crack when Jay and Yan are coming down on you 2 on 1 in a tie game? Will you face a team predicted to be a powerhouse and walk all over them like you're playing on rookie mode? Only time will tell! There are lots of fresh faces to the AHL too, eager to climb the ranks. Tonight sees the defending Stanley Cup Champions Calgary Flames face off in their opening game against a team many have pegged as the #1 candidate to dethrone them, the Dallas Stars. In my eyes that is the game of the night!

With all the possibilities, we'd like to hear from you. Give your opinion in the comment thread on a few questions.

1) Does Calgary repeat as Stanley Cup Champions?

2) Which conference wins the presidents trophy? East or West?

3) How long will be the biggest win streak to open the season? What about winless streak? Ditto for the AHL.

4) Will Ardison break 500 hits this season? 600? He got 406 in 55 games last season.

5) Who will be the rookie of the year?

6) Will Nova1739 be a top 10 scorer in the NHL?

7) Slayer and Iplaytowindagame or Jay and Yan. What dynamic duo will score more goals? Throwaway vote: Gaggan and Bunny

8 ) Did you hear someone was already suspended for tampering and it wasn't even Dirty Joe? Heck, it wasn't even a GM/captain! Gold-Car_789 was suspended a whopping 8 games for approaching other AHL captains about trades. Will the new harsher penalties lead to more broken friendships for ratting and suspensions? Im pegging the over/under on suspensions for tampering at 7 for the season. Ill take the over. How about you?

9) After their Cinderella run to the finals last season, coming from 8th place in the east, do the Tampa Bay Lightning make the playoffs?

10) Peerless or Hemmertime. Who gets more points in season 8?

BONUS QUESTIONS. Worth 4 times the points!
11) The Real deals had how many AHL records in one season?
12) The Real Deals, great D man, or GREATEST D man. You must choose one of the two.

Well ladies and gentlemen, we'll have the answers to these questions in a few short months (though I have a sneaking suspicion we already know the answer to #12). On behalf of the VGHL Media Team I would like to wish you all a good season and a disconnect free opening night.

Head on over to the comment thread located


To answer the questions and pose some of your own or make note of something you will find interesting to follow!

- Hemmer

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Official VGHL News - Page 6 SCPA2913

*Written By BigTizzle and Virus*

This season the ahl bidding got off to a jumping start. Some teams held camps and did their research and some teams didn't. A lot of first time captains felt the pressure
with bidding and getting those high quality players and learning a valuable lesson. S8 seems to be the year of the high paid players,
With a couple players hitting the 6 million mark for salary and a few more players just shy of that mark. There were some teams that did "blind bidding" and are now
paying the price with all the inactive players they have to drop, all in all tho the teams all seem well rounded which should make for an interesting season.
As the season is on its way to getting started teams are now seeing if they have what it takes to get to the calder cup.

-Norfolk Admirals-

A veteran team led by assistant captain Heroic_saunter. Norfolk aquired the versitile BostonHydro and former NHL GM Blacjac. Id look for them to make a big splash at the trade
deadline or a big phl signing midseason to give them the extra push they need. Playoffs likely

-Providence Bruins-

Hail_2TheVictors is looking for a repeat performance of last season putting up 1.59 gaa and a .878 save percentage in front of him with a 3.75 million contract is SinWin
with cody275 and TIMMMAH10 upfront the Bruins look like a lock. I see a top seeded team.

-Rochester Americans-

Rookie captain ANason21 looks to lead the Americans in the East. It looks like they spent all their money on forwards. Does L0V3_Reaper and whyme2003 being the only
Defense on this team have what it takes to keep a lot of offensively drivin teams out of their zone? Only time will tell with this team. Playoff appearence looks doubtful

-Abbotsford Heat-

Captain DMILLER2009 comes through with a power move by signing 6 million dollar player JaZz134. Will JaZz crack under the pressure of being the second highest paid
AHL player? Or will MILLER come through with a premium signing? And will Jazz's availability effect the teams record? Teams playoff chances could come up a bit short if the blue line doesn't hold.

-Charlotte Checkers-

Lemieux_Polamalu is a new Captain to the AHL and looking to lead a large team to the playoffs. Unfortunately i dont see any big talent in this team(no offense). I do not see
the playoffs in this teams future.

-Rockford Ice Hogs-

With BALAIA_JR being their big signing of the year and one of the most solid goaltenders, will they have the offensive power needed upfront? I see Rockford making the playoffs if
BALAIA_JR is kept in the AHL all season and continues to prove himself as one of the best Goalies of the AHL.

-Lake Erie Monsters-

This team looks to make a statement on Defense with both captains being D men themselves. Big question will be if angrypenguin10 will be playing net or be playing out? And if not, who will be in net?
llXSpezza_19Xll looks to be taking the charge upfront as their big signing of the year. Has the potential to get to the playoffs if the scoring upfront can be consistent.

-Springfield Falcons-

Winger duo captains, Inigla and rcgloe head this team. Goaltender doesn't seem to be an issue with ThundaThumbz and x21jst_sgt on the roster.
Overpaid D-man Karlsson_6_5_ will try to earn his paycheck on the blue line. Time will tell if the Falcons will be contenders. My guess is no.

-Texas Stars-

Faceoff guru ovechkin8jr, is the big signing for this team at 5 million. The stars look to GiG3Lu in net and SICK_CHEWBACCA in front of him. Fall just short of playoffs

-Grand Rapid Griffins-

With the sobo brothers leading this team. The team looks solid Defensively on paper. Again my question for this team is offensive power? Will Dankchank prove worthy of his contract?
From the Defensive side alone on this team i see a playoff appearance in this teams future.

-Oklahoma City Barons-

CRUSTY_BOJANGLES looks to be the big steal on this team depending on availability. Another team with a 6+million contract C-a-L-L-z is going to have his work cut out for him
leading OKC to the playoff run. Other than s7's phl mvp Sinneront, not many known names on this roster. Will the teams big signing come through?  Playoffs in sight

-San Antonio Rampage-

rick2k8, DASN1PA, and VinnyNorthsyde look to lead the offense on this team, their question is Defense. Does this team have what it takes to shut down some more promising offensive teams?
Defense is the key to this teams playoffs hopes. I don't see a playoff appearance in them

-Manchester Monarchs-

On paper this team looks to be solid. Ragequittin will anchor the frontline. mikefleury29 as their assistant is a crucial part to this teams success. Playoffs appearance looks to be good for this team

-Iowa Wild-

This team made some big purchases on players. Looking to make a statement this year with his bidding, slapshot1997 looks to be leading an offensively  powered team. Again
Defense is the big question on this team even with all the power up front will the Wild be able to shut high offense powered teams down? Playoff appearance looks to be good
for the wild.

-Hamilton Bulldogs-

With the big purchase of Chomper4 for defense sitting at 5 million for his contract. His availability is the big key to this teams success due to the fact he is
in both leagues. The question for this team is goaltending. Who is going to take the reigns in the crease? Playoffs depend on whose in net and Chompers availability.

-Albany Devils-

Led by llSENTINALll and ahl-allstar, the Devils have assembled what looks to be a s7 phl team. However they appear well rounded with solid D and goaltenders, Time will tell
if they are able to hold together thru the long season. Should make playoffs easily

-Bridgeport Sound Tigers-

Another offensive powered team with 10 forwards listed as their primary. Twistedhz69 seems to be the obvious choice at goalie and Irishfitz is a lock at D.
Kinfqlk has his work cut out for him in the defense side of the zone. Tigers just sneak in playoffs.

-Binghampton Senators-

With 3 goalies i guess the survival of the fittest applies to the Senators this season. Well rounded group of guys but no depth. Looks like management will be whats holding them back this year.
However I can see the Senators creeping into a playoff spot

-Adirondack Phantoms-

Currently sitting at 9 players on the roster it is hard to say what is going to happen with the Phantoms. Goaltending shouldnt be a problem with saicri leading the way.
Their playoff hopes is yet to be determined

-Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins-

Top paid player Syther at only 2.25 mil leaves the "Baby Pens" with a cool 5 mil leftover. Campnadian and Plastic_world look to shut down opposing offenses, while their own offense
is questionable. Look for the pens to be big players in midseason bidding. Playoffs-Yes

-Portland Pirates-

Finishing the season as the Wolves Assistant and with a calder cup showing, the expectations are high for chitownmenace. Defense looks strong. If the offense starts clicking they could be
a tough team to beat come playoffs. Also Huge mid season bidding players. Playoffs guarenteed

-Chicago Wolves-

thevirus15 looks to take the wolves deep into the playoffs with Jay89b as his assistant. Crucial to their sucess will be whether or not goalie TMAN stays in ahl. Without sounding too biased i think the Chicago Wolves are playoff bound

-Syracuse Crunch-

With their big signing being tremblay77_7, a more than solid goalie, the crunch looks to him for a playoff spot. But with only 10 players signed and sitting at the 16 million mark for cap
there is no room for error this season. The crunch could fall short of the playoffs if they're not careful

-St. John's Icecaps-

With some solid bidding the Ice Caps do good on signings this year. Viperman will try to lead the Icecaps to victory. XILO_ATOMIK and xX_NITRO_Xx_ are the big
signings for this team. The key to success lies on them. Depending on the movement of the team this year i feel the Ice Caps have the playoffs in their sight



IN- Wild, Griffins, Pirates, Barons, Monarchs, Wolves, Admirals, Ice Hogs

OUT- Falcons, Stars, Heat, Monsters


IN- Bruins, Devils, Rampage, Crunch, Penguins, Senators, IceCaps, Sound Tigers

OUT- Checkers, Phantoms, Bulldogs, Americans

Agree? Disagree? Want to rant? Head on over to https://vghl.canadian-forum.com/t14224-ahl-preview-article-comment-thread#112982 to share your views.

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*written by Barrys Snipin*

Well whats a new season without my predictions and analysis. Congrats to Calgary in a dominating playoff peformance to win the Cup. I was fortunate enough to battle against them in the finals on Tampa. Well also like to say congrats and good luck to all new owners and old owners, lets get this on the show!

Anahiem - A well rounded out team with quite a bit of depth anahiem is looking better than last year. With Em Tee El and toslick leading upfront.. theres a few holes at D with Headcase holding down LD.. but with Tbone's NHL13 success (on BST) seems to be in the past.. not too familiar with remingtonremedy but seems to be the 1-2 punch on the blue line. Joshweasel seems to be holding the fort in net with a few capable backups.. alot of the pressure relies on weasel.. i sense rage early in the season Wink anahiem should make it to the playoffs

Boston - A new year for the Bruins was what seemed to be needed her in Bean town, with only 4.5 mill combined in Captaincy, the bruins were looking to build their team through free agency. Big aquistions greekelite and vaipetrucci, there arent too many others worth noting. NHL14 is a new game, so im sure theres more talent im unaware of, but looking like it may be another basement feeding team. Herky is going to have turn things around quickly from last years meltdown year, hope you've been workign out your shoulders gonna neeed it! best of luck guys!

Buffalo - A new team taking over by some new faces, Toronto is now headed to Buffalo. Conn Smythe winner (I'm assuming sorry didnt look) Murloc Death, looks to take his stanley cup ring and experience to help out the new franchise. Other free agency aquistion Laplante seems to be the bigname that stands out upfront. Not too much depth and scoring on Buffalo, I cant see them making the playoffs, but prove me wrong boys!

Calgary - The defending stanley cup champions head into the offseason with 2 of the top dawgs running the team. Iplaytowindagame and long time teammate/buddy Mcslayer look to go back to back seasons holding the cup. With a deadly line of mick slayer and chuckie.. memack seems to the be the top Dman after rusty head to free agency for a big pay cheque.. Lots of unknown names on D with memack, but with that much scoring power upfront.. aslong as Penguins doesnt fall asleep during games.. should be a very successful year once again for Calgary. Playoffs are almost guaranteed!

Carolina - Boomheadshot and Bigspoon lead the hurricanes this year signing Mudd Flaps and trading for Coutouretofattofly. Carolina seems to be heading in the right direction with a solid duo in net with nevernavok and spoon, can Malkin shine in the NHL or will the kid rage and quit. Could be a good team if find chemistry, and cant forget to include the alltime most hated TRD making his comeback into the NHL. I've yet to see the fella in VGHL chat or OTP lobbies.. maybe hes meditating and prepping himself for his big season.. or maybe BOOM plans to run his career back into the gutter where he belongs, always an interesting topic to follow. Canes will be headed to the playoffs!

Chicago - Linde looks to take the Hawks to the next level this year pairing up with clubmate Lers. I must say Linde has done a better job than previous years putting together his team on paper. Signing big free agent Castro to a multi year deal and having ardison locked up on D. Not a stanley cup winning team, but definitely a playoff team if Roosta and crosbytapyourmom can keep the puck outta the net. Lets hope Ardison doesnt make the penalty box his 2nd home, and they should be destined for victory.

Colarado - Tyrone seeks revenge from his dissapointing season last year. Starting off getting AHL scorer Nova as his assistant, and having two solid goaltenders inbetween the pipes of bigbeefy and chromeUSA, they are looking better than last year. With lots of unknown names, im assuming NOVA's AHL boys, can they make the leep to the big league and continue their success? A few question marks on Defence, as Ghost (new gayest name in VGHL- Craftysnail) is looking to hold the fort down on D with highpaid Dman Nemisis.. I think they got a good shot making the playoffs, but winning the playoffs, I think is a different story.

Columbus - Jsilvers returns to captain dutys and looks to try his luck once again. Going out and signing the big gun Stamkos, there doesnt seem to be much supporting cast. When your 2nd highest paid guy plays the same position (chaos rider) there seems to be a few loop holes here with the blue jackets. With a 13 players on the roster, lots of playing time is going to spread out which can cause chemistry issues. Some early trades looks to be the best bet for them. Playoffs are looking outta the reach for this club unless Stamkos can repeatively put the puck in the back of the net.

Dallas - Danger Rally and new assistant Gag, look to lead the stars this year. They did a GREAT job putting together a team, getting some big names for cheap. Danger made sure to get his longtime buddy valley on the blue line and having Razor a stay at home Dman, and Nino and conda back there, they looking quite solid. With one question mark is whos gonna take over for starting C. Either way with that much talent on the roster, Dallas will be heading into the playoffs.

Detroit - Peerless new look Red wings are not looking good as past years. Lots of new faces in Hockey Town and with a great goalie in Dpburton.. they go into free agency signing Get on Ur Knees which said hes looking to play goalie... Trade bait?! Signing Soccaplaya and Da VINCI to big contracts, leaves the rest of their roster with very little money to spend. I'm not as confident this year for the Red wings, but they may be able to squeeze into 8th spot.

Edmonton - Hemmertime and Dirtydangles look to lead the Oil to the playoffs again, with also a new look to their squad. With longtime clubmate/buddies Kyle and sticky there for another season, and making which coulda been the trade of the year getting stokey for a few draft picks, Oilers look to have a solid top 6. Losing Burton and Spoon to captaincys of other teams, EDM is going into the season with 500K spent on G in brazilian goalie. Kinda scratching my head here, but thinking dirtydangles may be changing his position to G this season. Decent team, but not a stanley cup team.

Florida - after a dissapointing season which looked to be Ballas best team on paper last year, was a complete fail. Parting with Anaconda and grabbing MVP Coorsi to run the team, Panthers are seeking a new look. Aggro and firestorm look to be splitting time in the middle, and lots of choices in G with Vlady chitownmobstr and babydiaper. I think Florida is heading in the right direction and playoffs seem to be in the reach for them. Just one thing that may hold them back is availability with some names on the roster who seem to have a tendancy to be around alot!

La Kings - King and Run pair up for the Kings, and started off signing stanley cup winner dydy to the blue line. With trading stokeyokes, they never really replaced the scoring that they may need. If LA wants to win, they better hope Dydy is going to be around alot, because unless Ron or Cait head back to the blue line which looks like may be a great possibility, there isnt much support back there with who they got. Also with a few question marks in net, LA may be hitting the trade block again and soon. Still unsure what to think bout LA, maybe a 8th 9th seed!

Minnesota - Chrono and threeleven are set to take the new Minnesota Franchise to the ice. Signing Hardik and secondaryflash to ridicilous contracts, they are going with the motto Defence Wins Championships. Chrono and eleven are going to be depended on to put the puck in the net, but I'm not too convinced that will be done on a regular basis.

Montreal - After a very successful season Altered Beast made a few changes first grabbing one of the leagues deadliest scorers Jay6219 to his team. Having a solid duo of Wu Pens who proved hes near the top of the list of elite goaltenders, they seek revenge after a dissapointing series loss to the Tampa Bay Lightning. Having bigyan and Jay together should equal alot of success im assuming bigyan will be switching to RW, and with lots of capable C's to fight for the spot, Montreal is looking destined to be at the top of the standings once again.

New Jersey - Checkmate and buddy Mesmerize team up to the new look Devils. Signing big free agents and clubmates of mine acefive and donutdoug are going with the motto.. if you cant beat em, join em Wink hehe jk. The devils are looking pretty solid on paper, with a few names that can take over in G, this team is looking pretty balanced and playoffs dont seem to be outta the reach!

NYI - Alchy Ops and LPimpin put together a big roster with a lot of unknown faces. I cant really breakdown too much on this roster as im not very familiar with alot of the players. Im assuming a club together or AHL team together last year, are hoping chemistry will lead this team for success. I'm gonna go out with a bang and say the NYI are going to be golfing after 82 games.

Ottawa - Dirtyjoe looks to get back where he was season 6 holding the cup, and teamed up again with snipe420. Having Classact and rustytrombone to the mix, Ottawas top 6 is looking pretty deadly. Ottawa is destined for victory this season, unless Dirtyjoe cant keep the puck outta the net, Ottawa will be making the playoffs plain n simple.

Philly - Fluri and JPHvenom pair up for the flyers and put together a mediocore team. With lots of cap left, they might have a trick or two up their sleeve, either via trade or ELC. With capable goaltending Defence seems to be their weakness. a Decent top 6, but not much depth, philly maybe scrapping into the playoffs.

Pitsburgh - Dafoumanchew and buddy Jeff0012 are looking to make the playoffs this year after a dissapointing season last year. Signing foxpresentation a solid and dependable dman, and yucko to solidify their blue line, Fluri JPH and situasian will be depended on to fill the net, with a few depth players, Pitsburg is looking better than last year, lets hope Dafoumanchew for his sake doesnt rage and trade away all his guys Wink

Phoenix - Park and Rain look to bring their AHL success to the next level. Trading for Offensive Defencemen PuckU, there doesnt seem to be too many big names upfront. I'm guessing Park and Rain brought there AHL team here to Phoenix, as I'm not very familiar with this team to comment to much further.

St Louis - RmeanIan and Gayphish look to regain their old playoff success, as they seem to have a pretty similar team to last year. Deadly scoring threat CCPiper and vegaride they have a solid top 6. Can Killerrampage come back to his season 6 form and lead these guys to the playoffs.. I dont see why not!

Tampa Bay - Strike and Jew look to get one step further after losing in the stanley cup finals to the Calgary Flames. I had a tough time to turn down my contract from tampa, but running a very similar team and replacing me swed and duff with sabres wildcard and crazycam, i dont see why tampa wont make the playoffs. If Vito can put up similar numbers to what he did in the playoffs, they will be a tough team to beat night in and night out, good luck boys, miss ya!!

Winnipeg - Saved the best for last Wink Krusher and I look to take the Jets into the playoffs. After resigning my real life buddy Foreign Object, Krusher went out with a bang on draft day trading Hamburgular and Chaos rider for #1 and #2 picks. Drafting patrickisonfire and Potigy, Krusher was determined these were the pieces we needed. Through free agency we solified our blue line getting Yvester and aquiring BM and duff to pair up in the middle. Hoping that I can gel well with a few of Krushers boys on wing, but only time will tell.

Here's my power rankings....


1. Montreal
2. New Jersey
3. Florida
4. Ottawa
5. Carolina
6. Tampa Bay
7. Philly
8. Winnipeg
9. Pitsburgh
10. Boston
11. Buffalo
12. New York Islanders


1. Dallas
2. Calgary
3. St Louis
4. Chicago
5. Edmonton
6. Anahiem
7. Detroit
8. Colorado
9. LA Kings
10. Phoenix
11. Minnesota
12. Columbus

Hope you enjoyed my predictions, Also didnt proof read anything so AGGRO fk up with the grammar police.. LETS PLAY HOCKEY!!

Comment Thread located at https://vghl.canadian-forum.com/t14142-barrys-season-8-predictions-and-analysis#112484

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146Official VGHL News - Page 6 Empty Re: Official VGHL News on Thu Oct 10, 2013 2:23 pm



Anaheim Ducks
Last season – 42-32-7
Owner Headcase25 comes into the season looking to build off of last season’s playoff appearance, the team added some offensive firepower with the pickup of Em_Tee_El to go with ToSlick, the offense should be quite improved over S7’s 8th worst 2.12 goals per game, the D unit of Headcase&RemingtonRemedy combined with a few extra goals should take some of the pressure off of Weaseljosh in net who posted a 2.08 / 84.4% while leading the league in Shots Against.
If Josh puts up similar numbers then the team could squeak into the playoffs again.

Prediction – 3rd in the Pacific Division (Miss Playoffs)

Boston Bruins
Last season – 19-59-4
The Bruins should improve over S7’s disaster which saw the team posting the worst goal differential in the league (-153), but I don’t see much of an improvement coming.
Se7entee &Greekfire should put up points to keep them competitive in most games, but with Vaipertucci87 only available for 4 games a week, the Boston D will be Ice Vamp & DaProdigyX19 which can be a solid pairing.
The question for this team will come down to if Herky321 can improve on his last season’s play (3.00 / 74.4)
If he can than the team will compete, but if not, than they will have to hope they can win some high scoring games.

Prediction – Last place in the North East Division (Miss Playoffs)

Buffalo Sabres
Last season – 32-38-11
After taking the Toronto Maple Leafs and moving them to Buffalo, Postalmic retooled the roster and his biggest pickup in bidding was the reigning Vezina& Conn SmytheTrophy winner in Murloc-Death as well as XxMadMax94xX in the draft.
What worries me about this team is just like many other teams this season, it has the look of a S7 AHL team which is featuring 9 players whom are making their NHL debut this season.
If the Defense can adjust to the NHL play style, and Max can continue his production rate from the AHL (66/59/125 in 44 games to go with Murloc stealing some games, I think this team might be able to hold its own, if these three things don’t happen, than it could be a long season in Buffalo, after facing a league low average of only 8 shots per game last season, we’ll see if Murloc really is as good as his S7 numbers showed, or was a product of Calgary’s amazing defense.

Prediction – 3rd place in the North East Division (Miss Playoffs)

Calgary Flames

Last season – 63-17-2, Stanley Cup Champions

When you have a team captain who made 14 million last season and reduce his salary down to 5 million that gives you A LOT of options, which is exactly what IPlay2WinDaGame did this season by bringing in McfSlayer921.
With a line of Slayer, ChuckieNZ&IPlay you can expect this team to put up plenty of points.
With meMack on the left side of the D pairing, the question is who will be on the right side and can Penguins2013 put up numbers that can compare to what Murloc-Death did for this team last season?
If he can, than this team has a good chance of repeating.

Prediction – 1st place in the North West Division (Playoff Bound)

Carolina Hurricanes

Last season – 40-36-6

Karlsson_MVP returns as Owner of the Hurricanes after taking over the team midseason in S7 and this time had a full off-season to build his roster and started off by picking up TheBigSpoon97 from Edmonton as his Captain.
This is a team that has very good depth and will be able to plug & play with the lineup every game as the team features 7 players all capable of playing solid as at the Forward position including Mudd_Flaps who is among the VGHL’s All Time leaders in Goals Scored, as well as being the All Time HITS leader.
The question for this team comes with the D pairing, as Karlsson picked up the VGHL’s most hated (and clowned on) player in The_Real_Deals….oh yes TRD the self-proclaimed “213432563 All Time League Record holder” will FINALLY make his return to the NHL this season.
If Spoon can repeat last season’s performance and XzDeadlyxNastyzX holds his own in net this team will have a good chance of competing for the division, if they can’t, blame TRD.

Prediction – 2nd in the South East Division (Playoff bound)

Chicago Blackhawks

Last season – 43-32-7

The Blackhawks look to build off a playoff trip in S7 with Linde94 & Lers780 at the helm.
Linde has put together a strong team again this season starting with Roosta in net who posted a 1.80 / 85.8 in his Rookie season, in front of Roosta is Lers&Ardison forming a quite capable blue line.
The strength in this team has to be its front line featuring Linde / CastroGstar / xKonvictedx238.
With Castro distributing the puck everyone will be set up in a prime position and can only enhance this team’s ability to put the puck in the back of the net, I expect Linde to double his last season’s goal output.

Prediction – 2nd in the Central Division (Playoff Bound)

Colorado Avalanche

Last season – 33-42-7

Tyrone257 returns as owner of the Av’s after a snake bitten S7 which saw the team get off to an extremely slow start and make a big push after the break but fell far short of the playoffs.
This is a team which features a solid group up front with Ty, S7 AHL MVP Nova1739, AHL team mate D_Suli16 trade acquisition Guilbault27 S7 holdover Cheirar_Lisboaand draft signee MrMVP91, but only Ty, Lisboa&Guilbault have extensive NHL experience, if the play styles can translate well in the NHL, then this team could be in good shape, if not….well then.
The blue line features Nemisis97 and CraftySnail680 who looks to convert to Defense after being a Vezina Nominee in net, the question mark for this team is the man between the pipes, without a bonafied starter out of the group  which bolsters AHL Playoff hero BigBeefy013 who came out of nowhere to post a 1.49/88.4%, ChRoMe-USAF who put up decent numbers after his call-up to the NHL in S7 only to see his confidence shattered after being sent back down to the AHL at the conclusion of the ELC and ultimately losing his starting job at the end of the season, or will Crafty be forced to go back to his netminding ways?

Prediction – 3rd in the North West Division (Playoff Bound)

Columbus Blue Jackets

Last season – 15-56-11 (Nashville Predators)

JSilvers& Ech3lon take over a team that finished with an NHL worst 41 points in S7 and have basically put all their eggs in one basket by paying 9 million for L9L-Stamkos-L1LC and trading for Chaos Rider, hoping they can carry this team, Stamkos put up 101-101-202 (2nd in Goals & Points) in the AHL during S7, but can he do the same against the teams in the NHL where the Defensive play as well as Goaltending is much better?
On Defense the team picked up LightTheCandle, TheeBananaClip&X_Pantera_X to go in front of the only G on the roster in Ech3lon, when looking at this team I can’t help but wonder if LTC will adjust his play style (going for hits at the blueline every single play, but with the way NHL14 is designed that could be a good thing) because if he misses those hits against NHL players, his goalie will be left facing a lot of odd man rushes, and when your goalie put up 2.94 / 79.2% in the AHL (although he did face the most shots by far on a terrible Albany team) that usually isn’t a good thing.

Prediction – Last in the Central Division (Miss Playoffs)

Dallas Stars

Last Season – 48-24-10

When you have S7’s 4th (Gaggan07) and 5th (B-Bunny) leaders in points and put them on the same line you know this team will put up a ungodly amount of points every game, and when you combine that with (IMO) the best Goaltender (Danger Rally) in the VGHL, that’s going to add up to a lot of wins.
If the Blue line of ValleyBeast/Nino_Nemasis/Anaconda295/Razor2766 can play solid D, than this team might not even lose 10 games in the regular season

Prediction – 1st in the Pacific Division (Presidents Trophy), may challenge the Points record (131) set in S7 by Detroit

Detroit Redwings

Last season – 61-12-9 (Presidents Trophy / VGHL record for points in a season)

Detroit is coming off a record setting season but fell short in the playoffs,
Gone is the core of that team and has been rebuilt by Peerless-, the new team features Da_Vinci_2989, Get_On_Ur_Knees, SoccaPlayer11, & key acquisition DpBurton, but the team is lacking in depth behind it’s starting line which may hurt if someone has to miss time or during the random “2 a week” games.
If the core of the team can hold it together, than they can still play at a high level, but I think the lack of depth will cost them a few games, if the team would have moved to the Eastern Conference with a realignment than those few games wouldn’t matter, but in a tight Western Conference those few games could be huge.

Prediction – 3nd in the Central Division (Miss Playoffs)

Edmonton Oilers

Last Season – 61-15-6

Edmonton is coming of a season in which they were an absolute beast on Offense and I expect them to pick up right where they left off, led by the Hemmertime who was 2nd overall in points in S7, and supported by Stokeyokes83, StickyGreenDubs, reigning Norris Trophy winner KyleJ83, LumpyRutherford&DiirtyDangles, and once C-A-L-L-z reaches graduation you would have to imagine Hemmer will find a way to fit his salary into the cap, or use him as a very interesting piece of trade bait for a team either looking to make a big push, or someone who’s looking for that extra edge in their division, either way there’s certainly no shortage of firepower, the only weak link in the team (if there is one) may be in net with the combo of Smokey1010 and Brazilian-Goalie getting the task of watching their team play in the other zone all game and handling the occasional breakaway.

Prediction – 2nd in the North West Division

Florida Panthers

Last Season – 35-39-8

Coming off a disappointing S7 which saw the Panthers get off to a horrible start to the season, make a big charge after the all-star break but ultimately fall short of the playoffs on the last day of the season, long time FLA owner BallaChick made some changes to the lineup.
To start the off-season Balla brought in last season’s MVP Coorsi88 after leading the league in Goals & Points, Also gone is longtime goaltender Herky321 being replaced by Believe_Vlady between the pipes.
With Balla/AggroCrag/Coorsi/Firestorm19 up front this team will put up a lot of points, but the unit also features a much underrated blueline of xX-D-O-E-Xx412, DJones125 and Lazial11.
If the Defense can limit chances and keep opposing teams from getting to Vlady, they could have a big run in them.

Prediction – 1st in the South East Division (Playoff bound)

Los Angeles Kings
Last season – 50-27-5

The Kings come into the season building off of S7 which saw them finish 1 point behind division winner Dallas and has retooled quite a bit, KingFromTheDot leads a forward line which could feature Mawson_99 and Captain RunLikeHell, the Defensive core starts with 8.5 million dollar man Dydy23 and a combo of NowYoDead/GCampbell13/SwiftDee52/Bruiser781 as his possible partner.
In net the team will have xT2ampl3-iLLx who managed to post a respectable 2.23 / 80.1 while with a disappointing Phoenix Coyotes in S7.
While Dy can handle the pressure of having a rotating partner, one has to think that with the uncertainty at the RD position, King might be waiting until RW RageQuittin hits his AHL Graduation mark, once that happens if King can clear some cap space he would be able to shift Cait over to RD where she can focus on QB’ing the Power Play and just laying out everyone and anyone that comes near her G’s crease and improve the blue line even further.  

Prediction – 2nd in the Pacific Division (Playoff Bound)

Minnesota Wild

Last Season – 15-56-11 (Nashville Predators)

After finishing last season with an uninspiring 43 points, the Vancouver Canucks packed up and moved to Minnesota with hopes of a fresh start changing their fortunes, but unfortunately I do not see that happening.
After spending 9.5 Mil on Hardik88, the Chrono526’s team is left with a heavy S7 AHL flavor including key pickups Secondary Flash on the blue line and the combo of SKWJR & Dragonskull69 in net.
If the team can adjust to the NHL play style and have some bounces go their way, they might have success, but when your roster has 6 players who were signed for 500k a piece, things normally do not go your way.

Prediction – Last in the North West Division (Miss Playoffs)

Montreal Canadiens

Last Season – 51-27-4
*This team writeup done by Hemmertime*
BigYan, Jay6219. 2 Scoring title winners, Hart winners, rocket winners and elite forwards in the VGHL are united this season. Make no mistake Montreals season rides on their very capable shoulders. Montreal does have some good support players in place around their stars though. Drksoul had a ton of potential after a great season in the AHL and is trying to turn that potential into success at this level. He will likely have to claw his way up the lineup with CulDeSacc, Red Devil and others vying for ice time. Their back end features only 2 D men, WVU7_PENS87 and Dominando. WVU is a secondary D too, main position is goalie, where he excels. WVU is coming off another great season and will be their leader on the back end. If their D falters they have mediocre D man Chomper4 in the AHL at a salary that is possible to fit on their NHL team, to "help" them in the playoff race and possibly beyond. I predict we'll see both Jay and Yan in the top scorers of the league, and their point totals might eclipse that of Iplaytowindagame and Slayer in Calgary.

Prediction – 2nd in the North East Division (Playoff Bound)

New Jersey Devils

Last Season – 60-17-5

IICheckmateII takes over a NJD team which ran away with the division last season, but was ousted quickly the playoffs.
This team features a revamped roster with only Goaltender Kjdadada being the lone mainstay.
The new lineup features Captain Mesmerize, xMagic19 &oOillest_xIII& the VGHL’s own “Rock Star” AceFive (who will return from Tour in December)
The blueline features a unit of Donut-Doug &Iosef_sbruev with KJ & Mesmerize in the crease.
In what appears to be the weakest division (on paper) in the league, the Devils appear to be the favorites, but I do not see as wide of a gap in the standings as there was last season, with Ace not being available the team is missing it’s biggest Goal Scorer and may have to rely on winning a lot of low scoring games, the questions for this team are can the defense be as good as they have been the last few seasons &  how will KJ fair with an increased workload after facing a 2nd lowest average of 9 shots a game last season.

Prediction – 1st in the Atlantic Division (Playoff Bound)

New York Islanders

Last Season – 32-37-13

L_P1mp1n returns as owner for an Islanders team that missed out on the playoffs by a mere 6 points and hopes to turn things around this season, Pimp’s biggest signing of the off-season was probably one that surprised a lot of people by bringing in goal scorer Xx_Randulfski_xX with a 500k contract on the last day of bidding, after that the team (atleast on paper) appears to be lacking a known scoring punch and will more than likely have to rely on playing an Defense first style with Alchy-Ops leading the defensive core.
In net the team has to hope xGreen_Dinosaurx improves upon his 77.8% which was 4th lowest among starters in S8 or this team will face another long season.

Prediction – Last in the Atlantic Division (Miss Playoffs)

Ottawa Senators

Last Season – 45-26-11

DirtyJoe07 leads a team which has had some recent success (S6 Champs) and looks to keep the trend going.
The team has a very strong forward line of Snipe_Snipe420 / RustyTrombone7 / T_27_C, and a D unit of Booger0310 and not much else, but when you have forwards who are absolutely filthy with the puck like Snipe & Class are (and I don’t mean dude your nasty go take a shower filthy here, I mean half the league saying holy shit how did he just deke our entire team and made our goalie look retarded) you probably don’t need to worry about the puck being in your own zone often.

Prediction – 1st in the North East Division (Playoff Bound)

Philadelphia Flyers

Last Season – 41-32-9 (New York Rangers)

Fluri37 takes over a New York Rangers team that had an absolute meltdown at the end of the season and decided to move them to the “City of Brotherly Love” in hopes of a fresh start.
Fluri’s first order of business was to bring in JPH_Venom as his Captain and to give this team some additional fire power, but this off-season has to be considered as a disappointment after missing out on a lot of targeted players in bidding which ended with the league’s lowest payroll.
The team did come away with VanillahGorilla in net and a blue line of Echo-30 / SGill19 and trade acquisition BigMummy123 (who was traded an astounding 6 times during S7 and has already been on 3 teams before the season has even started)
The good part for this team is that the bottom 6 teams in the Eastern Conference, and especially the Atlantic Division appears to be weak enough that a playoff run isn’t out of the question if Fluri& Venom can pile on the goals.
One has to think that with the league’s biggest amount of available cap space as well as 3 S9 draft picks to dangle, Fluri will have a busy season of wheeling & dealing ahead of him.

Prediction – 2nd in the Atlantic Division (Playoff Bound)

Pittsburgh Penguins

Last Season – 37-36-9

Dafoumanchew leads the Penguins into S8 after a disappointing and drama filled S7 (Bunny>Oshie?)
The team features new additions My-Glove-ULL-Luv, SmokeShowJoe, TheSituasianX, Real_Deal18 (not to be confused with The Retarded Deal) and Captain Jeff0012, on the backend the team has Foxpresentation to pair with Game of Thrones addict xYuckox and Sniper1400.
This team will rely on chemistry playing a big role and will have to hope the defense can limit the quality chances against Daf while hoping he can improve upon the 79.0% from S7.

Prediction – 3rd in the Atlantic Division (Miss Playoffs)

Phoenix Coyotes

Last Season –32-40-10

PNCPark2k1 takes over the Yotes after leading the Charlotte Checkers to the Calder Cup in S7 and brought in ix-Rain-iv as his Captain with hopes of turning this team around after missing the playoffs last season.
The strength for this team appears to be on the Blue line which is headlined by Pucku33 and joined by Mavcho39.
One must think that with the success found at the AHL level Park will continue his Defense First concept and if Park can repeat his S7 numbers (1.89 / 83.1%) , this team will win a lot of low scoring games and may have a dangerous power play with PuckyQB’ing it.

Prediction – 3rd in the Pacific Division (Playoff Bound)

St. Louis Blues

Last Season – 48-27-7

The Blues feature an all-around solid team with Calder Memorial Trophy winner CCPiper, team Captain R-Mean-Ian, Vegaridge& Hockeyfan91 up front with a Defensive corp of team owner GayPhish and Salim919.
In net is KillerRampage who comes into this season after posting a very respectable 2.17 / 82.4 in S7.
When your team has 2 of the 20 players who scored 50 goals in S7, and another who put up 41, you know offense will not be a problem with this team and with the upgrade in net, this team has a chance to go on a deep run through the playoffs.

Prediction – 1st in the Central Division (Playoff Bound)

Tampa Bay Lightning

Last Season – 36-35-11

S7’s Cinderella team came out of the 8th seed making the playoffs on the last day of the season, and shocked everyone by making it to the Stanley Cup Finals where they fell to the Calgary Flames.
Owner JewOfCanada can only hope this team still has the same magic that it found late last season, the majority of the core returns for S8 but gone is midseason trade acquisition Barrys_Snipin who was a big cog for the offense during the run, and is replaced by a combo of xTheWildCard-51x who put up decent numbers is S7 with the New Jersey Devils, Captain Enceladus-Strike and BuildingWhat, the blueline also features AHL call-up UretheraFranklin.
In between the pipes is Vito_Corleonewho looks to build off his 1.53 / 88.1 during the S7 playoff run.
The question for this team is will it be able to find the scoring touch again but this time without Barry, or will it return to its low scoring ways which led to the trade in the first place?

Prediction – 3rd in the South East Division (Playoff Bound)

Winnipeg Jets

Last Season – 40-31-11

KcCrusher33 moves up from the AHL this season to take over the Jets and immediately made an impact move by grabbing Barrys_Snipin as his Captain.
Winnipeg features a team that will have Barry / Duffhouse12 / draftee Patrickisonfire and BM4339.
This team’s blue line will feature Foreign_Object / Yvester and draftee Potigy in front of Crusher in net who posted a 3.10 / 78.1 in S7’s AHL.  
On paper this team appears to be a one man show and will have to hope that Patrickisonfire can build off his S7 AHL playoffs heroics for added goal support, or this team will have to hop on the back of Barry all season long, and will have to hope Barry can get just enough support to squeeze into the playoffs in a seemingly weak conference.

Prediction – Last in the South East Division (Playoff Bound)

Atlantic Division

New Jersey Devils  (Playoffs)
Philadelphia Flyers (Playoffs)
Pittsburgh Penguins
New York Islanders

North East Division

Ottawa Senators (Playoffs)
Montreal Canadiens (Playoffs)
Buffalo Sabres
Boston Bruins

South East Division

Florida Panthers (Playoffs)
Carolina Hurricanes (Playoffs)
Tampa Bay Lightning (Playoffs)
Winnipeg Jets (Playoffs)

Central Division

St.Louis Blues (Playoffs)
Chicago Blackhawks (Playoffs)
Detroit Red Wings
Columbus Blue Jackets

North West Division

Calgary Flames (Playoffs)
Edmonton Oilers (Playoffs)
Colorado Avalanche (Playoffs)
Minnesota Wild

Pacific Division

Dallas Stars (Playoffs)
Los Angeles Kings (Playoffs)
Phoenix Coyotes (Playoffs)
Anaheim Ducks

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society by Chrome USAF

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VGHL News TeamOfficial VGHL News - Page 6 Main-thumb-t-5799-50-5MCh0jwKbjrSLA2EtrP4RmqkmdzoNhRf

147Official VGHL News - Page 6 Empty Aggro's Mid Week Bidding Review on Thu Oct 03, 2013 1:06 am


Elite Legend
Elite Legend

Aggro’s Mid-Week Bidding Review

We all know the game is not won on paper, but it’s always fun to speculate which teams are going to win it all, and which ones will crash and burn, before even a single game is played. This review is not going to cover all teams, but rather cover the teams I wish to talk about. If you do not get mentioned, it is not that I think your team is bad or good, it’s that I think your team is uninteresting. So apologies if you get offended by your team’s exclusion. But enough with the bullshit, let’s get down the brass tax. I will start off with my team because it is my article and I want to.


The first big offseason move made by GM Ballachick was getting superstar RW Coorsi to join the team as her assistant. The former Oiler will be taking his talents to South Beach this year in hopes of winning a cup for Florida’s long time GM. During the bidding process, Balla and Coorsi fared well filling out the rest of the team, acquiring Firestorm, Djones, and some bum former GM. The success of this team will fall on the shoulders of the supporting cast, everyone knows Coorsi will get his but will the rest of the team be able to garner enough victories to put this team in position come playoff time. Only time will tell.


As a season 7 regular season powerhouse, the Red Wings are looking to sustain that success this year. Things in the motor city look a little different this year as the Wings are returning on a couple players from last years team. This gave GM Peerless a ton of cap space to play around with in bidding. An anonymous source has told this reporter that they believe Detroit will take a step back this season, maybe even a few steps. The Wings will rely heavily on their starters, while Peer prays that a few of his 500k players pan out this season. The Red Wings could be one of the most boring watches in the league this season with many low scoring games on the horizon, the league can only hope that no one from this team streams the games.


Danger Rally takes over this organization after 1 season under ValleyBeast, but the Dallas faithful don’t like change and Mr. 6 million was brought back to the team in the first few days of bidding. Rally made arguably the best Assistant acquisition when he announced that Gaggan, and his brand new internet, would be joining the team. A mental midget off the ice, Gaggan has magic thumbs and will free up B-Bunny on the wing for many of added goals this season. Bunny is an early season candidate to lead the league in goals given the new help surrounding him. Dallas has 16 million invested in their starting D pair/Goalie combination. If that isn’t an inclination that this team will be defense first, I don’t know what is. A very solid supporting cast leaves the Stars in a good position to make a deep run in the playoffs this season.


The Canadiens are another team that made a season changing move before bidding even started, by bringing in perennial All-Star Jay. When you put him on the opposite wing of big whokare yan, and a blind monkey could play an effective center. Unfortunately monkeys cannot play ice hockey, roller is a different story, so Montreal went out and picked up every other center in the league, totally 4. If the Canadiens can play decent defense, this team will be at or near the top of the East comes seasons end. Unlike the Red Wings, someone on this team please stream as many games as possible.


The Wild had a week of bidding that is near and dear to my heart. They took a page out of the first round exit manual, I mean Aggro bidding guide, and used half of their salary on two players. Unfortunately for Minnesota, there were no Gags or Jaqueezys available in bidding this year so the team had to settle on Hardik and SecondaryFlash. Will these two “superstars” be able to cover the slack for the SIX 500k players on the roster? One anonymous GM told this reporter that he believes that the Wild were the ‘losers’ of this years bidding week. Can the top line get enough wins to get this team into the playoffs or will there be a firesale in Minnesota come deadline time. Vegas bookmakers are leaning towards the latter, but sometimes the longshots pay off the best.


Like him or hate him, DirtyJoe is here to stay. A Stanley Cup winning GM and now a mainstay in the GMing community, Joe has put together a solid team this season. Returning assistant Snipe Snipe will be joined up front by prized ELC T_27…its fucking class act, and bones. With that forward line its seems as if Rusty and booger will be the starting D pair. The main question for this team is whether the Stanley Cup run goalie will show up or the still-uses-be-a-pro-cam-can’t-see-the-backdoor-pass goalie shows up this season. This team could be a nice surprise this year, or DirtyJoe will drive everyone crazy and split the locker room. The real question is, how long will it takes Sabres to get on Bones’ team?


Does anyone really want to read anything about the Oilers? If anyone speaks up I will write something…Ok then, moving on.


The long laughing stock of the league, GM Straughn was fed up with the low attendance rates and poor concession sales. The best way to get people in the arena is to get superstars on your team. Boston went out and spent 7 million on GreekElite and 7.5 million on Vaipetucci. If nothing else this will at least bring fans into the building. But do not overlook the Bruins this year as they have filled out nicely and do not have too many gaping holes like seasons past. Boston is this reporter’s sleeper team for season 8, depending on the availability of certain players. Injuries also play a key role in a team’s success, with ps3 winding down a simple disc reader malfunction can end a players season before it even gets going.


The defending Stanley Cup champs are back and some say better than ever. Returning the core of that championship team, and oh I don’t know signing the best center in the game, has the Flames looking like the early season favorite to go back to back. Calgary fans are riding high and feeling good and they deserve to, or do they? When asking around the league about Calgary an anonymous former GM said “The big question I have with Calgary is the defense and goalie, can Penguins even produce 50% of what murloc did? Does Mack have enough in the tank to carry the load at LD now that Dydy is a King?” Losing out on Dydy may be the reason Calgary left 6 million on the bidding table, will this cost them in the end? Or will the superstars be able to overcome this and win another championship.

Well there you have it folks, a recap of some of the more interesting teams and storylines going into season 8. If you think your team is interesting enough to join this list, well then just win some games and maybe you will make my next write up. Good luck everybody!


148Official VGHL News - Page 6 Empty PLAYER OF THE WEEK on Wed Jun 05, 2013 11:46 pm


Elite Legend
Elite Legend


NHL Player of the Week

AHL Player of the Week


Things are getting heated as we come down to the last 14 regular season game in the PHL.
5 teams are seperated by just a couple points. This week, 2 goalies stood out.
The first is Syther from Plymouth. His 5-1 record and 2 shutouts this week, along with his 1.17 
GAA, is sure to keep the Whalers in first come seasons end. Our other goalie comes from the first place 
team in the East, London's T-Man-13-RHP. With a 4-1 record, 2 shutouts, a .871 SV%, and a modest
2 GAA, he has been a key figure in the Knights success all season long. London can clinch the top seed in
the East with just 6 more points. Another Knight who has been dominating the PHL as of late cooled down this
week. Seems that teams are growing wise to Sinneront's gameplay. In his usual 8 games played, he managed 
to snag a even 7 goals and 7 assists, with a plus 4. Portland's MikeGullo00 had a huge Thursday night against 
Saginaw, going off for 6 points in a big victory between 2 close teams. On the week, Mike raked in 5 goals and 3 assists 
in just 3 games played. Now this week we had 4 great newcomers join the VGHL. 4 guys who will for sure be at the next 
level at some point wheither it is this season or next. First up is arguably the top star of the week, although he only 
played 2 games, P.E.I.'s jor2good. 7 goals and an assist to add, plus 7, 1 ppg, 2 shg, and 2 gwg. He help secure 
two wins and his 4 points per game was pure domination. Our next popular newcomer comes from Vancouver, Seb8818. 
Seb tallied 4 goals and 3 assists in just 2 games played, matched by a big plus 9. Staying in the West, sdurbin1027
from Calgary, made his debut this week. In just 3 games he proved he is here to stay with 6 goals and 3 assists with a plus 
7 as well. Our final newcomer comes as bit of a surprise but is no doubt turning heads, slapshot1997. The Moosehead 
forward had 9 goals, 3 assists, a plus 4, 1 ppg, and 1 gwg. He knotched a hat trick in each game vs the Sea Dogs, Generals, 
and Drakkar. His 3 points per game certainly make his worthy. As our PHL season comes to grind time, we shall see who wants 
it more. Big thanks to all the Captains again for helping by submitting players.


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149Official VGHL News - Page 6 Empty Season 8 Primer on Wed Jun 05, 2013 6:43 pm


Elite Legend
Elite Legend


With the NHL Entry Draft taking place along with the opening of trades, Season 8 of the VGHL is now officially upon us. Kiss the wife and spend time with your kids, in just a few short weeks games will commence and they will be nothing but a memory. The competition should be fierce as Calgary looks to repeat as Stanley Cup champions in the NHL and the AHL has some familiar faces to go along with the new in their fight for the Calder.

With 18 trades in the first 24 hours of the Trade Office being open this season saw a flurry of activity right off the hop. New GMs are looking to put their mark on their teams and it showed early on. The NHL Draft saw 3 teams each select 2 players in the first 6 picks. Winnipeg made some of the biggest news leading up to the draft as they finagled their way into possessing both the first and second overall picks. Taking Patrickisonfire and Potigy with those picks the new GM is hoping some familiar faces will help  ease his way into NHL ownership and make his team competitive. Rounding out the top 3 picks was the Colorado Avalanche selecting MaVcHo39.

Scouting camps are in full swing and NHL Free Agent bidding opens on Sunday September 29th.  With the PBR system in place this may be the deepest Free Agency the VGHL has ever seen. There will be many storylines to follow in the coming week as teams will try to land coveted free agents,  depth players, and diamonds in the rough – all while trying their best to one up their division rivals.

Stay tuned to the VGHL news pages for all your outdated news needs, along with a fresh article hopefully more often than in past.


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150Official VGHL News - Page 6 Empty LET THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT on Wed Jun 05, 2013 6:43 pm


Elite Legend
Elite Legend

The time has arrived for the best of the best to face off.

Check out all of our ALL STAR coverage leading up to this season's big games.





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